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Manitou incline The Manitou Springs Incline, also known as the Manitou Incline or simply the Incline, is a popular hiking trail rising above Manitou Springs, Colorado,

The Incline was constructed under the ownership of Dr. Newton N. Brumback (1854-1923)[3] as a funicular in 1907, for the purpose of providing access to water tanks at the top of the mountain that would provide gravity fed water pressure to the cities of Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs.[4] Originally, the railroad was constructed to access the hydroelectric plant and service the water pipes, but shortly after its construction, the railway was opened as a tourist attraction. The Incline's original summit house was a rudimentary building constructed from left over materials from the Incline's construction, and burned down in 1914. The summit house was quickly rebuilt into a more elaborate, comfortable, and safer structure, offering shelter from storms and the elements. The 1914 structure remained until replaced by an updated summit house in 1958, which remained until it was dismantled after the Incline's closure. The Incline operated under the Pikes Peak Cog Railway until a rock slide in 1990 washed out the rail bed and the Cog Railway decided to not repair the tracks. Since its closure as a railway in 1990, the trail has steadily grown in popularity as a hiking trail and fitness challenge.[6] The base of the Incline sits at 6,600 feet (2,000 m) and the trail climbs 2,000 feet (610 m) in just over 3⁄4 mile (1.2 km). Parts of the trail are extremely broken and steep and will require even the fittest of hikers or trail runners to scramble over the broken rocks and steep trail. Sections of the trail have exposed pipe from the days when the Incline was a hydroelectric utility system. Hiking the trail should not be undertaken by the physically unfit, as there is no vehicle access to the trail and anyone injured or suffering a medical emergency will have to walk or be carried down by other hikers. At the top of the Incline, there is a tie-in to the Barr Trail that allows for hikers to descend without going back down the Incline. Going back down the incline is considered bad form, especially during busier times of the day.[9] Due to the close proximity to the large and active population center of Colorado Springs, the large military population of nearby Army and Air Force bases, and the US Olympic Training Center, the Incline has become a wildly popular fitness destination for those craving an intense cardio workout. About 2/3 of the way up, a Barr Trail switchback passes just a few yards from the Incline, and there is a pathway that allows those who wish to exit the Incline the opportunity to take the Barr Trail back down. Locals refer to this point as the 'Bailout' or the 'Wimpout' point. The Incline is at its steepest grade just after the bailout for about another 200 feet (61 m), when it reaches the 'false summit', a semi-crest in the trail that obscures the true summit to hikers due to its extreme grade. Those who reach the false summit are about 3/4 of the way to the top, but still have several hundred feet to climb. When standing at the summit of the Incline, you will be looking East-Northeast towards Colorado Springs. If you travel south down the hill, you will pick up a trail that links into the Barr trail, a much less steep path down the mountain and the preferred descent route during busy trail hours.

Operating as usual

Please help keepOur parks beautiful

Please help keep
Our parks beautiful

We love the holiday season and all that comes with it, (especially the cookies)! However, decorating trees and structures in Parks, Trails, and Open Spaces is considered littering.

Hanging a few ornaments on trees might not seem like it would have a significant impact, but altering an animal’s natural environment can be deadly.

Manmade decorations pose a serious threat to our wildlife. Hooks can catch in fur; animals might try to eat brightly colored decorations thinking they are a tasty snack. Light strings or tinsel tangle on antlers, and if snared, these animals can come under immense stress.

Rogue ornaments can also make their way into our waterways and smashed on the side of the trails if they fall on the ground.

Please help us preserve our parks and open spaces! #LeaveNoTrace #COSParks

📷: Just a few of the decorations that have been removed from our parks

Press Release: Stage 1 Fire Restrictions — MSVFD
Press Release: Stage 1 Fire Restrictions — MSVFD

Press Release: Stage 1 Fire Restrictions — MSVFD

While Colorado and other western states are still experiencing wildland fires, seasonal changes and recent snowfall have improved resource availability around the region as most locally deployed fire personnel and apparatus have returned home. Additionally, vegetation is slowly becoming dormant and

Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

A temporary alternate route from the end of Barr Trail to the summit of Pikes Peak has been extended through Dec. 31, 2020. If the construction activity impacting that area is completed before that date, the detour will be removed early. The extension is due to delays in receiving construction material for the new Summit Visitor Center due to COVID-19 and weather challenges. The Visitor Center is still expected to open in the spring of 2021.

All visitors and guests should also be aware that the summit may not be accessible to personal vehicles depending on weather and construction activity. Plan ahead and call 719-385-7784 for current conditions. Hours of operation and other information about the highway can be found at

Pikes Peak Region Attractions

During the winter months a bit more clothing , but just as amazing an experience! Be prepared with warm clothing and the right footwear and carry traction in case of icy conditions.

Are you thinking about hiking up the Incline for the first time? Here's a step-by-step guide to conquering the Manitou Incline in Colorado! Learn more:

City of Manitou Springs Government

City of Manitou Springs Government

The Incline Fire is now at 100% containment despite the high winds and red flag warnings. Today, crews analyzed the fire through thermal imaging and physically feeling for hot spots. The crews reported no pockets of heat. Resulting from this great announcement will be an opening of Barr Lot, Barr Trail, and the Incline beginning tomorrow (10/12).

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our regional partners who dedicated personnel and resources to assist with the fire effort. Entities involved include the Manitou Springs Fire Department, Manitou Springs Police Department, Monument Police Department, Colorado Springs Fire Department, USDA Forest Service, Colorado Department of Fire Prevention and Control, El Paso County Wildland, and the El Paso County Sherriff’s Office. Thank you all, for everything that you do.


All reservations for tomorrow will be honored we are businesses usual @ the manitou incline Monday 10/12/2020 6am -6:30pm ... ❤️

City of Manitou Springs Government

City of Manitou Springs Government

The #InclineFire is now approximately 60% contained due to the dedication and effort of all firefighters involved. Ruxton Avenue is now open to traffic, but the Manitou Incline, Barr Trail, and the Barr Lot will remain closed due to the fire still being active and firefighting traffic in the area. The pre-evacuation notices given to the 500-600 Block of Ruxton, Fairview, and upper Crystal Park have been lifted. Please continue to avoid this area and allow all of the amazing firefighters involved to attend this fire.

Please check our page for more recent updates.

Please support the fireworks for New Year’s Eve that this group always puts on!
The AdAmAn Club Fireworks Fund

Please support the fireworks for New Year’s Eve that this group always puts on!

The AdAmAn Club Fireworks Fund Overview

If you’re visiting the incline or visiting the downtown area there’s rules in place that endure everyone can get to thei...

If you’re visiting the incline or visiting the downtown area there’s rules in place that endure everyone can get to their destination as quickly as possible ! Park free lot in Hiawatha or reserve parking at the iron springs chateau ( incline has a reservation system so please make sure you have one when you plan to go )

Please reference the facts below for commonly asked questions regarding parking in Manitou Springs. If you have any additional questions, feel free to visit our webpage: or call our parking hotline: (719) 301-8413.


[translation of image]

SP+ no longer manages our parking department. Rather, we have brought parking "in-house" for increased efficiency and customer service.

Fact 1: You must park at Hiawatha Gardens or Iron Springs Chateau for Incline access.

Fact 2: Parking RVs and trailers along curbs in prohibited.

Fact 3: Our Parking Department has a hotline: (719) 0301-8413

Fact 4: Parking against the flow of traffic is not allowed.

Fact 5: Our Parking Department is expanding and is now enforcing more than just Downtown parking.

Fact 6: Only delivery vehicles with applicable permits can park in the center lane.

Visit for a comprehensive overview.

Firefighters are making their way up right now during the 5th annual 9/11 memorial climb

Firefighters are making their way up right now during the 5th annual 9/11 memorial climb

Version 2 of the extensive Manitou Incline Reservation System Guide. One stop shop on everything you need to know to hik...
How to use Manitou Incline Reservation System | September 2020 | Colorado Trails | Pikes Peak Hiking

Version 2 of the extensive Manitou Incline Reservation System Guide. One stop shop on everything you need to know to hiking the incline.
Includes: Reservation system demo, cancellations, walk-ups, Incline rules, parking, shuttle, location of Incline, Incline shop, checking In, the climb, bailout #1, bailout #2, the false summit, the top, Barr trail down

Upload v2 accurate September 10, 2020 - How to do the Manitou Incline Reservation System TABLE OF CONTENTS: 00:00 Intro 00:16 Incline Background 00:35 Reserv...

Reservations required
Manitou Incline Reservation - Web Store

Reservations required

Free Reservations RequiredThe Manitou Incline is open. All users are required to make a free reservation online before their h...

Manitou Springs Fire Department

Manitou Springs Fire Department

Yesterday, MSFD deployed Type 1 Engine 1011 with a crew of 4 as part of a strike team to the #cameronpeakfire for night operations and structure protection.

Pikes Peak - America's Mountain

Pikes Peak - America's Mountain

Native American tribes called Pikes Peak “Tava,” translated to mean “Mountain of the Sun.” It truly is a beacon to all of the surround areas.

PC: Kricket Rogers

250 free parking spaces at Hiawatha (Hiawatha Gardens Parking Lot located at 10 Old Man’s Trail,manitou springs )

250 free parking spaces at Hiawatha (
Hiawatha Gardens Parking Lot located at 10 Old Man’s Trail,manitou springs )

Friday good news: Our Route 33 Manitou Shuttle will return on Monday, August 24!

ISC Hiking Parking

ISC Hiking Parking


This makes the job for the Incline employees harder.

Either make a parking reservation with us or park at Hiawatha Gardens and walk up ( get a ticket from the kiosk).


City of Manitou Springs Government

City of Manitou Springs Government

To promote the safety of our community, our Fire Chief has ordered Stage 2 Fire Restrictions as of 8/14. This includes an Open Burn Ban, Fireworks Ban, Smoking Ban, and a Dangerous Equipment Ban. To view the full order, visit:

Scoop on parking and reservations for the incline
Manitou Springs during Covid-19: A chat with Mayor John Graham

Scoop on parking and reservations for the incline

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted just about everyone in the country, including the vibrant city of Manitou Springs. This morning, Mike Garofalo visits with Manitou Springs Mayor, John Graham, …

This system is working and we appreciate everyone’s willingness to choose to park in Hiawatha or iron springs  lot ( wit...

This system is working and we appreciate everyone’s willingness to choose to park in Hiawatha or iron springs lot ( with their reservation system ) special thank you to those who choose to walk up or be dropped off ( shuttle services resume 8-24 ) when you have a reservation you’ve committed your first step!!

It’s been one week since the Incline reopened, and we want to thank everyone who has used the new reservation system to visit the trail. We know it’s not easy to adjust to a new process and are really proud of how quickly people are adapting. As we all learn the new system together, we hope you’ll continue to work with us to make the experience a positive one for all.

One thing we’d like to share is that there’s been about a 20% no-show rate for reservations made. This is unfortunate because no-shows take already limited spots away from someone else. Please, if you’re unable to make your reserved time, free it up for another Incliner by taking a minute to email us at [email protected]. Also, walk-ups are NOT encouraged. If you show up without a reservation, you could be waiting a long time at the base until there’s an available spot, and that’s not fun for anyone, or conducive to the physical distancing the reservation system aims to achieve. Please, only visit the Incline if you have a reservation. Reservations can be made online at

That’s what we’ve been seeing. Now, tell us about YOUR experience. Share your feedback by texting “Incline” to (719) 215-9195.

Thanks so much, and we hope to see you at the Incline (with a reservation) soon!

In case you’re wondering , you won’t have to far to walk

In case you’re wondering , you won’t have to far to walk

The #manitouincline is back! And the Incline Shuttle will return on Aug 24th! Park for free at Hiawatha Gardens and ride to the base of #theincline The shuttle runs every 20 minutes and can be tracked by Google Maps in real time. Google Maps comes pre-loaded on most Android phones and can be easily downloaded on iOS Apple phones for free.

Open Google Maps
Click on directions
Click on the bus icon
Type in your location and your destination
That’s all there is to it. Safe travels and save time in real time.

City of Manitou Springs Government

Summit County Rescue Group

Summit County Rescue Group

Altitude sickness is nothing to mess around with! We have had two altitude sickness rescues on Quandary Peak so far this summer. Anyone can develop symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), or the more serious altitude-related illnesses like HAPE or HACE, regardless of fitness level or age. Mild symptoms can become serious quickly if you continue to ascend, so take it easy rather than trying to bag a peak. If your symptoms get worse during a hike, descend. To help prevent altitude sickness, stay well hydrated, acclimatize gradually, and know when to turn around. For persistent issues, see your doctor for medication and/or an oxygen prescription for your trip. Don't rely on small oxygen bottles with built in mouth pieces found in retail stores, as these only boost your oxygen for a dozen breaths or so.

Open and ready for your foot steps ( bring water and a snack 🤙🏾)

Open and ready for your foot steps ( bring water and a snack 🤙🏾)

The Manitou Incline is reopening at 6 am on Thursday, Aug. 6 with new conditions for use. As part of an MOU between the cities of Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, all Incline users must make a free online reservation before hiking and show proof of their reservation to an onsite attendant.

After making an online reservation, users will receive a welcome email with directions for parking, rules and regulations. Learn more at

Reservations will be accepted beginning at 5 pm today.

Good news

Good news

After a nearly five-month closure under an emergency declaration by the City of Manitou Springs due to COVID-19, the Incline is now set to reopen and for that we are very excited! The Manitou Springs City Council voted tonight to reopen the Incline under the terms of a joint memorandum of understanding between our cities. The requirement of a free online reservation system will help manage the number of visitors, and we want to take this opportunity to thank Incline users for their patience and continued patronage of this incredible trail that is such an asset to our region. We will have more information detailing the free online reservation system tomorrow. We will continue to work closely with Manitou Springs to make the Incline experience positive for everyone now and into the future.

We are lucky to have soldiers who care for our mountains enough to help keep them clean.

We are lucky to have soldiers who care for our mountains enough to help keep them clean.

Soldiers with Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 68th Armor Regiment, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, partner with local park rangers June 24, 2020, to remove trash from abandoned encampments on the Manitou Incline’s adjacent trails. The Soldiers who volunteered each took multiple 3-mile-round trips up the mountain to remove the trash, totaling one ton. The Manitou Incline and its adjacent trails are a treasured part of the local area, and many Soldiers and Family members visit the area for fresh air, exercise and beautiful views. Due to limited access and manpower, maintaining those areas can be difficult for the park service. (Courtesy photo)

Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services


GOLD CAMP ROAD will be closed for all use on Saturday, July 4th.


Here’s what was presented to city of manitou for the city of Colorado Springs to reopen the incline. Looks fair .

Here’s what was presented to city of manitou for the city of Colorado Springs to reopen the incline. Looks fair .

The cities of Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs are collaborating on a plan to reopen the Manitou Incline aligned with recommended public health modifications, including interim measures to better ensure physical distancing. The Incline has been closed since March 17, under an emergency resolution issued by Manitou Springs City Council in response to COVID-19.

The Manitou Springs City Council will convene a special work session on Thursday, June 11 at 6 p.m. to hear the proposal, which outlines a free, online reservation system that would allow a maximum of 45 hikers to access the Incline every 30 minutes from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. Users would be required to check in with an onsite attendant before accessing the trail.

The City of Colorado Springs would operate and staff the interim reservation system. Other elements of the proposal include the addition of a handwashing station and increased restroom maintenance. Physical distancing, personal hygiene and use of a face covering would also be encouraged.

Additional details are available here:

Stay tuned for more news !! Hopefully soon we reopen.

Stay tuned for more news !! Hopefully soon we reopen.

Interested in seeing the Manitou Incline reopen? The City of Manitou Springs will be hearing about a potential plan for reopening from the City of Colorado Springs in a meeting tonight and you can listen in:

Incline in the news !! Let’s open up ❤️

Incline in the news !! Let’s open up ❤️

Re-open the Incline!

This week our TOSC Board of Directors voted unanimously to support the re-opening of the Incline.
When it was first closed 2 months ago – we agreed with the decision. But we now know the virus is not easily spread outdoors. We believe users can spread out, socially distance and achieve the great work-out so many crave. TOSC is working with Incline Friends to develop an Incline Ambassador Program to improve safety and encourage social distancing. With gyms and sports clubs closed, we need all our trails open. Incline Friends have suggested an opening date of June 5th. We agree! Please contact members of Manitou Springs City Council and be heard!!!


516 Ruxton Ave
Manitou Springs, CO


(719) 373-8711


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