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Crystal Hills Neighborhood Manitou This site is to connect with each other as neighbors. Post missing pets, help needed with snow shoveling, keeping an eye on each other, house sitting, etc.

Operating as usual


How is everyone in the neighborhood doing? Please let us know if you need help with anything. Let's take care of each other. Enjoy the sunshine today. ☀️

Is anyone missing this cushion?  It found its way to our yard during the wind storms this week.  Message me if it is you...

Is anyone missing this cushion? It found its way to our yard during the wind storms this week. Message me if it is yours. Thanks!


Just a friendly reminder to vote!


Just saw 2 dogs, maybe collies, running running along HWY 24 near Ridge Road.

We found this cute little guy today.  If you are missing him let me know.  719-460-5738.

We found this cute little guy today. If you are missing him let me know. 719-460-5738.

If you like beer then you will love Triple S Brewing.  They also have a great atmosphere, friendly staff, and amazing fo...

If you like beer then you will love Triple S Brewing. They also have a great atmosphere, friendly staff, and amazing food. Go support a local brewery today. The owner is friends with the owners of our local Manitou Brewery. If you haven't checked out Manitou Brewery, it is a must as well!

PRESS RELEASE: Triple S Brewing owner is second in the region to become an internationally certified beer expert, first brewery owner to achieve this rank.  COLORADO SPRINGS, CO— Triple S Brewing C…


We need an involved neighbor to take over running this FB page as the current poster (Kathy Bell) has not been engaged with this page in too long :) Who wants the job?


Join Maile Gray and Spencer Wren Sunday night (October 18) to meet Jay Rohrer, Manitou Springs Council At-Large candidate.

Spence's bluegrass friends will also play.

6:30 to 8:30 PM - Invite fellow residents!

Light refreshments will be served; hope to see you here.

P.S. Please post to Crystal Hills page or any other social media......

Are you looking for a dog?  He is on our front porch. Call 719-460-5738.

Are you looking for a dog? He is on our front porch. Call 719-460-5738.

We lost our dog today.  He dug out under our fence and he lost his tag so he doesn't have a phone number on him.  Please...

We lost our dog today. He dug out under our fence and he lost his tag so he doesn't have a phone number on him. Please call me if you find him. My number is 719-460-5738.


Crystal Hills Block Party! Monday, Sept 1st on Kris Lane. 5:30 pm- it's dark (8-8:30 pm). Bring your own grillable and a dish to share. Bring your own chairs and beverages. Tell your neighbors and invite your friends. This is open to all as we rev up for a new school year and catch up after a busy summer! Hope to see you there.

Crystal Hills Neighborhood Manitou's cover photo

Crystal Hills Neighborhood Manitou's cover photo


Dear neighbors, artists and shop owners, Nov. 9, 2013

We ask that you take just ONE IMPORTANT MINUTE this weekend and email this address, [email protected], with this message: "Hold off on approving recreational marijuana shops in Manitou until you have had a vote of the town." And if you don't mind, forward a copy to [email protected]. You can expand on this message as fits your situation. Regardless of where you stand on having pot shops in Manitou in the future, it is our opinion that a vote this Tuesday to approve them is a bad idea. We will explain, and hope you agree. Also, a show of people at the City Council meeting next Tuesday, Nov. 12, 7pm, Venue 515, is critical. No need to speak, just be there to hold Our Council accountable for the vote they intend to take to approve the issuing of licenses for recreational pot shops.

Here is the issue:
The individual choice to use Mj is legal, and medical Mj is legal, and this does not impact that.
Most Of Our Council members, and proponents of rec Pot shops in Manitou, have stated that because a large majority of the Manitou voters supported amendment 64, they also support rec Pot shops in Manitou. "Not so!," say many people who voted in favor of 64.Yes, they voted for decriminalization of marijuana in Colorado, but that amendment also included the right for individual communities to choose to opt out of retail sales, and they believe Manitou townspeople should have that right. Especially now that our little town would now be the only spot between Denver and Pueblo for pot sales , since Colorado Springs and other communities have opted out. Our City council however, voted overwhelmingly on Aug 20th AGAINST giving residents the chance for an advisory vote on the ballot in this Nov. election. Yes, those folks whom we voted into office because of their promises to listen to the will of the people; doesn't it boggle your mind that on one of the most historic votes of Manitou's history an overwhelming number of representatives voted NOT to hear the people? It is quietly moving forward for a vote on Tuesday, which Majority of Council strongly favors. Oh wait! A grass roots effort has started, and is fiery in its efforts to not let this quietly pass. There will absolutely be the petition numbers for this issue to come to town vote Nov. 2014.

No matter where you stand on the issue, the following scenario should convince you to ask Council to Not vote for rec pot shop licenses on Tuesday:
1.On Tuesday, Regardless of citizen input, Council approves rec pot shops. Immediately, they have to start spending our money on the legal issues, surveying, added policing, etc that have been promised and are necessary.
2. But wait, a ballot issue will be placed to overturn that measure in one year. There are absolutely the signatures to put it on the ballot.
3.Now we are under a cloud of question. As a potential pot shop merchant, I don't want to invest in buildings and huge start up costs under the possibility of being shut down in a year. But Manitou is spending it's citizens' money regardless.

So Just Wait, City Council, and in good faith, allow the people input.

I (Ann) was exhibiting in the beautiful Phoenix Rising Gallery in Cripple Creek, along with other local artists, prior to Gambling. Many shops saw the $$ signs gambling would bring into its little town. But I got the call a few months later that I could pick up my work. The gallery was closing. The people that were coming were not coming for the shops and galleries, only for the casinos. I (Chip), as an educator, will weigh in separately on the effects normalizing marijuana will have on our children. But for now, the issue is Tuesday...

Here are recent posts and comments passed on. Their careless regard for our town gives us chills:
"Yesterday a man told me that I was pushing a boulder uphill by myself and that I was one sandbag standing in the way of a tidal wave. He said that retail marijuana shops are the law of the land now and that I needed to step aside and let it happen."

"After seeing all the fru fru business owners in Manitou Springs bitching about nothing for weeks and getting all the TV coverage, it still looks like over two thirds of its people want RMJ and are well-willing to tax it reasonably. No reason for their Council to delay now.... Also looks like Pueblo County is voting around 2/3 for it just as the entire state is voting on AA. In two months up to 8 RMJ outlets may be providing to all of Southern Colorado unlike Denver which will have many dozens. Time to rub our hands together and start developing strategies"

We hope you will join us in emailing City Council before Tuesday. Thanks for listening.

Ann Rodgers and Howard (Chip) Shaw III
Manitou residents and artists

We still more folks to write letters, and we also need your partner, your neighbors, your grown children to write letter...
Contact Us | City of Manitou Springs

We still more folks to write letters, and we also need your partner, your neighbors, your grown children to write letters to City Council if you feel Manitou should not have retail marijuana.

FROM M.MULLIGAN: "I've be dialoguing with a city council member via email who says that they've heard from very few Manitou voters who voted yes on Amendment 64 and now are opposed to the Manitou retail sales due to new information. We need these people to write letters because as we know the majority of Manitou voters who voted, voted for Amendment 64. At this time this is the only data council has to measure the attitudes of Manitou citizens.

The city council member said the council has received 25 or so emails in the past week from folks opposed to retail sales and that this is not enough. The council member hopes that emails will continue and said that there will need to be lots more of them otherwise they will be ignored. The council member also encouraged folks to come to Council and make their case. Also, it was suggested that many of the letters are focusing on marijuana and it's harms. More focus in the emails needs to rest on retail sales within Manitou which is the real issue at stake".

Contact information for the city, city staff and departments


If you are against Manitou having retail marijuana (RM) stores, please email city council and the mayor immediately. They are looking for feedback from citizens against (or for) retail sales.

At this point, no other municipality has approved RM in our county. The closest so far, being Denver and Pueblo.

Manitou is too small to handle the increase in traffic, and crime, let alone the number of impaired drivers traveling thru our little town.

Contact through the City of Manitou Springs website at




Looking for an English tutor?

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I offer lessons in the day or in the evening, Monday through Friday. If you know anyone who might need my help, please pass along this email or have them contact me.

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The Margarita at Pine Creek

This event benefitting Adam's Mountain Cafe is tonight at The Margarita at Pine Creek!

As a local & Independent restaurant we understand the day-to-day struggles to stay ahead the game and take care of our staff. We can't imagine the hardships that Adam's Mountain Cafe and other Manitou businesses are dealing with right now. We're fortunate to have the space to offer for a fundraiser THIS THURSDAY to benefit Adam's and help them get back on their feet. We hope you can support them too, $25 will get you an uplifting evening of tapas, Bristol Beer, live music and good company. Please call to reserve your spot, seating is limited. 719.598.8667

Please share this link with your Facebook friends! Thanks so much to all who are helping!
Supporting the Spirit of Manitou Springs |

Please share this link with your Facebook friends! Thanks so much to all who are helping!

Anything helps! When you donate $5 (Plus $1 for s/h) you will receive a Manitou Strong & Beautiful Bracelet All donations will be used to help rebuild the business community in Manitou Springs.


Neighborhood Garage Sale on Saturday 17th in the 300 block of Sutherland Place. Or stop on by in the afternoon for neighborhood happy hour! BYOB.


Crystal Hills Annual Block Party: Sunday, September 1 (Labor Day Weekend). Location: on Kris Lane between Clarksley and Sutherland Place; 4 pm. Bring your own food to grill and side dish to share. Bring own lawn chairs and drinks. If you have a grill, please bring and put in the driveway of 23 Kris Lane. SPREAD THE WORD


Great to see everyone last night! It's really cool to see so many new to the neighborhood. Welcome! We Love Crystal Hills!


See you all tonight at our Crystal Hills Happy Hour 5-8. 309 Sutherland Place!


Call 393-2490 if you find Tucker our 12 year old collarless yellow lab. Our son Jack Bell will come get him.


Hey Crystal Hills hood! Our first "CH Neighborhood Happy Hour" is scheduled for July 17th. weather permitting.
Place: 309 Sutherland Place (KELLERS)
Time: 5-8pm
Come on over and meet your neighbors.
BYOB and maybe a lawn chair.
Kids are fine if you watch them!
Like this if you plan on attending.
See you then!


Talked to MSPD and they were very happy with the number of people that showed up to meeting...Pay attention and communicate... great job and let's not let our neighborhood turn bad because of a few thugs.... Keep up the good work. Thanks Maile for hosting.


Three more tips from a former criminal---If you have to put outgoing mail in your mailbox, do not put up the flag. I spoke to Mark our mailman and he said that was fine.- Leave a TV or radio on during the day when you are not home. Use internet radio so you don't waste electricity.-Don't have the same routine when you leave for the day or night: like keeping the same porch light on; leaving mail in mail box, trash cans in street, newspaper in driveway, don‘t park cars in same location, etc.. mix it up-Lock your car doors at all times. Also keep the keys in the bedroom so if you hear something can use the car alarm from the key ring.

Anybody else have any good tips to share?


Had an informative neighborhood meeting at Maille Grey and Spencer Wrens home. Thanks for hosting!! 2 Manitou Springs police offers attended and gave us some great information about the 2 recent robberies (Sutherland Place and Crystal Hills Blvd) and hints for how to protect our homes and neighborhood.
First and foremost "get to know your neighbors". Knowing each other and each others routines is very helpful in deterring robberies. If anything ever looks suspicious, call the police. They are HAPPY to come check anything out. They love working in our small town and love getting to know us all. Call. Anytime. Really ANYTIME! Even when what seemed like a menial theft when change was stolen out of peoples cars last
There are a few things that you can do to protect your home.
- Keep shrubbery in front of home trimmed.
-Bars on windows (not very visually appealing but certainly a good way to keep bad guys out).
-Have surveillance cameras if you can swing it. Makes it easier for them to follow up with visual footage. Fake cameras can be decent deterrers too.
-Keep front doors locked even if you are home and working in the back yard, or down in the basement. Burglars are brave.
-Keep garage door down. Burglars have been known to drive their car into the garage, close the door, ransack the house in privacy, then open the garage door and drive out with the goods.
-When you leave town, it's best to have someone pick up your paper and mail rather than stopping them. Less people that know you are leaving (the mail and paper carriers) the better.
-ID fraud is very prevalent. Best to have a mailbox that has a lock that the mailman only puts things in. Best to mail your mail from the PO so that no one can take items from your mail box.
-Most thefts are between 1-3 pm!! That shocked me.

The new Manitou phone dispatch number is 719-390-5555 for after hours. All Manitou calls now go through Colorado Springs dispatch center. They have more people to man the phones. If you have an emergency though, always dial 911 and let the dispatch know that you are calling from Manitou.
- Video your home and belongings. Create a master list of valuables with serial numbers on them (phones, ipads, computers etc). Those items can then be watched for at pawn shops etc if they are stolen. You might even get them back.
They shared so much in that hour so I'm sure that I've forgotten a few things but hopefully you've learned a little something? Folks that were there, feel free to add to my list and forward this to other nieghbors who I do not have here.
Guess we need to create a date for another neighborhood block party to get to know each other :)


Monday June 24

Crystal Hills residents are invited to come to a meeting with the Manitou Springs Police Department to discuss the recent burglaries in our neighborhood.

The meeting will be held at the home of Maile Gray and Spencer Wren, 320 Crystal Hills Blvd. from
6 p.m. – 7 p.m. (Monday, June 24). Seating will be limited, but as many that can stand are welcome.

Det. Pikul and Sgt. Hendrickson will go over various safety concerns and ways to combat some common scenarios that suspects prey on. They will also give some updates on suspects in current cases.

We love children, but won’t have room to accommodate them, so please leave them at home.


Crystal Hills Neighborhood
Manitou Springs, CO


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Nearby government services


Hi! I took the kids to the little park there in Crystal Hills yesterday and found a ring marked 10k. It had quite a bit of mud under the stone like it had been there a while but was still on top of the ground. It was found between two of the big rocks between the playground and open area. Message me with the stone shape and color and I will happily get it returned to you!
Anybody else lose power a few minutes ago?
Crystal Hills Annual Block Party is this Sunday, August 26 at 5:30 pm. Hope to see you all there!
Big Bobcat sighting on Crystal Hills Blvd. Watch your pets if they are outside.
Anyone else have low water-pressure issues in crystal hills?
Found Beautiful Blue Parakeet. Private message me if she/he is yours!!
Hi there! Anybody using this anymore? Last post was back in 2016???
Hi! My family has been planning a relocation to the Manitou/CoSprings/Monument area for about two years. My children are young so schools are very high priority. I've noticed the Manitou schools have dropped in ratings in the past couple of years. We are coming from a '10' school. Do people that live in Crystal Hills generally send their children elsewhere for school? I have heard the charters are good in Co? (Here they are not) and if the charters are so good, are they hard to get into? Thanks for any information you can share!