Mansfield Hispanic Firefighters Association

Mansfield Hispanic Firefighters Association The Mansfield Hispanic Firefighters Association is a non-profit organization. We are dedicated to serving the needs of the citizens of Mansfield, Texas.
1. To use all constitutional means at our disposal to secure the rights of all Firefighters; 2. To foster quality training and education so that we may thereby equip ourselves for the efficient discharge of our duties and responsibilities to our community and the public. To become fluent in the English language while, exerting equal effort to foster the fluent mastery of the Spanish language which is part of our heritage and means of extending our cultural horizons of our nation; 3. To constitute our Association into an organization to actively promote fire safety and foster suitable measures that seek to enhance the influence and community respect for all Firefighters, and to establish cooperative relations with other civic and government institutions and agencies in the nation; 4. To exert our united efforts to uphold the rights guaranteed to every individual by our State and State Laws and to assure justice and equal treatment under these laws; 5. To champion with every means at our disposal all un-American tendencies and actions that deprive us as American citizens of our rights in the workplace, educational institutions, in economic pursuits and in social, civic and political activities; 6. To maintain the Association free of all involvement in partisan politics as an organization; however, we shall oppose any infringement upon the constitutional political rights of an individual to vote and/or be voted upon at Local and State levels; 7. To oppose any violent demonstrations or other acts that defy constituted law and authority, desecrate the symbols of our nation, and threaten the physical and spiritual welfare of individuals or institutions; 8. To promote and encourage the education of our community’s youth and adults; 9. To make use of every medium of communication at our disposal and to exert our combined efforts to promulgate and propagate the principles of the Association, and augment its influence and numerical growth; and 10. To under gird the efforts postulated in our Aims and Purposes with the overall objective of creating among our fellow citizens, through example and a mutual exchange of concepts, an understanding and recognition of and an appreciation for the dignity, worth and potential of the individual. 11. The Mansfield Hispanic Firefighters Association encourages MHFA members to develop and maintain healthy relationships with their local labor organizations. In addition, the MHFA strongly endorses members to actively participate in organizations that support the MHFA mission and goals; including, but are not limited to the following organizations IAFF, IAFC, IABPFF, WIFS, UFW, NCLR, CHCI, etc.

We are The Mansfield Hispanic Firefighters Association, an organization of professional fire fighters. Our membership is comprised of firefighters from the Mansfield Fire Department. We are an all-inclusive organization that believes in the power of our diverse and collective experiences to enrich and promote our goals. We have chosen to build an association based on principals of self-determination and self-empowerment. Through self-empowerment, we will continue to celebrate and share the rich culture of our forefathers, while pursuing the honorable profession of firefighters dedicated to saving lives and property.


I just wanted to take the time to thank MHFA for the Birthday card. It was much appreciated. I'm very proud to be a part of our group. Small in number, but performing great deeds. Thanks once again.


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From your MHFA Bomberos, please be safe tonight. Don't forget, drink responsibly. Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas from your MHFA Bomberos. Stay safe.


"We do what we do because it is the right thing to do, not because we should expect something in return."

DFW Scanner

DFW Scanner

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Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there from us at MHFA.


The MHFFA will be donating money to Lt. Stacy Ables in lieu of flowers. Any member wanting to help can donate to MHFFA directly. Please send check or cash to D Sanchez 4/B.

Thanks and let's show our support for our brother in this time of need.


To all those graduating tonight, please be safe and be careful. Don't ruin the beginning of your life with one simple mistake. Congrats class of 2014.

No matter what department you work for, being part of this great brotherhood is the same everywhere.  Here is a little i...
Vigilance and brotherhood in Fire House 7

No matter what department you work for, being part of this great brotherhood is the same everywhere. Here is a little insight:

The first thing a firefighter told me about his life and work — they are the same thing — is that he doesn’t sleep. “Firefighters don’t sleep,” he said. “We just don’t. We’ve seen a lot of.... It works on your head.” There are the runs. A

Click here to support Jeff Patterson - Until He Goes Home by Jim Scano
Click here to support Jeff Patterson - Until He Goes Home by Jim Scano

Click here to support Jeff Patterson - Until He Goes Home by Jim Scano

In an effort to help Jeff's family through this most difficult time, bracelets are being passed out in exchange for donations. The intent is for friends and family to wear these bracelets in support of Jeff and his family until he is released from the hospital and goes home. Bracelets are Blue w...


Mansfield, TX

General information

The Mansfield Hispanic Firefighters Association (MHFA) is a non-profit fraternal organization comprised of firefighters of the Mansfield Fire Department, which supports charities, promotes education and provides community education programs. Joe Espinoza, President Stephen Martinez, Vice President Steve A. Gutierrez, Secretary/Treasurer


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