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A post published last night pertaining to DPW has been removed as it was not approved by Matawan First.If the issue raised is valid, it should be addressed through Borough Administration.

Chirbit [MatawanFirst] Audio Council Meeting Minutes, Matawan Borough

After hearing from many residents express frustration with not being able to attend council meetings and seeming lack of transparency(this past year in particular) Matawan First wanted to help Matawan residents stay up to date and well informed, Therefore, Matawan First has requested the audio minutes. below see the first of several posts.

Audio: - social audio

Esposito & Whalen for Matawan Council 2018

Esposito & Whalen for Matawan Council 2018

For those concerned with the impact of Development on Matawan,below is the AMENDED redevelopment plan adopted by the CURRENT administration in Matawan,in May 2018. Certainly,most residents agree that smart thoughtful development of the train station area that draws ratables and additional community spaces is an important area of focus. However, it is vital to ensure any plans consider impact on the quality of the daily life of our residents, from traffic, infrastructure,,first responder and school system capacity. Matawan residents have been increasingly vocal about their concerns around the rapid pace and scope of high density residential developments that have been built or are proposed in neighboring Aberdeen Township. The number of PILOT(Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) agreements attached to some developments are of grave concern to many residents, as well. The current administration in Matawan has been made well aware of the growing concerns of residents.They have said they "hear" the concerns and have expressed theirs to our "sister town". So, it is perplexing to me when I see the 5/15/2018 adopted amendment to the 2015 Transit Village Redevelopment Plan (part of 2015 Master Plan) now has eliminated the phased development portion of the plan, It also includes increases to density of allowed dwelling units in the Historic Station District and the Transitional Residential Office District, including high density(rentals?)residential, in addition to some townhouses.see page 7 for example
"2. Maximum Permitted Residential Density:
a. West of Johnson Avenue: 22 dwelling units per acre
(multi-family units)
b. East of Johnson Avenue:
i. 22 dwelling units per acre (multi-family units)
permitted within 200 feet from Harrel
Street/Railroad Plaza
ii. 12 dwelling units per acre (townhouse units)
for developments located more than 200 feet
from Harrel Street/Railroad Plaza
3. Maximum Permitted Height: Three and one-half (3.5) stories"

Also included, increase of allowed dwelling units allowed in Main Street Corridor/Transit District from 27 units per acre to 50 units per acre, 2

added:“Flex Space” is defined as an adaptable and transitional use of a portion of a building that offers developers flexibility while market factors influence the demand for a variety of end uses. This redevelopment plan permits flex space to accommodate such uses as retail, office space, or residential uses. As the market warrants, flex space allows a portion of a development to switch between the aforementioned uses, for short-term use of a space to test new markets, or for other short-term project needs.

Payment in Lieu Of Parking (pg 16) "The Planning Board may allow applicants whose application for
development has insufficient on-site parking to meet the reduced
parking requirements of the “Shared Parking” provisions outlined
above, provided the following are satisfied"

I invite residents to read and learn about the amended plan.
2018 Transit Station Redevelopment Plan Amendment:


Matawan Republicans Announce Change of Council Candidate
MATAWAN, NJ -- The Matawan Republican Committee has announced that Anissa Esposito, a former lifelong Democrat and currently a MARSD board member and Vice-President, has changed her party registration and will be running as a Republican for a seat on borough council in this November’s election. Esposito is joined on the ballot by her running mate Frank Whalen.
Esposito has lived in Matawan for 19 years and is an active member of the community. In addition to her years on the school board, Esposito co-founded the group Parents of Special People in 2004 and served as its Chairperson from 2009 to 2010.
“I have always tried to give back to my community. With the borough council continually raising the budget and our taxes, I felt I had to get even more involved.” Esposito was also disenfranchised with the current council for ignoring their own promises to do a line-by-line item budget review, as well as reducing the town’s debt service. The current borough council is entirely filled by one party who have increased spending by over two million dollars since 2016 and have doubled the debt.
Esposito is married to her husband Greg and they have two children, both of which graduated from the Matawan – Aberdeen Regional School District.
Frank Whalen has lived in Matawan for 20 years. He is a parishioner at St. Clement Church and has two children with his wife Shari, both of whom attend the MARSD.
Whalen is also active in the community, having been a coach for three years with the Matawan Aberdeen Babe Ruth League, as well as the Treasurer for the Relay for Life “Freedom Fighters” team that has raised over $20,000 the past two years to benefit the fight against cancer.
Once elected, Whalen, a retired Executive Vice President of a multi-national financial institution, plans to focus on the borough’s budget and spending. “As a retired financial planner with over 30 years’ experience on Wall Street, I understand that we are taxing people out of Matawan. The borough is becoming too expensive to live. With the borough’s crumbling infrastructure, it’s time for the borough council to become forward-looking rather than reactive.”


MATAWAN First believes a current sitting Matawan council member said that “what’s good for Aberdeen is good for MATAWAN”. Well now Aberdeen is developing a 200+ residential unit complex on Church Street across from their other development. This is on MATAWAN’s border and will impact MATAWAN residents. You may hear that it will increase property values. But you won’t hear anything about quality of life issues. Let Aberdeen hear your voice and attend the August 8th meeting of the ###x planning (zoning) at Aberdeen Town Hall.


Matawan First Poll

Borough website announced that there is an EMERGENCY Council Executive Session tomorrow night! Public is not invited. What’s up and what is the EMERGENCY?

We have some thoughts and would like to have your thoughts on the meeting. So is it about:

1. A pending lawsuit?
2. The hole on Main Street?
3. Gravelly Brook Park not being ready and opening this spring?
4. A “#MeToo” Issue?
5. Replacing the Lake Lefferts dam?
6. Draining Lake Lefferts?
7. Hiring family members to work for the Borough?
8. Purchasing a much needed Fire Pump Truck?
9. Fixing the potholes in the Borough?

We want you to vote or provide your own reason for the EMERGENCY Executive Session.


MATAWAN First has been patiently waiting, even waiting until the second MATAWAN Council meeting held on January 16th. What have we been waiting for? Well, where have Mayor Altomonte or the Police Commissioner been these past few weeks defending our Police Department ? Even Bill Spadea a morning host on FM 101.5 defended our police. The residents defended our police. Even Brett Cannon had positive comments for the MPD. So MATAWAN First now asks where was Mayor Altomonte and the Police Commissioner?
Our Emergency Services are the best in the County if not the State. Our elected officials should be out in front with all of our emergency service departments. Shame on the Mayor and Commissioner.


Citizens , with 2018 nearly upon us , we realize that resolutions are part of the transition. The following are some resolutions that should be considered by the Matawan Mayor and Council members for 2018 . Resolution 1: That they will provide a transparent government and not just post the projects but include the cost of the projects. (The first phase of Gravelly Brook was over $850,000 and the total as we have heard for all three phases will be approximately $2.4 million dollars)

Resolution 2: That they will end the practice of patronage hiring of family members for jobs in the Borough.

Resolution 3: Although we are " sister " towns with Aberdeen , we should continue to share services that save both towns money , but keep in mind that not everything works for both towns .


I would like to congratulate Stephanie and Deanne. I wish you nothing but success as you enter office. As I have always said… "When it's good for Matawan, it's good with me!" Good Luck!!

I would also like to take a moment to say THANK YOU to everyone who went out yesterday (in the rain) to pull the lever for the Caldon/Urbano ticket. I especially want to thank everyone who thought enough of me to write some of the kindest words and post them on this page. I have truly enjoyed my time representing the wonderful people of this great town! I am extremely humbled.

To be continued…


Dear Friends and Neighbors, as a longtime reporter at The New York Times, I have written hundreds upon hundreds of feature stories on newsworthy people from all walks of life over the past three decades: athletes, businessmen, school teachers, mechanics, artists, politicians, etc., each person featured in each of those stories falling within the boundaries of the Times's world-renowned motto: "All The News That's Fit to Print."
Here's another piece of news that's fit to print: Mike Caldon, a pillar of our community, is running again for Matawan City Councilman and I urge you to get out and VOTE FOR HIM TOMORROW, (TUESDAY, NOV. 7). Mike is a family man and a small business owner who cares about people. His unparalleled volunteerism and leadership qualities have enhanced the lives of the constituents he has served as well as the hundreds of Little League players and their parents who have enjoyed the benefits of an ever-expanding and competitive baseball league that is the direct result of his tireless work ethic and innovations. (Please see my note below, which I sent out in September.)
Most of you know me well enough to know that I would never waste my time, or yours, on news that wasn't fit to print. But Mike Caldon, whose friendship has made me a better person, is someone well-worth writing about, and his victory at the polls tomorrow will be one well-worth reading about.
So please pull that lever for Mike Caldon and put him back in a position to continue to make our tight-knit, family-oriented community a better place to live.
Best Always
Vinny Mallozzi


Matawan residents, PLEASE remember to vote tomorrow , it is your right and responsibility ! Mike Caldon and Joe Urbano are two honest men who have Matawan`s best interest at heart . Please vote wisely, thank you .


Citizens , Anyone is allowed to post on this page , no one is blocked and we do not delete posts. See for yourselves , Councilwoman Josi Salvatore posted on 6-25-17 and Councilman Greg Cannon posted on 8-22-16 , their posts are still there ! Not blocked or deleted. We welcome all commentary about what concerns our town . If someone claims they at blocked , they are not being truthful . Finally , Please remember to vote tomorrow !


So Councilman Brett Cannon if this is your “WISH LIST” why did you include computers for use by the Council at a cost of $60,000. Why would you and the Restore Matawan Team “WISH” to spend $1.2 million dollars in additional debt when in your words “the list can be modified or changed”? What do you and the Team really “WISH” to spend the funds on? What do you really want to purchase. And do Councilmen Caldon and Urbano and the residents know about this other list? There appears to be a problem with the Altomonte Team. Misleading the public on a $1.2 million dollar “WISH LIST” purchase? Misleading photographs in flyers? Misleading the public regarding the Grants, when you stated last year at a council meeting that the information you kept posting about who obtained the grants was misleading. So again, why would you and the Restore Team request computers and then purchase something other than what you included in your “WISH LIST”. Didn’t you push to have wireless internet service installed in Borough Hall? What other purchases do you have in mind for $1.2 million dollars? Will there be a public hearing? Matawan First knows that Christmas is coming but a $1.2 million dollar “WISH LIST” when the Altomonte Team preached about the high debt service Matawan had. Will we be able to “Wish” the additional $1.2 million dollars away this Christmas as well?


First thank you Mr. Gately, your review is appreciated, and you are correct. However, you did help to prove my point that property taxes did indeed increase. Now will the Altomonte Team apologize for knowingly taking a photograph of a park that they knew was not Gravelly Brook to deliberately mislead the residents. Their flyer was an intentional effort to deceive the residents, our flyer was not. Taxes went up! Again, thank you Mr. Gately. Mike Caldon


With a week left to Election Day, it’s a shame that there has been no response from the opposition regarding a debate with Michael Caldon or Joe Urbano. The Matawan Democratic Chairperson Joe Altomonte did not even have the courtesy of responding that they would not debate. Sorry to say the losers in this, are the residents of Matawan.

Here's the obituary for our friend Kevin Mendez.Family, friends and others who were touched by Kevin are invited to a ce...
Obituary for Kevin R Mendes | Day Funeral Home, Keyport, NJ

Here's the obituary for our friend Kevin Mendez.

Family, friends and others who were touched by Kevin are invited to a celebration of his life on Thursday, November 2, 2017, at Day Funeral Home, 361 Maple Place, Keyport, NJ 07735; from 2-4 & 6-8PM. In lieu of flowers, donations to the New Lisbon Development Center, P.O. Box 130, Route 72, New Lisbon, NJ 08064 in Kevin’s name or to any animal rescue organization, would be appreciated.

Kevin R. Mendes, known to some friends as “Space-Shot,” passed away on Friday, October 27, 2017, at the age of 60.  A native of Keyport, Kevin graduated from Keyport High School and set roots in Matawan, where he served on the Town Council from 2008-2010.  He was a...


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Kevin Mendes who passed away suddenly yesterday. Kevin was a former Councilman in Matawan. Please keep Kevin and his family in your prayers.


Thursday, October 26, 2017
3:55 PM

I would like to take a moment - for the record - to give Matawan residents some pertinent background information with regard to the Gravelly Brook Park improvement project which is currently in progress.

The Grant that is being utilized to help improve the park was applied for and approved in 2014. The final paperwork from the County came back to the borough in August 2015. The individuals responsible for obtaining the grant were Buccelatto ( R ), Fitzsimmons ( R ), Clifton ( R ), Gould ( R ), Urbano ( R ), Angellini ( R ), and Daly ( D ).

In early 2016 the Council voted to move ahead with the design of the park. The Council members involved were Caldon ( R ), Urbano ( R ), Clifton ( R ), Gould ( R ), Vergaretti ( D ), and Reeve ( D ).

The individuals involved in the design of the park were myself, Joe Altomonte, Tyler Issacson (Soccer), Mike Ritter and Dominic Perrotta (Softball), a representative from the Matawan Police Department, Lou Ferrara (Borough Business Administrator), and Robert Keating (T&M Engineering). In the month's following the approvals there were several meetings that took place in Borough Hall - where some or all of the above mentioned were in attendance - as we worked to come up with the park's design. We travelled to other towns to view fields that had been designed by T&M. The later meetings were attended by myself, Joe Altomonte, and Rob Keating.

It was a Republican majority that applied for the grant and it was a Republican majority that voted to move forward with the grant. These are the facts.

I would like to acknowledge, thank and congratulate Mr. Issacson, Mr. Ritter, Mr. Perrotta, Mr. Ferrara, and Mr. Keating for working with Joe and I to make this "diamond in the rough" truly shine once again. These are the individuals who were involved with creating the new Gravelly Brook Park. Job Well Done Gentlemen!

As the President of MABRL, as a former Board Member of the Aberdeen/Matawan Softball League, and as a Councilman I can say with absolute certainty that the time and effort we put forth was well worth the benefit that this field will bring to all the young athletes in our town!

In regards to caring for our new facility, I will be organizing a committee of baseball, softball and soccer representatives to discuss the best way that the three leagues can contribute to its upkeep and maintenance similar to the way Toomer Field is cared for. I will happily report back on our progress as soon as these meetings take place.

Mike Caldon


Matawan, NJ


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