Memorial TAP TAP Nation

Memorial TAP TAP Nation This is a group like no other, it is a family that spans across sports and grades. It can not be stopped. TAP TAP or be destroyed


Game tonight in Edinburg at 7:30! Come support us as we put a beating on those little cats!!


First game tonight! Come support us tonight at 7:00 at stadium!
Mustang nation will keep rolling!


1st scrimmage! Lets prove all the haters wrong!


Memorial Football players and fans have been asked to attend the parade this Friday evening, to show their support for the players and in honor of a record breaking season!
See you Friday Night, more details later


That is what this year and season has been.
The love between the Players, Coaches, Friends, Fans, FAMILY is unsurpassable.
We've bled, sweated and cried for each other for 13 games.
McAllen Memorial High School 2011 Football Team: City, District and Regional Champions. Undefeated Regular Season. The most wins in the schools history.
The Tap Tap Nation began and left their mark in 2011 and may the legacy carry on.



Something written by Mr. Garcia, an English teacher at Memorial High School in our honor

The Boys of Stand
by Daniel Garcia Ordaz

On Texas high school football Friday stadium nights
The lights do teach celestial torches to burn bright.
The time is now to win, to show our might!
The time is now to fight, fight, fight, fight, fight!

Let it be known through all one-hundred-yards of land:
Today the Boys of Fall become the Boys of Stand—
Heads high, held proud, like men who’ve left it all
With no regrets, no looks-back, standing tall.

Stand up, yell proud, and get your cowbells ready for the show!
Tonight we’re gonna show them how we roll!
The stats won’t show what we’ve all come to know:
The heart of man is greater than one’s foe!



12-0, four to go.
The relentless stampede charges on, Memorial Tap Tap Nations Journey Continues.


One for all and all for one.
We do our talking Friday nights on the field
Where whats simply said and whats actually done are different stories.

Bobby Lackey Stadium
Memorial Mustangs vs. Weslaco Panthers

The power of action overcomes the sting of a sharp tongue any day.
Be there to witness Weslaco eat their words.


11-0 on 11/11/2011 at 11:11
A school record set for the days, months, years and times too come
Tap Tap Nation and the '11 Football Team immortalize themselves further


The first of the 6 days of reckoning are on the horizon.
We've won our individual conflicts and challenges and the next battle in the war is soon to come.

We Will Emerge Triumphant.
We Will Remain Undefeated.

Eagle Pass Eagles: F e a r T h e S t a m p e d e.

Memorial Tap Tap Nation is coming for you


16 Years since the stampede has run this strong, and our legend continues with playoffs.
Couldn't have been done without the support of the fans, family and Memorial Tap Tap nation!


Sent the redskins on the trail of tears. The reservations been massacered.
Tap Tap Mustangs.


Memorial Tap Tap Nation is on the road to glory and will overcome any and every obstacle in our way.
City Champs, Tap Tap.
Nuff said


Tonight we retake the town and burn the tepees to the ground.

This city is ours.
Memorial Tap Tap nation is on the Prowl and the rowe warriors are our prey.


32-5A's Best: Memorial Mustangs

28-14, Sharyland Rattlers TAPPED, slapped, sliced and diced.
Rattlers can't bite to well when they're trampled to pieces by the Mustang Stampede.

The District Champs Title comes back home to the Memorial TAP TAP Nation.


We're gonna hit them in the mouth and knock them off their makeshift throne, and when they think twice about getting up, we'll hit them again and we wont let up until they know defeat and show them who 35-A's best really is, who the Valleys best is.

The Tap Tap Nation Will remain undefeated.
Be ready Rattlers, being underfoot of the stampede is a humbling experience

Friday Night, Sharyland Stadium
Be There To Witness Invincibility.


La Joya Cayotes: TAPPED

6-0 and not stopping till we've got it all.

Full potential may not have been achieved tonight, but we stumble only in order to rise higher.


We made eagle tears fall from the sky.
Mission Eagles: TAPPED

We got you a B-Day crown made of eagle feathers!

Memorial Mustangs


We'll show them who the number one defense in the valley is, and prove it with the crown of eagle feathers resting on our heads at the end of the night.

Tap Tap is coming to mission, and we're not leaving till the hoof prints of the stampede are left all over the field


Let's get a little Tap Tap going in honor of our rivals across town at Mchi,
and wish them luck in giving Rowe a Mercy killing on Friday Night, cause if the Mustang Stampede reaches the Warriors there will be no mercy.


Memorial Tap Tap baby, THIS IS OUR TOWN.
be on high alert and drive safe on the roads, slippery purple and yellow blood line the streets and bulldog road kill litters the roads.
4-0, undefeated and unstoppable


Memorial Tap Tap nations about to Muck Fchi.

7:30 at the big stadium tonight, come show your Blue and Yellow Pride.
Tap Tap


We're taking over this town, and proving it tomorrow night.
TAP TAP nation Baby, this friday night while Blue and Yellow blood runs in our veins, purple and yellow blood is gonna run in the streets.


Nothing like TAP TAP nation warming our feet on that lucious bear fur eating those 00 donuts after a long friday night shutout.

PSJA Bears TAPPED: 14-0


The Tap Tap Nations looking too add a bear fur carpet to the floor of our trophy room, it'll look good next too the jaguar and bobcat mounted on the wall.

Its Bear Hunting Time


Edinburg Bobcats: 35-22, TAPPED hard

Thats a W
In memory of Mr. Gonzalez and for our boy Pablo Adame #33

Keep them both in your prayers


Rumor has it that the pussycats wanna get TAPPED by the stangs


Edinburg Economedes Jaguars, TAPPED; 41-6


It's on the horizon, is it a bird, a plane, superman?
Nope, its Memorial Tap Tap Nation

The first test is hours away.

Thursday September 1st, Bobcats stadium.
Be there too see the TAP TAP live in action


Los Fresnos Falcons- Tapped
Brownsville Rivera Raiders- Tapped

Next up on the hitlist, Edinburg Economedes....
The TAP TAP is coming,


101 E Hackberry Ave
McAllen, TX

The TAP TAP Mobile and magicl Flying Tap-Carpet

General information

Founding Fathers: Joseph De Leon- Facebook Name Maui Trevino- the TAP-Father and creator of TAP TAP Michael Hinojosa- The Tap-Prophet who spread the word





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