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Bill Rothrock JCSD/ Region 1 - Monroe Township Bill Rothrock. Representative for Juniata County School District/Monroe Township (Pennsylvania). D Welcome!

The purpose of this page is to work with those whom I represent; a forum open to parents and students alike to address concerns & questions, entertain suggestions, and to keep all informed of current affairs within our district.


There will be two meetings in March:
- A Workshop Meeting will be held this evening, Tuesday, 18 March, 7 p.m. at Fermanagh Elementary.
-Regularly held School Board meeting will be held on Thursday, 20 March, 8 p.m. at Fermanagh. Agenda will include usual business as well as recommendation for the transfer of 5M dollars for the EJ renovation project, school(s) monitoring systems, and upgrades at Juniata High & Tuscarora Jr High.


Special meeting of the Juniata County School Board originally scheduled for 13 Feb has been rescheduled for 7 p.m. 18 Feb at Fermanagh Elementary School. Proposed preliminary budget for the 2014-2015 JCSD fiscal year will be presented for approval.


I received information today with regard to the Special School Board Meeting to be held on Thursday, 13 Feb 2014, 7 p.m. at Fermanagh Elementary. The agenda will include the following issues: study islands; use of facility requests; financial reports & accounts payable for January 2014; JCSD/PLGIT; TAXES-the preliminary budget for 2014-2015 to include real estate, per capita, residence, and other applicable taxes; food services policy; student policies involving field trips, medications & student wellness; fund raising & field trip requests; 2013-2014 revised school calendar/make-up day(s); recommendations pertaining to employment positions within the District; and policies involving special interest groups. Please become involved, let your voices be heard, and attend this meeting. Hope to see you all on Thursday.


A special School Board meeting will be held on Thursday, 13 February, 7 p.m. at Fermanagh Elementary. I would encourage parents and concerned citizens to attend. Hope to see you there.


Hello everyone. Sen. Corman arrived for his visit yesterday. We began with Tuscarora Jr. High, followed by Walker Elementary. He met with the principals from both schools. Discussed were school programs and itineraries. I inquired about state and federal funding for grants available for safety/security upgrades and implementations. Sen. Corman informed me that a bill recently passed pertaining to those issues, and he will contact me with specifics. He asked and was updated about the water situation at Walker Elementary. Expressing his concern, he vowed to be helpful in any way possible. I have to say that he was extremely impressed with how well-maintained, neat, and clean the schools are kept. I feel that his visit was constructive with a positive outcome.
Now on the subject of TAXES. As you may have heard - taxes are expected to be raised. Previous board members refused to wait for the new members to come on board to vote on this issue, so this spending was approved prior to my election. I will continue to oppose any tax increase. My stand is, and will continue to be living within a budget. Therefore, I cannot support spending 19 million taxpayers' dollars when priorities are not in place. We, as individuals, are expected to live within our means and should expect no less from our school district.
I will continue to keep everyone updated as information becomes available.


Hello everyone. I spoke with Sen. Corman's office this morning who confirmed that he will be arriving to visit area schools this Friday (17th), beginning at Tuscarora Jr. High around 10 a.m. I have no additional information regarding the itinerary. Just a reminder about the School Board meeting this Thursday (16th), 8 p.m. at Fermanagh. Hope to see you there.


There is something that I would like to bring to everyone's attention. A School District Workshop Meeting for preliminary budget discussions will be held at 7 p.m. (13 Jan) in the Fermanagh-Mifflintown Elementary multipurpose room and will be OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. On the agenda will be EJHS renovations. This was voted on by the Board prior to my taking office and my position, at this point in time, is one of opposition. I find it difficult to justify spending millions of taxpayer dollars to renovate EJ when we currently have an elementary school within our district that doesn't even have a basic necessity...a clean, usable water source for our children. My position is "Fix what we have" - the essentials, before spending millions of dollars on less pressing concerns. I understand how busy all of you are, but if you agree I would greatly appreciate your show of support by attending the meeting on Monday. Thank you, and I hope to see you there.


Sorry to say that due to the recent inclement weather, I have little to report this week. Just a reminder about the School Board meeting next Thursday (16th), 8 p.m., at Fermanagh. I want to thank those who messaged me with their concerns. This is a learning process, and your input is very important to me. If there is anything that I haven't addressed regarding your concerns, please feel free to message me and I will respond promptly. Thank you, and hope to see you at the meeting.


Hello everyone. Hope that the holidays were good to you. I'd like to welcome our students back to school. My vacation is over as well, and I was back visiting schools today rechecking safety & security issues. I have, to date, visited every school within the district at least once since taking office. I have no new information about Sen. Corman, so as it stands he will still tour the school district on the 17th of this month. If anything changes, I will be sure to update you. Weather permitting, I will hopefully have more to share next week. As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message me. Rest assured that everything will be kept confidential. Be sure to check your "Other" inbox for a reply since any reply I make will not show up in your main Facebook messages. Looks like a rough weather week ahead. Stay safe out there.


Update for the week of 16 Dec 2013: Hello. Hope the week is going well for everyone. This week I continued to visit schools and will again be on the road tomorrow. The safety of our students continues to be a priority, as I continue to inspect and re-inspect security issues. I met with Mr. Musselman, several principals, and attended a meeting with the staff of EJ. I also attended the Monroe Elementary School Christmas Program...very nice job everyone! I've been in communication with Senator Jake Corman who will be meeting with me to tour schools in Jan. Tentative date for Sen. Corman's visit is 17 Jan 2014. Schools will be chosen at random. I will keep you informed as confirmation is made. I'd like to wish one and all a very Merry Christmas!


I would like to take a few minutes to update everyone on what has been happening since I took office on 4 Dec. This past week I've toured schools daily (with exception of the 8th-snow day) introducing myself to staff, students, and bus drivers. I've been to several schools to observe procedure, check safety/security issues, familiarize myself with itineraries; and I will continue to do so until I've visited every school within the District. I'm pleased to report that safety issues discovered were acted upon and fixed immediately. I've met with Superintendent Musselman, the Head of Transportation (busing), Head of Maintenance (Mr. Stauffer); and have been in communication with Business Manager (Mr. Meily). As a board member I feel that it is important to be informed, involved, and engaged in all aspects of our school system because it IS time for accountability. I've already met with several parents and want everyone to know that should you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, I will do whatever I can to help. I appreciate that you elected me as your representative and I intend to do my best to live up to your expectations. I will try to post weekly to keep communication flowing and everyone informed.


On the agenda....School Board Meeting. Thursday, 5 Dec 2013, Fermanagh-Mifflintown Elementary @ 8 p.m. (for pdf copy please go to

a. School Board Secretary, Members, & Administration
b. Public Comment Period

a. Acting Temporary Board President to conduct the meeting.
b. Approval of following Directors effective 5 Dec 2013:
-Mr. Melvin E. Brubaker, Jr.
-Mrs. Glenda I. Leister
-Mr. John G. Noss
-Mr. Ray D. Page
-Mr. Larry J. Rothrock
-Mrs. Christine D. Shadel
-Mr. Joseph R. Shearer
-Mr. Danny R. Snyder
-Mrs. Amy L. Wagner
c. Nominations of President & Vice President of the Board of School Directors; both a 1-yr term commencing 5 Dec 2013
and terminating 4 Dec 2014.
d. Establishing 8 p.m. for regular board meetings of Directors, on the 3rd Thurs of each month with the exception of July and Dec 2014.
e. Mifflin-Juniata Career and Technology Center, Tuscarora Intermediate Unit 11, PSBA committee positions:
-MJCTC Joint Operations Board Member
-TIU 11 Board of Directors
-PSBA Liaison
-PSBA Public Outreach Campaign Key Contact
-Transportation Committee Liaison
f. Retention of Scott C. Etter, Esq. as solicitor 2014, at an hourly rate of $140
g. Minutes of school board committee meetings, special & regular school board meetings held, and listing of executive sessions conducted.
-Committee of the Whole Meetings 21 Nov 2013
Regular Board Meeting Minutes.
-Executive Sessions Conducted

Revised Policy 610-Purchases Subject to Bid/Quotation.

Taxpayers exonerated from paying 2012 per capita taxes. Since income exceeds current board guidelines, board action is required.

Revised Policy 810.

a. Policies 103.1-Nondiscrimination Qualified Students with Disabilities and 146-Student Services.
b. Policies 113-Special Education; 113.1-Discipline of Students with Disabilities; 113.3-Behavior Support; 212-Reporting Student Progress; 214-Class Rank; 218-Student Discipline and Code of Student Conduct; 218.1-Weapons; 218.2-Terroristic threats/Acts; 222-Tobacco; and 227-Controlled Substances/Paraphernalia.
c. Homebound Juniata High School student, 4 Dec 2013 through 3 Jan 2014.
d. Student Field Trip requests:

-FFA: Community Service, Walmart, Lewistown, 12 Dec 2013
-FFA: Community Service, Locust Grove 4 Dec 2013

Fayette Elementary*-
Life Skills Class, Lake Tobias 9 May
-Kindergarten: ZooAmerica/Chocolate World Hershey, 13 May
-Grade 1: Chocolate World Hershey/Indian Echo Caverns

Monroe Elementary*
-Kindergarten: ZooAmerica/Chocolate World Hershey, 23 May
-Grade 1: Children’s Museum, Bloomsburg, 23 May
-Grade 2: Lincoln Caverns 6 May
-Grade 3: Whitaker Center Harrisburg, 16 May
-Grade 4: Whitaker Center Harrisburg, 16 May
-Grade 5: Gettysburg Historical Sites, 7 May 7
-Grade 6: Turkey Hill Experience, Columbia/Dutch Apple Dinner Theater, Lancaster, 15 May
*Transportation will be paid by groups making request.

Mountain View Elementary School’s first grade field trip, approved at the 21 Nov 2013 meeting will also include The Forum, Harrisburg.

a. Policies 323, 423, 523-tobacco and 351,451 & 551-drug and substance abuse.
b. Recommendation/Approval of Ethan J. Hutchinson & Susan L. Smith as substitute teachers, and Heather L. Haines as substitute school nurse.

a. Revised Policy 123-Interscholastic Athletics & Co-curricular Activities.
b. Request from Juniata High School students Alyssa Parson and Joelle Winey to hold “pink out” basketball game on 24 Jan 2014, with admission fees and proceeds donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

a. Policy 805-Emergency Preparedness
b. Policy 805.1- Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies, which supersedes Policy 225
b. Revised Policies 822-Automated External Defibrillator (AED)/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR); 904-Public Attendance at School Events; 909-Municipal Government Relations; and 917-Parent/Family Involvement.



MEETING of November 21, 2013: A $16,320,817 project has been approved to upgrade facilities in the Juniata County School District.

During a Thursday meeting, the school board of directors voted in favor of the Guaranteed Energy Savings Agreement presented in past meetings by Reynolds Energy Services. Renovations will include improvements to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems at East Juniata High School, Juniata High School and Tuscarora Junior High School. The agreement also includes a district-wide monitoring system.

"We spent a lot of money on this renovation," said Director John Noss. However, he explained that the project will save the district a significant amount of money over building new facilities.

The board also approved the beginning stages of a shop addition planned for EJHS. According to plans previously presented by Reynolds, the shop will be 12,000 square feet and expand the area used by the building trades, agriculture and industrial arts classes. A budget of $2,200,000 was set during the meeting.

The board awarded the contract for architectural services for the shop addition to J.P.D. Architects LLC, in the amount of $172,000 and reimbursable expenses. Construction management services will be headed by Reynolds Construction Management Inc., at a cost of $131,000. The companies will work with administration to design the addition.

Amid other changes within the district, the meeting agenda recommended contract renewals for Business Manager Richard Meily II and Superintendent Richard Musselman.

Director Ray Page said neither of the contracts required immediate action and board members were not notified of the intent to renew the contracts until about one week ago.

"There has been no discussion with the board," he said.

For those reasons, he said he planned to vote in opposition if either motion were brought to the table.

With a board split about half and half, motions made by Randy Dressler to table action on both contracts failed.

Employment contracts for Meily and Musselman, effective from July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2017, were approved by 5:4 votes. Directors William Book, Melvin Brubaker, Christine Shadel, Joseph Shearer and Danny Snyder voted in favor of both renewals. Dressler, Glenda Leister, Noss and Page voted in opposition.

In other new business, the board:

Approved Alyssa M. Wittle as JCSD athletic director/Title IX compliance officer, effective Dec. 16, at an annual salary of $30,000.

Approved an agreement of affiliation with the Mifflin-Juniata Career and Technology Center Practical Nursing Program for 2014.

Approved the purchase of 60 Chromebooks to use as labs at elementary schools at a cost of $280 each.

Accepted the donation of surgical instruments from Lewistown Hospital for the district's health professions program.

Approved Tremco Incorporated to perform roof inspections at a cost of $3,900.

Approved M&J Paving and Services to perform snow removal at Tuscarora Valley Elementary School for the 2013-2014 school year. This company replaces low-bidder Burkholder Lawn Care, which has withdrawn its bid.

Approved the Enginuity to install heating, cooling and vacuum systems in the JHS construction trades building. The project will cost $85,450.

Approved advertising and soliciting proposals for a Model 45004 Ventrac diesel tractor, Kabota engine, 72-inch finish mower, V-blade, 49-inch manual adjust terra rake, ballpark groomer for primary use at East Juniata High School.

Approved the purchase of a MiniMag floor scrubber at a cost of $7,785.04. This equipment will be used throughout the district.

Approved the sale of a Massey Ferguson 50 with a six-foot Woods mower.

Approved financial reports, a listing of bills for payment and the auditor's report for the year ended June 30.

Approved the purchase from U.S. Foods of eight mobile heated holding cabinets, at a cost of $18,797.76; one four-well hot food station, at a cost of $2,478; one mobile heated holding cabinet, at a cost of $3,080.16; seven drop-in hot wells, at a cost of $12,579.49; and seven cords, at a cost of $468.16.

Approved Justin Fraker, Earl Shank and Homer Smith as contracted school bus and van drivers for the duration of the 2013-2014 school year.

Approved the JCSD 2014-2015 school year calendar.

Approved establishing a special education teaching position at EJHS.

Approved the retirement of JHS custodian James Ernest, effective Nov. 27.

Approved William L. Landis as a JHS custodian, at an hourly rate of $20.20, effective Nov. 28.

Approved Erich J. Graybill as a substitute teacher, Jessica L. Lucas as a substitute LPN and Valerio A. Rivera as a substitute custodian.

Approved conference requests for Angela Sieber and Daniel R. Smith to attend the iPad Summit on Dec. 16 in Harrisburg.

Approved a Health Occupations Students of America student activity account.


A fire forced police to respond to East Juniata High School Thursday morning according to Pennsylvania State Police. The fire, reported around 10:51 a.m. was intentionally set inside a locker at the school. The fire was immediately extinguished and no injuries were reported. The locker and surrounding lockers suffered damage in the fire. There is a suspect. The investigation continues.


On the agenda Workshop held 14 November 2013:
MIFFLINTOWN - Deliberation continued Thursday in the Juniata County School District over how to ensure the safety and longevity of district buildings.

During a special board meeting at Fermanagh-Mifflintown Elementary School, Reynolds Energy Services of Harrisburg presented an overview of the Guaranteed Energy Savings Project proposed to the district at a September meeting. Representatives of Reynolds said the goal of the project is to upgrade or replace all major equipment and systems that will not provide 20 or more years of useful life, lower annual energy costs and reduce maintenance costs.

The energy project focuses on mechanical, electrical, plumbing and security systems at East Juniata High School, Tuscarora Junior High School and Juniata High School.

According to a project summary, renovations to EJHS will include new geothermal units, rooftop units and digital controls. New exterior windows and doors are also scheduled for replacement, which is expected to increase thermal efficiency of the school by about five times the current rate. EJHS renovations also include removing fuel oil boilers and installing a propane gas domestic boiler.

At the entrance of the school, a new secure vestibule will improve safety of students and staff. Also scheduled for the school are: new classroom and corridor ceilings, power equipment, digital lighting control, plumbing fixtures, water system repair, sanitary system repair, emergency generator replacement, new refrigeration compressors and the installation of a district-wide monitoring system.

There also are systems at the school that are outdated, but not in immediate need of repair, representatives said. The total cost for the EJHS project is $8,312,175. The district-wide monitoring system is $197,943.

At TJHS, fuel boilers will be removed and replaced with propane gas heating and domestic boilers, the summary states. All single-pane windows in the school will be replaced with insulated panels, and exterior doors and windows will be replaced. A security vestibule will also be installed at the school, and the roof will be scanned for problem areas and coated to achieve a 12-year warranty.

The total project cost for TJHS is $2,214,193.

Similar renovations are scheduled for JHS. The existing air box system will be removed and a new geothermal system will be installed. New modular air handling units will replace the original units. According to the project summary, the outdated fire alarm system will be removed and replaced. A new propane gas domestic boiler will also be installed.

The total project cost for JHS is $5,596,506.

Overall, Reynolds said, the projected cost for necessary district-wide renovations is $16,320,817. Based on a guaranteed savings contribution of $2,897,090 after improving building efficiency, the district's investment is estimated at $13,423,727. Representatives said the project cost is $22 million less than proposed in the most recent architectural feasibility study for renovating the same buildings.

Also during the meeting, Reynolds presented a possible shop addition to EJHS. The shop would be 12,000 square feet and expand the area used by the building trades, agriculture and industrial arts classes. The cost of the project is $2,526,300.

Including the cost of renovations at all buildings, as well as the shop addition at EJHS, the district is considering an $18,847,117 project to update HVAC systems, security and some classrooms at the schools. If the energy savings project is approved, geothermal well drilling is set to begin in late March 2014, and renovations will continue through the summer. Representatives said a substantial portion of the project will be completed by the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, though some minor adjustments may continue through September. The board is scheduled to vote on the project during a Nov. 21 meeting.

If approved, the shop addition design will be completed by mid-January and be put out to bid by April 2014. Construction would begin June 2014 and be completed by mid-January 2015.


On Thursday, November 21st there will be a School Board meeting at the Fermanagh Elementary School in Mifflintown. The meeting begins at 8 p.m. and is open to the public. I encourage all who are able to attend.


Welcome! Although I do not officially take office until December 5th, I would like to thank everyone for their support and express my appreciation for your votes. I will be working to have this site up-and-running, and accessible to everyone by then.


Mifflintown, PA


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