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Post-Polio Resource Group A support group in Milwaukee for people with polio. Find a support group or doctor near you (pdf directory):

The Post-Polio Resource Group is a support group of, by, and for people who have had polio. It was founded in 1985 by a group of polio "veterans" concerned about the then newly recognized condition called Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS).

The Post-Polio Resource Group is a support group of, by, and for people who have had polio. It was founded in 1985 by a group of polio "veterans" concerned about the then newly recognized condition called Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS).

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Wow. Who is next?

Wow. Who is next?

Wow. Who is next?




Some days.......this is true.

Some days.......this is true.

Some days.......this is true.

Which one are you?

Which one are you?

Which one are you?



Our Meetings Are At Sacred Heart Center 1545 S. Layton Blvd. (3rd Saturdays April, May, Sept., Oct.) Parking Is Available In The Lot Off 27th St. (aka Layton Blvd.)
Milwaukee, WI

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Saturday 13:00 - 15:00


(414) 481-9213


We aren't selling anything. We are simply here to help each other with the challenges of polio and PPS.


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HERE IS WHAT WE FACE - A TRUE PPS STORY FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT: 12/22/2020, An Internationally Recognized Neurologist referred me to another Neurologist because of strange neurological symptoms that I have been experiencing for about the last year. On the Internet that hundreds of other people have been experiencing these weird symptoms. The “NEW" Neurologist and I introduced ourselves. Here is our conversation; “ENJOY”, Neurologist, "How did you get Polio and what year was that?” - ME, "July/August 1959 - The Cutter Incident - quarantine 8 weeks.” - Neurologist, “What is the Cutter Incident?” (He made a note), ME, "Cutter Labs distributed a bad batch of the live Polio vaccine and several thousand people got Polio.“ - Neurologist, “Where did you live at the time?” ME, “Burlington, Iowa.” - Neurologist, “A larger city in Iowa about 300 miles from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.” - ME, “Yes” 300 Miles from here.” - Neurologist, “Do you know when the Polio vaccine was invented?” - ME, “Yes, Salk 1955, Sabin 1961”, - Neurologist, “Burlington is a large enough city for the medical facilities to have Salk Vaccine in 1955 your Pediatrician would have given to it you.” - Neurologist, “Tell me about your Polio symptoms?” - ME, (Description of my symptoms) - Neurologist, “How do you know you had Polio?” - ME “My then Pediatrician cultured me…a few days later he told me and my Parents I had Polio it is a bad reaction to my FIRST VACCINATION in 1959.” - Neurologist, (Laughing At Me), "Still do not believe you had Polio - you certainly must have gotten the Salk Vaccine before 1959; describe your PPS Symptoms?” - ME, ( PPS description), saying “I have 85% of all PPS symptoms - my then Pediatrician diagnosed me with Polio 1959. And you know; life is so unfair that not everyone that gets Polio or COVID gets all of the symptoms, suffers residual disabilities for decades or dies.” - Neurologist, “Well, I still cannot believe you had Polio…it must have been Meningitis, Encephalitis or another disease.” - ME, Explain that to families that had members that died of diagnosed Polio in 1961 living just 10 miles from Burlington, Iowa a big city with larger medical support facilities than our rural communities. He was still denying my Polio as I departed….
Hello all Polio Survivors everywhere. I hope and pray that you, and I, stay safe and well while we live through this latest Pandemic, and remember, we survived the Polio Pandemic, so we will certainly survive this one.
Apart from daily life convenience, below I list out some of the health benefits of standing wheelchair for your reference. Prevents & Reduce…… 1. Pressure sore ​2. ​Stiff joint ​3. ​Muscle & tendon shrinkag​e​ ​4. ​Reducing bone density ​5. ​Muscle spasm ​Improves….. 1. Overall blood circulation 2. Heart & Lung function 3. Bowel movement 4. Urinary system
When ordering something off of Amazon, go to Amazon Smile and designate Polio Health International as the charity to donate to. It will cost you nothing and it will help keep this most valuable organization to continue to function to help all polio survivors.
My name is Don H. I was born on Dec 6 1951. I was born with a hair lip clef pallet scoliosis spinalbifid . Then about 2_half come down with polio. I have Harrington rods in my back 30 plus yrs. Also a ruptured disk. About 3 yrs ago I was told I have a split spinal cord on the bottom. The Drs do not know hare far up it goes due to the rods I live with a lot of pain all the time. Even with the pain meds. I use a cane and a Up Walker to get around when I leave the house. Hard to walk any distance any more. I was wondering if there is any one who would be interested in starting a dialog from that era. Thank you Don H..
My name is Don H. I was born on Dec 6 1951. Was born with a hair lip clef palette. Scoliosis, Spinal Bifida. At about 2 half. come down with polio. Do not know much about what happened early on. Now I have Harrington Rods in my back. 30plus yrs. A ruptured Disk about the same time in area that was not fused. About 3yrs ago I found out that I have a split spinal cord on the bottom. The Drs do not know how far up it goes due to the rods. Big shock. Never ending pain even with the Meds I take. Is their some one out there. With similar conditions that I could set up a dialog with???. Thank You Don H PS. Every thing that I have listed is well documented. I also us a cane and a Up Walker to get around with. Hard to walk any more.
My dad is going to be 77 in December and is a Polio survivor. He lost a lot of muscle in his legs, back, and abdomen. He has post-polio syndrome now that is making daily tasks more of a struggle for him. He has a home aid that helps with cooking, cleaning, bathing, and dressing in the mornings. He has a hoyer lift to get him from his wheelchair to the toilet and bed. I take care of him in the evenings. Just wondering if anyone else out there knows of any equipment that makes life easier for them.
Anyone using a Sleep Number Bed? I bought one in hopes it would help with my post-polio body pain that it’s getting worse.
Anyone using a Sleep Number Bed?