Holy Cross and St. Anne Parishes

Holy Cross and St. Anne Parishes Holy Cross and St. Anne Parishes located in the heart of northeast Wisconsin are vibrant and faith-filled Catholic communities.Each Parish is served by Father John Becker.

Holy Cross Parish is located in Mishicot, WI. A short 6 miles to the west is St. Anne Parish in Francis Creek, WI. The two Parishes are linked in Sacramental preparation within the Religious Education program yet maintain their individual identity as distinct Parish families. Both Parishes enjoy the vibrancy and energy of Father John Becker. The Parish Office (920) 755-2550 is located in Mishicot as is the Religious Education office (920) 755-2487. Curious about Mass times? Go to the parish website at: www.hcsaparish.com Consider joining us as we praise God and glorify His Holy Name at Mass on either Saturday evening or Sunday morning! All are welcome in this place!


When are Religious Education classes cancelled due to inclement weather? Whenever the Mishicot School District cancels classes on a Wednesday; RE classes are also canceled...even if the weather improves later in the day.

We also reserve the right to cancel classes when the windchill factor is -30 degrees F or colder.

Families are notified via text message or personal telephone call.

For families that do not reside within the Mishicot School District we ask you to please be ever vigilant by watching local
news and paying attention to school cancellations. Thank you.

As always when in doubt, call Eileen directly 920 609 9315 or the Parish 920 755 2487

Safety is our concern! Especially since we have a large number of teen drivers coming to class.


Catechist/Aide In-Service

RE in-services will be held next week on Tuesday, September 5 and Thursday, September 7 from 6:30-7:30 pm.
Tuesday's in-service is for those working in the elementary program grades 1-6.
Thursday's in-service is for those working in the secondary program grades 7-11.

See you there! Eileen



Religious Education classes resume on Wednesday, September 13 at both Parishes. Holy Cross class times are from 6:00-7:15 pm. St. Anne class times are from 6:15-7:30 pm.
Please bring children no earlier than 5 minutes before class begins. Catechist's are busy preparing for class so providing adequate supervision isn't possible.

SAFETY FIRST: Your child's safety is one of our major concerns! Parents of children in grades 1-4 are required to walk their student to class and pick them up IN the classroom.
Students in grades 1-4 will not be dismissed without being in the company of an adult. Thank you!

Is your oldest child in 1st grade or do you know someone with an oldest child in 1st grade? If so, encourage them to enroll their child in Religious Education at either Holy Cross or St. Anne.
Call Eileen at 755-2487 for additional information, to register over the phone or to request a registration form be mailed.


Sunday, July 30, 2017...this is it! The evening before our 4th annual Catholic Camp 4 Kids. The volunteers have gathered, organized and set up their station spaces. We have planned. We have discussed. Tomorrow we implement! 😊
This year's theme: "Praying with the Angels & the Saints"

Monday's bible verse: "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you..." James 4:8
Monday's virtue: RESPONSIBILITY (to others & to God/Faith)

Monday, July 31 at 9:00 we will welcome 48 children ages 4-11 to Catholic Camp; 4 days of rock solid catechesis wrapped up in a fun and interactive bow.
Please pray for our campers, their families and the big-hearted volunteers. We are also holding in prayer throughout the week our new pastor; Fr. Jeff Briones who will be joining us on September 1.

St. Raphael...pray for us!


Catechist Retreat coming soon!

Next week on Wednesday, January 18th our Religious Education staff will be meeting for our annual winter retreat from 6:30-8:00PM in the Holy Cross Parish Center.
Students do not have class this evening.

Our presenter, Norbertine Father David McElroy is not to be missed!

Student classes will resume on January 25th.
See you there!


REMINDER: Next week on October 26th the Religious Ed staff will be gathering for our annual fall in-service evening.
Students DO NOT HAVE CLASS on this evening. Enjoy a free Wednesday evening but please pray for us as we gather.
Thank you...


1ST Reconciliation Parent & Child Meeting is this week on 10/19/16 from 6:00-7:15 PM at Holy Cross Parish Center.

This meeting is for both Holy Cross & St. Anne Parish families.

See you in the gym!!


Green Bay Youth Conference

Calling ALL high school students! On Sunday, December 4 our high school students will be traveling to the KI Center in GB to attend the GB Youth Conference. This "Stuebenville-Style" day retreat is gonna rock your world!

There's an all-star line up of speakers, time for Adoration and Reconciliation, Mass with Bishop David Ricken and yes, FOOD! :)

Our teens will be traveling via bus to Green Bay to experience a day that won't soon be forgotten. ADULT CHAPERONES are needed! Please consider spending a high quality day with the teens from our parishes and see first hand all the GOOD our kids bring to the table and how much their hearts yearn to know and live their Catholic faith.
Please call Eileen 755-2487 if you are interested in going.

We leave Holy Cross Parking lot at 11:00 AM and return around 8:00PM. The $25 registration fee is waived for all adult chaperones.

STUDENTS in GRADES 9-11 don't forget permission slips & fees are DUE next week on 10/19/16.


Middle School Students travel to Holy Hill

Recently, several of our 6th and 7th grade students, along with a dedicated core of adults, traveled to Holy Hill in Hubertus, WI to experience "St. John Bosco Day."
This was a wonderful opportunity because our group was picked up via bus by the group traveling from the Denmark area. Our young teens had the experience of meeting and spending a terrific day with other area Catholic teens on the same mission!

It's a wonderful feeling to know "you are not alone." COMMUNITY in CHRIST....can't beat it! We all struggle with feeling like "we're the only one on this journey." "I don't fit in." "Why am I the only odd-ball interested in prayer and relationship with God?" and then...BAM you encounter an entire community of (in this case) kids who are also interested, eager, and yes, HUNGERING for God.

We thank and praise Jesus for inspiring our kids with a desire to know Him intimately! Thank you, Jesus!!



Reminding parents of students in Grades 3-11 that your student will be experiencing the sacrament of Reconciliation this week at Religious Ed at Holy Cross. October 5
Please help prepare for the sacrament at home ahead of time by reviewing the steps of the process and an examination of conscience.
They reviewed last week in the classroom but help at home is very beneficial. Also any parent interested and available is invited to receive the sacrament, also. We will have 4 priests available.
Thank you so much!


Year of Mercy

Fr. Michael Gaitley has recently published a "33 Days with Divine Mercy"...or something along those lines.
If anyone out there is interested in doing a group retreat this fall yet using this program...let me know!


This was a beautiful evening within the RE program here at Holy Cross Parish. 50 of our teens gathered, along with catechists and aides, to spend 30 minutes adoring Our Jesus exposed in the Blessed Sacrament...Eucharistic Adoration.

To see these kids kneeling, sitting and sincerely praying and in the presence of God takes my breath away. Their love and desire to grow in relationship with Our Jesus is so pure and true. No one messes around, no one whispers, no one is disrespectful; they are still and they are quiet.
I'm guessing their parents and teachers probably wouldn't believe this unless they saw it, but it's true.
In the words of St. Augustine, "our hearts are restless until they rest in you, O Lord."

Back in the classroom, three of my 13 students share, "it's so amazing to have QUIET."

Ours is a noisy world, full to busy-ness, distraction, and noise. I am so grateful and thankful that Father John has given us his blessing to give the kids time with Jesus in Adoration...who knows how this time and experience will affect the hearts and souls and minds of our kids and those of us blessed to experience it with them.


Who is Jesus to you? Is He a subject to be learned? A teacher or prophet? A myth or a concept?

These are valid questions but we do know one thing for certain; to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus is her Son, her God, her all.

Is it possible to know Jesus as intimately as Mary does? Come and see.
33 Days to Morning Glory Retreat begins on April 28 from 6:30-8PM. (I am open to offering both a morning and an evening opportunity if there's interest.)

This spiritual experience delves into the works of 4 great Marian saints: Louis DeMonfort, Maximillian Kolbe, John Paul II and Mother Theresa of Calcutta.
One week is dedicated to each of these great saints with daily readings, reflections, and then group discussions along with viewing DVD talks by Fr. Michael Gaitley.

Stretch your spirituality and grow in love of Jesus threw the Immaculate heart of Mary.

Call Eileen 755-2487 for more info or to register.


Book Club Discussion

Ten adults ranging in age from 20-something to 80-something are currently engaged in discussing "Catholics Wake-Up" by Jesse Romero. What wonderful diversity of experiences!

It's truly awesome to encounter the vast differences in perception to the same words we all hear and read. It's amazing how beautifully and differently we are made.
God has a crazy sense of humor and trust me, with this group there's humor! So much laughter, discussion, perception, sharing and honest dialogue is taking place within the group...incredible!

I am blessed to be facilitator and guide throughout the process.

In response to Bishop Ricken's "Teach My People to Pray" directive; we are including weekly Lectio Divina prayer experiences with the group.

It's wonderful and I hope anyone reading this will consider joining in on the next Book Club Discussion group. So much FUN!


Please hold the four Confirmation Candidates in mindful prayer these weeks prior to their Teens Encounter Christ retreat on March 20-22.

Let us pray that the Holy Spirit infuses their souls in such a magnificent way they feel, know, and experience His presence profoundly.

Here's a direct quote from one of our Confirmation students who attended a TEC retreat in early January 2015:

"At the retreat, I'm not sure when it happened, but on Saturday night I realized that it all made sense. All the things I've been taught over the years in RE classes, while serving Mass in the Parish, all the things my parents have tried to teach me about God and the Catholic faith...it ALL made sense! It was overwhelming and wonderful and I realized that I didn't want the retreat to end."

AMEN!!!! And the angels sang.....


Quote of the Day

"Love is the most beautiful sentiment the Lord has put into the soul of men and women." St. Gianna Molla


"Only God knows the good that can be done by reading one good Catholic book." St. John Bosco

Book Club was delayed by one week and will begin on Monday, March 2. "Catholics Wake Up" by Jesse Romero
Meet in Eileen's office at Holy Cross Parish Center
Call 755-2487 to sign up

The book cost $15 but the parish is only charging $5.


Book Club Begins Monday, February 23

There's still a few spots open in the up-coming book discussion.
We are reading "Catholics Wake Up!" by Jesse Romero.

Jesse was a self proclaimed "lukewarm-barely-there" Catholic working as an LA County Deputy Sheriff...where he saw plenty of dark and evil things. It was a struggle not to become jaded, hardened, and unbelieving...but God had another plan for Jesse.

This book chronicles Jesse's journey from "barely there" to alive in his faith! It's a great read and you are bound to enjoy the story and the fun of discussing Jesse's journey in our group.

Begins Monday, February 23
Time: 6:30-8PM
Where: Eileen's Office located in Holy Cross Parish Center
Call 755-2487 to register or for more information


Sweetheart Supper makes a Splash!

Wow! When our parishes decide to get behind something...we get behind something!!!

Last Saturday night found our RE students greeting guests, welcoming children, busing tables, serving food and beverages, washing dishes, playing games, and working together like a well oiled machine. Incredible!

Fourteen couples came out to enjoy a lovely meal, relax, and engage in a little fun while the little ones were being cared for down the hall.

It was great to see our parish couples together as "Sweethearts."
Deacon Ray Ambrosius and his wife Cathy were our keynote speakers sharing the ups and downs in their own 30 something marriage. After a fun game of "the newlywed game" Dcn Ray blessed the couples and then surprised everyone with a fabulous door prize which is a weekend in Door County at their private condo!
Very fun!

Thank you one and all for supporting our first "Sweetheart Supper" with food donations, time preparing, serving, cleaning up, etc. It took a small army to pull it off but I'm delighted to say we did it in style. Well Done!


Ash Wednesday is Next Week!

Students are required to attend the 6 PM Ash Wednesday Mass at Holy Cross on 2/18/15.
Students should sit with their family at Mass.

Mass attendance replaces our regular classroom experiences this evening.

ATTENDANCE will be taken. Enter Holy Cross Church threw the main doors so your catechist sees you are present.

It is up to each STUDENT to make sure their catechist sees them.

Classes with 100% attendance will be awarded prizes!

Questions? Call Eileen at 755-2487

See you at Mass!!

Our regular Religious Education classes resume on 2/25/25.


Sweetheart Supper is Saturday, February 14th

Looking for a great date night for Valentine's Day? Join us at the Sweetheart Supper!
An evening specially for young couples and those with kids 11 and under.

Couples are invited to enjoy a romantic dinner here at the Parish.
Grab the kids, catch 4:00 Mass as a family, drop the kids off in the child care area and enjoy a scrumptious lasagna dinner for just the two of you.

Our high school religious education students will graciously serve you a lovely meal including dessert followed by two engaging speakers you won't want to miss.

Here's the break down:

Attend 4:00 Mass then head on over to the Parish Center

Bring children ages 11 and younger to the child care area where they'll enjoy a simple supper, games, crafts, attentive care, etc.

5:15-6:15PM You two enjoy a peaceful delicious dinner

6:15-7:15PM Relax, laugh and enjoy the speakers.

7:15 -7:30ish Pick the kids up and head for home knowing your Parish community cares about you and your family.

This evening is FREE of charge!
Donations are accepted but NOT expected!

Call the RE office at 755-2487 or the Parish Office 755-2550


Are we already half way through January??!! 2015 is off to a FAST start!
Students have returned following the Christmas break and all is well in RE.
The Confirmation Candidates are bearing down hard now in getting items and experiences completed in the program.

Five students attended a Teens Encounter Christ weekend earlier this month and thanks be to God they all gave the experience 2 Thumbs Up! Every student shared that it was a great event and they would definitely "do it again"! Music to any CRE's ears! YES!

Sometimes people question the value of the Confirmation "hoops" we ask the candidates to jump threw...like going on retreat, service hours, reflections papers, conversation with sponsors, etc....I get it! I really do! Time is precious but seriously there's a method to all this madness.
Confirmation culminates in an "encounter" experience with the Lord. All the stars collide and the Holy Spirit pierces each heart with an abundance of gifts.
The question is, .... is this particular soul open to those gifts?
Our Lord is incredibly polite and never imposes Himself upon us. Yes, He's always with each of us, however; when a soul is lukewarm, tepid, or cold to His presence the effect of the sacrament is usually more difficult to perceive.
When the Lord encounters a soul that is open, warm, receptive and welcoming to Him...BAM, Wow, FIREWORKS, HEAT, Knowledge...the experience is second to none! A relationship is solidified! JOY fills the heart and soul of the recipient. The gifts of the Holy Spirit make themselves known and it's incredible.

That's what we want for our Confirmation Candidates...a truly amazing encounter with Our Lord! Each "hoop" the kids are asked to embrace is designed to enhance the sacramental experience and we pray they are truly touched and experience Jesus.


Quote of the Week

"The man who is filled with the Holy Spirit speaks in different languages: humility, poverty, patience and obedience; we speak in those languages when we reveal in ourselves these virtues to others. Actions speak louder than words." St. Anthony of Padua


Sacrament of 1st Reconciliation

What an incredible evening! 13 students participated in receiving Our Lord's loving mercy in the sacrament of Reconciliation this night.

Peter Klein played beautiful piano in the background, Father John exuded love and tenderness and the children responded perfectly.

But not only all of that; the cherry on top was seeing parent after parent approaching the sacrament and participating! This brought tears to my eyes and I can only imagine the joy the Lord felt as He saw His children returning to Him! The angels sang!!

After the sacrament the parents and children encountered a lovely luminary path to the reception area where they enjoyed a banquet of white treats; representing the purity of their souls.

God Bless each family tonight. YOU are beautiful in His sight. Amen


423 S Main St
Mishicot, WI

Opening Hours

Monday 08:15 - 14:30
Tuesday 08:15 - 14:30
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