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East Ocean View Community Garden

Help with spring planting in the community garden on April 4th.

Hello everyone,
My name is Robert Owens my wife , Louise Owens and i are now in charge of the East Ocean View Community Garden. I first want to thank you all for coming to the Holiday in the Garden celebration on December 7. It was an amzing success we estimate close to 300 people showed up.
So we are preceding forward with much planning for our spring planting on April 4th. We are working closely with Bon Secor and the civic league and with our Eco-advisor/Wildlife Specialist Laura Knipp to make the garden a place of education, entertainment, and relaxation.
Here is a brief summary of what is already occurring:

*We have removed a tree that was diseased and dying we are sad we had to removed it but it was necessary

*We will be adding two new chickasaw plums to replace the removed tree these two plums are native to Virginia and they will be arriving when they are ready to be put in the ground.

* We have 2 thornless Blackberries that will be added to the garden

*We have a high bush blueberry that will also be added

* After years of producing our grapevines have died and they will be replaced with 2 seedless concord grapevines it also will be arriving when it is ready eta 24th of February

* The centerpiece will be a showcase for native virginia plants which most are perennial in nature

* In April when it is time for our spring planting with the help of Operation Blessing we will be replacing few of our vegetable beds and the pizza garden box will be removed and replaced with a bricked herb garden

*We will be ordering various vegetables and herbs to be planted in our beds, soon.

* Also Louise, the co-chairman and event planner will be doing a reading, in the garden, of Beatrice Potter on April 11th at 10am for the kids

We are working on other plans and events in the garden through out the year dates and event are..TBD

With this being said we will be needing voluteers to help us with our spring cleaning and planting on April 4th there is much work to be done the more hands the faster the work can be done.

So please help us acheive our goal of making the garden a place of education, entertainment, and relaxation. It is a community garden so we want the community to be invested. And the vegetables and herbs will be for the community to enjoy. Feel free to message us

City of Norfolk Government

City of Norfolk Government

In observance of the New Year’s Day holiday, January 1st refuse collection and recycling routes will be collected on Saturday, January 4, 2020. 🚮

Bulk-waste pick-up for January 1st will be collected on Saturday, January 4th. Requests must be scheduled by 3:00pm on Friday, January 3, 2020.

Street sweeping scheduled for the 1st Wednesday will take place on Tuesday, December 31, 2019.
For more information on the street sweeping schedule, visit https://www.norfolk.gov/1080/Street-Sweeping-Calendar.


Please join us for our first meeting for 2020 on Thursday, January 2 at 7:00 PM at the East Ocean View Community Center. We will swear in the new Board, hear from our Sheriff Joe Baron, and Nick Jacovides of EDC homes will provide details about the St. Jude Home that will be located in our neighborhood.

Andria McClellan for Norfolk
Andria McClellan for Norfolk

Andria McClellan for Norfolk

Do you have thoughts, questions, or concerns about the #casino? Here's your chance!

Norfolk City Council will be holding two public hearings to allow for citizen input on the Norfolk casino this coming week:
- December 16 (Granby High School at 6pm)
- December 19 (Lake Taylor High School at 6pm).

I am pleased that there’s an opportunity for this citizen engagement, and I encourage you to attend to share with us your position and ask us your questions (the City Attorney and City Manager will be available to answer questions). We all want what is best for Norfolk and the region. Please come out and be part of this discussion and get informed.

Also, since the original 9/24 Council vote on the Intergovernmental Agreement and option to sell land to the Pamunkey Tribe for the purpose of creating sovereign land for the operation of a tribal casino, the state issued a report on gaming on 11/25. This report considers casinos, historic horse racing, "gray machines" and more and what type of impact (pros and cons) these will have on the commonwealth. I encourage you to read this:


Among the findings...
[I've added my own personal questions after the report comments below.]

- Job estimates for a Norfolk casino of 1509 jobs (versus 3500 suggested by the Tribe/Developer), with 43% being low skill/low salary of $25K, and an overall median income of $33K (versus Norfolk’s median income of $42.3K). “Some prospective local workers, including those who are currently unemployed, may not be employable by a casino because they might be disqualified as a result of required background checks, credit checks, and criminal history checks, which are generally required of casino job applicants.” (p.21) [What are the casino's job hiring requirements of Norfolk residents? Would a tribal casino be subject to federal employment discrimination laws?]
- Net gaming income of $185M per year (versus estimates of up to $824M per year suggested by the Tribe/Developer), which would mean an annual $7.5M payment in lieu of taxes to the city. “A majority of estimated new local tax revenue would be generated by the casino development itself, rather than from additional spending by casino customers at other businesses in the locality (such as restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and other entertainment). According to TIG, only a small portion of casino customer spending occurs at businesses outside of the casino itself.” (P. 154) [Note that a tribal casino (i.e., not commercial) would pay no local taxes (no lodging taxes, no meals/beverage taxes, no sales taxes, no admissions taxes, no property taxes). Would the tribal casino cannibalize downtown businesses without having to pay taxes?]
- “Casinos may increase workload for local law enforcement. Crime tends to increase in the immediate vicinity of casinos, due primarily to the increase in visitors to an area.” (p.75) [What are the additional costs to Norfolk’s police, fire, rescue, etc.?]
- “The most recent national study (for 2011–2013) estimated that 2.4 percent of adults in the U.S. had gambling disorder. Similarly, recent estimates of gambling disorder in some states with casinos range from 0.8 percent to 2.9 percent of adults, with an average rate of 1.8 percent.” (p. 66) [What are the public health impacts on our community, often affecting those with the least amount of income?]

What questions do you have? Please come share these with us this Monday (12/16) or Thursday (12/19). If you cannot make these hearings, you can submit your comments to the City Council by emailing to [email protected].

Ocean View Business Association

Ocean View Business Association

What a fun afternoon at the East Ocean View Communty Garden! Something for everyone!



The Holiday in the Garden event was a huge success.Robert Owens and Louise Owens would like the thank everyone who came out and especially volunteer.

Please consider coming to the Community Garden on Saturday, Dec 7th for Holiday in the Garden.  Volunteers are needed!  ...

Please consider coming to the Community Garden on Saturday, Dec 7th for Holiday in the Garden. Volunteers are needed! If you have an hour or so to help, they need folks to arrive no later than 10am.


Please join us on Thursday at the REC Center on 20th Bay Street for our December meeting.

Lauren Campsen will provide an update from the Norfolk School Board and Andria McClellan, Super Ward 6 representative, will provide an update on city matters. We will also vote to approve the 2020 EOVCL Budget and our 2020 Officers and Board.

Andria McClellan for Norfolk

Andria McClellan for Norfolk

OV folks! This is a project update for the W Ocean View Ave and Tidewater Dr Intersection Improvements project, which includes the West Ocean View, Willoughby, Pinewell, Northside and East Ocean View civic leagues.

This is a notification about upcoming temporary traffic pattern changes taking place as part of the W Ocean View Ave and Tidewater Dr Intersection Improvements project.

The contractor will be performing work on the median of W Ocean View Ave between 4th View St and Sarah Constant Park, which will require a temporary roadway closure on westbound W Ocean View Ave. This is tentatively scheduled to take place during off-peak traffic hours Thursday-Friday, 12/5-12/6/19. During this temporary closure, vehicles heading westbound on W Ocean View Ave will be detoured down Mason Creek Rd and Tidewater Dr, and an off-duty police flagger will facilitate access to Willoughby through the 4th View Ave intersection. Access to Sarah Constant Park will be maintained.

Please share and plan accordingly.


From the Norfolk Police Department regarding holiday food collections...

We have set up boxes at the Rec center for donations and at the local schools. If they could bring non parishable items for donations throughout the season it would really help out. Please let them know that it is different from the Salvation Army as all the donations stay in the area unlike Salvation Army as those donations go all over.

Very Respectfully,

Officer Ferree, K.G.
Norfolk Police Department
Second Patrol Division



Please join us as we celebrate HOLIDAY IN THE GARDEN❄🎄🎅We still in need of "ELVES"to volunteers for the event!! Please contact Robert Owens and/or LouiseOwens by PM or just come that morning.!!!!Thank you in advance for your support.Merry Christmas

Holidays in the Garden December 7th

Holidays in the Garden December 7th

Come join us December 7th for Holidays in the Garden on 18th Bay 11am-1pm.We're in need of volunteers to set up m,break down and help with activities. It'll be a great way to meet your neighbors and enjoy the Holiday Season! If interested Please PM Robert Owens and Louise Owens,the new caretakers of the Garden.As always thank you for your support.Look forward to seeing you there🎄⛄❄🎅🎄⛄❄🎅


Please join us at REC on 20th Bay Street at 7:00 PM this Thursday for our November meeting. We have several interesting speakers and the slate of candidates who are willing to run for 2020 Board Positions.

Mark your calendar now for Santa’s arrival!

Mark your calendar now for Santa’s arrival!

East Ocean View Community Garden

East Ocean View Community Garden

Volunteer some time this morning at the Apple pumpkin festival!


Ms. Dana Andrews at the EOV Rex Center is seeking volunteers to hand out candy at the Trunk-or-Treat event at Sarah Constance Beach on October 26 from 2:00-4:00 PM. She is also in need of candy donations. Please stop by the Rec Center or email her at [email protected] if you are able to help.


Please join us on Thursday, Oct 3rd at the REC Center on 20th Bay Street at 7pm for our monthly meeting.

We will have some important community updates as well as 2 interesting speakers- Paula Miller with an update on the HRBT project and the Young Investors of VA.

Tommy Smiegel and Andria McClellan will also attend to discuss the Norfolk casino project and the current referendum being circulated on the topic.

In addition, we will honor our CRO John Folcher as this will be his last meeting with us. The Board also approved a new procedure for any new projects seeking support from the Civic League that was drafted by George Malamos. It is posted on the EOVCL website under the “Resources” tab.


Calling all EOVCL members!

If you are a member in good standing we are seeking volunteers to serve on our governing board. Terms are for two years and members are expected to attend the monthly board meeting as well as the regular monthly civic league meeting. Please contact the civic league president, Ann Bolen, at [email protected].

We are also looking for a volunteer to take over production of the quarterly newsletter. Responsibilities include writing a few articles, soliciting articles from other contributors, and helping to deliver the printed version to area businesses. This does not involve ad sales nor are you responsible for creating the layout as we have a graphic designer who does that for us. If you are interested please contact Ann Bolen at the the email address listed above.

Andria McClellan for Norfolk
Andria McClellan for Norfolk

Andria McClellan for Norfolk

WARNING: This is a lengthy post about the #casino, and I encourage you to read in entirety. Please comment and share (please make sure to check the box “include original post” when sharing).

First of all, I’m grateful to all the input, questions and personal experiences about casinos that my constituents have provided since we made the details of the Pamunkey Tribal Casino deal public on September 10th.

As has been noted by others, the idea of this casino has been discussed in closed session by the Council over the course of the last year. In total, I believe the amount of time devoted to these discussions among us has been 3-4 hours. Additionally, we were provided with the opportunity to meet with the Chief and his financial backers, each of whom were very nice and seemed genuinely interested in creating a high quality resort casino in Norfolk.

That said, the final details were not disclosed to us until our closed session on August 27th, and not to the public until September 10th. (Interestingly, after the “best and final” details were shared with us on 8/27, the Tribe agreed to several additional items I requested on 9/10, including $$ for public transit, gambling addiction services, LEED sustainable design, Elizabeth River Trail access and stormwater, for which I’m grateful. However, this suggests that input and negotiation is not final.)

I have not socialized this deal previously, because everything we had discussed was in closed session. I did share with my Council colleagues my concerns that 1) I didn’t think this was a slam dunk with our citizens and they needed to be provided the opportunity to provide input; and, 2) I was neutral on the project and my support, if at all, would be contingent on any revenue being directed to school construction/renovation and flood mitigation.

I’ll address #2 first. Quite simply, there doesn’t appear to be the political will to do anything other than let these revenues flow into the General Fund, without any commitment (in any legal ordinance) for future designation for schools or flooding. “We can’t designate future monies for future councils,” has been the remark. YET, we would be committing the city’s land to tribal land FOREVER. I can’t square this logic. Why is one OK, but the other not?

Regarding #1, while it’s only been a short time, y’all have asked some great questions to which I realize we don’t yet have the answers, including the following:

1) What will the economic impact be on current downtown restaurants, hotels and entertainment establishments? If you’ve been to a casino, you know the goal is to keep its guests INSIDE its walls, and not to encourage you to visit other restaurants, bars, etc. Given all that the city has invested to improve downtown, are we going to cannibalize future meals/beverage taxes, sales taxes, hotel lodging and bed taxes, and entertainment admissions taxes (concerts from the Norva and Chrysler Hall moving to the casino)? Remember that a tribal casino will pay NO taxes on meals/beverages, spa services, lodging or entertainment; rather, they will make a “payment in lieu of taxes” on ONLY the net gaming receipts. Also, interestingly, the city IS funding an economic impact study to consider the additional taxes we might realize downtown for a potential future arena close by. Yet, why have we not considered the negative impact the casino will have on these same businesses? I spoke with both the Downtown Norfolk Council and VisitNorfolk about this last week to get their perspective, and I learned that a study had been proposed by VisitNorfolk, but was asked to be put on hold until after the JLARC state study was completed (due in November, and AFTER our council vote).

2) What will the economic and social impacts be to the adjacent neighborhoods and NSU? Have we spoken to the NSU leadership and the civic leagues of these neighborhoods? I don’t believe we have looked at any of these issues except to say that we will be providing the opportunity for new jobs, with the expectation that some in these areas will find employment at the casino. So, yes, that’s good. BUT, what about the property values of Chesterfield Heights (in which we are investing $112M to create the “coastal community of the future” in the Ohio Creek basin) and the future St. Paul’s mixed income development (in which the city expects to attract $1 Billion in investment to bring a mix of market rate/affordable housing/voucher-based housing). Many studies have shown that property values of houses in proximity to casinos decline as a result of a casino opening. Also, what does Norfolk State think about having a casino less than a mile from its campus? I would like to have this feedback in advance of considering this proposal.

3) Has a risk assessment been completed to understand the costs of public safety as a result of this casino? We have completed no such study. I’ve personally inquired with our public safety leadership, and they have not been contacted to weigh in on this. (Yes, you read that correctly. This boggles my mind.) Moreover, a professional outside firm that specializes in this has not been contracted. This deal isn’t just another hotel coming to town. This is a CASINO. My gut says there will be additional crime in our city as a result. That seems to be the general consensus of the many comments I received from constituents. If this is not the case, show me the data. My bet (pun intended) is that there will be a significant cost to police, fire and emergency services. What is this cost?

4) Why are we rushing this council vote? Yes, I know we have discussed this in closed session for many months. But, again, we have not gotten feedback from constituents – nor any of the study data, discussed above. The state is releasing a JLARC state study on the legalization of casinos in November. Don’t we want to see these results first?

5) Why are we pursuing a tribal casino versus a commercial casino? We will receive no taxes on the casino if it is tribal in nature, only 4% of net gaming revenues. We will have no jurisdiction ever and forever more on this land or anything that operates on it if it becomes tribal land. No code enforcement, nothing. True, if the General Assembly approves casino gambling in 2020, the tribe may pivot and open up under the state rules (with taxes paid). But, if we approve the Intergovernmental Agreement next week, a trust application will be submitted to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and this application will never be pulled. So, if this land is put into trust in 5 years after it opens as a commercial casino, it will move back to being a tribal casino. Once the trust application is in, it is in. Forever more.

So, yes, I have more questions. I thank so many of you who helped me to understand the issues. This is why it is important to have public input!

If you have not yet done so, please email council to let us know if you are in support, have questions, etc. so that your position can be considered. You can do this at [email protected]. Also, please come to the 9/24 council meeting and speak on this issue. This vote will potentially impact the future of the city of Norfolk FOREVER. Please make sure your voice is heard.

PS- Take a look at the ODU State of the Region report from 2015, in which they examine the Economics of Casino Gambling in Hampton Roads. It starts on p. 125 of this document. SPOILER ALERT: " Despite apparent economic benefits, such as tax revenues and employment, there are also potential costs, including problem gambling, increased crime and negative impacts on competing industries."



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