Millpond Townhomes

Millpond Townhomes Millpond is a townhome community of 120 homes located on historic Stevens Pond in North Andover, M When you live here, you notice nature not the homes.

There is nothing more beautiful than a home that blends into its environment. Reminiscent of the rugged rocks that define New England, Millpond's deliberate angled lines and tree-trunk-taupe color naturally blend into the environment in which it sits. The color is organic and the lines are spare, letting the eye rest on the 22 acres of natural beauty that surround each home. Just as Frank Lloyd Wr

ight designed the 'prairie home' to be flat and horizontal in its surrounding open flat space and his 'Falling Water' home has horizontal planes that mimic the river that flows under it, the original intent that the developers had for Millpond was that it should blend into the rugged environment of New England. It was very deliberate. It is very effective. It is very beautiful. Millpond is a multi-generational community of 120 townhomes nestled on the shores of Stevens Pond in North Andover. This is the former site of the JP Stevens Textile Mill with a rich history dating back to its inception in 1813. In 1974 a developer purchased 22 acres from the former mill site and Millpond was built. Our name is a tribute to our history. Millpond’s naturally breathtaking setting affords residents numerous amenities, both on the grounds and in the immediate surrounding area. Residents enjoy taking a stroll around our beautiful grounds or hiking nearby Weir Hill. Residents also take advantage of our tennis courts, pool, clubhouse, and fishing in the ponds located on the property. Millpond buildings occupy a mere 6 of the 22 acres of the land on which they sit. The rest of the area is green space. That is under 30% for buildings, leaving 70%+ to nature. You do not find that in any HOAs built in the last 20 years. Private patios, semi-private balconies and decks and ample yard space create a relaxed and refreshing living environment outside that is not equaled by any other condo/homeowner association in the area. If you are tired of predictable colonial home layouts, Millpond offers a more modern layout of contiguous space (great for entertaining), large glassed walls letting in lots of light and sights of natural beauty are everywhere at Millpond. At the same time, each townhome provides effective interiors with master bedroom en suites, a second floor laundry and more. The townhomes are constructed so that if you want open floor plans, the structure of the home easily allows that. Many homeowners here have opened up their space with great success. Though they may look connected, each Millpond townhome is free-standing. There are two walls between each home and these walls do not touch each other. This is the best way to dampen sound. Homeowners appreciate the quiet and restful space, both inside and out. Millpond is not a condo association; it is organized by a Homeowner’s Association and controlled not by a Master Deed but by a Master Declaration. Millpond was creatively developed as a Planned Unit Development (PUD). Each homeowner owns the land on which their dwelling sits. Homeowners enjoy access to large open spaces as well as their own private yard. The protected open spaces are intended to be enjoyed by all residents. Millpond is governed by a Board of Directors which consists of seven voting members who are elected by the homeowners for three year terms and two non-voting members, clerk and treasurer, elected annually. A board president is elected each year by the board members. Monthly homeowner’s fees are currently set at $430. The fee covers landscaping and grounds maintenance, snow removal, care of the pool, tennis courts, and clubhouse, outdoor lighting, trash removal, painting, building maintenance, master policy insurance, real estate taxes for community areas and buildings, and management. We are currently managed by Property Management of Andover. Millpond holds over a quarter of a million dollars in reserve funds. Over $50,000 per year is added to this. In recent years Millpond has undergone a number of restorations, and townhome buildings boast new roofs with 50 year shingles and new siding, as well as freshly paved roads. There has not been a special assessment in two years. We do not foresee any major special assessments in our near future! Millpond is conveniently located within walking distance of many North Andover schools, and is nestled between routes 93 and 495, providing access to major highways within 5-15 minutes. Please visit our website at for more information!


Fall in late October 2017


Millpond Townhomes


Glimpse of Millpond May 2017


Millpond Townhomes's cover photo


The Stevens Mill about 1974...standing where 10 Millpond Townhomes now call home.


Millpond air view


A peaceful summer day at Millpond. Lake Cochichewick is located right over those hills. A short walk away. It is the source of North Andover's drinking water...therefore no swimming is allowed. Certain watercraft are allowed but must be designed to be manually propelled, by oars or paddles or electric motors.


This is the 3rd year of our Millpond Community Gardens. They were established for a dual purpose...10 beds currently dedicated to homeowner use and the other part of the garden area dedicated as a nursery and holding area for Millpond's landscaping plants. The gardens are a great benefit to our community.


Millpond Townhomes


North Andover Town Beach on a beautiful sunny day. Just a stones throw from Millpond.


Millpond Townhomes is located in North Andover, MA.

(ăn'dōvər) , Essex co., NE Mass., on the Merrimack River, in a dairy and farm area; settled c.1644. A former textile town, its manufactures include telephone equipment, chemicals, paper products, valves, prepared foods, and plastics. It is the seat of Merrimack College, the Brooks School (college preparatory), and a Boston Univ. theology center. The scenic spring-fed Lake Cochichewick is nearby.

Millpond Townhomes is located within just a few blocks of the old town common in North Andover, MA. Shown in picture below:

If you are not familiar with North Andover you might enjoy looking at this link.


There is beauty everywhere at Millpond...this is a closer view of Stevens Pond yesterday


Sunrise on Weirs Hill on a snowy morning by one of our resident photographers :-)


Weir Hill at snowy twilight...taken by a Millpond resident


Access to Weirs Hill is just across the street from Millpond. Passing one of the parking lots for Weirs Hill located next to the town beach...this morning at 7:25 ...8 cars were already there to walk their dogs. It was 38 degrees. If you lived at Millpond...just think... you could just walk over.


Another resident photo showing Swans visiting the shores of Millpond on New Years day 2016! Happy New Year!!!!


One of our residents captured this wonderful photo of the Winter Solstice sunrise over Millpond!


Ever wonder what the 1922 sign located on Harkaway Rd...stands for? The North Andover Historical Society was curious too :-)


While on a Saturday walk to Weir Hill, couldn't help but stop to take a beautiful and serene picture of the North Andover Town Beach a few weeks before Thanksgiving 2015. A stone's throw from Millpond :-). A very popular place during the summer!


Millpond in late October 2015

Andover, Massachusetts and the Salem Witch Trials

With Halloween fast approaching with witches and goblins all the rage…did you know that according to "Legends of America" North Andover (which was actually the original Andover until 1709) “found itself in the midst of the hysteria."

In fact, according to "Legends of America", more people from Andover were accused and arrested for witchcraft than from any other town in New England”. If you want to know more, use the link below:

Millpond is located just a few blocks away from the old burial ground.


One of the pretty sites this time of year at Millpond!

North Andover Home For Sale

100 Millpond town Homes
Did you miss the open house this past weekend at 100 Millpond town homes in North Andover, MA. It is for sale!

For sale: $389,900. One of the Largest Condos at Mill Pond! Freshly Painted in Neutral Tones Ready for the Personal Touches of the Buyer! There are Two Large Bedrooms on the Second Floor each with Private Baths, Walk In Closets and Cathedral Ceilings. The Fully Applianced Kitchen is Large with Plent…


Millpond's Post Office and our recently added Lending Library


Millpond has 120 private are two of them


New Lights! Here are the lighting designs the board has chosen for our trial lighting project. Soon homeowners will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite lighting style and the new light will be installed throughout Millpond. All of these lights are high efficiency and will be more cost effective than our current lights.



Currently AVAILABLE at Millpond! Two WATERFRONT townhomes: #117 Millpond $359,000 and #87 Millpond $389,900 (open house Sunday, 12-2pm)
Also, one renovated townhome overlooking the pool:
#32 Millpond $269,900
And, a lovely, updated townhome with beautiful views of Weir Hill:
#2 Millpond $258,900 (open house Saturday 11-1pm)
Millpond has something for everyone! Come take a look at these beautiful homes this weekend!


Open house today! Sunday, 12:30-2pm. Come check out what #117 Millpond has to offer, and while you're here, check out our beautiful pool, the tennis court, or the hiking trails across the street.


Corner Of Stevens Street And Pleasant St
North Andover, MA


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I've lived here for more than 21 years. It is getting more and more expensive (current monthly HOA fees are $600 and predicted to increase by about 10% per year). Service requests are languishing for months and years, while some board members are more intent on fining people for minor infractions of outdated rules than ensuring that actual problems are fixed. It is getting frustrating to live here, as much as I once enjoyed it. I ran for (and was elected to) the board of directors as an attempt to restart the communication and social activities we once had - and then Covid happened. The board took away our website a few years ago so now homeowners have no way to communicate at this point. The person who set up this page has either moved away or has stopped administrating, I have tried to contact them so I can take over these duties. If anyone has information on how to revive this page or who to contact, please let me know!
It has been a privilege to sell 90 Mill Pond! What a beautiful community you have here! I am wondering if there is a trustee board of directors?
I miss the message board. The new management company shut down our Website and now homeowners can't communicate with each other without going through the management company. I feel like we're being censored, or at least muzzled. Bring back communication!
At tonight;'s meeting the board of trustees is asking homeowner to agree to submit to the Mas condo statute that provides a condominium assoc with a priority lien in the event of delinquent association dues . Understand that Millpond is not a condominium but planned unit development or PUD. As such Millpond homeowners are not subject to the condo statute. If the homeowners vote to give the association the power of a priority lien (the condo lien takes priority over a mortgage lien) any time there is a dispute of association fees and/or fines the management company through MP's lawyer will eb authorized to place a lien in your unit without asking questions or discussing your issue It will be authorized to contact your lender who will pay the delinquent association bill to avoid being behind the condo priority lien. Your lender will add this payment to your mortgage payment. Failing to pay you lender puts you in default your mortgage. It is possible for a lender to foreclose and then either the lender or the association to evict members that are delinquent in dues. Lastly , the association is offering homeowners nothing in return for subjecting themselves to the condo statute.
Hi everyone! New to the mill pond community... wondering how trick or treating works usually? Do kids usually come around to mill pond townhouses?
I have an offer on a unit and have 2 casement and 4 fixed Windows that need replacing. The fixed are the 3 in the loft and the large one over the slider in the living room. Am looking for a company to do the replacement and was also hoping someone would share with me the cost if you have dob
ne any replacement.