TGI Solar Power Group, Inc. (Ticker: TSPG)

TGI Solar Power Group, Inc. (Ticker: TSPG) TGI is a diversified technology and new wave real estate development company. TGI's strategy is to acquire new-patented technologies, components, processes, designs and methods .

TGI Solar Power Group (TSPG), a diversified holding company

TGI Solar Power Group (TSPG), a diversified holding company

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Advent Galaxy™, Division of TGI Retains GIANT.NET to Explore Creation of its Own Crypto and Development of NFTs.

Press Release TSPG | ALST 03/24/2022

Miami, Florida, March 24, 2022 --TGI SOLAR POWER GROUP INC.(OTCMarkets: TSPG) (“TGI”), a diversified technology and environmentally efficient real estate development company currently developing Advent City: 700 villas, 120 garden apartments, shopping and entertainment centers in the region of Yucatan, Mexico, announced today that it signed an active development agreement with to advise and assist AdventGalaxy™️ to create its own cryptocurrency and collection of non-fungible tokens, with futures plans that include filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for additional trademarks.

Latest preparation is a significant step for ADVENT GALAXY ™️, as its management prepares to make "giant" steps forward to participate in the Metaverse trend seen in modern society; a virtual world that blends aspects of digital technologies, entertainment, and commerce. will assist Advent's management to develop the digital currency strategy, NFTs, and a create a Mega Mall with new products roadmapped and source from top brands all around the world.

“Advent is continuously exploring new and emerging technologies that may shape future of the Company,” said Samuel Epstein, COO of TGI “We hope to have a lot more exciting news and partnerships to share soon, and it’s worth noting we are always looking for new ideas and technologies as part of the innovation process.”

Peter Wanner, President of ALST said: “CRYPTO & NFTs additions will help to create real brand for ADVENT GALAXY™ and a strong buzz both in the crypto community and with business, lifestyle and tech media, and also would help to bring new, young audiences to our ADVENT GALAXY MEGA MALL and social media channels. ALST is proud to be affiliated and partners in this Grand technology experience”

The partnership with is exciting in many ways for Advent. GIANT is a creative agency with a team of online veterans and internet marketing experts who are passionate about helping brands, products, and ideas reach their full potential.

GIANT’s team members have years of experience crafting world-class online presences, effective online marketing campaigns, and offers full digital agency services including everything from graphic design, full-stack web development and web design, to copywriting and social media mastery for one purpose: to help brands effectively and powerfully connect with their customers. With, when a great product exists and the mainstream consumer market needs to be made aware of it, anything is possible.

ADVENT™️ MEGA Shopping mall is going to become a central meeting place and center for important social interactions between people of different backgrounds and age groups. Underlying technology powered by ROOMFUL.NET, allows for your shopping to be replaced by a virtual mall in the metaverse. Entertainment zones, meeting and interacting with your friends at a coffee shop in real time is the future. Conducting business in co-working spaces without leaving one’s house is the future. A VR/ AR ADVENT™️ MEGA mall is coming soon and will become a reality, thanks to ADVENT GALAXY, powered by's founder, Chase Gassert's, expression and statement of the current status of the mainstream trend of “Metaverse” is that not only is it underdeveloped, but also, 'The Metaverse' is a not a unique idea or original concept; it's a logical progression in the modern world, and not only is it in its early stages... it's more akin to something that should be referred to as a 'multiverse' by the average end-user. More than likely, there will be more than one 'Metaverse' built and maintained by multiple large tech companies that are adopted by the general public, and longterm it will be a a combination of VR and AR as the market grows. The more immersive, but also practical, and helpful to the average person it becomes, the more it will help redefine our daily lives."

That said, Chase says that the more "more convincing in experience, truly immersive, and more multi-dimensional solutions become, and as long as that meaning can be essentially substantiated in a blockchain, we’re going to see an explosion of things being created, traded, collected in NFTs and in a new virtual world that is an abstraction of our current reality.”

About Roomful: Roomful is a powerful and advanced 3D Multiverse, and one of the most robust forward-thinking platforms for metaverses, alternative digital realities including where people work, play, share content and socialize. Roomful Studio’s ready-made 3D templates allow any business or user to create highly engaging interactive and memorable experiences for trade shows, virtual offices, Art Fairs, Science Fairs, Social Spaces, Interactive Classrooms, Virtual Museums. Roomful's metaverse technology allows anyone to deploy an immersive 3D environment for private social network of attendees. This includes business expos, celebrity events, pop-culture, private events, and much more.

About TGI Solar: TGI SOLAR POWER GROUP INC. is a diversified holding company. TGI’s strategy is to acquire innovative and patented technologies, components, processes, designs and methods with commercial value that will give competitive market advantage and generate shareholder value.

Safe Harbor statements under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1965: Those statements contained herein which are not historical are forward-looking statements, and as such are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual operating results to materially differ from those contained in the forward-looking statements. Such statements include, but are not limited to, certain delays that are beyond the company’s control, with respect to market

For more information:
Advent Galaxy Maxim Val
TGI Samuel Epstein [email protected] Chase Gassert ([email protected] / [email protected])

Advent Galaxy(TM), Division of TGI Enters Metaverse AR / VR World by Developing of ADVENT Mega Mall REAT UPDATE
Advent Galaxy(TM), Division of TGI Enters Metaverse AR / VR World by Developing of ADVENT Mega Mall REAT UPDATE

Advent Galaxy(TM), Division of TGI Enters Metaverse AR / VR World by Developing of ADVENT Mega Mall REAT UPDATE

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 3, 2022 / TGI SOLAR POWER GROUP INC. (OTC PINK:TSPG) ("TGI"), a diversified technology and environmentally efficient real estate development company currently developing Advent City: 700 villas,120 garden apartments, shopping and entertainment centers in the Yucatan, M... SignsSt...
TGI SignsStrategic Alliance with Surinam Business Center
Jan. 12, 2022, Miami, Florida
TGI Solar Power Group (OTCMARKETS: TSPG) A diversified technology and environmentally efficient real estate development company announced the strategic alliance with Surinam Business Center (SBC), to develop the Advent Suriname smart, intelligent, sustainable city based on SBC land of approximately 2000 hectares/4500 acres, as initial deployment, SBC owns 20,000 hectares/50,000 acres they are looking to develope. Initially both parties’ plant to start with a pilot, conduct a feasibility study before proceeding with a Master Plan. Suriname project is going to be managed by Addres Buenfil, Managing Director of our South and Central American Division.
TGI plans to utilize micro-grid solar, wind, alternate energy sources to power residences, hotels, commercial office buildings and medical related facilities. The country of Suriname has recently experienced significant oil and gas exploration drilling success. The drilling results suggests a massive potential transformation of the countries’ economic future. Samuel A Epstein, COO of TGI and a Texas Board certified geoscientist describes the resources as world class in magnitude. The potential hydrocarbon field sizes would result in extreme per capita growth to the country. TGI current progress in Advent Yucatan of the building of 700 villas and 120 garden apartments in the jungle while preserving the natural settings and water resources, provided the confidence needed for signing of the agreement.


ADVENT CITY by TGI™: dreams, myths and reality

While the rest of the world is still getting used to the idea of the “smart” city and smart home, ADVENT CITY by TGI GROUP is already moving on to the next step: the “smart, intelligent, completely sustainable and affordable” city. The Company is already hard at work on a new multi home ADVENT CITY community. The settlement, which will have a car-free city center and homes that feature new and efficient energy sources, robotics and even automated trash pickup, won’t just be a place for its “Adventizens” to live and work- it will also help establish a “template” for other urban centers looking to reduce carbon emissions in the decades to come.

TGI Progress in Development of New Geopolymerization Materials and Water Preservation.December 30, 2021/ Miami FloridaTG...

TGI Progress in Development of New Geopolymerization Materials and Water Preservation.
December 30, 2021/ Miami Florida
TGI Solar Power Group (OTC PINK: TSPG) (“TGI”), a diversified technology and environmentally efficient real estate development company announced today along with its strategic consultant Geoval Consultants LLC, New York, to:
1) R & D and Production of next generation green geopolymerized construction newly developed materials; and
2) Monitor and preserve the natural water resources of the Yucatan and other future development projects globally.
TGI/GEOVAL will develop innovative new type of green sustainable construction materials (cementizing geopolymers), utilizing the application of geopolymeres based on availability of minerals available in the state of Yucatan and beyond. Cement production represents a major contributor of CO2 to the environment worldwide, and we seek to contribute to the overall reduction of CO2 by our innovation. The TGI Power Group’s properties are situated on Cretaceous and Tertiary limestone as well as significant soil containing calcium carbonate, dolomite, anhydrite, soil, and silica rich sands. Corn husk, metal slug and fly ash available for the mixture will add plasticity and the reduction of porosity and permiabilty. The newly synthesized materials will be developed to compete with currently widely used Portland cement which was originally patented in 1824, and will be fast curing. Said materials are going to be patentable and while the R&D work done by GEOVAL will be credited to GEOVAL and its principles, TGI will own intellectual properties underlying said work and any additional products that may come from it.
In addition, Geoval will manage on behalf of TGI the environmental concerns of water and CO2 management in the next generational smart cities of TGI Group, with the first major development in the jungles of the Yucatan, which contains 9 cenotes over a 1000-acre area. Monitoring and maintaining the equilibrium environmentally sound concentrations of the water chemistry carbonate buffer systems thru the measurements of pH, Ca+, Mg+, HCO3-, salinity, temperature, fecal, and caffeine concentrations with respect to diurnal variations and fluid flow and soil samples in the Yucatan.
The Yucatan contains major water resources in the cenotes, in the phreatic and vadose zones. The meteoric and saline water bodies must be monitored with respect to fecal and caffeine concentrations. Sea level changes and agricultural (soil) input must be measured. There is a scarcity of scientific work on the Yucatan’s water system which is increasing in concern associated with the explosive population growth that may destroy the aquifers.
The water data will be used in planned actions to be taken utilizing state of the art water purification systems including cavitation to ensure the preservation of the cenotes of TGI Power group and will be made available to all water needs in the Yucatan.


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