City of North Tonawanda Dog Control Officer

City of North Tonawanda Dog Control Officer For dog related issues in North Tonawanda, please call the North Tonawanda police at 692-4111 option 0.


Dear North Tonawanda Residents,

I know there has been some confusion going on these past few days and I wanted to clear it up.
I regret to inform you all that I, Christine Hutten, am no longer your Dog Control Officer.
The decision was not mine to part ways with the city, but I feel in the end, the decision might be for the better.

The position is only up to 10 hours a week and on call 24/7. I already had a full time job upon being hired, in which the common council and police were well aware of. It was agreed that the police would handle calls while I was at my full time job.
Unfortunately, it was decided recently that due to a schedule change back in November 2017 at my full time job, I was unable to do my job as Dog Control Officer as well.

I will still continue to live my life for the animals as they are why I am alive. With that said, I would like to offer my professional assistance with any Wildlife needs you might have. I am a NYS licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator and a licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator. Please feel free to call me at (716)239-2710 with any Wildlife questions or concerns. You can also visit my Wildlife page at:

Until a new DCO is hired, please contact the North Tonawanda police at (716)692-4111 option 0 for any dog related issues in NT.

It truly was a pleasure serving you fine residents of North Tonawanda, and I wish the next DCO the best of luck.


Christine Hutten


***UPDATE 3/10/2018: Dog is back home with owners! Thank you all for sharing.***

Please keep a look out for a Norwegian Elkhound running around on 14th through Fredericka, between Payne and Oliver. Last seen in a backyard on 16th, 3 houses from Oliver, but then he took off in other backyards and I lost him.

Do NOT chase. He would not come to me when I tried to approach him, he just ran. Even with treats in hand.

Please call (909-3091) or comment with any sightings. He does have a collar with tags on so if you can get ahold of him, please call the number on the tag.

Thank you!


I wanted to share a happy story from last night that only ended with a happy reunion because of owners who followed the law, and then some.

I received a phone call from dispatch yesterday evening about a white German Shepherd who was running @ large on Twin City Highway and was almost hit by a car. Fortunately, the woman was paying attention and didn’t hit her. She pulled over, opened her door and the dog jumped right in.
When I responded to this call, the finder informed me she attempted to call the number on the dog’s tag, but was unable to get ahold of anyone. So I brought this sweet pup into my DCO truck with me to call the number myself. That’s when my job got very easy! This dog’s owner(s) affixed 3 tags which include; her dog license, her name, their phone number and their address, onto her collar. All I had to do was call the number to ensure this dog was indeed theirs and the address was current, and then I brought her home.

This dog was home, safe, with her worried family in less than an hour of being found.

To the owners of this beautiful pup, thank you for following the law and not only licensing your dog, and affixing the tag to her collar, but also going above and beyond and making reuniting you with your lost dog very easy!

To the finder, thank you for stopping, calling the authorities, and holding her until I got there. Her owners thank you as well!

THIS is why you license your dog(s), why you affix the license tag to their collar, and why it is a good idea to affix a tag with their name, your name and current phone number to their collar.
It not only made my job easy, but it was less stressful on the dog and her owners.

I love happy endings! 🐾💙🐾

~Christine Hutten


Due to the number of posts I have received via Facebook, I feel it necessary to reiterate that I do not accept any Facebook posts as means of reporting lost, found, or loose dogs or any concerns regarding dogs.
For starters, I do not receive them in a timely fashion, if I am working my full time job, I cannot use my phone and therefore will not see them for hours or days, I also am not on Facebook 24/7 therefore, any dog-related concerns in North Tonawanda *need* to be directed to my work phone which is 716-909-3091 or North Tonawanda non-emergency police at 716-692-4111 if you are unable to reach me.

I started this page as a way of sharing the stray/loose dogs I pick up and take to All Dawgs Academy. You can certainly post pictures and a description of your dog if s/he has gone missing, but only after you have reported them missing via my DCO phone.

Thank you all for your understanding.


***Weather Advisory***

We are supposed to get some decent amounts of snow, wind, and cold temps these next few days so please keep this in mind when letting your dog(s) (and cats) outside. Please do not let them out for longer than they need to use the bathroom and do not do so unattended. Also, for dogs, ensure their licenses are affixed to their collars while out.

If you witness an animal being left out in inclement weather without proper shelter, please contact the Niagara County SPCA at (716)731-4368 or North Tonawanda Police at (716)692-4111.

(See Agriculture and Markets Law Article 26; Cruelty to Animals for proper shelter standards-

Thank you! Stay safe and warm everyone!

~Christine Hutten



The next few days (including today) are going to be very hot. Please do not leave your dogs outside for longer than they need to use the bathroom. Ensure you are providing them with fresh, clean, cold water regularly, and do NOT leave them in your vehicle, for any reason, for any amount of time, regardless if the windows are down.

Neglecting to properly care for your dog (or any pet) in imminent weather can result in a charge of cruelty. If you see a dog being left outside without proper shelter and no water or if you see a dog in a vehicle who is in distress, please contact the Niagara County SPCA at (716) 731-4368.
Remember, I cannot enforce cruelty, but the SPCA can.

Also, for anyone who allows their cats to roam freely, please try to hold off until it's a bit cooler outside to do so and please provide them with plenty of fresh, clean, cold water regularly as well.

If you're like me, you can also leave out some water for any wildlife, strays, and ferals who might be in need of hydration during these steaming temps.

Don't forgot to stay hydrated and cool yourselves!

Thank you!

~Christine Hutten

Even though I am Dog Control, I still care about other animals, including cats.  A friend of mine is trying to help some...
Click here to support "Please Help These Ferals" TNR organized by Cyndi Skye

Even though I am Dog Control, I still care about other animals, including cats. A friend of mine is trying to help some local cats get TNR'd. It costs $25 per cat, but any amount would still be greatly appreciated and helpful.
Feel free to share far and wide.

Please no negative comments as they will be deleted.

Thank you!

My name is Cindy and I live in North Tonawanda. There's over 20 ferals here that I have been feeding (with help) and supplying winter homes for. I moved here one year ago this month These poor babies are multiplying faster than I can handle. There has been numerous litters and there are already 4...


Local Rescues who *might* be able to assist with cat-related issues in North Tonawanda:

Save-A-Pet: 716-559-3020

Feline Friends: 716-754-2050

10 Lives Club: 716-646-5577

Purrfect Paws: 716-512-5521

Eastern Niagara Welfare Alliance: 716-434-0604

HEART: 716-821-1915

Erie County SPCA: 716-875-7360

Second Chance: 716-652-6051

SNAP: 716-652-1359

Operation PETS: 716-783-8998

*Please note, I am not personally guaranteeing that any of these rescues are able to assist with any cat issues or any other animal-related issues you might have. I am merely posting their phone numbers in case one of them is able to assist you with any cat-related issues in North Tonawanda.

**If you are associated with any of these rescues and wish to be removed from this list, please let me know so I can do so. I apologize if this is the case. I was given this list by a local vet.

***If you are associated with a local rescue and are not on this list, but wish to be added to it as a rescue willing to assist North Tonawanda residents with any cat-related issues, please let me know.

****Please keep in mind that the Niagara County SPCA should not be contacted for any dog-related issues in North Tonawanda unless they fall under Agriculture and Markets Law Article 26: Cruelty to Animals. (See link attached to pinned post). They also do not take any cats unless the cat is sick or injured.

Thank you! 🐶


Just a friendly reminder — as Dog Control Officer, I cannot enforce Agriculture and Markets Law Article 26: Cruelty to Animals.
I also do not take calls regarding cats. The Niagara County SPCA will only take sick or injured cats so please keep this in mind if you contact them about any cats. I will post a list of local rescues who *might* be able to assist with any issues regarding cats.

For any cruelty, neglect, or abuse complaints in North Tonawanda, please contact the Niagara County SPCA at 716-731-4368 or North Tonawanda Police at 716-692-4111.

Here is Article 26 for reference:

Thank you all for your cooperation.


216 Payne Avenue
North Tonawanda, NY


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