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Latino Social Workers Organization The Latino Social Workers Organization (LSWO) provides Continuing Education focused on Social Work Practice in Latinx communities.

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How many times have you heard somebody refer to a new baby as "oh he's such a good boy, he rarely cries", or, when speak...

How many times have you heard somebody refer to a new baby as "oh he's such a good boy, he rarely cries", or, when speaking about a toddler, say something like "be a good girl, stop crying".

The thing is, being 'good' here basically means the baby or child hiding their emotions - and there is nothing good about that.

We teach children, from birth, that we don't tolerate their crying very well - and we tolerate it even less as they grow older. The consequence of this is that they learn to keep those difficult emotions in, at least around us. We teach them to bury their feelings and we teach them that they can't trust us in their moment of need. What happens when those children become adults? They spend years burying their feelings and not being able to trust anybody with them, the toxicity grow and it manifests in illness, addiction and relationship difficulties.

It's time we stopped praising children for struggling with their emotions alone. We can be the generation who breaks the cycle!

Beginnings - a guide to child psychology and development for parents of 0-5yr olds is out in 4 months time! Preorder here:

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Gain critical professional experience, network with influential Latino leaders, hone your leadership skills, and bring positive change back to your community this summer through a paid internship opportunity. Apply to the Young Ambassadors Program!


My dad was in a biker gang and my mom worked in bars my whole life. One day, my father stumbled into the bar that my mom was working in at the time. He and his Nomad brothers parked their bikes on the sidewalk in front of the establishment. My mother came out and told him if he didn't move the bikes off the sidewalk, she would run them over with her car. They didn't move them. She kept her word. My mother was a lot of things, but dishonest was not one of them. The bikes fell over like dominoes.

Instead of my father killing her, which was very much a possibility, he decided that he would date her instead. She became pregnant almost immediately. They got married when she was six months knocked-up and right around that time was when she found out that he was a heroin addict. Three months later, I came screaming into the world.

Soon after my birth, my father had a stroke. Against all odds, the paralyzed side of his body recovered and he had feeling in his left side again. To celebrate, he shot enough heroin and cocaine to have another stroke. This time it took out the whole left side of his body for good.

One day, he got high and made the decision that he was going to kill me. I was six months old and he put the knife up to my throat while I was in my crib. My mother stopped him and that was the day that we left for good. My mom's next boyfriend molested me for three consecutive years. When I was eight, I finally got brave enough to speak up. We moved on, again. A different town. A new bar for my mom to work in. A new man. Rinse. Repeat.

I had my first drink at twelve and it was all downhill from there. It quickly went from pot and LSD to robbing my mother so I could buy drugs for all of my friends. I was arrested in ninth grade for selling pot in my school. After I made it through that, I was arrested again in eleventh grade – for selling pot in my school.

At 20 years old, I found crack cocaine. I was issued a settlement for $20,000 and proceeded to spend it all on crack in three months. You don't really consider fiscal responsibility when you are smoking cocaine and baking soda. This cycle continued until I was 85 pounds, homeless, broke, and had nothing to offer anyone. Especially myself. I was broken and I didn't want to live like this any longer. I was becoming my dad. I asked the universe or whatever for help.

With the help of god, I got sober. I still think it was a miracle. And speaking of my dad, I ended up forgiving him for his mistakes. I cared for him. I was the only one there for him in the last years of his life when he was bed ridden. I did everything that I could to make him feel loved and not judged until the day that he passed. I know that sounds crazy, but how could I expect anyone to forgive me if I couldn't forgive him?

Today, I have been sober since 2006. I have an amazing husband and perfect children. I own a successful business which involves helping healthy people thrive. I am so grateful for who I am today – and it all happened because I decided to forgive. Forgive others. And forgive myself.
We DO recover!

Addiction Helpline: (866)927.3810


The Depression Project asks:
What's the hardest thing about mental abuse?

St. Ann's Corner of Harm Reduction is at St. Ann's Corner of Harm Reduction.March 7 at 3:26 PM  · New York, NY, United S...

St. Ann's Corner of Harm Reduction is at St. Ann's Corner of Harm Reduction.
March 7 at 3:26 PM · New York, NY, United States ·

We are proud to announce that our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Joyce Rivera, has been appointed to join the New York State Opioid Settlement Fund! The New York State Senate announced the appointment of Joyce Rivera to serve on the state’s Opioid Settlement Board, which will assist in distributing up to $1.5 billion to communities across New York state to invest in opioid prevention, treatment, and recovery programs.

All funds collected by the state from opioid settlements or litigation victories will be allocated specifically towards rebuilding communities devastated by the opioid epidemic and will not go towards the state’s general fund. The law granted the Senate the authority to appoint four (4) individuals to serve on the twenty-one (21) member Opioid Settlement Board, which makes recommendations to the state Legislature on how programs across the state will receive funds.

“I am honored to represent the harm reduction movement at this historic moment in our history and am grateful to continue the work of Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins, Governor Kathy Hochul, Attorney General Leticia James, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, and Senate Health Committee Chair Gustavo Rivera, while also remembering the history of our brothers, sisters and families in seeking to redress the harms of the pharmaceutical opioid industry.” said Joyce Rivera, CEO and Founder of St. Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction “Fighting the opioid epidemic by helping drug users help themselves is a service framework that creates safety for personal and group advancement that is immediately effective. By accepting people as they are, we can build nuanced collaborations and education with the groups who view drug use as a moral failing; heal our communities and families by leading with empathy, practicing mercy, and providing safety.”


As we move forward with the world that we want to see, it is crucial to keep in mind this chart. Ever wondered about accountability and what it means? Read more here: from Appeasement vs Accountability

In the intense emotional and somatic experience of conflict, it is often difficult to differentiate between appeasement and accountability. Many of us have learned to survive the terrors of abuse and oppression by "pleasing and appeasing," "giving up to get along," "tending and befriending," and peacekeeping by any means necessary. This most often looks like a desperate attempt to tend to and please the other person - even when it means compromising our own boundaries, needs, integrity, and values.

Appeasement, which we might also call a somatic submission response is a highly developed skill, and often life-saving. Yet it can also become a serious hindrance to personal development and sustainable conflict resolution, because it leads us to make promises and commitments that we cannot keep, which in the long run further damages relationship. At worst, appeasement can result in serious damage to the psyche of the person appeasing, loss of trust with the person being appeased (because appeasement tends to feel like manipulation in the long run), and the reinforcement of abusive or oppressive dynamics where one person or party must constantly give up their own needs to serve those of another.

Ideologically motivated spaces can unwittingly encourage appeasement by confusing it with accountability. We think that we can shame or punish people into thinking and acting in ways that we prefer. We demand that those we think are "wrong" give complete, immediate, and perfect shows of repentance and we hyper-scrutinize imperfections. Yet real accountability takes time. Real accountability requires integrity. A social system that encourages accountability is one that makes space for dialogue and does not fear differences in perspective or values.Crucially, accountability allows for the peaceable and respectful ending of relationships where it is clear that values and perspectives do not align.




| Las madres en Polonia dejaron sus coches de bebé en las estaciones de tren de Polonia, para que cuando lleguen las madres ucranianas que huyeron con sus hijos, tengan dónde llevarlos! 🙏

En el MES NACIONAL DE LA MUJER PUERTORRIQUEÑA honramos a la primera PATRIOTA, a las primeras EDUCADORAS y a la primera P...

En el MES NACIONAL DE LA MUJER PUERTORRIQUEÑA honramos a la primera PATRIOTA, a las primeras EDUCADORAS y a la primera POETISA que registra nuestra historia nacional.
… nació en San Juan hace 249 años (1773, en cuenta regresiva para sus 250 ANIVERSARIO en el 2023)
… educada por su padre.
… una exitosa empresaria con negocio propio, tanto en Puerto Rico, como años después en Venezuela.
... los españoles la arrestaron acusándola de ser la espía de Simón Bolívar en las islas del Caribe.
… no era espía, ella fue la primera líder revolucionaria en Puerto Rico en la lucha contra el sistema colonial del gobierno central de España en Madrid.
… falleció exiliada en Caracas en febrero 1849, a los 76 años de edad.
… nació en AGUADILLA hace 239 años (1783)
… una niña autodidacta que le sacó provecho a la excelente biblioteca que su padre tenía.
… la primera poetisa que se hizo un nombre en Puerto Rico.
… es familia de los poetas José Gautier y Alejandrina Benítez.
… falleció en San Juan en abril 1873, a los 89 años de edad.
… ambas nacieron en San Juan GREGORIA hace 247 años (1784) y Celestina hace 243 años (1787)
… fueron educadas por sus padres.
… si a su hermano Rafael se le conoce como el Padre de la Educación en Puerto Rico ¿como se le debería conocer a las MUJERES que educaron al “Padre de la Educación”?
… Lo mismo que hizo RAFAEL como un gran maestro, lo hicieron sus 2 hermanas mayores GREGORIA y CELESTINA, idéntico; los 3 hermanos Molina tuvieron por misión abrir escuelas y educar a todo aquel que quisiera educarse. Se entregaron tanto que trabajaron y VIVIERON JUNTOS toda la vida.
… ambas fallecieron en San Juan; GREGORIA falleció en 1845, a los 61 años y CELESTINA en 1862, a los 75 años de edad.


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The Latino Social Workers Organization (LSWO) has been focused on the recruitment and retention of Latinos in social work education since its inception. The key historical events which have been instrumental in enhancing social work students and professionals are Social Work Summits National Conferences Mentorship and Guidance for Social Work professionals and students. Collaborating with Schools of Social Work to provide continuing education. “La Familia” Perspective - A Multimedia Workshop available to Schools of Social Work.and Social Work Student organizations. Ethical and Organizational Workshops which integrates the CLARO Perspective in Social Work Practice. For more information regarding the LSWO, call us at 312-212-3857 or email us at [email protected]


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I saw this on a car. I love that parenting wisdom can be shared in this unique and powerful way. It will be read thousands of times!
Interested in a more macro level role? Come learn about our Partnership Associate role here at the Tech Talent Project tonight at 5pm PST/8pm EST!

Info session registration:

Admin's Children's Advocate is hiring for an LCSW to review and sign off on evaluations once they are completed. May I please post a job opportunity here? If not I will remove it, via your request. Thanking You In Advance
Hi everyone,
This is the final call for study participants. Help me reach my goal!
If you are a social work instructor that works full-time or part-time in a social work program please take this short survey about sexual health content within social work education. Those people with a completed survey have a chance of being randomly selected for complimentary CSWE APM 2021 registration or SSWR 2022 registration.
This includes tenure track, adjunct, field education, clinical and research faculty members. Please also share widely! Thank you so much!
**Scholarship for national macro conference**
Alliance for Nonprofit Management ( is offering 12 full conference scholarships for *diverse, emerging changemakers to attend its 2021 virtual conference October 11-13. Candidates must:
*Identify as Black, Indigenous, Latino/a/x, Asian, mixed race and/or a person with a disability
*Have from 1 to 5 years of experience in a nonprofit organization, foundation, and/or community in a changemaking role—which may be as a staff member, board member, or other type of volunteer community leader
*Plan to attend all or part of the 2021 Alliance
Conference Scholarship recipients will be able to add more value to their professional/community work by elevating their networks with national contacts and expert resources; they will also expand their changemaker leadership skills with equity, justice and inclusion at the core.
Key conference and scholarship information is available in the following list:
Alliance 2021 virtual conference info:
Alliance's Diversity Conference Scholarship info:
Online Diversity Conference Scholarship application:
The application deadline is Mon 8/23. Please contact Padma ([email protected]) with application questions.
Join the experts to learn best practices in the aftermath of unexpected death. A great learning opporutnity for educators, social workers, advocates, first responders, human resource professsinals, stylists, and anyone who is in contact with the public.
Join our team: One Common Unity, based in Washington, DC, is looking for Spanish speaking qualified Behavioral Health Therapists Consultants.
If you are in the Los Angeles Area please consider!
We have a contract coming up in Southern CA to staff facilities who are serving unaccompanied immigrant children. We will need both licensed and unlicensed social workers and therapists. They MUST be fluently bilingual.
Please have all resumes emailed to: [email protected]

Thank you!

Tim Austin, President
Essential HealthCare Solutions, LLC
Essential HealthCare Solutions has positions that will open up in the next few weeks requiring fluently bilingual Masters and Bachelors level social workers.
If you or if you know someone who is fluently bilingual either licensed or unlicensed please send a resume to Tim Austin, President at:
[email protected]

Thank you!
Mi gente if you are interested in entering academia I highly recommend this upcoming event hosted remotely by Temple University this Friday!!!!!

Symposium to support BIPOC scholars on the Job Market for Academic Appointments.

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