Interfaith Tent at Oakland

Interfaith Tent at Oakland The Interfaith Tent @ Oakland supports the Occupy Wall Street Movement through non-violent action to We are not, as a group, part of the General Assembly.

The Interfaith Tent was set up for the day of the General Strike, November 2, 2011 to show Interfaith solidarity with the Occupy/Decolonize Oakland movement. We understand ourselves to be in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street Movement and Occupy Oakland. Thus we do not see ourselves as speaking as a part or for the OO GA, but coming alongside in support and solid

arity. On November 14, 2011 at approximately 4:30 a.m., there was a police raid and 14 interfaith leaders were arrested at the Tent. However the Tent remained standing for at least eight hours after the initial raid and was not removed until sometime after 11:30 a.m. from where it stood at the entrance to Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza. The Interfaith Tent is more than a sacred space located in a physical place. It iis an Interfaith Community and as such its presence can not be evicted or disassembled but continues to be embodied in the presence of people of faith in are in solidarity with Occupy/Decolonize Oakland.

“America’s Moment of Reckoning”: Cornel West Says Nationwide Uprising Is Sign of “Empire Imploding”
“America’s Moment of Reckoning”: Cornel West Says Nationwide Uprising Is Sign of “Empire Imploding”

“America’s Moment of Reckoning”: Cornel West Says Nationwide Uprising Is Sign of “Empire Imploding”

As thousands from coast to coast took to the streets this weekend to protest the state-sanctioned killing of Black people, and the nation faces its largest public health crisis in generations and the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression, professor Cornel West calls the U.S. a “pred...

FOLLOW THE DRINKING GOURD is a feature documentary about the Black food justice movement. Family-friendly, funny and mov...

FOLLOW THE DRINKING GOURD is a feature documentary about the Black food justice movement. Family-friendly, funny and moving, this 60-minute film connects the legacy of slavery, land loss, and climate change to our fight for food security.

A doc about the Black food justice movement. Family-friendly, funny and moving, it connects the legacy of slavery, land loss, and climate change to our fight for food...

KPFA Climate Action Coverage 2019

KPFA Climate Action Coverage 2019

KPFA is joining news outlets around the world for a week of Climate Coverage. Tune in for live coverage, analysis and resources! “Covering Climate Now,” is a global journalism initiativ…

Home - United for Independent Radio

Home - United for Independent Radio

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official Pacifica Foundation website nor an official website of any of the five Pacifica Radio Stations (KPFA Radio, KPFK Radio, KPFT Radio, WBAI Radio, WPFW Radio). Opinions and facts alleged on this site belong to the author(s) of the website only and should NOT be assum...

About Us

About Us

RADICAL DISCIPLESHIP is a space designed to chronicle and animate expressions of “Movement” Christianity in North America. This includes all those struggling for church renewal and social change, w…


First Voice Media


Would you like to be a part of a lively, supportive community learning media skills? The First Voice Apprenticeship Program at KPFA 94.1 FM trains apprentices in radio journalism, professional broadcasting, media making, podcasting, digital editing and much more. It is an inter-generational program aimed to train and give voice to women and people of color.

We now have openings!For more info and to get an application, go to or call 510-848-6767 ext 235.

The focus of the First Voice Media Program is to amplify the marginalized voices of women and people of color in the media. The apprentices produce a weekly community on-air calendar. They provide media coverage of events like the recent Climate Change Rally held in San Francisco and the Oakland Teachers Rally. The First Voice Apprentices also produce Full Circle, a weekly one-hour music and cultural affairs radio program, broadcast every Friday from 7-8 PM.

KPFA’s 2019 International Women’s Day Broadcast

KPFA’s 2019 International Women’s Day Broadcast

Tune in Saturday March 9th for KPFA’s 2019 International Women’s Day broadcast! From 6am – 12 midnight, we bring you a mix of music, culture and her-stories celebrating the courag…


The Other 98%

If you are turned away at the polls your response is, “Give me a provisional ballot with a receipt as required by law.” Pass it on.

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín

I want to thank all of the Berkeley police and fire personnel who have spent the past four days helping our neighbors in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Napa and the surrounding areas. Some of them have themselves been impacted by this tragedy, yet they continue to work.

In addition, the Berkeley Animal Care Services, in coordination with several East Bay shelters, will be taking in animals from North Bay shelters to allow those shelters to house strays and the pets of evacuees. And last, but not least, our Planning Department is stepping up and will soon send staff to Santa Rosa, which has asked for more building inspectors. This is in addition to the many, many residents who have collected items or even traveled to hard-hit areas to assist with the relief effort.

I'm proud to be mayor of a city that responds with such generosity at a time of crisis, and want to thank everyone for stepping up during this difficult time.

Sign the petition: Berkeley: Stop Prohibiting Toilets at Homeless Encampments

Porta Potties for homeless encampments

I just signed a petition to Berkeley City Council, Jesse Arreguin, Mayor, Linda Maio, Cheryl Davila, Ben Bartlett, Kate Harrison, Sophie Hahn, Kriss Worthington, and Lori Droste: We demand that the city of Berkeley take action and stop prohibiting porta potties at homeless encampments.



Empire State Building profiteering off 9/11's destruction of competing antenna capacity may bankrupt the US free speech network Pacifica.

Ire for Democrat Who Pulled Plug on California's Single-Payer Bill

Ire for Democrat Who Pulled Plug on California's Single-Payer Bill

"With daily reminders of millions of patients already priced out of access to care, and subjected to the callous practices and care denials of the insurance industry there could hardly be a more heartless response to the Senate bill than Speaker Rendon's Friday night announcement."

Making Contact

Making Contact

“My son, the Holy Church is on the right,
but Jesus Christ was always on the left.”
-Isabel Allende

Learn about this week on Making Contact


KPFA Outreach Community

Secret "Fake Network" Secession Attempt
on Pacifica's Independent Radio Network

The Pacifica Foundation, Interim Executive Director, Bill Crosier Comments on a secret secession attempt to take over Pacifica's five stations and 220 affiliates.

Houston - Pacifica Foundation interim Executive Director Bill Crosier addressed members of the 5-station radio network after it became known that at least one of the KPFA Local Station Board members from Berkeley, with others, has secretly contacted celebrities and prominent supporters of progressive causes, falsely claiming that Pacifica is “collapsing”, and asking them to be on the board of a new nonprofit organization which would seek to acquire Pacifica's assets, or at least those of station KPFA.

Pacifica Foundation Interim Executive Director Bill Crosier's Statement

As commercial media interests dominate our society and non-corporate journalism and culture struggle for survival, Pacifica, like most independent media networks, is facing financial, organizational, and technological challenges. But Pacifica's financial situation is beginning to turn around, with four of the stations doing very well in fund drives this year, and the fifth (KPFT) stepping up other fundraising. We had the most successful one-day fund drive ever, on March 2. In that drive, we got so many pledges for the new collection of historic audio recordings from Pacifica Radio Archives, that we had to order a second large batch of USB drives and just finished duplicating them and sending them out. We are working to improve Pacifica's finances, and we are making progress. Major donors are approaching us, asking how they can help. Pacifica also submitted a plan for financial stabilization and recovery to the Attorney General of California before the end of March, and this plan has received very positive reviews. Further, the majority of the Pacifica National Board (PNB) has a renewed commitment to financial stability so that the Pacifica mission can be preserved and so Pacifica can grow.
It is certainly not correct to say that Pacifica is “collapsing”. In fact, that is very misleading. We are actually improving our financial stability.

While I have had concerns about Pacifica's well-being in recent years, and feel very strongly about the importance of independent media, I am bothered that any local board member would falsely spread negative rumors about Pacifica. There is an ethical issue with passing along misleading information about Pacifica in order to line up oppositional support for another organization.

Paci ca Press Release, April 14, 2017 page 1 of 3
Is it not a conflict of interest, and a violation of fiduciary duty, for any board member to be secretly trying to line up well-known people to be on the board of a new organization, especially if that would discourage people from donating to Pacifica? It also seems strange that the recruitment involves telling prospective board members that no time or financial commitment is required, which makes us wonder what those board members are expected to do. What would help much more would be to ask those same people to help Pacifica directly - by recording announcements for our stations to encourage donations, for example, or helping to tell more people about the valuable and unique programming that we have. While I have nothing against contingency plans, it's wrong to falsely (and secretly) spread false rumors about Pacifica, in order to get support for this new clandestine organization.

Many of us on our national and local boards want to work together on a major Bylaws re-write this year, to improve our governance and support stronger fiscal stewardship. But we do not need a completely different organization in order to change our Bylaws or governance structure. We have reached a point where many people in Pacifica recognize that it is time for major changes to improve the way we function, and we expect to be able to do this in the coming months.

There is still much other work to do, including paying off debt that Pacifica has accumulated, getting caught up on audits, and dealing with a lawsuit by Empire State Building over unpaid antenna tower rent and related expenses for WBAI. We have a renewed commitment from the majority (but not all) of the Pacifica National Board to stop ignoring our financial problems and to get all of this under control. That's the main reason the PNB appointed me as interim Executive Director and re-hired Sam Agarwal as Chief Financial Officer. I've been one of the most vocal advocates for the PNB to develop a plan and to take immediate and responsible action to address our financial situation and insure recovery. Mr. Agarwal is also dedicated to repairing our finances. Although things were looking quite uncertain for the last few years, now we are working on it, and making good progress. Of course, it will take some time.
Many listeners and staff from the five main Pacifica stations and 220 affiliates within the Pacifica community are communicating and working together to build a network capable of addressing the political, environmental, social justice, economic and cultural needs of our time. Setting up a secret organizations behind the backs of colleagues and fellow board members. and lobbying against those trying to save the network breeds confusion, distrust, and disunity when we most need to be supporting each other and this wonderful network of independent media.

I ask those promoting this division to come and talk with us about your concerns, and work with us to meet our challenges together. I also encourage anyone approached by those promoting this new “Big Tent Radio Network” to instead join with us to protect and support Pacifica. We have been supporting free speech, uncensored news, independent music and public affairs, and peace for almost 70 years. We are not going away, we are improving, growing and adapting to change. Please help us to meet the amazing and daunting task before us. Pacifica is needed now, more than ever.
Bill Crosier, interim Executive Director, Pacifica Foundation

Why Did the US Drop 26,171 Bombs on the World Last Year?

Why Did the US Drop 26,171 Bombs on the World Last Year?

The United States started bombing Iraq on January 16, 1991, and, except for a few brief intervals, hasn’t stopped since. Twenty-six years this Monday, more than a quarter of a century, and four US presidents, all of whom have bombed Iraq. Last year, the rate of bombing increased over 20,105.

Sign the petition: City of Berkeley: Stop Raids on the Homeless

Sign the petition: City of Berkeley: Stop Raids on the Homeless

I just signed a petition to Berkeley City Council and Dee Williams-Ridley, City Manager: We, the undersigned, urgently request that the City of Berkeley ESTABLISH A MORATORIUM ON RAIDS ON HOMELESS CAMPS. The raids are inhumane, costly, and achieve nothing. Each raid involves dozens of police and Cit...

The Most Dangerous Country on Earth

The Most Dangerous Country on Earth

For decades, Washington had a habit of using the Central Intelligence Agency to deep-six governments of the people, by the people, and for the people that weren’t to its taste and replacing them with governments of the [take your choice: military junta, shah, autocrat, dictator] across the planet. …

El Niño Preparedness - City of Berkeley, CA

Weather Alert: Heavy Rain over the weekend. Prepare now.
The National Weather Service is predicting 3-4 inches of rain over the weekend with higher totals in some areas. Calling it an Atmospheric River, rain is predicted to start Saturday and won’t let up until Monday.

· Make sure that the flashlights in your house have batteries, and keep one by the bed
· Make sure that medical device’s back-up batteries are charged and functional
· Program PG&E’s power outage number into your phone (1-800-743-5002). This is the best number to call to find out about power outages and when the power is coming back
· Clean storm drains and gutters to prevent back-ups
· Sandbags are available at the Corporation Yard, located at 1326 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA, between 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday. Call 510-981-6620 if you need additional information.

More advice for preparing for storms is available at this link:

This winter, El Niño is expected to bring heavy storms to our region that will likely cause flooding, downed trees and branches, and damaged power lines. The City has taken many steps to prepare, including clearing storm drains, upgrading vulnerable infrastructure, pruning street trees, and providin...

Prison Activist Gassed in Clements Unit Prison, Texas Law Enforcement Is Violently Out of Control

Prison Activist Gassed in Clements Unit Prison, Texas Law Enforcement Is Violently Out of Control

On Wednesday, December 21, 2016, a prisoner at the Texas Clements Unit, Kevin "Rashid" Johnson, was gassed in his cell while handcuffed from behind. A letter written by Mr. Johnson to a supporter, dated December 22, 2016, reported that his gassing was “all retaliation for my involvement in exposing…

Stand for Standing Rock | KPFA

Stand for Standing Rock | KPFA

Highlighting and featuring Bay Area talent in all of the flavors of the Africa American Musical Diaspora, hosted by Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs, with Ken “The Groove Meister” Pruitt and Safi Wa Nairobi.

Kali Takes America: I'm With Her. | Rebelle Society

Kali Takes America: I'm With Her. | Rebelle Society

On election night, as the results were projected onto the Empire State Building, all I could see was Kali’s fierce stare. This was déjà vu. This time, Kali took America.

Immigrants Fighting for Sanctuary Cities & Campuses to Protect Millions from Trump Deportation Push

Immigrants Fighting for Sanctuary Cities & Campuses to Protect Millions from Trump Deportation Push

There is growing resistance to Trump’s vow to detain and deport millions of people from the United States. Mayors from New York to Chicago to Seattle say they will refuse to cooperate even as Trump promises to cut funds from so-called sanctuary cities. Meanwhile, the movement is growing for "sanctua...


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