552d Air Control Wing

552d Air Control Wing Tinker Air Force Base Oklahoma City, OK Tenant units of the 552nd are located at Dyess AFB, Hill AFB and Mountain Home AFB. Their official Facebooks are: @DyessAirForceBase @HillAirForceBase @366FW

552 ACW COVID-19 Update -- 3 June.  We all know that our communities are opening their economies but some of you may sti...

552 ACW COVID-19 Update -- 3 June.

We all know that our communities are opening their economies but some of you may still be experiencing financial issues due to COVID-19. We found a few new resources that can help you in this time of need.

Thrift Savings Plan now offers temporary loan and withdrawal options for those participating in this retirement plan. If you are experiencing adverse financial consequences as a result of being quarantined, furloughed or laid off or having work hours reduced due to the virus, or being unable to work due to lack of child care, you may be eligible under this program to borrow from yourself essentially. The attached news flash provides more details. One caution...make sure you understand the risk of pulling from your retirement funds before jumping in.

Additionally, our Airman and Family Readiness Centers offer a Airmen's Attic and a Food Pantry that are stocked and ready to distribute. They will likely require an appointment so call the A&FRC before driving out there.

Finally, there are many base and community helping agencies that are available to help with loans or grants. They way to get access to them is through your First Sergeant.

And for those concerns that don't fit neatly into the programs above, you can always reach out to your command teams and key spouses....they are there for you!

Have a great night...stay safe!

Col Alain Poisson

Gen. David L. Goldfein

"We will not shy away from this; as leaders and as Airmen, we will own our part and confront it head on" - Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein

Join CSAF Goldfein and CMSAF Wright with a Dialogue on Race below

CSAF & CMSAF Dialogue on Race


552 ACW COVID-19 Update -- 2Jun.

Alright team, all of our local communities appear to be doing well with COVID cases although we had a spike of 119 cases in one day for OK. The medical community attributes this spike to the re-opening policies and do NOT consider it a relapse.

Not all areas are in as good a shape as our bases. In fact, the medical community is concerned about NJ, NY, RI, CT, DC, MA, IL, MD, NE, and PA. Each of these states has more than 5 active cases per 1,000. To put that in perspective, for our states, UT has 1.77 active cases/1000, TX 1.12, ID .30 and OK is .16 per 1000. Pretty good in my mind.

What can we do to keep the re-opening of America on track? Well, I'm glad you asked. Please keep using masks in public, social distancing, wash regularly, and keep your gathering size small. I'm confident that a disciplined use of these countermeasures will allow me to keep loosening our wing's off duty restrictions and give you more options for off duty leisure.

Have a great night!

Col Alain Poisson

With the current events that are gripping our nation, we wanted to take a break from COVID-19 and share an important mes...

With the current events that are gripping our nation, we wanted to take a break from COVID-19 and share an important message from General Holmes that all Airmen should read.

We know there are people in our wing who are hurting or are angry or afraid or you name the emotion. We just ask each of us to take some time to focus these emotions into the positive change we want. Take a look in the mirror to check our own biases, challenge each other respectfully to reach for the ideals we value and listen with the intent to do better.

Never forget we are and will always be one team with one fight.

Col Alain Poisson and Chief Kenny Mott

“People First, Mission Always” applies to all of us in ACC.

We aspire to be a community that does not differentiate between people because of their race, gender, religious beliefs, sexual identity, where they come from, or who their Moms and Dads are.

We aspire to be a community that doesn’t ask everybody to be the same, but relishes diversity in all who pursue our core values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do, and are committed to our mission.

We believe that building a diverse community of people that represents all the elements of the nation we protect provides the truest path toward fulfilling our mission.

The recent deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd, and the advocacy group Protect Our Defenders' release of their Racial Disparities in Military Justice report hold up a mirror that makes us look at the places where we’re falling short. It’s painful to look in that mirror. I can’t really put myself in another person’s shoes, but I’m hurting today with all of the ACC Airmen who are hurt by the gaps between who we are and who we aspire to be, and may be wondering if we’re really committed to our ideals.

But I remember who we aspire to be, and I’m going to keep working toward making those aspirations real by looking into the mirror and finding ways to deal with what I find there. I know many of you are, too.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m betting we can figure it out together. I’m listening. So are your ACC leaders, supervisors, and first sergeants. Our Equal Opportunity Offices and Inspectors General are always there, too.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and work together to make every ACC Airman know they are valued members of our high performing team.

That’s what “People First, Mission Always” means.


552 ACW COVID-19 Update -- 29 May.

The weekend is here and the weather looks awesome! Even better, we've got 23 returning warriors from the Hardrockers at Mt Home coming back! Welcome home team, we missed you!

The Secretary of Defense issued some new travel guidance this week. The details are a little complicated and we're still sorting through it. Essentially, the policy allows us to travel when certain conditions are met at the home station and destination. Bottom line, we're starting to open up official travel when it makes sense.

Regarding our local area leave, I am close to opening our range further but need to sync this policy with the Secretary of Defense intent before doing so. Expect early/mid next week for a change. I'm trying to give you more opportunity to do more things and get closer to normal. You can help by adhering to the protection measures...stay home when you're sick, stay 6 feet apart, wear a mask when you're out and wash frequently!

Since its going to be a nice weekend, don't forget that you can and should get out and socialize. If you need a professional to talk with, don't forget that we have MFLAC counselors on hand who can help. And you can ALWAYS count on your command team and key spouses...call them if you need help.

Have a great weekend!

Col Alain Poisson


552 ACW COVID-19 Update -- 28 May.

No news is good news. All is good in the wing with COVID.

I was in a virtual conference with Commander of Air Combat Command today and he wanted to express his thanks for all of your hard work during these difficult times and how impressed he is with you all. Like I, he is also concerned with everyone's resilience. So please, let's take 5 minutes tonight to give someone a call or go outside and say "hi" to your neighbor ... from the edge of the driveway of course. It may make your and their day!

Have a good night. Stay healthy to stay ready and please give a call to your command team or key spouses if there's anything we can do to help!

Col Alain Poisson


552 ACW COVID-19 Update -- 27 May.

Hey team! Hope your Wednesday was a good one.

No real change to our COVID situation in our wing--we are in a good spot with the virus. Following the same theme from yesterday's post, I think one of our underappreciated risks is the depression that may result from all of this "stay at home" time. In fact, a high prevalence of depressive symptoms (about 1/3 of respondents) was identified in a US study leveraging a sample of just over 1,000 people. Younger, low-income women who live alone were at highest risk but that's not to say others aren't affected. The conclusion -- frequent in-person social connections, but not remote social connections, correlated with less depression.

So just like yesterday, please feel empowered to go out, meet with friends and family on the patio, the backyard, or in a large room. Just keep the group size to a manageable number that allows you to maintain 6 ft away from each other. In our neighborhood this weekend, a few of us huddled around the fire pit with our chairs >6 ft apart. I can't tell you how rejuvenating it was, particularly for my wife Karen, who's tired of talking to just me!

Whatever you do, our safety measures remain, stay home when you're sick, stay 6 ft away from people when possible, wear a mask when needed, and wash your hands and hard surfaces often. It's worked for us since Feb and it will continue to serve us well into the future. Please contact your command teams or key spouses if you need some help and stay healthy to stay ready!

Col Alain Poisson


552 ACW COVID-19 Update -- 26 May.

Good evening team! I hope everyone had a great weekend and have returned to work recharged and motivated to get after our important mission!

Our COVID situation remains very stable in all our units and within our local communities. Hill AFB had a civilian employee and a contractor test positive for COVID...neither have ties to our squadron there. Our E-3 redeployers are a week into their quarantines without any symptoms reported and our CRC redeployers from Mt Home also went through screening without issue. Additionally, we're 11 days since we loosened local area restrictions and we've seen no increase in positive COVID tests. All great news!

One area of concern is cabin fever after staying at home for so long. One of the pillars of resiliency is the social pillar. When you're denied human contact, the reaction may manifest in depression, feelings of isolation and being disconnected from the team. If anybody feels this way, please reach out. With the loosened restrictions, it is absolutely ok to have small gatherings. Just be careful, try to maintain social distancing, clean your hands and hard surfaces and wear a mask, if needed.

Bottom line, we care about each and every one of you and want you to reconnect with your friends and family in a safe and responsible way. If you have questions about what you can and can't do, please contact your squadron command teams or key spouses...they can help.

Have a good night.

Col Alain Poisson

552d Air Control Wing

552d Air Control Wing

Welcome home Hardrockers!!!  Job well done!Can't wait to get the rest of the band back...Col Alain Poisson

Welcome home Hardrockers!!! Job well done!

Can't wait to get the rest of the band back...

Col Alain Poisson


552 ACW COVID-19 Update - 21 May.

Only one update tonight. Mt Home AFB is now at Health Protection Condition B, which means the installation commander has assessed the COVID threat as decreased to a point that they can loosen restrictions on the base.

This is great news for our Hardrockers who will be returning late tonight! Welcome home team, we're proud of you!!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everybody!

Col Alain Poisson


552 ACW COVID-19 update-- 20 May.

All's quiet on the COVID front. Our bases and local communities are stable. In the coming days, we should expect our HPCON levels to change. All our bases were previously directed to Charlie by the Secretary of Defense. Well it looks like individual installation commanders may soon be getting the authority to adjust, based on the local conditions. This essentially means that more and more base services will open...with mask and social distancing protections of course.

For us individually, I intend to stay with the current restrictions and assess again next week. So far, so good...no additional cases in the wing despite matching our local communities opening measures.

Keep it up, you're all doing great!

Col Alain Poisson

552 ACW COVID-19 Update -- 19 May.Late last night we welcomed home our E-3 re-deployers. Good news, all were screened by...

552 ACW COVID-19 Update -- 19 May.

Late last night we welcomed home our E-3 re-deployers. Good news, all were screened by medical without needing additional testing! For those that came home, please be vigilant in your quarantine and in monitoring your health multiple times a day. Immediately report any symptoms to the medical professionals and your command teams.

For everyone else, please be safe out there. The threat is still real with cases growing in our communities. In fact, OK and Utah are doubling their cases every month. Texas doubles every 3 weeks and Idaho is the best, doubling every 2 months.

Our countermeasures will work if we use them. Stay home if you're sick, socially distance, wear a mask when close and wash often. As always, stay healthy to stay ready and calling you need some help.

Col Alain Poisson

966th AACS continues to fly

Check out this cool story on the 966th Airborne Air Control Squadron! The 966th AACS is the formal training unit for AWACS aircrew initial qualification training, and despite COVID-19, their unique training mission continues!

12th Air Force (Air Forces Southern)
Air Combat Command
Tinker Air Force Base

552 ACW COVID-19 Update -- 18 May.  Not much on the COVID front today. I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend with the loos...

552 ACW COVID-19 Update -- 18 May.

Not much on the COVID front today. I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend with the loosened restrictions. I'm sure everyone's seen pictures on the news with people in bars or restaurants, close together without masks. When you see those situations, please turn around and come back another time. Our local communities have their positive cases growing at a slow rate but one quick way to rapidly accelerate new cases is to open up without protective measures. Be smart.

On a sad note, our thoughts are with the Canadian Detachment as a member of the Canadian Forces Snowbirds passed away this weekend due to an aircraft mishap. Our nations have integrated together, grown together and protected one another for decades. For those lost, we remember...here's a toast.

Have a great night. Our E-3 re-deployers are inbound tonight.
Welcome home team--job well done!

Col Alain Poisson


Col. Gary Donovan assumes command of the 552nd Operations Group during a formal ceremony at the 552nd Air Control Wing. Col. Alain Poisson, 552nd ACW commander, presides over the ceremony as Col. Joshua Conine relinquishes command.


Lt. Col. James Capra assumes command of the 963rd Airborne Air Control Squadron during a formal ceremony at the 552nd Air Control Wing. Col. Joshua Conine, 552nd Operations Group commander, presides over the ceremony as Lt. Col. Jason Idleman relinquishes command.


552 ACW COVID-19 Update – 15 May 2020

Happy Friday Team!

As we go into the weekend, a quick update on our COVID-19 status. It looks like we have five total positive cases from the E-3 return. All were either asymptomatic or had very mild symptoms. For those that tested positive, their quarantines are extended until they either test negative or no longer experience symptoms.

The situation at their TDY location has improved in the last few weeks so we are hopeful that the next batch of re-deploying heroes from Tinker and Mt Home remain COVID-free. Either way, we are prepared to receive them when the time comes.

I just updated our restricted movement guidance, based on our local communities opening up for business. With the exception of our Alert Mission and re-deployers, effective immediately, 552 ACW Airmen are authorized to go out in the local community provided they follow the local government’s restrictions. Airmen should also follow CDC guidelines for social distancing, wearing of masks, and frequent washing of hands.

I strongly urge Airmen to avoid establishments which are crowded, full of people not wearing masks, or otherwise are not creating a safe environment. This will keep the virus entering our ranks while also allowing for some social rejuvenation. If you have questions on the policy, please contact your command teams.

Have a great weekend!

Col Alain Poisson

552 ACW COVID-19 Update -- 14 May.Quick update and clarification from yesterday's post/email.  For those that are sympto...

552 ACW COVID-19 Update -- 14 May.

Quick update and clarification from yesterday's post/email. For those that are symptomatic, you will be given an appointment for the next morning to get tested at the clinic. Based on requirements for storage, temperature, etc., it is not feasible to test at the aircraft...thus the delay. Otherwise, the rest of the information is accurate but realize that there is room for adjustment after coordination with your commander. If you think you need it, I encourage you to discuss your specific circumstances with your command teams. They are empowered with a lot of latitude to balance health and mission.

We have had a few more Airmen test positive from our latest E-3 return. We're waiting on a few more tests to come back but I'll give you a complete roll up once I get it. For those that tested positive, realize your quarantine will likely be extended until you are no longer testing positive.

On an unrelated note and long overdue, please join me in congratulating our quarterly award winners!

Airmen of the Quarter: SrA Zachary Hopson, 552 ACNS
NCO of the Quarter: TSgt Joshua Rea, 552 MXS
SNCO of the Quarter: MSgt Kalon Pang, 966 AACS
CGO of the Quarter: Capt Eric Dayhuff, 729 ACS
FGO of the Quarter: Maj Katherine Onstad, 552 ACNS
Jr Civilian of the Quarter: Mr Joseph Harvey, 963 AACS
Sr Civilian of the Quarter: Mr Timothy Corbeil, 552 ACNS

COVID-19 can't keep us down...great job everyone!

Col Alain Poisson


Oklahoma City, OK


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