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Coffee with a Counselor A program to bridge the gap between parents and school, where we will meet once a month to help supp

Coffee with a Counselo rare monthly meetings from 7:15 -8:00 at Owosso High School in room 310. We will provide lessons and group discussions along with refreshments. Parents can be anonymous and send in questions and/or topics of interest through this site.

Operating as usual


In our next meeting we will be talking about the up-coming SAT test for the Juniors and the PSAT tests for Freshmen & Sophomores!

Next meeting is March 31st @ 7:15 AM @ OHS room 310


Next Coffee with a Counselor will be March 31st @ 7:15 in room 310 at OHS!


This Friday will be our Coffee with a Counselor meeting @ 7:15am at the High School! We'll be talking about registration for next year, Early College and SAT preparation. Hope to see you there!


Next Coffee with a Counselor is Friday January, 27 @ 7:15


Next Coffee with a Counselor is Friday January, 27 @ 7:15


Next Coffee with a Counselor is this Friday November 18th @ 7:15 in room 310. All parents are welcome and it's okay to stroll in late!


"How do you know if your child is emotionally ready to live away from home?" - Parent

I think there are several factors that come in play with living on your own. A lot of the emotional stress comes from how prepared that teen is to be independent.

Here are some questions to consider:

* How well are they able to problem solve? How often do they resort to asking for help? How often do they prefer you to fix their problems?
* Can they independently find resources? (i.e. how to get money? how to get food? How to find medical attention?, etc)
* How well do they form relationships? Are the only relationships they have the ones at home or in the neighborhood?
* Can they advocate for themselves? Can your teen approach people to ask a question?
* Do they know basic living skills? Cleaning clothes? Cleaning living arrangement? Cooking food? Paying bills? Keeping a sleep routine?

These are some of the things that parents can start trying to practice with their teens at home. The more a teen requires their parent to hold a routine or to be their only means of advice and support, the more likely that teen will struggle at his own.


"AP Classes or Early College which one is better for my child?"-Parent

Good Question. Both have some pros and cons to each but they have different outcomes at the end.

AP Classes - Are taken in a classroom setting within the high school building and offer an exam at the end of the year to get credit that transfers to nearly every college.

Early College - Students can take college courses at the same time as high school and be able to get an associates degree for free. Courses can be either taken in a classroom setting or as an online class. Depending on the program of study and if the courses are a classroom setting, students may have to take night classes, drive to a another location in town or out of town a couple times a week or have a class during the weekend. Students would have to replace one to four of their high school courses in order to take these class due to school funding, but the college credits would go to high school and towards the associates degree. Students will still be in the high school for a couple hours a day working on high school class. Students may have to work independently down in our library during those high school hours that are dedicated to the Early College (EC) classes, if their EC classes are not at a different location at that time. EC Seniors hold back one class (like second semester of English or Math) from their 4th year to take at the college during the 5th year. During the 5th year, the student is a full time college student finishing the college courses. EC students walk with their graduating class but get their official high school and college associates degree when they complete the fifth year of Early College. The EC courses may or may not transfer credit to other colleges.

The pros and cons are...Students don't have to leave the school for AP classes offered by the high school, but EC students may have to. AP students may need to spend money on the exam, but EC students get the credits for free. AP students earn one credit for each AP class. EC students can earn a credit for each course.AP credit transfers to almost every college, EC credits may not. EC students can get an associates degree and a high school diploma at the same time but have to wait a year to get both. EC students have to be very independent and use their time wisely, since some of the work is on their own and they would have to chart their time and progress.


"What should parents of freshmen do to make sure our children get the most from OHS?"-Parent

As a parent, I would ask around during teacher conferences what the school has to offer and make a list. Make it a challenge for the student to pick at least two or three clubs or one sport to try and have them stick with it for at least a month or, in the case of a sport, for the whole season.

We have a lot of clubs and sports offered at the school. We have Key Club, NHS, Environmental Club, International Club, Drama Club, many more and this year the school will have FFA. If you have any questions please call me 729-5500.


"When do we apply for FAFSA if you child is dual enrolled in Early College doing the 5th year program?" - Parent

Technically they don't need to apply until their 5th year if they plan on going to another college or tech school early college finishes it. You can apply to FAFSA now as a senior and get an idea of what you could be offered, but you would have to select a college/university you would want to attend in TWO years. Of course you would be offered money from that college, but it is up to the parent to accept that money this year. You would have to refill the FAFSA during the 5th year.


The next Coffee with a Counselor meeting will be Friday morning! Nov 18 @ 7:15 at OHS.


Coffee with a Counselor will start Friday Oct 21st at 7:15-8:00AM. Its free to all parents of Owosso High School students and it's a way to ask questions and get to know the high school staff. Either message to request a seat or sign up with our Remind101 page.


Coffee with a Counselor will start Friday Oct 21st at 7:15-8:00. Its free to all parents of Owosso High School students and it's a way to ask questions and get to know the high school staff. Either message to request a seat or sign up with our Remind101 page.


Do you have questions about....
* parenting?
* helping your student study?
* college?
* your student's anxiety?
* financial aid?

Our meetings are designed to be anonymous, judgement-free and meant to empower parents through collaborative group discussion.

Message or Post Questions here! Questions will be answered during our meetings. Questions will be approved before being put on this site and will be anonymous.


Friday, October 21st , 7:15 am, is our first meeting in room 310 at the high school!


Friday, October 21st: 7:15 - 8:00am in room 310
at Owosso High school.

First Meeting! All parents are welcome in attending!

Coffee with a Counselor is a way that parents can meet with student support staff and can ask questions about school related topics. Questions and topics can be emailed or messaged through this site or written down upon arrival to the meetings.

Interested parents can RSVP by setting up an account through Remind101 clicking on the following link:


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7:15am - 8am


(989) 729-5500


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