Pearland Police Explorers Post #237

Pearland Police Explorers Post #237 The purpose of this program is to allow young adults who are interested in law enforcement as a career, to learn and experience hands on training.

Operating as usual

City of Pearland - Government

Please check our city page for updates!

2/16/21 Power Supply Update

Mayor Kevin Cole provides an update on the power supply in the City of Pearland.

Please check our city page for updates!

Please check our city page for updates!

A warming center is open for day use If you need a place to warm up for a few hours at the Recreation Center and Natatorium (4141 Bailey Rd). Space is somewhat limited, but they will do their best to accommodate as many residents as possible. If you decide to go, no pets are allowed, please wear a mask, and If you have COVID symptoms please do not come to the RCN.

ShadyCrest Baptist Chuch (3017 Yost Blvd. Pearland, TX 77581) is also open until 5 p.m. Check their page for availability.

as additional locations become available, we will update this post with information.

Please check our city page for updates.

Please check our city page for updates.


The City of Pearland provides water and wastewater to nearly 40,000 customers. With the extreme weather and extended power outages, the entire systems is under stress. There have been multiple reports of low water pressure around Pearland, as well as brown water in certain locations. The water continues to meet TCEQ standards. Flushing until brown water is gone only puts extra stress on the system, which can reduce pressure. The coloration of water is not harmful, it comes from iron deposit build up in our own wells which have been dialed up to offset the drop in pressure.

There have also been rumors that the City will shut of the water supply. THESE RUMORS ARE NOT TRUE. The crews that work to supply water to Pearland residents will continue to do so.

We know brown water is not appealing, but it will not harm anyone and if flushing continues the reduction of pressure could lead to triggering a boil water notice.

Help us conserve pressure and please share this message.


Everyone stay safe and please stay off of the roads unless it is absolutely necessary. Reminder also that all in person interviews today and tomorrow are cancelled and will be conducted via phone call at your designated appointment times.


For the safety of all of our potential Explorers and their families we have decided to cancel the in person interviews Monday and Tuesday and conduct those interviews via telephone at each individual candidates scheduled interview times.


Thank you everyone for the overwhelming response to our post application process! Please remember that the deadline to turn your packets back in at the records window is Tuesday February 9th by 8am. We look forward to scheduling the interviews and meeting with each of you individually!


** UPDATE ** The lobby is "closed" between 6p and 6a but if you contact 281 997 4100 and ask for the records division someone can let you in to obtain an application or bring one out to you.

We are extremely happy to announce that our program has been given the green light to recommence!! We will be opening our application process today and leaving the necessary paperwork to be filled out on the countertop in our PD lobby located at 2555 Cullen Parkway. All applications, essays and letters of recommendation will need to be turned in by Tuesday February 9 at 8am. For any returning Explorers all you will have to do is turn in your letter of recommendation and essay by this deadline. We are tentatively setting the interviews for the 15th and 16th of the month. This year will look a little different and we will only be accepting 16 members to participate. We are excited to get the year started and look forward to making a difference in our community once again! If there are any questions feel free to contact Ofc. R. Cohen at [email protected] or at 281-997-4217.


We are proud to congratulate 2 of our Explorers, Rohit Shajan and Monserrat “Alice” Romero on being chosen as 2 of the state wide Explorers to receive TLEEAA scholarships for 2019-2020. Both had to submit applications, essays and letters of recommendation from one of their advisors. They are a great example of how doing the right things pay off (literally)!

We would like to send our heartfelt condolences to Houston Fire Department and the family of Investigator Lemuel Bruce.

We would like to send our heartfelt condolences to Houston Fire Department and the family of Investigator Lemuel Bruce.

The Pearland Police Department is saddened to learn of Houston Fire Department Arson Investigator Lemuel Bruce who passed away from his injuries sustained in the line of duty early this morning (10/16/2020). Our prayers are with the Houston Fire Department and the family of Lemuel Bruce.

Great event for a great cause.  Come out and show your support!

Great event for a great cause. Come out and show your support!

We heard you loud and clear, the wait is finally over... we're back for more! Saturday, October 10th Sunset Cinema presents: Incredibles 2. The Pearland Parks & Recreation Department is partnering with the Pearland Police Department on Saturday, October 10th for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. All proceeds from this upcoming drive-in event will be donated to the Women's Center of Brazoria County. To help a fantastic cause AND join your fellow Pearland residents for a fantastic movie, head to the link below for tickets:

Entry will begin at at 7:00pm, with the film beginning at 8:00pm. Attendance cap is 60 vehicles, with entry price at $15 *per vehicle, max limit of 10 moviegoers per vehicle. Reservations are online ONLY with on-site ticket purchases unavailable. Full rules and guidelines are listed at the link below:

Help your Pearland Parks & Recreation team raise awareness and support for Domestic Violence Awareness Month by coming out on Saturday, October 10th to watch Incredibles 2 at Sunset Cinema!

Pearland Police Department

This program is extremely beneficial to anyone who has a family member this may apply to. Every second matters!

As part of our department’s ongoing mission to be a proactive agency we wanted to shed light on one of our many programs. The Safe Return Program seeks to collect voluntary registrations from parents/guardians/caregivers of individuals diagnosed with Autism, Alzheimer's, Dementia or some other mental/intellectual disability. It is our hope that any of our officers who may come in contact or be called upon to locate an individual in a time of crisis can utilize this information when every second counts.

For more information and how to register someone please proceed to the link below.

City of Pearland - Government

City of Pearland - Government

As the storms in the Gulf have developed, the City's Incident Management Team has been paying close attention and making preparations. With the continued threat of hurricane Laura to our area the decision has been made to activate the Emergency Operations Center starting at 8p.m. this evening, Tuesday, August 25th.

Click here for details -

We would like to send our condolences to this officer’s friends and family.

We would like to send our condolences to this officer’s friends and family.

The Pearland Police Department is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of a Beaumont Police Officer who was killed after being struck head-on by a vehicle that was traveling the wrong way early Sunday morning (08/09/2020). Our condolences and prayers are with the families of the fallen and our brothers and sisters at the Beaumont Police Department.

Our condolences to their families.

Our condolences to their families.

The Pearland Police Department is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of McAllen Officer I. Chavez and Officer E. Garza, who were shot and killed in the line of duty today. Our condolences and prayers are with the families of the fallen and our brothers and sisters at the McAllen Police Department.

Pearland Police Department

Here is some important information for kids about gun safety and some freebies for the adults that need these at the house.

Gun ownership comes with an ongoing commitment to safety and responsibility, in which gun owners must have a clear understanding of safe handling and storage rules to achieve the intended personal safety benefits.

Check out our Public Service Announcement on Gun Safety below.

For anyone that has any questions about where our department and it’s officers stand this is a great bit of information.

For anyone that has any questions about where our department and it’s officers stand this is a great bit of information.

With current events and questions around the Country about policing, we want to provide clarifying information about the foundational elements of policing in Pearland - rigorous recruiting, diligent training, and clear policies.

Click here to learn more -

The reason our post is #237 is because that was his badge number.

The reason our post is #237 is because that was his badge number.

On this day four years ago, the Pearland Police Department lost Officer Endy Ekpanya when he was killed in a head-on crash with an intoxicated driver. Officer Endy Ekpanya had been with the department for one year and was survived by his wife Lucy and son Julian.

Pearland Police Chief Johnny Spires stated: “Everything is still fresh in our minds. The crash, the hospital, the investigation, the funeral and the trial. You could feel the pain and sorrow just walking through our building, it was surreal. We ask that everyone keep Lucy, Julian, Ms. Addy and the entire family in your prayers. Endy will always be remembered and honored by our department and the City of Pearland.”

Please feel free to visit our memorial honoring Endy in front of our Police Department.



George Floyd’s Entombment: Mr. Floyd’s procession will be escorted by the Houston Police Department into Pearland following his funeral service. The City expects Mr. Floyd will arrive in Pearland sometime after 1 p.m. at Houston Memorial Gardens, travelling the last mile of the funeral procession in a horse-drawn carriage. The public should monitor local news outlets for updates and visit Transtar for current traffic information.

Attendee estimates at this time are uncertain. The public is welcome to pay respects at public locations and on sidewalks along the route. Barricades will prevent vehicular access on Cullen along the procession route. Attendees are requested to stay behind the barricades to ensure safe travel for the procession and Mr. Floyd’s family.

The Pearland Police Department has been working with other City departments and law enforcement partners to ensure this is a respectful time for Mr. Floyd’s family, safe for those coming to mourn or show support, and safe for Pearland residents and businesses. There will be a large number of Texas State Troopers to assist with traffic control and road closures, per attached map. Roadways are tentatively scheduled to be closed starting at 1 p.m., though may occur earlier.

For attendees there will be a limited amount of public parking near the the cemetery. People attending are encouraged to carpool with family to limit the number of vehicles. Pearland ISD is permitting use of the front parking lots of Dawson High School while the City has reserved some parking at Hickory Slough Sportsplex. Silverlake Church is permitting some parking at their location. There will be a limited number of portable restrooms in the area near Dawson HS and near the cemetery.

Current weather forecasts show “feels like” temperatures reaching 107 degrees and the UV Index is extreme on Tuesday. Visitors should consider the heat index when determining their time of arrival and are encouraged to wear light clothing, sunscreen, and drink plenty of fluids. We request visitors attend to their restroom needs prior to arrival.

We ask for the public’s assistance in making this a peaceful process, urge patience to, through, and from the procession and that we all remember Mr. Floyd’s family in our actions on this day.

Please note, the Pearland Public Safety Building will be closed to the public on Tuesday. People can still call 281-997-4100 (non-emergency) to request an officer.

City of Pearland Media staging is available in the south parking lot of the Pearland Public Safety Building located at 2555 Cullen Blvd.

For more information, visit

Pearland Police Department

Pearland Police Department

On Tuesday, June 9th, Mr. George Floyd is anticipated to be entombed at the Houston Memorial Gardens on Cullen Boulevard, south of Beltway 8.

With unknown attendance numbers and recognizing the importance of the memorials, there will be an increased law enforcement presence throughout the city and area on Tuesday, June 9th.

The Pearland Police Department along with additional law enforcement agencies are committed to keeping everyone in attendance safe while still ensuring the safety and security of the entire city. Pearland Police Officers will be patrolling the city and available for calls for service.

For information pertaining to events happening June 9th relevant to the residents, visitors, and businesses of Pearland to address issues of safety, traffic, and privacy of the event, visit

Pearland Police Department


The Pearland Police Department is working to finalize any road closures associated with the burial of Mr. George Floyd, which will take place in our city on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Once the plan is finalized, we will put the traffic related information on our Facebook and Twitter page to keep everyone informed in advance of Tuesday. We are continuing to work with Community Leaders, City Leaders, and additional law enforcement agencies to ensure Mr. Floyd is laid to rest in a peaceful and respectful manner.

Pearland Police Department

Pearland Police Department

The Pearland Police Department is aware of the scheduled Entombment for Mr. George Floyd here in Pearland on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. We are working with community leaders, city leaders, and additional law enforcement agencies to ensure Mr. Floyd is laid to rest in a peaceful and respectful manner. Please continue to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter as this will be the main source of information and updates.

When everything goes back to normal we would just like everyone to remember the level of appreciation you have now for t...

When everything goes back to normal we would just like everyone to remember the level of appreciation you have now for the teachers that teach our kids. I know it has been stressful as we’ve all taken on the extra responsibility of full time teacher of our children. While we should all be involved in our children’s development, there is no doubt those that do it for a living are pretty amazing for doing what they do!


As a Pearland Police Officer, I came into this career with the goal of “making a difference”. I think everyone in this career wants to make a difference in one way or another and their perception of what that means is personal to each individual. Some people work their entire career on the streets patrolling their city and making their difference that way. Others go into specialized divisions and find their niche doing the specific things that they found they were the most passionate about. I found that in my own personal time I spent quite a few hours doing things within the community which led me to a position in Community Outreach.

Community Outreach encompasses various programs and inherent responsibilities. I have the privilege of leading various programs that I feel very strongly about. One of these programs is the Law Enforcement Explorers program. For those that are unaware of what this is let me give you a brief description. Law Enforcement Exploring is a hands-on program open to young men and women between the ages of 14 and 21 who have completed the 8th grade and are interested in a career in law enforcement or a related field in criminal justice. The program offers young adults a personal
awareness of the criminal justice system through training, practical experiences, competition and other activities. Additionally, the program promotes personal growth through character development, respect for the rule of law, good citizenship and volunteerism.

Our program began approximately 4 years ago and our post number 237 was chosen in memoriam Officer Endy Ekpanya, a Pearland Police Department Officer who was killed in the line of duty by an intoxicated driver on June 12, 2016. Since our inception we have completed over 2500 cumulative community service hours and been recognized competitively on a local, state and national level. Our youth have been recognized individually as well, being awarded numerous scholarships, awards and even selected for appointments to various leadership councils and academies throughout the state.

In the end what I am most proud of are the relationships formed between the youth in our community and our department. I am proud of the diverse group of future leaders we recruit into our post each year. I am proud of the open, honest and insightful conversations we have amongst each other. The fact of the matter is if none of these kids decided to become Police Officers or follow a career in law enforcement in the future but each and every one of them have positive law enforcement experiences and stories to share, then our community outreach can extend further beyond the boundaries of the commonly perceived “community” defined by borders and geographic markers.

Ofc. R. Cohen


2555 Cullen Parkway
Pearland, TX


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