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No one should embark on a deployment or see a loved one deploy without first knowing the benefits, resources, and contacts to navigate the deployment cycle. This is the philosophy of the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program, a legislatively mandated program that helps Service Members and their Families in the National Guard connect with their local support community before, during, and after deployments. On this site, you’ll learn about Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program events provided through the program, how to find an event near you, who to contact if you need more answers, and more.

Mission: The goal of the LANG Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program is to prepare service members and their families for mobilization, sustain families during mobilization and reintegrate service members with their families, communities and employers upon redeployment or release from active duty.

Louisiana National Guard’s Company C, 2nd Battalion, 156th Infantry, served with NYNG's 1st Battalion, 69th Infantry, 10...
Nation's highest ranking soldier joins New York National Guard's 69th Infantry for St. Patrick's Day

Louisiana National Guard’s Company C, 2nd Battalion, 156th Infantry, served with NYNG's 1st Battalion, 69th Infantry, 10 years ago in Iraq. 19 Soldiers lost their lives in this mission - 11 from the NYNG and eight from the LANG.


America’s highest ranking Soldier celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with the Soldiers of the New York National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 69th Infantry on Tuesday, March 17. General Martin E. Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recognized families of the battalion’s fallen, acclaimed its outs…

Colorado National Guard boss cites rift with regular Army
Colorado National Guard boss cites rift with regular Army

Colorado National Guard boss cites rift with regular Army

The head of the Colorado National Guard said the relationship between its leaders and Army brass is broken, and the two sides are not talking to each other because of a budget dispute.

During the month of November, the Department of Defense salutes our military families and the support they provide to ou...
Defense.gov Special Report: Military Family Support 2014

During the month of November, the Department of Defense salutes our military families and the support they provide to our service members.

Get information on all the resources offered to our military families throughout the year.

"On this day and every day, we salute all those who have worn America's uniforms and the families who stand by them. Our homeland is stronger and safer because of these heroes."

Survivor Dash Prepares Louisiana National Guard Troops

Survivor Dash Prepares Louisiana National Guard Troops

Date: July 23, 2014 Location: Camp Beauregard, Louisiana Description: Feature news package with voice over of the Louisiana National Guard's 139th Regional S...

Ssg Marks Returns To Daughter at Kids AT

Ssg Marks Returns To Daughter at Kids AT

Feature story of Staff Sergeant Jeremy Marks of the Louisiana National Guard surprises his daughter, Leona, by returning from Kuwait at her Kids Annual Train...


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General information

The Deployment Cycle Pre-Deployment - From first notification of deployment until deployment occurs: From the moment you are alerted of your imminent deployment, this time should be used to prepare for your departure. If you are a Family member, this marks the period during which you will prepare for the separation of your loved one. It’s important for military Families to use this phase as an opportunity to connect emotionally, to line up your local support resources, and ensure all financial and household tasks are assigned and ready to be accomplished while you or your loved one is away. If you are a Service Member, you can also expect to receive important information to help you stay safe during your deployment, one of many topics that attending a Pre-Deployment event with your Family will address. During Deployment - From departure until demobilization: During this phase, units or individuals deploy from their respective installations into their designated assignment. As a deployed Service Member, you are performing your mission, but in the meantime, Families will be adjusting to the separation. Wherever possible, the during deployment phase is a good time to keep in touch through letters, phone calls, emails and social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. Family members will benefit from attending a During Deployment event to receive coping tips, discuss reunion issues, and more. Demobilization - From the unit’s arrival at the demobilization station to departure for its home station: You (or your loved one) are finally coming home. Redeployment/demobilization marks the period during which Service Members returning from theater arrive at the demobilization station or wing and receive briefings, medical assessments, and materials to begin their healthy, successful reintegration into their Families, civilian employment, and communities. As a returning Service Member, you may be extremely eager to get home, and Family members will be just as anxious for your arrival, but it’s important to be patient throughout this process, as it will ensure a smoother transition. Post-Deployment/Reconstitution - From arrival at home station to 180 days after arrival: What you need to know: Welcome home! You’ve served your Nation and been reunited with the world you left behind. “Now what?” you ask. Reintegration into civilian life may pose an entirely new set of challenges for you and your Family as you strive towards regaining normalcy after deployment. Post-Deployment events occur at approximately the 30, 60, and 90-day mark to gradually help you and your Family adjust to life after separation. You’ll receive critical information about services and entitlements you have earned, as well as points of contact to help you cope with any challenges you may experience as a result of being deployed. LANG Resources for service members and families in the deployment cycle: LANG Transition Assistance Advisors (318) 541-6786, LA Transition Assistance Advisors (318) 290-5449, Tri-Care (800) 444-5445, DEERS (800) 538-9552, VA Benefits (225) 922-0500, JAG (Legal) (337) 531-2580, ESGR (800) 336-4590, Chaplain (225) 319-4660, Suicide Prevention (800) 784-2433, LA Mental Health (318) 484-6850, Military One Source (800) 342- 9647, Yellow Ribbon Office (318) 641-5331, Wounded Soldier (800) 984- 8523, American Red Cross (877) 272-7337, RIO Psychologist (318) 290-7564, Melissa Mitrik, LAANG YRSS (318) 792-8510, Cindy Goulart, LANG YRSS (318) 641-5331, Capt. Rebekah Andersen, Yellow Ribbon OIC (318) 641-5331


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