Bradford Collin County Commissioner Precinct 4

Bradford Collin County Commissioner Precinct 4 I would like to thank you for your consideration in becoming the next County Commissioner for Collin County Precinct 4. Byron Bradford for Collin County Commissioner, Precinct 4


Our warrior culture is not set up to recognize seeing problems short of losing a body part or blood gushing from an orifice. The “invisible wounds,” as they’ve been called in this war, are the hardest ones to see, explain and validate in the eyes of leaders who often dismiss warriors as malingering because they cannot see the wounds the warrior tries to describe. This makes their wounds a self-licking ice cream cone and the warrior gives up and goes back in the game playing hurt.


Its political influence was evident Monday, when criticism from the Legion and other veterans groups, in part, led President Donald Trump to order the White House flag lowered to half-staff in honor of Sen. John McCain, who died Saturday.


"As a Floridian, it was my hope this Governor’s race would be about the pressing issues facing our state -rising tides, algae outbreak, trade, economy, jobs," Navarro said. "I had hoped it would not be one were racism was front and center. That hope lasted all of 10 hours."


“You make a large donation to the governor, and in turn you are eligible for appointment to the Board of Regents,” he told the ABC affiliate station, KAMC, referring to the Texas Tech University board.


Unfortunately, Social Security is more in danger now, than ever before. Republicans have voted to increase the retirement age, slash benefits, privatize the program and gut protections for injured and disabled workers in order to give billionaires their tax cuts.


"Do not ignore your down ballot candidates, they live in your community!"
Byron Bradford


Cruz was mostly AWOL in the fight for Harvey recovery dollars...when it came to the hard work of bringing home billions to rebuild Texas, Cruz sat that one out.”


A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder ofconsensus.


Guilty pleas have replaced trials for a very simple reason: individuals who choose to exercise their Sixth Amendment right to trial face exponentially higher sentences if they invoke the right to trial and lose. Faced with this choice, individuals almost uniformly surrender the right to trial rather than insist on proof beyond a reasonable doubt, defense lawyers spend most of their time negotiating guilty pleas rather than ensuring that police and the government respect the boundaries of the law including the proof beyond a reasonable doubt standard, and judges dedicate their time to administering plea allocutions rather than evaluating the constitutional and legal aspects of the government’s case and police conduct. Equally important, the public rarely exercises the oversight function envisioned by the Framers and inherent in jury service.


"Social services for seniors and veterans should not be defunded to satisfy corporate tax breaks.
Byron Bradford


The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.


In 2016, 7% of U.S. adults were veterans, down from 18% in 1980, according to the Census Bureau. This drop coincides with decreases in active duty personnel.


Many Veterans who are disabled and unable to work due to war trauma are waiting months and years for benefits they were promised and have earned. This results in many Vets with significant financial problems that can end up homeless or worse. A third of all homeless citizens in America are Veterans.Jan 11, 2011


Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.
Douglas Macarthur


Rove: Trump should lower expectations for midterm elections.

County Commissioner Precinct 4

The home values in Collin County went from $317,500 to 344,500 in 12 months. That is not good for our senior citizens on a fixed income.

I need your help to ensure our most prized possessions, meaning our senior citizens are not pushed on the street or out of our county. They are a valuable resource in our community and we must do right by them.

Vote Byron Bradford Collin County Commissioner Pct 4

County Commissioner Precinct 4


We need servants in office not robots!


Time to elect officials to office that care about people.


You can't represent the people if you are receiving money from Political Action Committees (PACs)
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But the 2016 presidential election showed that voter frustration with influence of money in politics may have become a powerful force in politics. Mr. Trump tapped into anger with a "rigged system," as did Senator Sanders, who fueled a robust primary campaign against Hillary Clinton while largely eschewing big corporate dollars. While the two Democratic presidential candidates largely shared policies on regulating money in politics, advocates argue that Sanders' long-standing policy of rejecting corporate donations helped him own the issue.


Your dreams will take time. It will take efforts and require dedication and sacrifice. But in the end it WILL be worth it.

Anurag Prakash Ray


Mr. Bradford, thank you so much for visiting with me by phone this morning. Below are the descriptions of the forums that we are planning for General election Candidates.

We are asking you to consider speaking on September 26 at 11:00 AM.



In recent years, there have been increased concerns over the security of U.S. elections. In light of official intelligence reports citing Russian interference in the 2016 general election, as well as a specific case in Texas where a voter registration database was targeted by Russian hackers, the question of election security looms large as the 2018 midterm elections approach in November.


"When machines, computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism and militarism are incapable of being conquered."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Downballot and downticket are two new words that describe running or voting for offices listed below the most important—typically national—race on a ballot.


Teens are also four times more likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as rapid acceleration, sudden braking and hard turns, during this period. In contrast, teens on a learner’s permit drove more safely, with their crash/near crash and risky driving rates similar to those of adults. The study appears in the Journal of Adolescent Health.


Local government manages a lot of different things — and their decisions will directly affect your life.

Bradford Collin County Commissioner Precinct 4

Bradford Collin County Commissioner Precinct 4

When this project began, the Commissioners Court was projecting a $560 million dollar bond referendum in November 2018. Now, they have concocted a plan asking the public to vote on a $750 million dollar bond with no guarantees that there will not be a property tax increase.

Research shows that counties of similar demographics and size will lose business and revenue due to lack of access by consumers. Also, more traffic will be forced to use backstreets that are unsafe or illuminated. Furthermore, this will also decrease the quality of life for all citizens affected.

The infastructure for a fully functioning rail system throughout Collin County is very feasible in a shorter time span, at half the cost! Connecting counties will help the Texas economy as whole. It will help perserve the environment, increase real estate values, allow families to spend more time together, while creating more discretionary income to enjoy other activites in Collin County.

Lets bring Innovation, Ingenuity and Imagination to the Collin County Commissioners Court November 6, 2018.

Vote Byron Bradford Candidate Collin County Commissioner PCT 4.


1915 N. Central Expy, Suite 150
Plano, TX


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