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Biltmore HOA - Biltmore Swim & Racquet Club Homeowners Association Biltmore Swim and Racquet Club Homeowners Association is a family oriented community of 285 single family homes.

Operating as usual


There are several Girl Scouts in our neighborhood who have just started Digital Cookie Sales. Links to order from them are posted in the comments below. Cookies can be mail ordered immediately or delivered in person after January 15. They are also taking donations to send cookies to the Military, First Responders, and Essential Workers. If you order 8+ boxes for mail order you get 1/2 of shipping through Dec 31.

*If you have a scout that would like to get her link out to the neighborhood please comment her first name and Digital Cookie Link on this post.

Reminder: Girl Scout Troop 6601 is collecting food for Minnie’s Food Pantry tomorrow, November 19, from 6-7:30pm at the ...

Reminder: Girl Scout Troop 6601 is collecting food for Minnie’s Food Pantry tomorrow, November 19, from 6-7:30pm at the Biltmore Cabana.

For contactless drop off please leave items on your rear seat or trunk, drive up, and we will unload it.

This pregnant female was found at Sailmaker and Coit. Please respond if this is your dog or know whose it is, and I’ll g...

This pregnant female was found at Sailmaker and Coit. Please respond if this is your dog or know whose it is, and I’ll give you the phone number of the person who found her so you can get reunited


If you have lost a black lab and a German Shepherd, I just saw them on Coach House near the alleyway between Windstone and Longbow. Tried to catch the lab to look at it’s collar but it wouldn’t come near me.


Tennis court timer has been fixed. Thank you Andres for telling us. Enjoy the evening tennis matches.


There was a single key that appears to be a car key found at the pool. Hopefully it was just a diving toy for someone. If it is yours and you need it back, PM Biltmore HOA or email us.


Members: Remember that if someone does not have a key, do NOT let them in.


Second Pool Key Exchange:
Monday 6/8 from 6pm to 8pm.


Pool Opening Sunday 6/7.
The gate will be unchained in the morning.


For the record, there will be another key exchange when the Covid restrictions are lifted. The board is adding this second key exchange for our members that don't plan on using the pool during these restrictions. This will reduce the volume of residents at the cabana Saturday.


Link is now on HOA website.

Key exchange will be Saturday 6/6 from 10am to 2pm. PLEASE if you wish to use the pool, be here in this time window.

To speed things up, please have everything already printed and signed so the board can examine your ID, record your new key number, and receive your old key. Please have your old key removed from any key chains.

The pool will open Sunday at the earliest. This assumes we can accomplish the changes on Saturday.

We still need 2-3 more volunteers to help prepare the pool area. We will need the help from approximately 12-2.

Biltmore HOA Board of Directors


Pool/Tennis Court Update:

In an effort to open the community facilities, we must make changes in the policies for these areas. These changes are documented in the attached documents. These changes are to protect the HOA from liability and keep the area safe for our members. Your current pool key will not work when the pool reopens. The locks have been changed and we will have our annual key exchange early this year prior to the pool opening. To receive the new key, an adult resident from each house will need to bring the following to the key exchange:
Government issued photo ID listing their current residence address
Signed copy of the attached documents
Their old key.

To speed things up, members are asked to bring the forms with them signed. We will have blank forms available at the key exchange.

On a different topic, we understand the financial burden some of our members are going through. We decided to waive interest for any delinquent HOA fees starting March.

-Biltmore HOA Board of Directors

Plano Independent School District

Plano Independent School District

Kindergarten registration for the 2020-21 school year is an online process and is now open. More information including the enrollment packet is available at Email [email protected] with questions.


The City of Plano recently announced that they are opening up the city pools following the restrictions of a maximum of 25% capacity. While they have means to enforce the occupancy, we do not. The pool is remaining closed until occupancy restrictions are lifted by the city and/or state.


Some members have reached out to me about the status of the pool and I apologize for not posting earlier about this. The pool is closed due to the Covid-19 and social gathering restrictions. We are following the City of Plano's guidelines. While the pool is closed, we are taking this opportunity to resolve some pool issues, hence the construction. This maintenance should be completed next week. When the construction is complete, the pool will remain closed until the City of Plano lifts the restrictions.

City of Plano, Texas Government

City of Plano, Texas Government

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: March 25, 2020 – 5:40 p.m.

COVID-19 Webpage:
COVID-19 Full FAQs:
COVID-19 Resources:

We realize there’s confusion in our community right now regarding the orders issued by various governmental entities about the COVID-19 pandemic. Right now the City of Plano is under a State order, a Denton County order, a Collin County order and the City’s own Emergency Declaration.

While there are few differences among these orders, the message is the same: We must exercise individual and collective responsibility and simply STAY HOME.

In seven days, three of these orders expire. During that time, and absent of any further action from the State, Plano’s Mayor Harry LaRosiliere agrees with fellow DFW mayors that a regional collaborative approach is in the best interest of all of our residents and neighbors.

Our message for you, Plano, is: STAY HOME. Ask yourself this simple question: “Who are the loved ones you are willing to stay home for?”

When at all possible, your best choice is to STAY HOME. When you can’t stay home, Be SMART. Work Smart, Shop Smart and always follow the Smart Health Tips.

Listen to a message from the Mayor:

I have a Honda push mower that I am willing to  donate to someone that needs it and will use it.  It runs and works just...

I have a Honda push mower that I am willing to donate to someone that needs it and will use it. It runs and works just fine. Contact Thomas Schattner

From Heather Hopper:

From Heather Hopper:


Turkey Fry
November 27
sign up at

Texas PTA

Texas PTA

With over 5 million public school students back in school across Texas, know the rules of the road and when it isn't lawful to pass a stopped school bus. Read Texas Department of Public Safety:

Plano Texas Police Department

Plano Texas Police Department

Reminder! School in Plano starts today. Slow down for the school zones because kids will be there...and so will our officers. Time to get back in practice for another school year to help keep our kiddos safe. #SlowDown #SchoolZonesActive #PutDownThePhoneAndDrive #WeWillBeWatching


There is an obstruction in the lock for exiting the pool to the parking lot side. For that gate, please reach through the gate and use the exterior lock. The locksmith has been called and it will be fixed shortly.


For those that were not available yesterday for the key exchange, we will have a second opportunity Thursday 7/18 from 6-8pm at the pool.


The air compressor at the pool has been replaced and is ready to use to fill your pool floats.

Contact Christen Harvill if you know this lost dog

Contact Christen Harvill if you know this lost dog


Do you have a child that's able to babysit or are you looking for a babysitter that's in the neighborhood? Please post here with a parent's contact information. Babysitter's preferred ages and any qualifications would be helpful.


The Biltmore Egg Hunt is still scheduled for this Saturday at 4:30pm. Depending on the weather we may have to postpone the event. If we have to postpone I will let everyone know by noon on Saturday.


Reminder for anyone in the neighborhood who has a child going to kindergarten at Gulledge in the fall.

Kindergarten Round up is coming up on March 22. Contact the school for details.
(469) 752-1300


Girl Scout Troop 6601, based at Gulledge Elementary, will be collecting water, Gatorade, and gently used stuffed animals to donate to Plano's first responders. If you would like to help us out, please bring your donation to the program room on the main level of Schimelpfenig Library on Sunday, March 3 from 2-4pm. Everything will be delivered to Plano Police and Fire later in March. This is a Take Action project for our troop because some of the girls heard about how the first responders could get dehydrated during the summer and wanted to help them.

This sweet kitty was lost last night. Her owner lives on Horizon Place. Let us know if you spot her.

This sweet kitty was lost last night. Her owner lives on Horizon Place. Let us know if you spot her.

Ways to Help Prevent Package Thefts

Ways to Help Prevent Package Thefts

The Plano Police Department shows a few ways you can help prevent package thefts from occurring at your home.



Found this older guy off camp stone and legendary lane. Call me if he is yours 2145355443

Plano Parks & Recreation

Plano Parks & Recreation

We have received A LOT of rain over the past 45 days with more to come. Soil saturation and standing water at our parks and playgrounds is highly likely. Please be safe and report anything that needs our attention through the Fixit Plano or Thank you!



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Turkey fry in 2020, still happening?
Great job Racquet Court this evening with the trick or treaters. Lots of participation while practicing good social distancing. Caps off.
Hey Biltmore. Your 10 year old neighbor needs your help! I’m sure you recognize his work. He’s entered a contest for his Halloween decorations. All you have to do is click this link and like his photo on Plano’s Arts and Events page. Just one like is all it takes to vote. Feel free to share as well. The contest ends tomorrow at 5. (Yes I got permission to post this) Thank you! Click here 👉
Key found at the pool
It's not too soon to start planning your Labor Day events. Let provide you with gourmet food trucks for you and your neighbors. We are the premier food truck booking service in the metroplex and we are ready to go to work for you. Respond here, call us at 817-382-6800, or email at: [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.
Any discussion on doing the kid bike parade for 4th of July? Could just do decorations and ride and not necessarily a gathering at the end. We have several new families on our block alone that would participate.
POOL REOPENING To all Biltmore residents: Please send an email to the HOA at [email protected] if you are interested in helping to get the pool reopened this summer. I have emailed the HOA as well as the board members to let them know I am quite willing to cooperate with all rules and regulations and to help put a system in place where residents can make a reservation for a pool time so that we can keep everyone safe. We need support from all interested residents in order to make this happen. You can also email the board members directly: Dan Pearse: [email protected] Thomas Schattner: [email protected] David Flores: [email protected] Thanks Jill
Saw the pool is under construction - are there any updates?
Good day, we are new-ish not only to the neighborhood but the city as well; we are looking for recommendations for a small/family business to take care of the yard, weeds, dry leafs and all that. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
Girl Scout Cookies are here. We've been walking around the neighborhood selling the last couple of days. If you weren't home or we haven't gotten to your house yet, PM me and we will deliver at your convenience.
This dog is loose on Legendary Lane. It is not too friendly so it is staying put. Does anyone know who’s dog it is? I called animal services.
A personal note was dropped at our house for Caroline Schattner, but had the wrong address (obviously). Does anyone know where she lives so we can pass it on to her?