F.O.P. Range Inc.

F.O.P. Range Inc. The FOP Range is open and accepting new members. Monthly and Annual Memberships available. See www The range has 7 individual ranges in all.

Each of the ranges has target stands provided, an up-range covered area to get out of the weather or sun, and tables to put your stuff on. Two of the ranges are steel plate ranges with hundreds of reactive steel plate targets to bang on. One for centerfire handguns and one just for rimfire. The range is staffed by knowledgeable staff that are happy to assist you with any thing you should need to h

ave a safe, fun day at the range. See our web site,, for everything you could want to know about the range.

Operating as usual

Warning!  Rant to follow!I have implemented a digital sign in process at the range for Trial Members and Guests.  There ...

Warning! Rant to follow!
I have implemented a digital sign in process at the range for Trial Members and Guests. There is a QR code, the square box looking thingy, you point your cell phone camera at and it takes you to a form. The form asks for your basic info and email address then walks you through an acknowledgement of the safety rules we have here. It is much faster than the old written forms we used to use as your phone will automatically suggest what goes into the boxes as you go. Once you state that you understand the rules and agree to the liability waiver it is submitted to range. The whole process takes less time than for me to write this paragraph.

Why? Covid caused us to go through a period where the range lost over 1000 members. When we had 1400 ish members, we did things like build a steel plate range, build a rimfire range, expand the main range, overhaul and improve the rifle range, buy 100’s of AR500 steel plates and target systems, maintain the road, and generally keep things spiffy here. In 2021 we hit 340 members. Because the range is debt free with relatively low overhead, we got by where other ranges like Sheepdog failed. To thrive, we must get our numbers back up. Traditionally, all the advertising was done with Facebook and Google Ads. Facebook has figured out that we are a gun range. They are hugely antigun and have killed our ability to advertise what we have here. Google Ads turned out to be a huge rip-off, charging up to $18 for a single click to the range web site that frequently came from outside the USA… A complete waste of our money. Even tried Yelp and had a commercial produced on the range’s Yelp page. Found out that our Yelp ad was served differently because of the fi****ms related business we are, effectively making it useless and another waste of our money. Without Facebook, Google or Yelp, how do you advertise your gun range today?

Direct Marketing. We have to go direct and that means getting contact info from every single range user who has been here and used the place but not yet joined. Email is nearly free. Stamps and postage are expensive. Everyone functioning today has a valid email address. My intention is to contact each and every one of those range users to open a dialog that will hopefully lead them to membership or increased use of the range. Each Monday I will take care of those that shot here during the week prior, making an offer for membership effective enough to stimulate a response. It is how we will grow. We have a really nice place to shoot. The place essentially sells itself.

Haters. But you hate the new form or having to use your phone? We had people today tell us they were not going to use the new form and leave today. How do we handle that? The range has been in survival mode for over 2 years. Survival mode is not going to pay for gravel for the range road. Marketing is essential for our growth and development. Marketing is essentially unavailable elsewhere. If someone loaded up the car and drove here but then walks out because we asked to talk with you later about opportunities to join and support the range, I hate it for them. This is the way it is now. The waiver is digital. It’s done from your device or from the tablet we are providing at the office. It is very fast, secure, unshared with anyone else, and a necessity. Don’t want the emailed offer? Unsubscribe when you get one. It will be your last… or join. Once you are in, you will only see our regular newsletters.

Future. The sales I have held have brought in many new members. We are almost at 600 today. Sales get people in the door and let them experience the facility. The customer service, the amenities, and conveniences of the facility keep them members. Historically 95% renew a year later. It’s a tough time to run a gun range.

Good News!Things are changing a little this year at the range.  We have gone to a digital waiver form for both the Trial...

Good News!
Things are changing a little this year at the range. We have gone to a digital waiver form for both the Trial Members and Member's Guests. Point your phone's camera at the QR code and the form opens on your device. It is faster to complete than the old paper versions. Go to most restaurants or any doctor's office and you will be using the same software. It is reliable and secure. It is how business is done now.

Facebook has locked us out of any advertising. I have spent $1000's over the years but out business promotes the sale of fi****ms and ammunition. I have also spent $1000's on Google ads but they turned out to be a huge rip off. I found I was paying up to $18 for a click to the range website from places outside the USA.

The Plan.
We are collecting email addresses from range users to begin a dialog with via email. Each will get an offer to join and a coupon code to use. Each may unsubscribe at any time.

I included a random number generator on the form that will generate a number between 0 and 9. If your number matches the number of the day posted at the office, your day at the range is free.

Ammo prices are coming down and availability is going up. The range has always had the best prices on ammo around. We su...

Ammo prices are coming down and availability is going up. The range has always had the best prices on ammo around. We sunk a bunch of money into ammo inventory and bought from our distributors whenever possible. The prices were stupid at first but we kept ammo here on the shelves for our members. Remember when 9 mm was sold here for $39.99 a box? That was ammo we paid $38 a box for. We sold it for just enough to be able to replace it. Now that our cost has gone down, we can pass even better deals on to our members. The range does not derive its income from the sale of ammo. We sell a boat load but make less than $500 a month on it. That means you will never pay too much for your ammo here.

Many calibers are still scarce. Every week we ask our distributors for hunting calibers and all they have is some .416 Rigby Magnum elephant ammo. In time it will come back. It is a way better situation than this time a year ago. We keep a pile of the most common calibers here but if you have one that is a little unusual like 10mm or 38 super, make a call to the range first before driving here without ammo. 205-744-2600.


Applies now more than ever. Support your local gun range.

The Christmas Sale this year makes joining the range cost 40% less.  Yep.  40% off the dues collected for the first year...

The Christmas Sale this year makes joining the range cost 40% less. Yep. 40% off the dues collected for the first year AND the initiation fee. All new memberships purchased before Christmas Day using SANTA40DEAL coupon code at checkout on this web site will have 40% knocked off the initiation fee AND all payments for the first 12 months. Go to the JOIN HERE page to make it happen.
Join as a monthly paying member and the monthly payments are 40% less for the first 12 months. Join as an annual paying member and your first annual dues payment is 40% less. This is a limited time offer with a limited number of slots available with this awesome deal. We have never run a deal this good before. Get your calculator out and plug in some of the numbers for memberships below to see what 40% off looks like...​
Here... I did it for you.
Limited Annual Tier 1 $100 is $60
Limited Annual Tier 2 $200 is $120
Limited Monthly Tier 1 $11 is $6.60
Limited Monthly Tier 2 $18 is $10.80​
Single Annual Tier 1 $150 is $90
Single Annual Tier 2 $250 is $150
Single Monthly Tier 1 $15 is $9
Single Monthly Tier 2 $22 is $13.20​
Full Annual Tier 1 $200 is $120
Full Annual Tier 2 $300 is $180
Full Monthly Tier 1 $20 is $12
Full Monthly Tier 2 $25 is $15
Initiation fee $50 is $30​
A membership to the FOP Range is a gift that will last the whole year. We all know someone in our family who has fi****ms but never seems to go shoot. Change that. Set them up with a great place to enjoy those fi****ms. It makes a perfect gift for yourself as well. It will never cost any less to get into the FOP Range. This SANTA40DEAL ends December 24th at midnight because... you know... that is when Santa comes.

Missing sucks.  The FOP Range in Pleasant Grove is ready for you to verify your gear is in order before you invest your ...

Missing sucks.
The FOP Range in Pleasant Grove is ready for you to verify your gear is in order before you invest your time in the woods. We see guys here every year that are here because they learned the hard way that bore-sighting at the store isn't going to get it done.

The Main Range has a dozen concrete benchrest tables with rifle rests ready for you to use. We will loan you a spotting scope if needed. Target stands are at 25, 50 and 100 yards for you to sight in on. The range is covered so you can use it in all weather. There are AR500 plates at 100 yards for you to practice on once you verify your scope is sighted in. Its clean and safe. The firing line is controlled so there is no gun handling allowed while people are downrange. Its also cheap to use.

$15 get you a 30 day membership as a trial member of the facility. $10 is the range use fee for every day you use the range during the 30 days. Annual membership is even less expensive and gets you use of the whole facility. Check out or give us a call if you need info.

Photos from Pleasant Grove FOP Range's post

Photos from Pleasant Grove FOP Range's post


This is the range. 7 separate shooting ranges over 10 acres. 2 100 yard rifle ranges, a 50 yard training range, a 162 plate centerfire handgun steel plate range, a 243 plate 22 rimfire range, and 2 handgun paper ranges.

I just finished overhauling and upgrading the 22 rimfire plate racks at the range.  Should now give us many more years o...

I just finished overhauling and upgrading the 22 rimfire plate racks at the range. Should now give us many more years of service.

I did a plate count on our rimfire range... 243. I hate odd numbers. Looks like i need 7 more to round them out to an even 250. 250 would eat half a brick just making one run on them all.

I need some ideas for a 7 target setup our members would enjoy shooting. Dueling trees we've done but they are unreliable and high maintenance. Maybe a KYL rack. Any input?

Happy Labor Day!  If you are off, we are open for you to come have some fun with your guns with your friends and family....

Happy Labor Day!
If you are off, we are open for you to come have some fun with your guns with your friends and family. Make target shooting part of an awesome day your kids will always remember.

The range is accepting new members and has the best rates for the best amenities in town. Google us.

Call if you have questions, 205-744-2600.

Cool!  We just got another 1 star Google review. This one is from a guy who did not like the fact that we require ID and...

Cool! We just got another 1 star Google review. This one is from a guy who did not like the fact that we require ID and a permit to shoot here. He had them. No problem. He didn’t like that in America a shooting range business took the steps necessary to exclude felons from shooting with him… I guess.

I get the whole “everyone has a right to defend themselves with guns” and the “shall not be infringed” part of every argument. I’m a member of that club and agree 110% with that mantra… but. But in the America we now live in, certain persons are forbidden by law from possession of fi****ms for reasons. It’s both federal and a state law.

If an individual who is prohibited by law from possession of fi****ms is shooting next to you on the firing line at a gun range and he does something unfortunate and causes an injury to you and you find out after the fact during the police investigation that he by law should not be holding the gun that injured you or your loved one, you are going to do everything in your power to make the business that allowed that condition to exist pay.

Now if the guy who built the range and worked the last 30 years improving and maintaining it was just in it for the money and just let anyone and everyone shoot guns on his range, he would never have a standard of care that would ask for ID and a background check that the presence of the permit provides. That is not us. No one is getting rich from running a gun range business. It barely feeds 4 families. We cannot afford to take risks like the one described above. We have a standard and 99.99999% of the guys who shoot here appreciate that standard. We turn people away every week who cannot get a permit and show up to shoot here. We could really use the money they would have contributed to running the place but its not about the money. Its an attempt to do the right thing and do all we can to ensure a safe shooting environment for you, your family, and friends.

We have gotten several 1 star Google and Yelp reviews. All are from the enforcement of rules and standards we employ to keep this place safe and legal. I had a thought while checking out this guy’s issue… If I were looking for a place to shoot, I would read all I could about it. I would check the reviews and no one reads the 5 star ones. Everyone reads every 1 star review. They would learn about our standard of safety and our efforts to do the right thing here. The world is full of Karens. We cannot make everyone happy. No one likes getting called out on breaking the rules. I see every 1 star review as an opportunity to demonstrate that we are doing it right. Go ahead and Google us. Read the reviews. See!?... The next oldest review is from a guy who was here 2 years ago, watched a range officer admonish another shooter on the firing line who was unsafe and sweeping the other shooters with his muzzle. He was upset because the range officer didn’t go after another for shooting as the range was going cold. Got 3 stars for that one. Somebody might read it. Might see we took action when needed to keep the line safe but are not overbearing range officers. That is what I learned when I read it.


The 2022 Range schedule is Monday through Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sunday 12 noon to 5:00 pm. For the last 26 years, we have gone to 7:00 pm as the days got longer during the summer. This year, closing time will be 6:00 pm.

I did a study of transactions the range conducts through our Point of Sale system and saw we had zero transactions after 5:30 pm this year. It costs the business about $3500 in labor and taxes to stay open that extra hour 6 days a week until the days get shorter again. In today’s economy, you have to run lean to survive. By trimming our sails a little, we will be able to do more with what we have coming in. Everything costs more today than it used to. With groceries, gas, meds, housing, etc., taxing your fun money, business is down. You have to think twice before doing fun stuff. We get it. Things are going to be tight. The good news is that we are in a very good position to make it through just about anything that comes our way. We have done well enough this year to be able to do a major renovation on the range office and do major maintenance on the ranges to keep the facility in a condition that represents what we have to offer our members… a very nice place to enjoy your fi****ms with friends and family. Trimming expenses where we can and should is just good business.

Range shirts are in.  As part of our June 1 reopening, we had a pile of shirts made.  Gildan medium weight preshrunk cot...

Range shirts are in. As part of our June 1 reopening, we had a pile of shirts made. Gildan medium weight preshrunk cotton good stuff. They turned out pretty dang cool. Got all sizes available in the range office at $12 each. Get yours today.

Ever think about what our motto "Fight Crime - Shoot Back" means? To me it says, I won't be your victim. I support our 2nd amendment and all it encompasses. I rejoice in my right to be able to defend myself and others from violence, violently if needed, and I have the means to do so.

The range is open today so you can exercise of the freedom those we remember today fought for.  If freedom has a smell, ...

The range is open today so you can exercise of the freedom those we remember today fought for.

If freedom has a smell, it has to be that of gunpowder. I often pull up in the parking lot here at the range, step out, and immediately notice the distinct odor of burning gunpowder. That smell instantly brings to memory the good times I have had here with friends and family enjoying the challenges of marksmanship, the appreciation of the mechanical engineering the went into the manufacture of the fi****ms we have selected to possess, and the freedom that living in this great country provides. It brings a smile to my face every time.

The range is open. It doesn't cost much to join so you can shoot here as often as you want. This range has fun things to shoot no other ranges provide. Its unique, safe, and a value at any price.


91 1st Street
Pleasant Grove, AL

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 6pm
Tuesday 9am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 6pm
Friday 9am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 12pm - 5pm


(205) 744-2600


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Contact The Business

Send a message to F.O.P. Range Inc.:


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Man on Man 22 Rimfire Steel Plate Match
today, Mar 6 at 3:00 pm. Registration starts at 2:30. $5 per gun entered. Iron Sight Handgun, Iron Sight Rifle, Optic Handgun, Optic Rifle. Trophies and bragging rights go the winners.
Need Ammo?
The FOP Range has tons of ammo. Literally. Almost 80,000 rounds on hand. I know, we just counted. And... our ammo prices are the best in the area. You will always pay more elsewhere. ​

Before covid hit and screwed up the shooting sports for everyone, making prices high and availability low, we sold ammo for about what it cost us. I had one of my random thoughts one day... if the popcorn at the theaters was free or nearly free, would I go more often? The answer was yes. I like me some hot buttered popcorn and a good movie. I took that idea to the next level... if the ammo we sold at the range was free or nearly as free as we could make it, would people shoot more often? The answer had to be yes. So, prices were adjusted and we even installed a popcorn maker in the range office and gave away free popcorn to the guys checking in and out. With a margin of only 2.5% markup on ammo, no one could sell it for less unless they were running a loss leader sale of some sort. It worked. Range use went up. Membership numbers went way up. The business was doing good and my members enjoyed being able to shoot more for less.​

Things are different today. We are constantly scrounging for ammo deals and where we find them we buy them. For the first year or so after Covid hit, ammo was practically unattainable. None of our distributors could fill an order. The days of getting an ammo order for the next week were gone. The range had a pretty good supply laid up in storage so we ate from that until things got better.

Things are getting better. As a result, we have plenty. No limits on how much anyone can buy. No restrictions like it has to be used here. Things are back to normal. As availability has gone up, prices are coming down. At one time not long ago, we were paying $38 a box wholesale for 9mm. Its around $20 now and we sell it for $22. No price gouging here. We are selling it for enough to replace it after it sells. You are getting the deal.

22 LR? Got it coming out our ears. Primers? Got a few in if you need them. Take a look at the below page and see if we have what you need.

I created a page on the range web site with a PDF of our current ammo inventory with box count and current prices. I plan to update it every Sunday when I post the new weekly special for the range. See
I received a response from you guys about my review of your gun range. I stand corrected about the policy of no rapid fire, I should have read the rules more closely before I signed the rule guide .MY apologies, thank you😏
Hey are you guys going to be open on the 21st/MLK day?
I need some range time.
Good afternoon sir, is the birthday membership deal still on the books? Birthday is 9/2 and wanted to join you folks .
Today and every Tuesday is PG Free Day at the FOP Range on the north side of Pleasant Grove. Pleasant Grove residents can use our public range free of charge every Tuesday. All we need is to see a driver's license with your PG address on it. Sign a waiver and acknowledgement of the range's safety rules and you're in. We also offer a discount on joining the range as a member to PG residents. Call us 744-2600, for info. Open 9 am to 7 pm. Come check out all the recent improvements to the facility. F.O.P. Range Inc.
The Level 1 Tactical Pistol Course was a Great Success. The Students were absolutely Amazing. It is so Great to have motivated and dedicated Students that truly desire to take their training to the Next Level.


F.O.P. Range Inc.
Looking down range on the public range.
Nice outdoor range. Family friendly, just wish it was closer!
Great place to shoot. Nice people to. And I go about 3 times a week

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