Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Operated by the Oak Grove Volunteer Fire Dept Ladies Auxiliary. Acting as a liaison for members of the Portland community to help those in need.

This program is to help those that were the victim of a tragedy, or just in need. We will be joining forces with area churches, organizations, and members of the community to help each other out when someone needs it. We will be taking donations of clothes, non perishables, etc. If you would like to volunteer (as an individual or as an organization) please send the page a message, or contact Dani Richardson at 615-419-4353.

Operating as usual

The go fund me is set up help the family that lost their house to a fire today. Any other needs will be posted once I ge...
Click here to support my parents house burnt down by Alan Alan

The go fund me is set up help the family that lost their house to a fire today.
Any other needs will be posted once I get them.

Woke up to a call saying my moms house was gone. This is to try and get a downpayment on a new place. Im not the type to ask for anything, but my mom needs your help.


Ok Portland...

We have a mama in need! Who can help???

Soy formula
Girls 9/12 month clothes
Size 4 diapers

She is also needing some assistance with utilities. You can pay the utility company directly if you wish.

Thanks! Any little bit helps!


Oak Grove Volunteer Fire Department is looking for kids to adopt for Christmas 🎄
If you or anyone you know is needing a little extra help this holiday season, let us know!


Instead of waiting until the last minute like last year, I'm curious how many people would be interested in "adopting" children and families for Christmas this year??

If you are interested, let me know, I want to see how much participation there will be. And please share!


I am writing this to ask for some help. On July 28th my fiance began having seizures, he was taken off of work until the following Monday and was awaiting an appointment with a neurologist in Hendersonville. Well last night, August 2nd, he was rushed to Sumner Regional by ambulance. He was admitted to the hospital and had had several tests on his heart and brain. He can't drive or do his job for 6 months per his neurologist. Any help would be very appreciated. Here are a list of our needs:
500 towards rent at Autmnwood Apts
107 towards CEMC lights
And school supplies for 2 of our 5 kids:
8 ct large crayons, 4 plastic folders with pocket and brads, quart zip local bags, 6 fat pencils, expo markers, a spiral notebook, 24th of #2 pencils, expo markers, 1 package of cap erasers, 4 composition notebooks, 2 white one inch binders, 4 pack of post its, and 12 ct of skinny markers. Kids go to Wiseman.
Again thanks for anything.


If you or anyone you may know is in NEED of little girls clothes or shoes, girls toys or housewares, there is someone that has some to donate.
Sizes range from 3t-6 in clothes and 11 toddler-2 in shoes.


A family of 7 in Portland is need of food items, both non perishables and cold items. If you can help let me know on here or 6154194353.


In need of size 7 juniors girl clothes for a family who were victims of a house fire this evening.
A list of further needs will be posted as it comes available.

Good Neighbor Mission eyes Portland expansion
Good Neighbor Mission eyes Portland expansion

Good Neighbor Mission eyes Portland expansion

In an effort to help more people in need, the The Good Neighbor Mission has begun the search for property in Portland, which will be its first home purchase in more than 20 years.


This family is still needing help!!


The Wheeler/Nelson family that lost their house to a fire last weekend has a fund set up at Capital Bank. Just mention you want to donate to the Wheeler/Nelson family fire fund.
They are also registered at target for household items under the name Gina Nelson.
They are also needing donations of any new or used household items. They were able to salvage their clothing and shoes but everything else was a complete loss.
They have been donated a storage unit to store items until they are able to move into a new house.
That being said, they are currently living in a hotel, so any gift cards to eating places or grocery stores would also be greatly appreciated.
If anyone has items to donate please let me know and we'll get them to the family.

Mobile uploads

Mobile uploads


Saturday 12-20 will be the last day to get any donations in for the Christmas lists!



Any grocery items
dish soap
laundry soap
cleaning supplies
toothpaste and toothbrushes
body wash/soap

mens XL sweats
mens XXL shirts
mens l shirts
mens m shirts
womens 22w pants
womens 2x shirts
womens 4x pants
womens 4x shirts

If you can help with any of these items please let me know!


Christmas Needs
17 year old boy
34/32 jeans
Med shirts
Sz 13 shoes

16 year old boy
38/32 jeans
XXL shirts
Sz 12 shoes

Boys could really use socks and boxer briefs

12 year old girl
14.5 husky or 18 girls pants
18.5 or 20 girls shirts
8.5 shoes

If you can help, please let me know!


Christmas Needs
12 year old girl
3 juniors pants
M shirts
7 womens shoes

6 year old girl
10 girls clothes
Sz 2 girls shoes

4 year old girl
5t clothes
11 toddler shoes

If you have any items that can help this family out, please let me know!


Christmas Needs List
12 year old Girl
Sz S womens shirts
Sz 16 girls pants
Sz 8 shoes
Interested in softball, art, anything pink camo

10 year old boy
9/10 shirts
9/10 pants
Sz 4 shoes
Interested in all sports and art

9 year old girl
Sz 8 slim pants
Sm shirts
Sz 2 shoes
Interested in horses, My Little Pony, anything zebra print

4 year old girl
5t clothes
Sz 12 toddler shoes
Interested in Barbies and My Little Pony

If you would like to adopt this family for Christmas, or can help in any way, please let me know!


Christmas Needs
13 year old boy
Youth XXL or Mens L shirts
31/32 pants
Sz 10 Shoes
Interested in wrestling and football

8 year old boy
10/12 shirts
10 pants
5 shoes
Interested in star wars and legos

8 year old girl
10/12 shirts
10/12 pants
4.5 shoes
interested in Monster High

6 year old girl
7 shirts
7 pants
Sz 2 shoes
Interested in My Little Pony and Barbies

6 year old boy
7/8 shirts
7/8 pants
2.5 shoes
Interested in Legos

If you would like to adopt this family or can help in any way, please let me know! n


Christmas Needs
Sz 3x shirts
Sz 20 pants

Sz Large shirts
Sz 36/34 pants

Sz 3x shirts
Sz 40/32 pants

Size 5/6 shirts and pants

If you would like to adopt this family for Christmas or have anything that will help this family out, please let me know!


Looking for some size 6x Womens clothes for a family for Christmas. If anyone can help, please let me know!


Christmas Needs
Size 6 shirts
Size 6 pants
Size 13 shoes
Barbies/dolls dress up things

Size 12 reg pants
Size 10/12 shirts
Size 7 shoes
Legos/transformers action figures

Size 12/14 or 12 husky pants
Size 12/14 shirts
Size 9.5 shoes
Likes Science, and would love a pogo stick

If anyone is interested in adopting this family, or can help with any of these items let me know!


Christmas Needs
15 year old boy
30/30 mens pants
med shirts
9 mens shoes
If youre interested in adopting him, or if youre able to help, please let me know!


Christmas Needs
13 year old girl
sm/med juniors tops
1/2 jeans
7.5 shoes
loves scarves and anything girly.
If youre interested in adopting her, or if youre able to help out please let me know!


Looking for some womens 2x shirts that would be suitable for an 11 year old girl. They are going to be for Christmas gifts, so giftable condition please.


Single mother with 2 boys looking for a place to rent. No more than $400 a month. Surrounding communities are okay. If you know of anything, please let me know! Thanks!


Looking for mens 40x32 pants, girls 18-24mo clothes and size 5 diapers for another family.
If anyone can help, donations may be dropped off at the 109 Mini Mall (across from the 109 restaurant) at the Neighbors Helping Neighbors booth.
Hours are: Mon - Thu: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sun: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Needs from this mornings house fire victims:
Ive got the clothes covered, but could use hangers, and gift certificates for food. They are also looking for a 2 bedroom for around $500 a month. No pets.
Please let me know if you can help.


The booth is set up at the 109 mini mall. (Across from 109 restaurant) There are forms there to fill out for people in need. They can be obtained any time the mall is open.
Donations can be left there (with the exception of large item and furniture)


We have a new home! Thanks to Paul and Angela Goad, we will be operating out of the new 109 Mini Mall. Stay tuned for grand opening information, and stop by and see us!


If anyone would like to come up and look through what all we have, im up here this afternoon.
Donation only, all proceeds go to help others in the community.


Portland, TN




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Anyone with a pickup in the Beaverton/Tigard area that I can pay to pick up and deliver a bed to my place??
There is a 62 year old woman in Portland who is unable to pay her rent this month. She is also been unable to pay for her diabetic medicine for the last 2 months. Her car broke down & needed a new engine & that has really put her behind on things. I know she would really appreciate any help she could get right now.
Ok y'all. This is an urgent posting with only toill monday at noon to recieve any type of help. I'm posting to all for help for a dear friend of mine. She is a wife and a mother of three small children. She stays home with the kids and her husband works. Will did work. He got laid off couple months ago. He now does little out side construction said with this starter they are only working one or two days a week and only a couple hours those days. So they are in a very stressful and tight spot at the moment bill wise. They have already used the little christmas money they had put up for their kids for their rent this month so that its self is depressing. But now they are left with nothing to pay their water bill. The total is $121. I'm reaching out to the community for help for them as I am myself struggle to pay my own bills and can only offer $20. If anyone at all can help with even just a few dollars would be an amazing blessing for this family as they and their three kids should not have to be without water for who knows how long. I am not asking g for money to be given to them directly by no means. I have the account number and website and everything you need to call or go online to lay a little of whatever you can on it. The company is here in Westmoreland. Westmoreland water dept/city hall. You can find it on the westmoreland tn website. Or Google it. But the account info is as follows.. Brandon huntsman 3315 borders lane Westmoreland tn 37186 Account number 003-02510-13 Amount due by Monday Nov. 23 at noon is $121 If it isn't paid by noon it will be shut off. And I know we are struggling this time of year. Bit if anyone can find it in their hearts to donate even a dollar or anything g you can it would be more than appreciated. You may either pay online or call Monday morning and do it over the phone. May god bless you all and thank you so much for your time. And if you can't donate please pray they find a way to have this taken care of so they are not left with out water.
ISO a crib or bassinet for free if possible for a boy. Im due in april and dont have a job. Any help would be nice in the palm coast area. Please share and help if you can anything will help :) thank you so much for all the prayers and support God bless!
Anyone know of anyone who can help a family with two kids with their light bill...... Cut off is next week but won't have the money due to cut of hours in husbands job.... If anyone can help please let me know
I am looking for a car to buy 500 or less anyone know of any please let me know my husband is on disabilty and i cant work do to many things need yo be able to get around for appt and such thank you
Christmas needs Toys for a 2 yr old boy. He loves cars and tracks. Size 7 toddler shoes and size 2t pants and shirts and onesies. Also for a 7. Yr old girl. She loves animals and Barbie's and music. Pants size 12/14 and shirts size 12/14 and shoes size 2,, Also jeans size 20 or 22 and shirts size 2x t shirts and or dress shirts so I may can look decent to job hunt after Christmas. Thanks so much if anyone can help. God bless.
I live in gallatin need help for Chrismas i have 3 childern need clothes girl 3x shirts and size 20 pants mens large shirts and 36/34 pants and mens 40/32 thank u and god bless
ISO: PAMPERS SIZE 3 and ENFAMIL SOY INFANT FORMULA. In need for my friends baby. My friend is currently on life support after a horrific car accident and her baby is in need of supplies!!! If you have a stock pile or just extras, or would like to make donations, Anything helps!! Willing to pay for these items at a good price. Thank you!!!
We have some plus size women's clothes to donate. Where could they be dropped off at?