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Did you know it’s possible to get another person’s telephone records? That’s just one of the ways a personal injury attorney can help to establish the negligence of the other driver. For example, if phone records show the other driver was texting or on the phone at the time of the accident, that is automatically a showing of negligence in most states.


One of the main reasons to hire a personal injury attorney in the case of an accident is because your attorney protects your interests, rather than the insurance company’s interests. You injuries are hurting the insurance company’s bottom line, so they will try to pay as little as possible.


Your accident has caused you to have considerable pain and maybe even cost your job- or at least considerable income due to the time it took to recover. You deserve to be made whole again- and an attorney is the best way to help make that happen.


Do you get intimidated or flustered when you talk to an insurance company representative? Or do you feel a little lost and unsure? A personal injury attorney will take care of all the negotiation for you, and knows how to talk to insurance companies to get the best settlement.


If you suspect you have a brain injury, you need to see a doctor immediately. Putting off seeing a doctor could mean the difference between life and death for someone with a traumatic brain injury, so contact us after seeing the doctor.


When you are injured, you know that you have lost considerable money and perhaps much more. You need to be made whole for those losses, and an attorney can help you make sure that you are, no matter what it takes.


Unlike criminal cases where you have a prosecutor to argue your case, the burden of proof in civil cases rests on your shoulders. If someone hurt you, we’ll do all we can to help prove your case against them.


Have you been contacted by an insurance company or an investigator in regards to your injury? It’s recommended that until you have consulted with an attorney, you do not discuss your injury or the way in which it happened with anyone else.


By law, police are allowed to use “reasonable and necessary force” when making an arrest, specifically when someone resists arrest, tries to use a weapon, or fights back against arresting officers. However, if there is no resistance and means such as a Taser or pepper spray are still used, then you may have legal recourse.


Sometimes, an injury accident is due to the negligence of the local government. Perhaps a road sign was missing, or a particular intersection has a dangerous design and a record of many accidents. We have the legal knowledge to handle these types of cases.


If you suffer an injury, the very first thing you should do is seek out medical treatment. After your initials needs have been met, then you should seek legal advise as soon as you can. Cases like this usually need to be investigated quickly.


While criminal cases go before a jury, civil cases – like personal injury lawsuits – can utilize either a judge or jury trial. Regardless of who renders the decision, you’re still entitled to the same level of damages if you win.


In our initial consultation, we will establish all the facts of your case and give you a sense of how much your case is worth and how difficult it may be to be awarded that claim.


Immediately following a car accident, don’t delay in hiring a personal injury attorney. We can help you sort everything out and take the actions you need to ensure you get the settlement you deserve.


Are you concerned that the details of your accident will grow fuzzy in your head if you wait too long to start the legal process? Even if you’re still in the early stages of your recovery, it’s never too early to bring in an attorney to handle your case.


After you’ve been injured, time may not be on your side to begin the legal proceedings that could provide you and your family with the compensation you need. Remember, it’s never too early to retain a personal injury attorney.


Product liability encompasses the following claims: negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty, and various consumer protection claims. Most of these laws vary from state to state, and each case requires different elements that need to be proven for the case to be successful.


If you are filing a personal injury claim as a result of an accident that happened at work, then more than likely you will be required to have an IME (or independent medical examination). This is necessary so as to establish an objective analysis of your health for the court.


Did you know that billions of dollars are recovered each year for persons injured or killed in auto accidents? If you have been injured or disabled due to an accident, we can review your circumstances and determine if you have a case.


Most severe injuries, like brain injuries, back injuries or burn injuries, are the result of negligence or recklessness and leave both physical and emotional scars. Because of this, you are entitled to compensation for those injuries.


After being in an accident, you may not know how you’re going to pay your current medical bills, much less earn a living. We’ll make it our mission to see that you get all the financial support that’s coming to you.


In some cases, the negligent party isn’t the other driver. If a bridge had approach lanes that were too narrow, the state and the designer could be held liable. A personal injury attorney knows how to find the evidence to determine if a third party played a role in your personal injury case.


When you get a severe burn injury, you should always go to a medical professional first, especially if the burn injury is bad enough to potentially be fatal. After seeing a medical professional, come to us to handle your legal case.


Were you aware that you do not necessarily need to have a physical injury to warrant a personal injury lawsuit? Some personal injury legal claims can be based on harm or losses to your reputation, privacy, or emotional state.


“Strict liability” is a legal theory in which liability is imposed for specific injuries, regardless of fault (or wrong doing). Strict liability works by shifting the burden of proof on the defendant, forcing him or her to prove that he or she is not liable for the injury.


In the days following your accident, you may find that everyone wants a statement or a signature on official documents from you. Let’s talk about how having a personal injury attorney can ensure you have someone interested in preserving your legal rights.


When you’ve been the victim of an accident caused by the negligence of another person, you may only have one shot to prove your case. We pull from our vast experience to help you get the maximum settlement your case deserves.


If you have been injured in an auto accident, we are dedicated to helping you through every phase of this process. We will carefully review all data and documents to assess your case and determine how to move forward.


If you are injured and an insurance company is involved, the field is tilted in their favor. The goal of the insurance company is to pay as little as possible. You are entitled to legal counsel to level the field and receive everything to which you are legally entitled.


When people get back injuries, they often have to take time away from work because of the lack of mobility. Victims with back injuries pay medical bills more than $30 annually, so they need help with finances.


Slip & fall injuries can be difficult cases to prove, unless it can be proven without doubt that the property owner was negligent in some way that did not prohibit the chance of someone slipping & falling.


Sometimes it can be difficult to know if you actually have a personal injury case or not. If you’ve sustained an injury, let’s discuss what legal remedies you may have at your disposal.


A key part of any negligence personal injury case is proving that there was direct cause by the negligent party. For direct cause to be proven, the injury must be shown to have been caused by either the deliberate acts or the lack of action on the negligent party’s part.


Did you know that in the U.S. approximately 195,000 people die each year through medical negligence or error? Yet only between 15,000 and 19,000 medical malpractice suits are brought against health care providers each year. If you have been a victim of medical malpractice, we can help.


What steps should I follow in hiring a personal injury attorney? Meet with the attorney and make sure he or she has particular expertise in the type of accident or injury you sustained – whether it was a slip and fall, an auto wreck or an accident with very serious injuries. Has the attorney handled and won similar cases? Don’t be shy about asking about the attorney’s experience, fees or requesting the names of clients to contact.


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