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Update: This is the same group. One of the suspects spoke with our Officer and said they have been doing this in our area and surrounding areas.

About an hour ago the Sellersburg Police assisted the Clark County Sheriff’Department with a vehicle pursuit of a White Kia Optima involving a suspect breaking into vehicles. A suspect was apprehended after bailing from the vehicle and running on foot. The same vehicle was reported to have been in a vehicle pursuit with a Kentucky Police Department prior to coming to Indiana. We believe this is still the same group from before and wanted to make everyone aware that this group is still active. Please continue to do what you have been doing by locking your vehicles and removing firearms and other valuables. If anyone has any video of a White Kia Optima in your area from last night or this morning please share the video with the Clark County Sheriff Department.

We will be out and about tonight in the neighborhoods, make sure you stop by and see us and get your candy.  Everyone pl...

We will be out and about tonight in the neighborhoods, make sure you stop by and see us and get your candy.
Everyone please be safe and enjoy your trick or treating.

Tonight is the night, “Wednesday” which seems to be the night these individuals like to hit our community.  We need ever...

Tonight is the night, “Wednesday” which seems to be the night these individuals like to hit our community. We need everyone to help spread the word and make sure you and your neighbors are REMOVING ALL FIREARMS and valuables from your vehicles and making sure you are LOCKING ALL YOUR VEHICLES DOORS. Double and triple check just to make sure. We need to make it hard for these individuals so they will come up empty handed when they decide to come steal from us. This is going to be the way to keep them out of our town. If they keep scoring valuables and swag from vehicles, they will keep coming back.


The Sellersburg Police Department is investigating several vehicle break ins again. All vehicles were left unlocked and one firearm was stolen from one of the unlocked vehicles. All reports so far have been in the Covered Bridge and Autumn Ridge subdivisions. If anyone has any video in these areas, please send them to us via email. This could be the same group of individuals from before because they also hit an area in New Albany that they had hit before when we first had this issue. Seems like they took a vacation from our area but have returned. We will be working long hours in attempt to catch these individuals but we need our communities help by making sure you LOCK YOUR VEHICLE DOORS AND DO NOT LEAVE FIREARMS INSIDE. Please pass the word onto your family, friends, and neighbors. We understand not everyone has social media so please help spread the word. Try getting into the 9pm routine and making sure everything is locked and secured before going to bed. You can also contact dispatch to report any suspicious activity at 812-246-6996.

Thank You

Deputy Chief
Matthew Adams
[email protected]


While night shift Officer’s are out patrolling, they will be making contact with homeowners who have left their garage doors open and asking them to secure them. They will also be making contact with you if they notice your vehicles lights/dome lights are on. We all get side tracked and forgot things from time to time. Remember to REMOVE ALL VALUABLES, LOCK ALL YOUR VEHICLES, AND SECURE GARAGE DOORS. Please do not get mad at our Officer’s if they wake you up and ask you to secure your garage doors. We need your help to prevent further vehicle thefts and vehicle break ins. The pattern we have been seeing is that if your vehicle is locked, the individuals that are up to no good have moved on. Please share this and let your family and friends know. We understand not everyone has social media and we need help getting the word out. The vehicle thefts and vehicle break ins are happening all over Southern Indiana and the surrounding Louisville Areas. Please report any suspicious activity to Dispatch at 812-246-6996

More than likely this is the same group we are dealing with in Clark and Floyd County. Please secure your vehicles and d...

More than likely this is the same group we are dealing with in Clark and Floyd County. Please secure your vehicles and do not confront the suspects. Dial 911

Folks, we need to have a serious conversation about a crime wave that has been with us all summer and continues to be a major problem. We’ve seen a huge spike in thefts of vehicles and thefts from vehicles. Nearly 50 vehicles in total and over 30 this summer alone have been reported stolen. Hundreds of unlocked vehicles have been entered, and many items stolen from these vehicles. Some of the stolen vehicles and some of the stolen property have been recovered in Louisville, and we have good reason to believe that many of the ongoing issues are related to criminal activity originating in the Louisville area. We’ve had two incidents in the month of September where citizens have confronted groups of suspects that appear to be juveniles. In both incidents, the juveniles presented firearms, and in one case, a firearm was discharged by a suspect. No one was injured, but this should highlight the real potential danger presented by these suspects.

People need to understand that “safe” neighborhoods are being targeted. In other words, neighborhoods that otherwise do not experience consistent criminal or safety issues have been targeted. We don’t want people to be fearful in their neighborhoods, but it should be understood that complacency has consequences. Almost without exception, the stolen vehicles in these cases have been left unlocked with the keys inside. Almost without exception, the stolen property was left inside unlocked vehicles. This is all preventable folks.

Let us be 100% clear. We’re not blaming victims. 100% of the blame belongs to the suspects. However, it’s a small consolation that a victim isn’t blamed for being a victim when a car, purse, cell phone, firearm, or other valuable has been taken by a criminal. Please take this seriously. Understand, that although Elizabethtown remains a safe and wonderful community, there are evil people that target our city for criminal activity. Take the simple steps that anyone can take to protect your property and your person. Build the habit of removing valuables and locking your vehicle. Make it a practice of being watchful over your neighborhood. If you see something, please say something. We do our best to cover our city as much as possible, but there are too few of us to be everywhere at once. We need the watchful eyes and ears of our citizens to help us stop criminal activity. Thank you for taking the time to read, and please share this with your friends and family. Together, we can keep our city safe.


Early this morning Sellersburg Police Officers came across two cars with several individuals that were attempting to break in vehicles. Both cars ran from the Officers which initiated a vehicle pursuit. The two cars were pursued and ended with several juveniles running on foot. Officers were able to apprehended the juveniles. Both cars were reported stolen out of Kentucky. We continue to stress the importance of removing valuables from your vehicle and making sure all doors are locked.

•••This is still an active investigation at this time•••

No one was injuried during this incident.

We want to thank the Clarksville Police Department and Clark County Sheriff Department for their help!


The Sellersburg Police Department is investigating car break ins / thefts from early this morning. We believe the same the individuals from our post yesterday are the ones involved. They were in the area between Poindexter Rd and St Joe Rd. Officers ended up in a foot chase with several individuals, but they were able to get away do to the heavily wooded area they ran into. We did recover two stolen vehicles as a result of this. If you see anyone or any suspicious vehicles please call Dispatch at 812-246-6996. If you notice anything missing from your vehicles, please call us so we can come take a report. I can not stress enough of how important it is to lock your vehicles, homes, etc...... as far as we know these individuals are only getting in unlocked vehicles and leaving the locked ones. Please remove any valuables, garage door openers, and DO NOT LEAVE ANY FIREARMS inside your vehicles.

These incidents seem to be occurring between 3a to after 5a from reports we are seeing.

We need our communities help with reporting any suspicious activity no matter how big or small. You will never be bothering us if you call! If anyone has any video or information they would like to share with us, you can send it to my email at

[email protected]

Thank You

Matthew Adams
Deputy Chief of Police


We were informed this morning that there were some vehicle break ins just outside of our area this morning between 4a and 530a. Please make sure you are locking your vehicles and make sure your garage doors are closed. There are two security videos from this morning for these areas showing a unknown person enter attempt to enter a vehicle, which appeared to be locked. The unknown person walked away after the failed attempt and got into the passenger seat of a dark colored vehicle waiting in the road. It appears someone is following in a vehicle to pick up the other person so the can leave the area quickly and not be caught out walking around. The other video shows a open garage door and a unknown person get inside the unlocked vehicle before running off.


Please report any suspicious activity to the Dispatch by calling 812-246-6996. This is the phone number you should call if you live anywhere in Clark County.

**UPDATE** The pup has been picked up by his new owner. We believe they will take very good care and treat him right. TH...

**UPDATE** The pup has been picked up by his new owner. We believe they will take very good care and treat him right. THANK YOU to everyone for commenting and sharing. WE LOVE OUR COMMUNITY.

Thank you for everyone’s replies. We have had several messages and calls. We are currently pending pick up. We will update as we go. Thank You.
We have this little guy back at our station. The owner does not want anymore. Is there anyone willing to give this precious little guy a home? We do not want to take him to the animal shelter. We currently have her around another small dog and they are playing together just fine.

The Sellersburg Police Department in conjunction with the Floyd County Police have identified the suspects in the recent...

The Sellersburg Police Department in conjunction with the Floyd County Police have identified the suspects in the recent car break-ins. We would also like to thank the residents of Covered Bridge whose videos made this possible.

UPDATE.... His owner has been located. Thank You everyone!!! Anyone missing this little guy. Was found / left at the Sel...

UPDATE.... His owner has been located. Thank You everyone!!!
Anyone missing this little guy. Was found / left at the Sellersburg Post Office several hours ago. We are currently looking for the owner or anyone willing to adopt him.


It’s about that time!

Happy 4th, please be safe!

Happy 4th, please be safe!

Just a reminder. This takes effect July 1st 2020

Just a reminder. This takes effect July 1st 2020

I am reminding drivers that beginning Wednesday, Indiana law will prohibit drivers holding mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, in their hands while driving to reduce distracted driving and improve safety on Hoosier roadways.

The effort to make Indiana’s roads safer was a key piece of my 2020 legislative agenda and was approved by the Indiana General Assembly with overwhelming bipartisan support. I signed the measure into law on March 18.

As drivers, we all have a responsibility to our fellow Hoosiers to limit eye and hand distractions that can result in tragic injuries and death. This law is about protecting those who travel our roads and those who build and maintain them by preventing as many crashes as possible through smart education and enforcement.

Once the law takes effect, drivers on Indiana roads will be prohibited from having a mobile device in their hands while their vehicles are moving, with the exception of dialing 911 in an emergency. The law permits the use of voice-operated or hands-free technology such as speakerphone, Bluetooth or headset.

“Drivers need to keep their eyes up, hands on the wheel and stay focused on driving to keep everyone on our roads safe,” Indiana Department of Transportation Commissioner Joe McGuinness said. “The Hands Free While Driving law will save lives by reducing the number of senseless crashes that happen as a result of distracted driving."

Across the United States, serious traffic crashes and fatalities have sharply increased in recent years due in large part to distracted driving. In 2019, Indiana Criminal Justice Institute reported that distracted driving from mobile devices was a factor in at least 1,263 crashes and three fatal crashes. Requiring drivers to put smartphones and other devices away and focus on driving is proven to reduce crashes and deaths.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, states that have passed hands-free driving laws have seen a nearly 20 percent decrease in traffic deaths in the two years after passing the law.

“Nothing on your phone or tablet justifies taking your focus off the road and putting lives at risk,” Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter said. “Our mission is to educate drivers on the dangers of distracted driving and enforce the hands free while driving law to get every person traveling and working on our roads home safely.”

During the first few months with the Hands Free While Driving law in effect, Indiana State Police will focus on educating drivers on the new law and safety benefits of going hands free. However, following the initial education campaign, drivers found in violation of the hands free while driving law can be subject to fine. Beginning in July 2021, drivers may also have points assessed against their driver’s licenses for violating the law.

For more information, please visit

Hands Free Indiana is a partnership between the Indiana Department of Transportation, Indiana State Police, Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Indiana Constructors Inc., Indiana Motor Truck Association and ACEC Indiana.

Clark County REMC

Clark County REMC

** Update 6/4: We do have legitimate contractors that are working with us that drive white vehicles. Our own operations crew also drives white vehicles. All vehicles that are working for us will have a decal or magnet with our logo on it. If you have any concerns about a person claiming to work with us, please call and verify: 812-246-3316. Most importantly, do not allow any person claiming to work for REMC in your home and do not leave your home to go show them around. We will not ask you to do this.

Original 6/3:
BE AWARE! There are two men in a white truck posing as REMC employees. These men are stating that they need your help outside to locate property lines. While you are outside, the other man proceeds to burglarize your home.

Please be aware that:
Clark County REMC will NEVER need to come inside your home in order check your service.

If REMC has any questions regarding your electric service we will contact you first by phone.

If you feel uneasy about someone at your home stating they are with REMC, please contact our office immediately to verify.


Little Caesars’ Pizza on Charlestown Road hooked us up again today with lunch. THANK YOU SO MUCH. WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!

With the economy opening back up TRAINS are starting to travel more and more through cities and towns all over the count...

With the economy opening back up TRAINS are starting to travel more and more through cities and towns all over the country. Please be aware of your surroundings when approaching Train Tracks!


The gate on Butler Rd and Silver Glade Trail is OPEN and will remain open until the water is clear from the entrance to Lakeside Estates.
Remember.... Please to not drive through high water on the roadways. It’s not worth getting your vehicle stuck or damaged.

Clark County Health Department

Clark County Health Department

The state has begun reopening! Our economy will begin to move again-and so will the goods. You may have noticed that fewer trains have been running the past couple months. However, with the reopening comes the traffic. CSX will begin increasing the number of trains and runs again next week.

Please be sure to slow down and pay attention at railroad crossings!

For more info:


We would like to give a big Thank You to Little Caesars’ Pizza on Charlestown Road for providing lunch today for our Department.

Tri-Township Fire Protection District/Fire Department

Tri-Township Fire Protection District/Fire Department

TTFD and Sellersburg Police conducted a joint PR event today in Sellersburg. Our staff were requested to assist SPD and as always we are happy to help our partners in a good cause.

Tri-Township Fire Protection District/Fire Department

Tri-Township Fire Protection District/Fire Department

TTFD and Sellersburg Police were invited today to help celebrate Hallies birthday. It was our pleasure to be a part of this special day.
Thank you Tonya Nance for including us.

Town of Sellersburg

Town of Sellersburg

We want to take a moment to thank our police for all they do! Everyday they hit the streets to serve and protect. Thank you Sellersburg Police Department! #PoliceWeek2020



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Why do ice cream trucks fly though the neighborhood at 713 pm but go extremely slow at dark ?
What’s going on about a body found in Sellersburg park. All over some social media.
Is there any public information available about the person found deceased in Silver Creek Township park today?
Thank-you ! Each and everyone of you, for your sacrifice to make us safe !!
I want you all to know we Love ya and Respect you. Stay Safe and keep doing what your doin'. God Bless you all and your Families. Marcus and DeAnna Babbs. PS, Yeah that use to me me. LOL.
My windshield was hit, Hampton Court in Hill N Dale