Trustee Ann McKaig

Trustee Ann McKaig Vote to re-elect Trustee Ann McKaig, April 4th. Ann improves Shorewood's social, financial and physical health- for today and tomorrow. Thank you for re-electing me to the Shorewood Village Board of Trustees!

I plan to continue to listen, support and represent all residents with smart-decisions for today and tomorrow. Please stay in touch!


Friends- There is an Open House for the MCTS NEXT plan on March 13th. This is the plan that proposes removing service of the bus line along Wilson Drive.

Wednesday, March 13, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Brady Street Firehouse, 1693 N. Franklin Pl.

Routes 14 & GreenLine


I’m seeing and receiving lots of GOTV messages. I’m happy to offer perspective on any questions you might have. And don’t forget to vote in the judge race! We have a chance to make a difference with Rebecca Dallett!


North Shore Health Department Summary of Lead Exposure and Poisoning Response
Does the North Shore Health Department (NSHD) respond to cases of lead poisoning and lead exposure for children living in the North Shore? The NSHD by State Statute (Chapter 254.11) and Administrative Rules (DHS 181) follows up on reports of elevated blood lead levels per guidelines outlined by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS).
How does NSHD get blood lead level reports? We receive reports from DHS for all children living in North Shore municipalities who have a capillary finger prick test or a venous blood draw for lead levels.
Who tests for lead in the blood for children in the North Shore? Children in North Shore communities receive a blood level test from their physician, primary care provider or at a WIC clinic. The NSHD has a toolkit for providers on our website with information on recommendations for screening children in the North Shore or
When should children be tested for lead poisoning in the North Shore? Screening recommendations vary for children living in Southeast Wisconsin.
-Children who live in the cities of Milwaukee or Racine, or who are enrolled in Medicaid or WIC are to be tested at 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months of age. If a child is enrolled in Medicaid or WIC, they are to be tested annually until age six years. This is a minimum of three times or up to up to six for Medicaid children.
-Children living in the North Shore and other Wisconsin cities outside of Milwaukee and Racine, are to be assessed for lead exposure with physicians asking “four easy questions.”
Enrolled in Medicaid or WIC?
Live in a building built before 1950?
Live in a building built before 1978 with remodeling?
Have a sibling with lead poisoning?
If any of these answers are yes, children should have a blood lead test at 12 months and 24 months or if 3-5 years old and not previously tested. If screening result is

Clear your calendar- you will really love this- not kidding.  Our staff can't be beat.
Shorewood Citizens Academy | Shorewood, WI - Official Website

Clear your calendar- you will really love this- not kidding. Our staff can't be beat.

The Village of Shorewood values civic engagement and opportunities for the public to learn about civic services. The Village is creating a Shorewood Citizen’s Academy to allow residents and visitors a chance to learn more about their community. The beauty behind the citizen’s academy is that it ...

We will be reviewing design work, engineering and projected cost for Wilson Drive Road reconstruction and addressing nex...
Special Village Board Meeting

We will be reviewing design work, engineering and projected cost for Wilson Drive Road reconstruction and addressing next steps.
(I just learned how to share from the Village website- will help me communicate more!)


Friends! It's been a busy few weeks putting the campaign to rest and connecting with residents about what they would like to see in the next three years. I have switched this page to a trustee page to keep you informed about Village updates. Let me know how it can help you! Anything I need to direct to village email or staff, I will do to make sure I do not violate any open meeting law.


Just received Nixle report from Shorewood Police that there were several entries to vehicles early, early Sunday morning. Some had tampered locks and some were unlocked. Good reminder to lock vehicles. We can't control other people's behavior but we can change our own while we work for a more peaceful and equitable society. For more information go to or
the Shorewood Police Department FB or web page. Or just call the SPD non-emergency number to ask a question. The staff is available to talk to residents for any reason.

The SPD does have a lead on a vehicle thought to be involved in these entries- due to cooperation between agencies. Cooperation is so important in helping our whole area.


I just posted this in response to a post on Shorewood Families. Please watch the Manager's Weekly Memo and FB for more information.

Good Morning - Trs. Amenta, Zovic and myself are interested in reinstating the Community Relations Council. It was created in the 80's but has not been active for at least 15 yrs. I would like to organize a couple of listening sessions to review the ordinance and generate a vision for it to present to the Village Board. I will post here and other places for interest. I'm glad we want to cultivate a welcoming community and I want to see if this is a way local government can help.



Did you know we have repaired 147 blocks of Shorewood road since adopting a roads plan in 2009? In a few years, we will have completed all major repairs and be able to maintain roads through the next decade. We will catch up with alleys starting this year- proud to understand infrastructure.


Hi Friends- confirming there are 2 seats up for election on both the Village and School Boards. There are 3 candidates in each race. Each voter can vote for 2 (TWO) candidates in each race. The top two vote-getters will take the seats on each board.

I am asking for one of your votes on April 4th. Thank you.


I'm so glad that community conversation is a common interest in Shorewood. I have been meeting with Shorewood neighbors, school and business partners and leaders for 10 years through a combination of community and small meetings, as well as phone calls and emails to be more responsive. I convey the outcomes to my other partners to facilitate improvements. I haven't called it anything official other than "getting stuff done". I also know that other Trustees, staff and committee members do the same. Maybe it's time to use a more formal term- I look forward to exploring that with the Village Board. Always improving!

Trustee Ann McKaig

I'm glad I read the SHS bulletin in time to attend these today!

I plan to attend these two events. Hope to see you there- I would love to partner with you to build awareness of how state and national impact our social and financial health.


I plan to attend these two events. Hope to see you there- I would love to partner with you to build awareness of how state and national impact our social and financial health.


Walkability is an essential attribute for Shorewood. I support the approach we use and advocate for resources to advance it. Our citizen Bike and Pedestrian Safety Committee has done a great job advising. We can improve!

Infrastructure- Enforcement- Education:
-design improvements and maintenance that make walking easier.
- give consequences for disobeying the rules.
- provide incentives, communication and marketing to change driver and cyclist behavior.

Bonus: this works for bike-ability, TOO. Let's keep going!


Thanks to Grass Roots North Shore for hosting the Candidate Forum tonight.
And thanks to. North Shore Presbyterian Church for letting us chat afterwards. Good questions for a good slate of candidates.


Honk! if you received my robocall about In-Person Absentee Voting.
My son did. Almost makes you wanna get your landline back!

In-Person Absentee Voting
Village Hall, M-F, 8-4:30 through 3/31.


Friends of Ann McKaig-
signs will come with a little more melting. I've got you covered!


In Person Absentee Voting has begun!
Village Hall, Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:30.
Grass Roots North Shore Candidate Town Hall
March 21, 7pm, North Shore Presbyterian Church, Shorewood

Celebrate the Luck O' the Irish:
Re-elect Maher and McKaig for Village Trustee.

Next batch of signs coming soon! Would you like one? This link makes it easy to request.Thanks for your support!
Ann McKaig for Shorewood Village Trustee

Next batch of signs coming soon! Would you like one? This link makes it easy to request.
Thanks for your support!

Share your details if you'd like a sign. Also, indicate if you'd like some extra for neighbors/friends.


I have heard from so many people in person and online and what I hear and see is that our top issue is finding common ground to reaffirm our commitment to an affordable and sustainable future for Shorewood. Luckily, the current board has been successful with finding common ground. We have demonstrated the ability to make affordable and sustainable decisions. Now we will know how to do it even better with more engagement from residents of all ages and backgrounds. Thank you!


Village tax revenues and fees are separated into different funds according to their use. The General Fund covers departments that provide services. The Capital Fund covers annual infrastructure projects. The utilities fund the services they provide. The TIF Fund pays for the investment in TIF projects that are approved, facade grants and business loans that occur in the commercial district. These funds do not compete against each other and fund all aspects of Shorewood life each year according to long term plans so that residents know what to expect and when.


Borrowing -
There are two ways to pay for roads, alleys, sewers and water mains.
1. Tax for the project before it is done, building up capital reserves then paying with that fund. Basically, current residents pay but have to deal with deteriorating conditions in the meantime.
2. Borrow and replace the road, sewer. etc. now. The cost of the improvement is shared over time by the current and future residents who will benefit.

I support #2 because we have aging infrastructure and emergency repairs are more expensive than planned ones. We have improved about 50% of roads and sewers this way and will start on alleys this year.


Apologies- I made a post earlier about property taxes and I left out an important word: HOMEOWNER. I am reposting with correction below. Thanks for your understanding.

Property taxes and utility payments essentially fund our services, roads, sewers, water and a few programs that make up about 2-3% of our $10M operating budget. We receive some state aid for roads- it's variable each year. HOMEOWNER property taxes NEVER fund TIF projects or business grants/loans.


Happy International Women's Day- Shorewood benefits from women's leadership at every level: Village Board (majority); Village Department Heads (majority); School Board (majority); every PTO position...with a few exceptions; School Administration; and grade level leadership on newspapers, charity efforts, student community awareness, Shorewood Women's Club, Shorewood Foundation, SEED, Shorewood Today, Shorewood Farmer's Market, all the Citizen Committees and Boards.... Who am I forgetting? :)
Walk tall, Friends!


2018 Recycling Contract:
Voted with Tr.'s Maher, Amenta, and Rozek to offer residents more capacity to recycle and to hold the line on costs (aka not a tax increase). #commonground


Helpful Information for Absentee Voting:

To request a ballot by mail (vacationers, college students, military, long distance commuters, etc. ) visit:

In-person Absentee Voting at Village Hall will most likely be available 3/20-3/31. It could begin the week of the 13th, depending on when ballots are received.


Like others I've spoken with, I was saddened to learn of Sendik's closing. I have enjoyed all their businesses- each with a unique flare! Morning donuts with my kids at Jean Pierre's is a cherished memory.

I wish John and Anne the best and trust this is the right decision, at the right time, for them. I'm glad they took advantage of the programs we have to support businesses. I was pleased with that partnership.

Many have asked about the future of the space and adjoining building. My hope is that the property owner will offer prospective tenants leasing options that are reasonable so that we can welcome a new business soon!

This is how I will continue to support our business community:
-support our programs that offer facade grants and business loans;

- staff attending conferences to expand our network of retail and development experts;

- encouraging the CDA to review priorities and see where we might direct our resources next;

- maintaining a positive relationship with our BID board to see how we can partner;

- building upon the interest the current board has taken in exploring additional strategies;

- continuing to study communities who have looked at ordinance changes to address this issue.

See you around town!


I just reached out to my fellow trustee candidates to extend peace during this challenging time. We are competing for the two seats up for re-election and we do need to share opinions and facts that differ because they exist. However, I want to do my best to be positive player in all I do in Shorewood. I'm not perfect, by any means, but I have no desire to be a part of anything like what I've heard about from the forum or social media. I want people to feel safe approaching me as a partner in an active community. And I want the same from others. I have no doubt we can do that. Peace.

Trustee Ann McKaig

Friends- I have been told there was an upsetting exchange at the conclusion of the Candidate Forum. I was not there when it happened- I took my kids home as the candidates for School Board were finishing their closing statements. I'm sorry the forum ended on a negative note- it was not something I would have predicted. I want to make every effort to work out our concerns in appropriate settings while showing respect for one another.

Packed house at the Candidate Forum- happy to follow up with anyone who was left with unanswered questions. Whether you agree with my positions or not- sorting through the complicated issues is available to us. Please message me here or contact me through the website:


Let's talk!
There are many opportunities to continue or start conversations in the coming weeks. Mike Maher will be a featured guest, as well- AND Paru and Pablo will attend as able.

These are the dates and times-
3/2- 5:30
3/5- 3:30
3/7- 5:30
3/10 - 5:30
3/14 - 6:30

PM me for address if you want to attend.


Packed house at the Candidate Forum- happy to follow up with anyone who was left with unanswered questions. Whether you agree with my positions or not- sorting through the complicated issues is available to us. Please message me here or contact me through the website:


Shorewood, WI


(414) 465-8176


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