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Ed is an attorney as well as a retired East Brunswick Police Lieutenant with 23 years of service, NJ has over 40,000 licensed attorneys that can represent you for a DWI charge, but few possess his background. He was certified by the New Jersey State Police to operate the Alcotest, the breath machine you blew into, and conduct field sobriety tests, including the exact tests you were required to pe

rform on the side of the road. Knowing what circumstances may have effected test results is critical, and even a slightly contaminated test result may be cause to drop a DWI charge to a lower offense, or dismissed completely. He has real life experience of actually writing Driving While Intoxicated reports and more than 13 years experience of being the supervisor responsible for training new officers in DWI identification & apprehension, report writing, courtroom testimony; as well as reviewing for errors and approving other officer's DWI reports. He is in an excellent position to consult with you on the issues involved in your case. He has a keen eye to evaluate what is needed in a properly written drunk driving report, and more importantly, to detect missing critical information that is required for the prosecutor to achieve a conviction for DWI. While with the police department, Ed was the State President, State Delegate and Chairman of the Judiciary Committee for the department unions. The coupled experience and training he possess as both a law enforcement officer and an attorney places Ed is in a truly unique position to evaluate your situation with a special insight seldom found in an attorney. Let Ed use his special insight to evaluate your particular facts and circumstance to build a defense to your DWI charge.


If you are convicted of driving while intoxicated due to ma*****na, you will face significant fines, loss of driving privileges, and possible jail time. How You Might Be Prosecuted for Driving High in the Future New Jersey may implement new methods or devices to detect ma*****na intoxication. Curr


The Edward M. Janzekovich Law Blog has discussed several new laws being enacted in Canada and compared those laws to New Jersey's statutes on intoxicated driving. Canada's new laws against driving impairment are already be called amongst the toughest in the world, and many would say they are even ha


When anyone is charged with a DUI/DWI offense, the potential consequences can be both terrifying and overwhelming. This is especially true for those who are not US citizens. In considering the current political climate, issues that affect legal and illegal immigrants have been consistently highlight


When people think of getting a DUI or DWI, they usually picture a drunk driver behind the wheel of a passenger vehicle like a car or truck. Here at the Edward M. Janzekovich Law Blog, we believe it is important to remind our readers that drunk driving can take place behind the controls of almost


A New Jersey case demonstrated why it is so important to get a good DUI/DWI defense attorney if you or someone you know is ever charged with driving under the influence of ma*****na. A South Jersey man, Patrick Miller, was charged with driving while intoxicated in addition to two counts of vehicular


Regular readers of the Edward M. Janzekovich law blog are likely aware that breathalyzer results are routinely called into question. There have been numerous high-profile instances in the past few years demonstrating that the results of alcohol breath tests can be unreliable. In fact, courts across


Here on the Edward M. Janzekovich law blog, we believe it is important to keep our readers and clients informed about what is going on within the legal system with regard to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. To all our clients, colleagues, and friends – as always, we hope you are able to remain s...


The law prohibits driving while intoxicated as the result of any substance, including legal, illegal, over the counter and prescription drugs. For that reason, when it comes to DUI and DWI, driving under the influence of ma*****na carries the same consequences and penalties as drunk driving and driv


As reported here on the Edward M. Janzekovich law blog last week, the National and State level response to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in a shut-down of my non-essential public and private businesses as well as gatherings and public functions, including all Municipal Courts in the


In light of the Coronavirus / COVID-19 National Emergency situation, many non-essential public and private businesses have suspended or restricted operations, including the New Jersey Judiciary, which will affect local, municipal, state, and superior courts. If you have a current or upcoming court


Last week, the New Jersey Appellate Division – the second highest Court in the state – issued an opinion reaffirming the fact that you can get a ticket for DUI or DWI even when you are not actually driving a car, truck or automobile. Although drunk driving is often referred to as a DWI ("driving...


There's no question that there are more men who are arrested for drunk driving than women. However, the gap in the number of DUI and DWI arrests between men and women is getting smaller every year. And, studies suggest that, if a woman is pulled over, she will be more likely to be convicted of DUI t


Here at the Edward M Janzekovich law blog, we have made it a priority to keep our readers informed on all issues pertaining to ma*****na legalization in this state. Last time we discussed the matter, we reported that Governor Phil Murphy and the New Jersey State Legislature had reached an agreement


Every week, local and national newspapers are full of headlines about people getting arrested for drunk driving, drugged driving, and driving while high. And if there is one common theme about who lands in the news, it's that anybody can be arrested and land in the news for DUI and DWI – from poli...


Last week, here on the Edward M. Janzekovich law blog, we discussed the first part of the official court notice was sent out to all New Jersey judges and court administrators on December 4, 2019. The Directive comes straight from the desk of the Director of the Administrative Office of the Courts .....


As previously reported on the Edward M Janzekovich law blog, a new drunk driving law was passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Murphy earlier this year. On December 1, 2019, the law officially went into effect. In passing this law, New Jersey became the 34th state to pass an all-offender


Here, on the Edward M. Janzekovich law blog, we understand that you can be falsely accused of intoxicated driving – in fact, innocent people are arrested for DUI or DWI every day. There are many reasons why a police officer may suspect you have been operating a vehicle under the influence, althoug...


Headlines continue to pour in from all over the country with stories of drivers arrested for drugged driving after police officers find "drugs" in the vehicle – except it later turns out that the "drugs" were not really drugs at all and were misidentified by the drug tests used by officers in the ...


Here, on the Edward M. Janzekovich law blog, we often remind our readers that a good lawyer can often help even after a driver has been convicted of DUI or DWI. Although most drivers believe that, once you have pled guilty to drunk driving, drugged driving, or driving while high, the matter is fina


A new program funded by the federal government – the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety Program – seeks to install passive blood-alcohol concentration detectors in all vehicles. Supporters of the program believe the new technology can follow in the footsteps of past proposed safety measu...


Here on the Edward M. Janzekovich law blog, we regularly discuss what can happen to you if you are convicted of drunk driving, drugged driving, or driving while high. Most people are aware that consequences include jail time, loss of driving privileges, and excessive fines. However, this does not e


Many Pennsylvania residents find themselves driving in New Jersey every day. As one of the six states that border Pennsylvania, New Jersey is a popular destination to travel for business, daytrips, dinner, or vacation. If a Pennsylvania resident is driving on New Jersey roads, this means that he o


As a general rule, a charge of driving while intoxicated (DWI) will not be the basis for a criminal prosecution in the state of New Jersey. In most situations, it will be booked as a motor vehicle offense, with proceedings in municipal court, much like other traffic infractions, such as speeding or


The semi-annual “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” enforcement initiative begins this week, and the crackdown will last until Tuesday, September 3, 2019 – the day after Labor Day. During the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign time-frame, which happens twice a year, police departments ...


You swerve around a curve just a little and someone anonymously reports to the police that you are driving recklessly or dangerously. All of a sudden, you are pulled over by a police officer who as far as you know, did not see you violate any traffic laws. You are subsequently given field sobriety t


As we have frequently discussed on the Edward M. Janzekovich law blog, a conviction for drunk driving is something that can become part of your permanent record. Unlike in some other states, there is no way to expunge, dismiss, clear, or hide a past DUI or DWI conviction on your record in New Jersey


As previously discussed, if you are convicted of drunk driving, drugged driving, or driving high in New Jersey, one of the most serious penalties you can face is having your license suspended. If you are subsequently convicted for driving with a suspended or revoked license, it becomes a felony off


As we have frequently discussed here on the Edward M. Janzekovich law blog, you can be arrested, charged, or convicted of driving while intoxicated as the result of drugs or ma*****na in the same way you can be charged for drunk driving. New Jersey’s DUI and DWI laws include any form of intoxicati...


As you probably know, if you are convicted of drunk driving in this state, one of the harshest penalties you could face is losing your license. First time offenders can lose their license for 3 months or more, while repeat offenders can lose their license for up to 10 years! During that time, you


Here on the Edward M. Janzekovich law blog, we regularly warn our readers that an arrest or conviction for driving while intoxicated can carry extremely heavy consequences that extend beyond monetary fines, loss of driving privileges, or jail time. Depending on who you are, if you are convicted, it


What Are the Benefits of Fighting a Traffic Citation? You've been stopped by police in New Jersey and issued a ticket. Maybe you were speeding or failed to come to a complete stop. Maybe you made an illegal turn. If you're like most people, you may feel like you have no recourse other than to show


They're becoming popular across the United States. Law enforcement offices are setting up cameras at strategic points to catch motorist who violate the law. Some have built in radars and will take a picture of the vehicle's license plate. The driver then gets an unpleasant surprise a few weeks later


Well-known Hollywood celebrity, actor, and comedian, Vince Vaughn, was convicted on charges of reckless driving this week, stemming from his arrest for at a DUI checkpoint in Manhattan Beach, California last June. Because the arrest occurred in California, Mr. Vaughn’s attorney was able to negotia...


Ma*****na is a drug that comes from the cannabis plant – also referred to as w**d or pot. Ma*****na is well-known for its psychoactive effects, due to a chemical compound that naturally occurs in the plant called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Here, at the Edward M. Janzekovich law blog, we frequent


Even if you're not being pulled over for suspicion of drinking and driving, it's not unusual for the police officer, in the first few moments of the traffic stop, to inquire if you have been drinking. If you admit that you have, or the officer has any other reasonable belief that you may be impaired


Barry Cofield is an Ex-New York Giants defensive lineman who was drafted in the 4th round of the 2006 NFL Draft. Cofield went on to play five years with the team before leaving in free agency and spending 4 years with division rivals, the Washington Redskins, from 2011 to 2015. In 2015, Cofield re


In a surprise turn of events, New Jersey state legislators took action to cancel and postpone its vote to legalize recreational ma*****na today. Most news agencies reported that legalization was likely to occur, particularly after two legislative committees – the Assembly Appropriations Committee ...


It is common knowledge that it is illegal to drive while intoxicated in New Jersey. However, in order to be convicted, a state prosecutor must prove that a driver actually operated the vehicle while he or she was intoxicated, not before he or she got drunk. Therefore, a defendant should not be cha


Although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that drunk driving amongst high school and college students under the age of 21 has decreased since the early 1990’s, national reports still consider college drinking to be a serious problem. In particular, DUI and DWI amongst col...


Alcohol functions by slowing down the body, including slowing down the function of the brain, how the brain thinks, and how the body reacts. As a person drinks, alcohol is absorbed into the body and into the blood, increasing blood alcohol concentration or BAC. BAC is measured by the weight of the


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