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Operating as usual


Hello Everybody and HAPPY FRIDAY!! I would just like to give you all a quick update on the doings in the Clerks Office.

Letters to Town Meeting Reps who's terms are going to be up will be receiving reminder letters and those letters are being sent out on Monday.

If you know your term is up, give us a call and we can schedule a time that you can come in and pick them up. Also, if you're thinking about running for a Town Wide Office, those papers are still available. Keep in mind that Town Wide papers will have to be turned in my December 29, 2020 at 5:00 p.

Good news for anyone that is pulling papers for Town Meeting Representative, those papers do have to be in by February 16, 2021 at 5:00pm so there is still plenty of time.

We are preparing for the 2021 Town Census (not to be confused with the Federal Census) and those will be going out in January so be on the look out.

Our office is open everyday by appointment. If you need anything from us, give us a call 781-341-1300 x 9103 is Kellie our great cheerleadering Senior Clerk and x9224 is me Stephanie your fun, festive Clerk 🙂

Stay safe everyone and have a great weekend!


Good Evening All - I want you all to know that Town Wide papers are available along with Town Meeting Representatives.

I am sending out letters to candidates who's terms are up but wanted to get the word out for anyone that is interested.

Town Wide Papers are due back on Tuesday, December 29th, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.
Town Meeting Representative Papers are due back on Tuesday, February 16, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

If anyone has any questions, do not hesitate to contact my office directly at 781-341-1300 x 9103 is Kellie or myself at 781-232-9224.

Thanks and have a great night - Stephanie

Happy thanksgiving all! Enjoy your day 😊

Happy thanksgiving all! Enjoy your day 😊


Good Evening All - I first want to let you all know that the November 3rd Presidential Election has been certified and the results are on the Town Clerks Webpage under "Election Results". There you'll find all information on how the Town voted, in this election and previous elections.

This election year was extremely unique with all of the obstacles that challenged not only Stoughton's Town Clerks Office but all City and Town Clerks Offices across the state.

I do want to take this opportunity to thank all of my pollworkers both seasoned workers and the awesome new comers. All of my workers were dedicated, professional and so enthusiastic to work this election. I as your Clerk cannot be more proud.

I also want to take time to thank our outstanding Police Department. All of the town's officers once again showed their professionalism during our long election season. I personally cannot thank SPD enough for always being there whenever the Clerks Office needs assistance.

To our Board of Health and GIS Staff, thank you so much for assisting me on the planning and designing of our floor plans for both early and election day protocols.

Last, but certainly not least, my office staff; Kellie Johnson, Martha MacNevin, Donna Nolan and Ashley Garey. I cannot thank you enough for the dedication you've all shown through this election season. I want to take this opportunity to give you my most heartfelt thanks and acknowledge the assistance that you've given me to ensure the positive result to the citizens of Stoughton. I could not have done it without you.

Sincerely - Stephanie


The Town Clerks Office will be open at 11:00 am on November 4th. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.


Good Afternoon and Happy Saturday. Early Voting has ended. You can still drop off your ballots here at Town Hall on Monday and Tuesday during regular Town Hall hours, which are 8:30am to 4:30pm.

This election is historic so if you didn't vote early you'll need to go to your polling location to cast your vote.

I do want to give a HUGE HUGE thank you to all my workers who have helped me out during this election season. I could not have done it without any of you. Your dedication you have shown is truly remarkable. I thank you all for all that you've done and continue to do. I truly appreciate it. - Happy Halloween - Stephanie


Hello All - As of this morning we have 6,394 voters that have voted early. Lets get the number higher!!!

The last day to early vote is Friday October 30th 9AM to Noon.

I also want to let you know that anyone that wants to request a vote by mail ballot needs to do so by 5pm today (October 28th). So if you or if you know anyone that has been thinking about getting a ballot by mail, get that request in so we can process it for you.

Thanks all and stay dry - Stephanie


Happy Tuesday All. Just wanted to give you 2 updates. The first one is so far (not counting today) we have 5955 early voters!!! Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. Thank you all for coming in and thank you all who requested a mail in ballot.

The second update is we are still inputting the mail in ballots. I'm asking all who haven't seen yours on Track My Ballot is keep checking as we're still processing them.

I thank you in advance for your understanding. - Stephanie

This is Jesse Sanders. He came in today to vote. He’s 91 & told me he’s never missed an election. If this awesome man at...

This is Jesse Sanders. He came in today to vote. He’s 91 & told me he’s never missed an election. If this awesome man at 91 can come in to vote ..... what’s stopping you....Do your part and vote!!!


Good Evening All - Early Voting is up and running. It's been steady today and there wasn't much of a wait.

Our hours for Wednesday October 21st are 9AM to 4PM.

Please know that the bulk of our mailed ballots are out and we continue to mail out ballots on a daily basis as we receive many requests with our morning mail deliveries.

My staff and I are doing our best to return phone calls, emails and help customers as best we can. Please know that this election prep along with early voting is intense. We hope that all can understand if we cannot get back to you as quick as we normally do.

My staff and I are always thankful for your patience and kindness you show us.

Sincerely - Stephanie


Happy 2nd day of Early Voting. These past 2 days we've had over 400 voters come thru and vote in person. We will be processing the ballots we received in the mail this weekend starting tomorrow.

First day I got constructive feedback and made the necessary adjustments and today went even smoother.

Tomorrows hours to Early Vote will be 9AM to 4PM. If you want to just drop off your mailed in ballot you can do that during regular Town Hall Hours.

Monday October 19th will be the start of our Special Town Meeting and it will be virtual.

I hope you all have a nice night. - Thanks Stephanie


Happy Early Voting Election Eve, I just want to go over a few things so all who are entering the Town Hall to vote will know what the process will be.

First I want to say, due to Covid we have protocols in place. We will be asking all who enter for Early Voting a few questions prior and taking temperatures. Then you will head up to the Great Hall to vote. We will have greeters to direct you to the location. We have a elevator that can be used for those who need it which will be sanitized after each person exits.

We are requiring masks to be worn and if you don't have one we will provide one for you.

Booths and pens will be sanitized after each use.

If you plan on Early Voting and are not sure that you're registered, you can stop at the Clerks Office and we can check for you.

I want you all to know that after voting you can stop by the Clerks Office and give us feedback on what worked and if there was anything that didn't work, please let me know so that I can make any adjustments that may be needed. Early Voting is October 17th thru October 30th. If an adjustment needs to happen, I want to make them ASAP so all voters can come in vote without any distractions.

Please remember that tomorrow October 17th may be raining so you want to prepare yourselves incase there is a line and you have to wait outside (of course 6' apart).

This is a historic election. As I always tell everyone, people die in other countries to have this right that we have here in our country. Please be part of history and VOTE!

See you tomorrow - Stephanie


Good evening - I would like you all to know that all ballots have been sent out except for Precinct 3 which is complete and will be mailed out tomorrow morning.

Remember Early Voting starts Saturday October 17th thru October 30th at Town Hall in the Great Hall 3rd Floor. For times and Covid procedures, please see the Town Clerk Webpage for details.

Thank You - Stephanie


Happy Wednesday All - I just want to update you on some election information. We are in the process of mailing out the Early/Absentee Ballots. Voters should be receiving their ballots any day.

We've had a number of voters who have received them already and have returned them to the Town Hall.

Remember Town Hall is open starting Saturday October 17th thru October 30th for Early Voting. If you haven't requested a mail in ballot, please come in and cast your vote!

Our voting hours are up on the Town Clerk Webpage for your convenance.

Thank you and have a good night. - Stephanie


Good Saturday Evening All - Got a bunch of the Early Voting Ballots prepared to mail out on Tuesday. I will be in tomorrow to continue putting more packets together.

If you have emailed me or left a voicemail, I will get back to you. I just need to complete my goal of getting the voting packets out to you.

As always, thank you for understanding - Carrara out....mic drop!


Update on Absentee Ballots - They have all been sent out!!!

Early Voting Ballots are being worked on as I type this. I will keep you updated throughout the weekend to let you know which precincts have been mailed out.

Regards - Stephanie


Good Morning and Happy Saturday! I want you all to know that my office has begun sending out the early/absentee ballots. Please be know that if you haven't gotten yours as of yet, you will be getting them within the week.

Keep in mind that Monday October 12th is a holiday and no mail will be delivered on that day, so that could cause some delays in receiving your ballot.

Please know that my staff and I are in today working on putting the ballots together and mailing them out to you.

As always I thank you for your patience and kindness. Enjoy your day - Stephanie

Had a great visit today from this adorable Girl Scout group. They wanted to know all about the election and had some gre...

Had a great visit today from this adorable Girl Scout group. They wanted to know all about the election and had some great questions that I got to answer. Lots of fun. I promised them after Covid they could come back and have a tour of Town Hall and learn about the history of the building.

Thank you to Tamisha Civil and all the chaperones who came today. I appreciate the visit. 😊


Happy Thursday Everybody. I would like you all to know that my office received the early/absentee ballots.

We have approximately 7000 to mail out and we have started sending the ballots out today.

Please know my staff and I will be in this weekend preparing/mailing out the ballots so you all can vote.

We will have a locked ballot box in the Town Hall vestibule for your convenience to drop of your ballots. Please do not place your ballot in the outside lock box. That is for the Collectors Office only.

My staff and I want to thank you for your patience and kindness you've shown us during this historic election season.

Stay Safe - Stephanie

This is just a small corner of my office to show that today ballots have been delivered. 46 boxes of ballot kits. 24 box...

This is just a small corner of my office to show that today ballots have been delivered. 46 boxes of ballot kits. 24 boxes of envelopes.

I want you all to know that we have started labeling the ballot packets and we will be starting to mail them out towards the end of the week and over the weekend so you will see the suburban at Town Hall this weekend.

All City and Town Clerks are working very hard to get ballots out to voters.

I will have the totals tomorrow of how many early/absentee requests we have received so far. The number will change daily as we get requests in both via mail and emails.

As always if you have any questions please call the Clerks Office and we will be more than glad to help you.

Have a good night - Stephanie


Early Voting Information


Happy Sunday All - Just a quick update on election information. Went into Town Hall this morning for a couple of hours, so if you drove by and saw the suburban... yes I was there.

I updated my Town Clerk Webpage with pertinent election information on days, hours and protocol as to the procedure for Early Voting. Keep in mind that there can/could/will be changes as we edge closer to October 17th when early voting starts. I am truly not envisioning much, just some tweaks here and there but as always I will be updating my many outlets to keep the public
as updated as possible.

Now today since there is no Patriots Football I will continue to work on some much needed paperwork but not before I get a delicious homemade breakfast from my personal chef...Scoot but still refuses to do laundry. Have a great Sunday and enjoy the nice fall day. - Best Stephanie


Happy October Everyone! The Clerks Office is extremely busy, so I wanted to give you all a quick update on some things.

First of all our absentee ballots came in today. I will be working over the weekend to get those in order so we will be mailing them out to all starting on Monday. As we say in the office, our office is filled with boxes and they're not even from Amazon!!

I will be updating the Town Clerks Webpage with all voter information as well as other outlets so all will be informed with voting information.

We will be having Early Voting at Town Hall starting October 17th, 2020 thru October 25th. The hours will be:

Saturday October 17th and Sunday October 18th:
7AM to 12:00PM

Monday October 19th thru Wednesday October 21st:
9AM to 4:00PM

Thursday October 22nd:
9AM to 6PM

Friday October 23rd:
9AM to 12:00PM

Saturday October 24th and Sunday October 25th:
7AM to 12:00PM

Monday October 26th thru Wednesday October 28th:
9:00AM to 4:00PM

Thursday October 29th:
9AM to 6:00PM

Friday October 30th:
9AM to 12:00PM

Please know that all covid protocols will be in place at all times so both voters and staff will feel and be safe.

I will be updating this page along with the Town Clerks webpage quite frequently so stay tuned.

I thank you all for your patience and words of kindness you've all shown my office staff. Words of thanks go a very long way with us and we appreciate them very much. Sincerely Stephanie.


Okay everyone all voicemails returned. Whether I spoke to you or left you a voicemail, I wish you all a nice weekend. This is the Town Clerk heading home.....MIC DROP and I'm out!


Happy Friday All - Just an update for you. I am still going through emails that I have received, so if I haven't responded to you, I will and the same goes with voicemails. All will be answered by Monday before I leave for the day.

I did want to let you all know that the Presidential/State Election which will be held November 3rd, those ballots HAVE NOT been received yet. We won't get them until early October. Once they have been received we will be sure to mail them out to you.

We are still receiving "I want to vote cards" and we are processing them as fast as we can.

As always you can always contact the Town Clerks Office and will help you out anyway we can.

Enjoy your weekend and remember...GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Friday All - Just a quick update for you. Although the Primary Election is over the work still goes on. Our election has been certified and has been sent to the state. We are finishing up any loose ends and hopefully for a few days we get a breather.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to all my poll workers who really stepped up this election and put their best foot forward. Thank you to the Stoughton Police Department for always being there for us on election day. Shout out to Bill Cotter, Tony Pimental who always set up my polling locations and to my most wonderful staff.

You have worked extremely hard and have been with me every step of the way. I couldn't have done it without you!!!

Thank you all for coming out and voting, especially during this crazy time we are all enduring and remember it doesn't matter who you vote for, it's that you get out and VOTE!!!!!!!

Wishing you all a happy Labor Day Weekend.

Here is our new Awesome friend Mr. Collins. He was at Precinct 8 today and was so happy with the help he received from o...

Here is our new Awesome friend Mr. Collins. He was at Precinct 8 today and was so happy with the help he received from our Election Workers he brought them flowers 🌸 Our Stoughton voters ARE THE BEST!!


Good Morning All - Today is Election Day!! Please remember to vote!!

Due to some unforeseen issues this morning at various precincts, myself or my staff were not able to get back to the Town Hall to put out the ballot box by 8:30 am in the vestibule. Please know that the Treasurer/Collectors Office has graciously allowed voters to put ballots in their secure box at the end of the handicap ramp.

We are now back at Town Hall and the Ballot Box is now in the vestibule and will be there until 8:00 pm tonight.

If anyone was here prior to Town Hall being opened to drop off their ballot and had difficulty, my sincerest apologies but the box is out in the vestibule. Please feel free to come by and drop off your ballot.

As always if any needs to speak directly to me my number is 781-232-9224. Please leave me a voice mail and I will return your call back today.

Have a great day!!



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To the poll workers and election officials throughout the country to assure all votes are counted: "Our nation owes you a debt of gratitude," Harris said. "You have protected the integrity of our democracy." Great job team!
Kudos to the Town Clerk’s office, it was a pleasure to work with you and the others in the big efforts this week. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!
Has anyone checked their ballot on the Internet to find out if it has been accepted by the town?. I dropped ours off on Tuesday, October 13 and it still says that it has not been returned. Just wondering if they were waiting until after all the ballots have been mailed out before they started checking them. Thank you
Hello all, If anyone was in or around Washington street in Stoughton center on Sunday August 30 at about 3-3:30pm and witnessed the accident between a white pick-up truck and a grey Camry, please contact the Stoughton police. The truck that hit me took off and apparently, the traffic cameras doesn't capture/video vehicles. If you are the guy that hit me and ran off, please do the right thing and turn yourself in to the police.
Hi - I dropped off my mail-in ballot at the town hall today around 3pm and that ballot box was pretty full! It's so awesome that we have this option but I'm wondering, is the box emptied periodically or is there a back-up box for the overflow? I'm sure I'm not the only procrastinator and I can only imagine how many people will be rushing to town hall tomorrow!
Could you please post a digital copy of the warrant that’s been OCR’d so that the characters are live? The school Dept knows how to do this if anyone needs help. Thank you!
Will you be posting the election results tonight? Without SMAC I’m lost and can’t wait for tomorrow 😀
Hello, Quick question. Will the election results be posted to this page this evening since I don’t believe SMAC is reporting live? Thank you!
Good morning, how late are the polling locations open today? Thanks!