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Barb Allmann - District 5 I am running as the WRITE-IN candidate for District 5 Alderperson to represent my constituents on Sturgeon Bay's City Council.


As everyone knows I will not be an alderwoman in a few weeks,but last evening at the candidate forum I heard Laurel Hauser list our accomplishments of the last two years and I thought we did not do too bad. We got 2 law suits settled,dirt piles leveled,Ethics Committee plan ready to go,adopt a park plan created along with some parks adopted,West Side Water Front ad hoc committee formed, along with community input meetings and public information gathering meetings,put a request to the State legislature for a PRAT to help get our city streets repaired, changed Council meetings to evening to allow the working people to attend and run for office, put back public comment at the meetings and with help from the League of Municipalities the recognition that elected council members do have a right to place items on the agenda.I held listening sessions,meetings with neighbors to address neighborhood issues and the formation of another committee to address the beach issues at Otumba and Sunset parks.I know there is more to do and that will always be the case.I came to the realization that younger people are needed in this position as the City needs to be able to not only increase our tax base,but fill the jobs that are not being filled due to the lack of young families and young people leaving the community. Young professionals know what is needed to make this happen and they are willing to get involved to make it happen. Once again we are blessed with people that love this community,respect all that was done before them and now take the helm. I can not tell you all how honored I have been to serve my district and the city.I have been asked for advise and asked to mentor. Those items alone made me run to the mirror and see that the time had come to step aside. Stay warm and please continue to be the interested caring residence that make up this district.Thank you all. Barb


Short Elliott Hendrickson (SEH),an expert firm on planning and design have started the process or the guidance needed for the west side waterfront. The property will be looked at in an economic and historic lens. This is the format and schedule. There will be small group meeting with the stake holders picked by the adhoc committee,with the adhoc committee and student reps.All of this will take place Jan,22 and 23.Both of the days will end with public participation meetings at 7:00 at Sturgeon Bay High School. The first meeting will gather ideas and the second will discuss opportunities and challenges.Attend both if you can. Starting Jan. 15 paper surveys will be at city hall,the library,DC Community Foundation,and DC Community Center/ADRC. on line surveys at All of the information gathered will be used to draft a water front plan. If you have questions you can contact Development Director Marty Olejniczak at 746-2900 or at [email protected]. Please get involved.


The adhoc committee and the hired firm to help facilitate the planning process will be asking for citizen input Jan.22and 23. Online and paper forms will be available. The city will be giving out the information,watch for those opportunities as well as the times to attend sessions to get and give information on those same dates. The west side waterfront belongs to the citizens of Sturgeon Bay. Hope to see you there. I'll share more information as I get it.


The dates of the West Side Water Front Ad Hoc Committee are at 6:30 on the following Thursdays: Dec 13th. Jan.3 and 17. Feb.7 and 21. March 7 and 21. The information sessions for more extensive public in put will be other than these dates and will be worked out with whatever firm is picked to lead those sessions. I think it is interesting to attend the regular meetings just to experience the give and take of the committee members. It is also great to see the younger members of the community at the helm.Call me if you have questions. Barb


There is an adhoc meeting Dec.13 ,in city hall at 6:30.The meeting will be in the council chambers or community room ,depending upon the format. The committee is in the process of hiring a consultant to lead them through the development process. The consultant will suggest a format and lead the process for community information gathering. Those sessions will most likely be in Jan.Those are the meetings I will let you know about. Having said that, all citizens can speak at any of the meetings as public comment is always on the agenda and welcomed. The second regular meeting in canceled due to the holidays.Government moves slowly,but this is a process and I too get anxious. I will post the Jan. meetings.Barb


As I have said before,please go to the ad hoc meetings and express your concerns and ideas for the west side development. There will be that opportunity at each meeting and some meetings dedicated to just public participation. The first meeting in Dec.has been canceled,however I will post the next meeting as soon as I am informed of the date. The granary is a real issue and there are two sides ,with merit on both sides, as happens with all divisive topics.I am sure the democratic process will be the winner with compromise front and center.Being my age it is so good to see the age of the committee and know they are taking their role very seriously as the next generation getting involved.I also know civility will prevail.I voted to let them do their job,but your involvement is important. Thank you for taking the time to read this and contact me if you have questions or want me to pass on your concerns. Barb


Thought I should update people in the district about Woods West Park. The park committee decided to keep a portion of the park natural with native flowers and grasses. The park is over 4 acres and Mike Barker,Municipal Services Director,stated that he is considering the plan to be taking up a 1/4 acre only. Having said that,Mike and I chatted about the plan and he said he would really like to have the input from the park users and those bordering the park before he puts any plan into motion. He felt that the best way to approach this is to have a neighborhood get together in spring after the snow melts. We agreed and I said I would contact the neighbors of the date and time to meet in the park in early spring.Thank you to Mike for heeding the concerns of those who called me,thank you also for your meeting plan. Any questions,please contact me.


The dirt piles are lowered, the donated seeds are sewed,rain came while we were working and now we will watch for some green.Granted this is temporary until the law suits are over but we citizens and our visitors deserved something better!
You all get the news and are aware of the positive changes we are making as a council,but I hope you know that as your representative, I will approach any idea with a great amount of thought and sinserity to the fact that I represent you.Continue to call.The communication is welcomed.Barb


I would like to thank my former alders for their time and service to the community and for the way they ran their meetings outside of the City Council arena. I know anyone attending those sessions had a chance to express an opinion and ask questions. As a new council is on the horizon,I hope that same venue can again be put in place. Many years ago in my convent education our head nun would say,"ladies power without education is a destructive force ,so ladies educate yourselves and work from the facts." As an alder I truely believe we need to hear from the citizens to get the facts. One more thing before I get off of my soap box,having four women on the council is not important. The important thing is the sharing of facts and good discussion before the citizens so they can see if they are being served. I do know from those convent days women do not always agree! I expect to learn alot from the new alders and I wish them well.


Tomorrow we vote and the weather is our enemy. If anyone needs a ride to the poles feel free to call.743-5672. I have a council meeting but we can certainly work with your schedule and mine! Please note this is to be a heavy snow,be careful!!


RE: Draft Plan Presentation Meeting for Sunset Park/Bradley Lake:Wed. March 28th at 6:00 p:m in the Council Chambers at City Hall. Representatives from Froth Infrastructure & Environment,LLC will present the draft plan for the phase 2 of the Bredley Lake Project that was developed to incorporate feedback received from the Oct. 25th 2017 public information gathering meeting. This looks to be a very expensive project including possible grants. Public input is needed and welcomed by me prior to spending our city tax dollars. If any of you have an opinion,you know I want to hear it. This meeting will be informative for all of us. Thank you. Barb A.


For the people in my district that were part of our session in Sept. concerning the lighting from Bay Ship,we promised to have another session this month. Just to let you all know Bay Ship had an electrical engineer come in and help them with a plan to update their lighting and at the same time abide by OSHA standards. They hope to complete that project in a month or so,but we will all meet again and I will again contact every one who came. We sure learned a lot about each other in the session.This is how government should work!! Thank you all for your patience and call me if you have questions and hats off to Fincantieri. Barb


Tues. Jan.16th at the council meeting I hope to get the opportunity to delay the raise order on the granary,save tax payer dollars by not putting us in danger of another law suite and have the Sturgeon Bay Historical Society pay for the stabilization until we get the Ordinary High Water Mark.We can do that!! As a council member I will feel guilty asking for money to fix the streets when I am not watching your tax dollars. We have spent currently $115,215.90 in legal fees in TID 4 and the meter is still running as we have not taken attorney advise. We are better than this in management I pray!!


Sorry I was off duty last week.The city was notified I would not be available due to family needs.I still have not been able to solve the assisted leaving situation for my 95 year old mom in Middleton as she ended up in the ER but all will be well as this just takes time with a stubborn lady.I will confess the 🍎does not fall far from the tree.Merry Christmas to all,stay warm.Barb




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