Coastline Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.

Coastline Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc. Coastline VRS is an all volunteer Rescue Squad providing Emergency Medical Services at the EMT and EMT Advanced levels in Coastal Brunswick County.

Welcome to the home of Coastline Volunteer Rescue Squad located in beautiful Brunswick County, North Carolina! Founded in 1976, our service area extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the Columbus County line including the communities of Supply, Varnamtown, Holden Beach, Bolivia and Sunset Harbor. Our volunteer staff is compromised of people from all walks of life, from students to retirees. All volun

Welcome to the home of Coastline Volunteer Rescue Squad located in beautiful Brunswick County, North Carolina! Founded in 1976, our service area extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the Columbus County line including the communities of Supply, Varnamtown, Holden Beach, Bolivia and Sunset Harbor. Our volunteer staff is compromised of people from all walks of life, from students to retirees. All volun

Operating as usual


Unfortunately on July 6, 2020, Brunswick County Commissioners did not vote to approve a new contract with Coastline VRS. Unfortunately, this will now move into Superior Court where CVRS intends to seek multiple remedies from the Court for violations of Constitutional rights including damages. This is something we do not take lightly and feel should have never become neccessary. When County Government disposes of volunteers who are helping its citizens, it demonstrates an era in Government when change has become long over due. These Commissioners continue to do an injustice to the citizens of Brunswick County. These volunteers are not just volunteers but are also taxpaying citizens whom give up their free time to make Brunswick County a better place to live. Having observed the actions of Commissioners not only in this situation but others such such as spending 3.5M on a park that is considered wetland on Holden Beach Rd., allowing the old Brunswick Hospital grow into a dilapidated structure and swamp among other negligent actions, further demonstrate the care these Commissioners really have for what so many others worked so hard to bring to our County in making it a great place. Our citizens deserve better leadership. Our citizens deserve better services and to be respected. Please join us in standing up to these wicked Commissioners. Would you consider donating to the cause as well? 1, 2, 3 or more dollars would help in the ongoing fight. Your tax deductible donation can be made to Coastline VRS PO Box 24 Supply, NC 28462. Thank you and may God Bless our community.


A problem with AT&T facilities is impacting telephone services in the region, including ATMC. 911 calls made to the Brunswick County 911 center from landline telephones are unable to go through at this time. If you need to make a 911 call you are advised to use your cell phone or, if calling from a landline phone, dial 253-7490 (from ATMC lines). This issue is also impacting some long distance calls from various long distance providers. Calls made from landlines to cell phones may be impacted. ATMC’s local and long distance landline to landline calls are not impacted by this issue. AT&T is aware of this issue and is working to resolve it. We will keep you updated as we know more.


You know, its interesting to see our BCEMS out having a Corona parade, laughing and smiling. No doubt the hospital staff are very well deserving of recognition during such a challenging time. However its a bit disappointing that not any of the leadership from BCEMS or County Government has reached out to CVRS to offer their thoughts or condolences in the loss of our beloved Jeffrey Solley whom served this County for many years. CVRS has reached out to BCEMS every single time they have suffered an injury or death of a staff member. This level of disrespect is unbelievable and difficult to fathom in so many ways. CVRS has unquestionably been treated poorly over the years by EMS and we've generally sucked it up. Additionally, CVRS was unjustifiably closed and laughed at by many last year. Without being disrespectful, we will simply say that we are praying about everything and continuing to pray for EMS. We do want to thank the MANY hundreds of CITIZENS who has reached out to us. With that said, as the citizens and taxpayers we must remember the actions of County Government come election time. Change is long over due in Brunswick County. Respectfully, Chief David Robinson and Asst. Chief Deshannon Clemmons.

I want to thank everyone who has reached out to the CVRS family after the passing of Jeffrey Solley. This event has deep...

I want to thank everyone who has reached out to the CVRS family after the passing of Jeffrey Solley. This event has deeply saddened the members of our staff, and many others who knew Jeffrey. Many of us are still trying to gain understanding of this surreal experience. With this said, I want to reach out to ANYONE who may need to talk or even ask questions, to please call me so we can talk, 910-612-0557. At the moment there is no word on official services, but we will keep you posted. DAVID ROBINSON

Coastline Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.'s cover photo

Coastline Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.'s cover photo

Please keep the Coastline family in your thoughts and prayers as we mourn the loss of our own Jeffrey Solley.

Please keep the Coastline family in your thoughts and prayers as we mourn the loss of our own Jeffrey Solley.

Brunswick County Sheriff's Office, NC

Brunswick County Sheriff's Office, NC

***AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM Sheriff John W. Ingram***

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a very stressful and in some cases, scary time for many of us in Brunswick County. The stay-at-home order issued yesterday by Governor Cooper likely and understandably enhanced those emotions.

I want to take a moment to share with you my perspective of Governor Cooper’s Executive Order. I think it is important to address what the Sheriff’s Office will and will not be doing as a result of the Order. I hope this will ease some worry for those trying to understand what the stay-at-home order means for you and your families. There is a great deal of information included in the order but I hope to cover the main points and clear up as much confusion as possible.

First, members of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office will not have roadblocks setup to check those who are out and about. We trust everyone moving about will be doing so for the purpose of work and/or taking care of essential needs.

What is considered essential as related to the stay-at-home order? A person may be out if they are coming or going to: Work, medical appointments, shopping for food, medications and home products for yourself or for someone unable to leave their home. This also includes travel to and from places of worship as well as travel to volunteer with organizations that provide charitable services. Additionally, you CAN go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. You can go for a walk or a jog and you can take your dog for a walk. However, this does not mean you can go to public places that have been closed by our county or our local municipalities (Please check with your local municipalities for a list of closures).

There are many businesses and services that are considered essential which will remain operational and available to you. While there are too many to list, some are: food services, healthcare services, banking services, construction services and gas stations. The Order with a complete list is provided below.

The goal of the order is to limit the amount of contact between people in an effort to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 while still allowing you to have access to essential needs and giving providers of these needs authority to come and go. Exercising social distancing (maintaining at least six feet apart) and only gathering in groups of 10 people or less is key to minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

I offer encouragement to everyone during this time to stay positive and stay calm. This is a time for people with children to reassure them they are safe and everything will be okay. While many of us aren’t cut out to be teachers, do the best you can (and when this is over, Thank a Teacher!) Use this as an opportunity to spend quality time with your families, get caught up on simple home projects, and enjoy this beautiful springtime weather. We are BRUNSWICK COUNTY STRONG and we will get through this! We have proven time and time again through hurricanes and other natural disasters how strong and resilient we are. As always, WE will overcome this crisis stronger and even more resilient than before. This too shall pass. Until then, my thoughts and prayers continue to be with everyone as we navigate through this unsettling time.

Remember, your Sheriff’s Office is available to you 24/7. We remain on duty, protecting and serving you and your families. Never hesitate to call on us if you need us. If you have questions about the stay-at-home order, we will do our best to answer them. You may email us directly at [email protected]. For questions related to the coronavirus, continue to use the county hotline at 910-253-2339 or [email protected].

Sheriff John W. Ingram V
Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office


As a matter of Public Health concern and demonstrating responsibility to our Citizens, Coastline VRS will request to postpone any Commissioner action on March 16. 2020 regarding the Franchise. We will reschedule for a later date. Thank you for youre patience and understanding.

Coastline Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.

Coastline Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.

We need to confirm who can attend and SPEAK at the March 16, 2020, Public Hearing regarding the CVRS Franchise. The meeting begins at 6PM.


We need to confirm who can attend and SPEAK at the March 16, 2020, Public Hearing regarding the CVRS Franchise. The meeting begins at 6PM.


I am sharing with you a post from Barbara Beaube, wife of Mr. Davis Beaube, also the father of CVRS member Dessie Moore. We could not of made a better post to describe such a well known and respected member of our community. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Beaube family...(At 11:57 last night my sweet Davis touched the face of God. How precious is that...l prayed to God that if he had to go that He would take him on the day that is the symbol of true love, Valentine’s. He passed on the same day as his grandfathers baby brother, Lewis Beaube “Papa”. Two strong and loving Beaube men have earned their reward. My hope is they finished their journey hand in hand. Arrangements will be announced soon.
The following poem was written by our oldest granddaughter, Rachel, as a school English project a last year and is her interpretation of him and his fight.)


Coastline supporters, in the coming weeks our attorneys will be bringing our franchise request before the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners. A date will be announced. We will need as many supporters present as possible and if you are willing to speak that's even better. This has been a long and drawn out legal battle and we hope this will bring a harmonious resolution. We hope we can get CVRS back operational soon...our members will continue to fight for our community.

Veteran's Day Tribute

We honor our Veterans and current Service men and women.

To all of our veterans! I know I'm uploading a day early but I'm attending a ceremony on Veteran's Day and I would hate to upload this a the day after Vetera...
Governor’s Volunteer Service Award: Nominations are now being accepted for the 2020 Governor’s Volunteer Service Award - Brunswick County Government

Governor’s Volunteer Service Award Nominations are now being accepted for the 2020 Governor’s Volunteer Service Award MEDIA RELEASE BOLIVIA, N.C. – Do you know an outstanding volunteer in our county? Brunswick County is now accepting applications to nominate volunteers for the 2020 Governor’...


Todays Public Hearing for the CVRS Fanchise has been postponed until further notice as the Attorney's continue working together to seek a possible resolution. Thanks to everyone for your continued support.


Hello everyone....The CVRS franchise hearing before the Board of Commissioners has been set for Monday, 11/04/19, at 3:00 PM. We would encourage EVERYONE who can to PLEASE come and speak in our favor. We appreciate your continued support and looking forward to reaching an agreement to get back to work for our citizens. Please share this.


‪It’s concerning that the hurricane models continue to indicate Dorian will move inland into Florida. The 18Z HWRF initialized fairly well, coupled with Dorian not gaining much latitude, this scenario needs to be monitored closely. It should be noted, the NHC keeps the eye offshore‬.

-Meteorologist Christopher Nunley


Dorian...Surface winds now 178 mph, above the surface 200! (Fyi...official NHC considered this as gusts and did not reflect significant change in 11pm advisory) Cat 4 still...could be 5 by 5AM. Would be reflected by the 5AM advisory if winds continue to increase. Very very well defined cyclone...impressive eye wall...absolutely no dry air being incorporated. Models are very scattered regarding future direction...impacts possible from GA to Central and Southeast NC. Its wise to have a plan READY to execute. Speaking from experience...these storms many times end up skirting or missing the coast because fronts coming from the west pick up the storms and steer them north and away from us...that scenario is anticipated but there are many QUESTIONS and the present steering currents and timing factors are at play. So...outside of being prepared and waiting/watching is all we can do. It would be nice to say "oh its gonna do as it always has" is like playing a game of Russian Roulette.

Got to watch this lady.


CVRS extends our thoughts and prayers to our colleagues at BCEMS and our fellow citizens whom are involved in the wreck at US 17 and NC 211. It is our understanding that there are multiple injuries and resources as far away as New Hanover, Horry, Pender, and Bladen have been requested to assist in providing coverage in some way to Brunswick County at insuring all call volume is handled.


Its with great sadness that we announce the passing of Mr. Minor Hewett, retired member of Shallotte Volunteer Rescue Squad. Minor was a very well known and respected member of the Squad and Community. Our thoughts and prayers are extended to his entire family.


Hello everyone...we wanted to let everyone know that we anticipate a Public Hearing soon on the CVRS Franchise Application. We need as many folks as possible to attend and SPEAK at this hearing to convince our Commissioners CVRS is needed and wanted in our Community. As soon as we know a date it will be posted. Please be in touch with us if you are willing to speak. Thanks for your continued prayers and support.



July 24, 2019

Coastline Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.
Post Office Box 24
Supply, North Carolina 28462
[email protected]

Supply, North Carolina- July 22, 2019 marked the official end of the Franchise Agreement with Brunswick County and Coastline Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc. This effectively meant that CVRS ceased functioning as an Emergency Medical Services provider within its designated territorial boundaries within the County. Those territories and communities included Holden Beach, Supply, Varnamtown, Boones Neck, Shell Point, Civietown, Royal Oak, Stone Chimney, Sunset Harbor, portions of Bolivia and many communities in between and up to the Columbus County line.

While we are regretful that a decision could not be reached to restore this contract prior to the expiration of the previous one, a new Franchise Application has been applied for and we are eagerly awaiting a response from Brunswick County. The new application makes no requests for monetary compensation, only an opportunity to be able to continue assisting the community just as we have for the past 43 years.

We have been assured that the County will receive and evaluate any proposal that CVRS may make. Again, our request is to continue service as we have in the past, with no funding from the county, and with no request for exclusivity.
We do anticipate a public hearing to be scheduled under the Brunswick County Ordinance with regard to Ambulance Franchise applications and would ask the Community to please support this request.

David M. Robinson, Chief
Michael Murphy, President


Good afternoon official Press Release will come out this afternoon concerning the status of CVRS. we appreciate you're continuing support.


We are continuing to monitor this developing Depression.

This graphic shows an approximate representation of coastal areas under a hurricane warning (red), hurricane watch (pink), tropical storm warning (blue) and tropical storm watch (yellow). The orange circle indicates the current position of the center of the tropical cyclone. The black line, when sel...


There will be a Membership Meeting Wednesday at 1830 hours to discuss the future of CVRS. 2600


As some of you know, CVRS appeared in Brunswick County Superior Court today to seek an Injunction against Brunswick County to keep our Franchise active. After hearing both sides, unfortunately, the Honorable Judge Sasser did not grant the requested Injunction. The Judge did however in speaking as a citizen ask the same question to Brunswick County's Attorney as CVRS and many Community members continue to ask..."why would you throw a group of volunteers out to dry"...."why couldnt you work something out regarding response issues"?. That folks continues to be a VERY valid question. We appreciate Judge Sassers patience today. Irrespective of today's outcome, while our feelings toward Brunswick County remain somewhat contentious and guarded, we remain appreciative for their many years of support that has allowed us to help so many in need. As matter of fact we will continue to help those in need until we must cease operating. We look forward to any attempts at possibly working together with Brunswick County in the future. Our Board of Directors in discussion with our Attorneys will discuss what if any additional action including any appeal that may occur to a higher Court. We would continue to ask for the community's prayers and support during this unsettled time. Respectfully, Chief David Robinson



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Another reason that Coastline Rescue is needed in our community. You guys responded to an auto accident yesterday on Hwy 130 that involved my 16 year old granddaughter. After the accident she was having a panic attack and your EMT recognized her and was able to comfort her. Calming her down so she would breath correctly. So being local and being involved with your community is so important. Thank you to all of your staff that helped. You guys are wonderful. Nickeal White Brooke Evans Canady Ryan Mattingly Sr
It seems so small compared to what has been sacrificed but THANK YOU ALL!
how is the weather there so far today? we are in Michigan and the house is on the coast.....worried for all
Check This Article Out #EBCVACStrong
Thank you so much for helping us create such a wonderful memory for Madison.