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Proto Makerspace Proto Makerspace is a cutting-edge collaborative group in Spring, Texas to explore, teach, and incubate new and older technologies. At Proto Makerspace our primary mission is to provide access, training, and education on robotics, numerically controlled machines (3D printers, laser cutters/engravers & CNC), and cutting edge technologies to individuals of all ages.

We encourage an open exchange and flow of information between individuals, and promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) activities with a particular focus on empowering women.

We started out with a passion for technology and making and a desire to share that knowledge with other like-minded folk...
ProtoMX Farewell message

We started out with a passion for technology and making and a desire to share that knowledge with other like-minded folks.

It was a difficult row to hoe but we managed to find a location at a reasonable cost that let us get set up and going.

We had a core group of stalwart members and volunteers that began the journey to having a place where people could come, work on projects, and share in the joy of making. Some folks moved on, others stayed, and we made headway to making the 'space a permanent fixture. As Roo always liked to say we were the 'scrappy, little makerspace.'

Other larger makerspaces came and went in the Houston area but we held on.

We forged ahead and built a nice small community. Ultimately, community is what it is all about. Making connections among people with a diverse set of skills and knowledge and sharing a common bond and love for creating new things.

We were getting our feet under us and about to start making ProtoMX a permanent fixture in the Houston landscape when we got blind-sided by our landlord. To make that very long part of this story shorter, we had irreconcilable differences and had to move out of our location. And we managed to do it in the span of 48 hours. Yes, we packed up the whole thing, and moved it all to Roo and Nancy's house.

(Shout out to the folks that helped us with that – you know who you are. We literally couldn't have done it without you!)

Actually, we moved just about everything except for the comfy couch. We had some very good naps on that couch. We still feel sad that we had to abandon it. It served us well and didn't deserve that fate.

As one door closes another one opens, or so the saying goes.We found a new home at the Esprit International School. We didn't have as much room as our previous location and could only bring a few of the machines over but we still had plenty to offer.

Regrettably, we just couldn't get enough interest in the new 'space to sustain it. We had some loyal, die-hard members follow us to Esprit International. (thanks to everyone that came with us!) and we had some students for the classes.

But in the end, it just wasn't enough.

Due to economic reasons we will be closing down ProtoMX.
We have exhausted all options for keeping the place going. And short of an angel sponsor coming in to help out there does not seem to be anything we can do to continue.

We will still be open to our current paid members until the end of May 2017, as well as to the students of the Esprit International School.

But we will be closed to the general public, effective immediately, with no plans at this time to re-open.

It has been a great journey and we have been honored to share it with all of you.

On behalf of all of us at ProtoMX, We wish you a good journey and hope that you have a wonderful life making cool stuff.

Evaristo & Nancy Ramos
James Husum


Hi all we apologize but Open House is cancelled for this upcoming Friday as we will be out of town unfortunately. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Hi all, due to a death in the family, we will be closed Wednesday and Thursday, we will be back by Friday night. Girls robotics is also cancelled for this week, we apologize to all.


OK, folks, just so you know... ProtoMX is closed for Spring Break! We'll be closed Mar. 12 - 19. If you need to use the laser cutter, please contact Nancy directly. Otherwise, we'll see you after the break. Aloha!


Would you be interested in a class where you build your own 3D printer that you get to keep, it would probably be a 4 week class, if so comment below or email us [email protected]


It is the beginning of a new month and that means it is time for Soldering Sunday! Tomorrow we'll be holding Soldering Sunday at the makerspace. Come by and learn a new skill. The class is free and starts at 3:00 PM.

We also have CHIP kits available for sale ($18) if you'd like to continue practicing your new skills at home.


Sorry we are closed today, small family emergency.


Does anyone have a 5.25" inch drive or a PC that has one we could borrow, we are trying to get a very old system up and running?


The girls robotics club will take place at 530-630 tonight!


We're having a 'Tour d'Space' tonight from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. This is our first open house in the new 'space at Esprit International Montessori School in The Woodlands. It is located at West Panther Creek and Interfaith Way. We hope you'll come out and join us and see what we have to offer.


Just A reminder that the girls robotics class will be from 6 to 7 pm tonight. It will be at Esprit Montessori International School. For Tonight use the driveway that Esprit shares with Sally k Ride school. Go down to the end of the parking lot on your right and you'll see the portable behind the school and our cars.


Network is up, ProtoMX is alive! Made a coin for the Comcast installer and did a test print on the 3-D printer.


Woot, we have a door key for the space provided and we are welcome to begin moving a few items in. I'm looking for volunteers tomorrow wednesday to move some of the larger tables and shelves in then we can start bringing some of the printers and laser cutters.


OK, loyal reader, I know you've been waiting by to find out what fate is in store for ProtoMX. I'm happy to report that things are looking up. We've been talking with the folks at Esprit International Montessori School and they are eager to put a permanent makerspace in the school. We will be partnering with them to set up ProtoMX in a room of their school. We won't have the full use of the room as they are still holding classes there in the daytime. We also won't be able to get all of our equipment into the new 'space but we will have the essentials - 3D printers, laser cutter and Shapeoko CNC router, the Silhouette, Curio and Mint for pepakura, and various electronics.

We still have some details to work out, such as times we will be open and membership access to the 'space. But it is a new lease on life for ProtoMX and we will be able to continue on.

We are hoping to get the All Girls Robotics Team and ProtoMX Pythonistas classes running there again soon.

We are looking to move in during the school's Thanksgiving holiday. Since the school will be closed it should make moving our equipment in a little easier as we won't need to worry about interrupting any classes.

The Esprit International Montessori School is located at 4890 West Panther Creek, The Woodlands, TX 77381.

In other news, we are headed to the Houston Makerfaire this weekend at the George R. Brown Convention Center. We will have a booth with various demos of machines from ProtoMX, along with a gaming set up to run Artemis.

We have a few volunteer slots still open. We need some volunteers to help run the booth and talk about tech with visitors. You will get a pass for the Makerfaire and have some time to explore the other exhibits along with helping us out.

Got questions about the new 'space? Like to volunteer for Houston Makerfaire? I'd love to hear from you. Send your questions and comments to [email protected] and I'll get back to you A.S.A.P.


The Blacktooth is set backup here in the house, test fired the laser and it survived the move.


Looking for volunteers for Makerfaire this upcoming next weekend, please let James or myself know if you can come help. Makerfaire is Saturday and Sunday this year.


The sorting begins!!


A big thank you to all our members who came out to help us move Proto. Your generosity was most appreciated and will not be forgotten. This is not the end of Proto. We just need a breather to figure out a few things.


Hi all, we are almost done with moving out of the makerspace. We just need a bit more to finish and then one more unload at Nancy & Roo's house. If you can help you are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Nancy, James, and Roo


We're busy moving stuff from the makerspace. If you have anything stored at the 'space, NOW is the time to come get it. We have to have everything out by Monday. Also, we can use any extra hands to move things, load the truck, etc.


Hi all we need more boxes if you have some boxes that we can have to pack that would awesome!! Please call before coming.



Due to the current events happening at ProtoMX, we've suspended everyone's PayPal automatic payments for memberships. Once we re-open at a new location we will contact folks about renewing their memberships and starting up again. We know this will be complicated and ask that you please bear with us as we go through this transition. Thank you.


Well, dear friends, troubled times have come to the doors of ProtoMX. We've been looking at needing to move the makerspace to a new location for a while now. To be honest, money has gotten tight and making rent at our current location has become difficult to the point that we cannot continue.

We were hoping to make a nice transition to Roo and Nancy's house, taking over the ground floor of their home. Then we'd look at ways to keep everything going until we could find a new home for ProtoMX.

Alas, smooth transitions are a thing of fairy tales and dreamers. Roo went to speak with our landlord to ask about the process involved with moving out. Our landlord misinterpreted this as we were moving out and lined someone up to come by the place this afternoon to buy all the equipment and change over ownership of the space.

Well, we didn't say we wanted to sell the equipment or even agree that we were ready to move out. Anyway, more miscommunication happened over whether we were in a two year lease or on a month to month basis. and when we finally got that straightened out, our landlord immediately doubled our rent. Then a little later he sent us a letter that he was tripling our rent and that it is due on Nov. 1.

We are fairly certain that he can't do that legally and we are checking with our legal service to see where we stand.

So, where does that put all of us? Well, out the door, mainly.

The relationship between us and the landlord has soured and we no longer feel it is fair to our members to stay in the current space, given what has transpired.

If you have anything in storage at the 'space, we need you to come and collect it. We also need any and all hands over the next three days to help us move everything out of the 'space so we can be out before Nov. 1.

This is it people. We need your support now more than ever. We want to keep the 'space going. We are looking at options. We are following every possible lead on anything that might help keep us up and running.

We appreciate all the support that everyone has given us over the last two years. With your continued support we can keep going for another two (and beyond.)

We've had a number of people tell us that they want to come in  on Sundays so we're changing our hours. Our new hours wi...
Houston Mini Maker Faire

We've had a number of people tell us that they want to come in on Sundays so we're changing our hours. Our new hours will be Sunday 3:00 - 9:00 PM.

We will be closed to the general public on Monday and Tuesday due to this change.

If you are planning to go to the Houston Makerfaire this year, you can get a discount by using the promo code PROTO16 to get half-off when ordering tickets online at

Houston! We have Makers



RIP Dennis Ritchie. The C programming language and UNIX have played foundational roles in almost all technology we use today. Computer science lost one of its greatest 5 years ago today. #RIP


4890 W Panther Creek
The Woodlands, TX


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