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Mountain Valley Water Co. Mountain Valley Spring water services all of Western New York. We carry spring water, distilled water, fluoridated spring water in both glass or Lexan bottles.

Natural spring water both pure where nothing is taken away. Water guard sanitary dispensing system that is convenient with sizes from 10 ounces to 5 gallons. High in calcium and other healthy minerals. Salt free and pollution free water. We offer free delivery to home or office. Products and Services

10 OZ 5 Gallon Sizes
Bottled in Glass & Lexan
Cooler Sales & Rentals 10 Oz. To 5 Gall

Natural spring water both pure where nothing is taken away. Water guard sanitary dispensing system that is convenient with sizes from 10 ounces to 5 gallons. High in calcium and other healthy minerals. Salt free and pollution free water. We offer free delivery to home or office. Products and Services

10 OZ 5 Gallon Sizes
Bottled in Glass & Lexan
Cooler Sales & Rentals 10 Oz. To 5 Gall

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How can water help with back pain? Well, your spinal discs have water stored in them that supports about 75% of the upper body's weight. The water serves as a lubricant during movement.


The water cycle continually transports water from the Earth's surface into the atmosphere and back. During a 100 year period, a water molecule spends 98 years in the ocean, 20 months as ice, about 2 weeks in lakes and rivers, and less than a week in the atmosphere.


Do you know that your blood is 92% water? Drinking water helps thin the blood and prevents clotting. According to researchers from Loma Linda University, men who drank about five or more 8oz glasses of water daily cut their risk for stroke by about 53%, compared to those who drank fewer than three glasses.


Water helps protect your joints and muscles from shock and damage by acting as a cushion. Dehydrated cartilage tissues increase friction in the joints, causing joint deterioration and pain. Also, drinking water before, while, and after exercise helps reduce cramping and fatigue.


We can deliver distilled water, if you have a need. Distilled water is preferred for use in car batteries and cooling systems, and medical and laboratory facilities. If you have a fresh water aquarium, your fish will be happier swimming around in distilled water.


Do you know that your body will naturally crave more water when the weather turns hot or humid to replace the water you lose by sweating? If you're concerned you may run out, we can always adjust your delivery.


How old is your home? The older it is, the greater the chance that it has pipes made from lead or metals that corrode. These metals can leach into your drinking water. Improper PVC pipes can also contaminate tap water, as well.


If you've been looking for easy ways to manage your weight, we may be your best ally. Since water is calorie-free, replacing your other daily beverages can help decrease your calorie intake.


The Texas Heart Institute recommends drinking cool or room temperature water rather than cold water. This is because your body absorbs water at these temperatures faster.


It's important to remember that dehydration can cause a host of ailments you wouldn't necessarily expect. If your health is important to you, let us provide you with high-quality drinking water.


Some may argue that tap water is better than bottled water because the fluoride protects teeth. However, if you use a fluoride toothpaste, drink soft drinks, or consume water from other sources, you are getting more than enough fluoride in your system.


Do you know the quality and performance of your tissues, as well as their ability to resist disease and injury, are directly related to the quality and quantity of the water you drink? By drinking purified water, you can get the most out of it in terms of health benefits.


The daily recommended amount of water consumption is eight 8oz glasses. Fruits and vegetables also contain water, so eating these foods along with drinking water can help reach your daily water intake.


Unfortunately, municipal filtration systems do not always completely free tap water of various pollutants or sometimes even diseases. Our delivered water is guaranteed to be both pure and safe.


Have you noticed that your family uses an excessive amount of salt at every meal? If getting them to cut back isn't an option, having plenty of clean water for them to drink can help flush the sodium out of their system.


We understand that losing or maintaining your weight can be a frustrating endeavor. If you want a painless way to cut back your calories, switching from soda to water could help you save hundreds of calories each day.


Drinking the proper amount of water for your system is a healthy activity to participate in. Do you realize that by the time your brain registers thirst, your body has lost over 1% of its total water?


Everywhere it travels, water carries chemicals, minerals and nutrients with it, making it the liquid that dissolves more substances than any other liquid.


Do you know that many caffeinated beverages can actually dehydrate your body? If you've been having trouble staying hydrated, you may want to switch to consuming pure water.


We can customize deliveries to meet the usage needs of your home or business. We will monitor water use and make our deliveries based on how quickly or slowly your supply gets used.


There are many benefits of drinking purified water. Not only does staying properly hydrated improve the functionality of virtually every system in your body, but when water is purified, you don't need to worry about the questionable content of water that may come out of the tap.


One of the benefits of bottled water is that it is useful for emergency situations such as a hurricane or blackout. Likewise, bottled water is portable, which means it can travel with you, should you need to evacuate.


While chemical additives may be critical to the shelf life of prepackaged foods, they aren't something you want in your water. Let us keep you supplied with delicious, purified water.


Having bottled water delivered by us is environmentally-friendly. Our bottles are refillable, reusable, and recyclable. According to the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), water bottles accounted for less than one-third of 1 percent of all waste produced in the US in 2005.


When it comes to water, quality is very important as impurities and pollutants can literally make you sick. We adhere to the strictest regulations and quality standards to ensure that your water is always safe and pure.


Groundwater provides 97% of the Earth's drinkable water. The water stays the same temperature all year round, so it can be pumped to both heat and cool homes.


You can be sure our bottled water is safe. Whether you buy in large quantities or individual bottles, we adhere to the strictest FDA and state standards for safety and quality to make sure you are purchasing the finest product on the market.


For cost, convenience, and health, bottled water is a great product. It is less expensive than soft drinks, better for you, and is easy to carry to work, school, the golf course, or the gym.


If you feel drowsy or fatigued during the day, the problem may be a lack of water intake. Recent studies have shown that most people are inadequately hydrated. Our bottled water, consumed regularly, will contribute to your overall health and sense of well-being.


The familiar adage of eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day is actually what most experts recommend. By having fresh, delicious water delivered to your office or home, you can help cultivate a great habit that will keep you healthy for years to come.


The Great Lakes are indeed great, since they hold about 20% of the all the world's freshwater supply. If all the water in the Great Lakes was spread evenly across the United States, the ground would be covered with about 10 feet of water.


Do you know water can move against the force of gravity? This is called capillary action, when liquid moves in narrow spaces without any external forces. For example, wiping a spill with a paper towel or plants carrying water from the soil into the plant is possible because of capillary action.


Have you ever had trouble fitting into certain clothes or shoes the day after eating out at a restaurant? Believe it or not, the best way to combat this type of water retention is to drink as much water as possible.


There is the same amount of water on Earth now as when it was formed. This means that we are using the same water that dinosaurs once drank. The water is continually being recycled from the Earth's surface to the atmosphere and back to the land and oceans.


Have you stopped drinking water during exercise because it makes you nauseous? In many cases, the issue is actually that you're gulping down too much water in the middle of intense exercise. Sipping water is the best alternative.


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