AmeriCorps NJ Watershed Ambassadors Program

AmeriCorps NJ Watershed Ambassadors Program The AmeriCorps New Jersey Watershed Ambassadors Program is an environmental community service program designed to promote watershed stewardship through direct community involvement.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection began hosting the AmeriCorps New Jersey Watershed Ambassadors Program in September of 2000 under an AmeriCorps State contract with the Corporation for National and Community Service. Since then, the Department has recruited and trained over 200 AmeriCorps members as Watershed Ambassadors to serve New Jersey communities. AmeriCorps NJ Watershed

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection began hosting the AmeriCorps New Jersey Watershed Ambassadors Program in September of 2000 under an AmeriCorps State contract with the Corporation for National and Community Service. Since then, the Department has recruited and trained over 200 AmeriCorps members as Watershed Ambassadors to serve New Jersey communities. AmeriCorps NJ Watershed

Operating as usual


Hope all of our friends enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. Those affected by Sandy are still on our hearts and minds especially during this season of giving. Check out the Surfrider Foundation: Jersey Shore Chapter's event page page for cleanups happening in Ortley Beach and LBI this weekend.

Giving back to the next generation of Watershed Ambassadors. We

Giving back to the next generation of Watershed Ambassadors. We

Proudly displaying painted Duck Flatties @ FREC #PLT

Proudly displaying painted Duck Flatties @ FREC #PLT

Barnegat Bay Challenge Rain Barrel Build Nov. 2, 2012

Barnegat Bay Challenge Rain Barrel Build Nov. 2, 2012


Maplewood/South Orange/ West Orange/Millburn area opportunity via Maplewood Patch:

"The following announcement is from coordinators of the South Mountain Reservation "Chain Saw Gang": We have made a great start in clearing trails strewn with toppled trees from Superstorm Sandy. Over the last week, our Chain Saw Gang, Trailkeepers and more than two dozen stalwart volunteers have cleared more than 25 percent of the Reservation's trails and temporarily repaired fencing at several forest regeneration sites to keep deer out. We thank the community for this great showing, but there is more to do.

To maintain this momentum, volunteers over 15 years of age with loppers, bow saws, and especially chain saws are urged to come out this Saturday to the Dog Park off Crest Drive at 9:00 a.m. This effort will be under the direction of Dave Hogenauer and Jay Leslie, co-coordinators of the Chain Saw Gang. (Call Jay Leslie at 973-477-4481(c), if there are questions.)"


Please check out our "Recent Posts by Others" section. Our Ambassadors and Alums are updating us page frequently with various volunteer opportunities throughout the State! Can't beat boots on the ground! #MakingADifference

NJ Volunteer and Donation Needs

We'd love to meet the mastermind(s) behind this super amazing, comprehensive, color-coded list of Sandy Relief volunteer opportunities! Check it out and see where you can get plugged in!


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - Help restore Liberty State Park! The park needs volunteers to remove litter from lawns and trees left by Hurricane Sandy. Come this Saturday, November 17, 9:00 a.m. sharp. Please give as much time as you can. Wear sturdy boots, bring work gloves, water and snacks. Ages 15 to Adult can help. (Teens must be accompanied by a parent). DIRECTIONS: Take Turnpike exit 14C, at the end of the ramp, turn right, go past the Liberty Science Center, at the light, go left. At the cobblestone road (Audrey Zapp Drive) turn right. Park for free in the Central Parking Lot off Zapp Drive and Freedom Way. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. To register, email the park office at [email protected] Give your name, phone and the number of volunteers coming with you.


Volunteer Opportunity: Operation Recovery Newark at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark is in need of volunteers to move food and supplies. If you are able to help, please contact the Church at
(973) 622-4547. Please call ahead to see when they are getting deliveries. They need a lot of volunteers when they receive big shipments to unload and organize everything.

Thanks to Carly, AmeriCorps PM at Freak Oaks Charter School for sharing this! Like their page for updates -!

AmeriCorps NJ Watershed Ambassadors Program's cover photo

AmeriCorps NJ Watershed Ambassadors Program's cover photo

MDD Tree Planting 10/27/12

MDD Tree Planting 10/27/12

Volunteer opportunity this Saturday in Liberty State Park. Please share!

Volunteer opportunity this Saturday in Liberty State Park. Please share!


Via NJWAP Alum, @Nina Sassano - "Things in Point Pleasant Beach and Bay Head are in pretty bad shape, and people are definitely looking for help. The Masonic Lodge (911 Richmond Ave. Corner New Jersey Ave. Point Pleasant, NJ 08742) has people signing up volunteers and sending them to specific homes that need help. If you or anyone you know is in need of help cleaning out your homes, or is interested in
going here to help, please have them go to the lodge, or e-mail [email protected] and they can go over and volunteer. Please remember to bring a photo ID, gloves, masks, shovels, buckets, tools, or any other supplies that could be necessary to the clean up. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Also there is a donation center set up at Brave New World in Point Pleasant Beach taking any kinds of supplies that will be donated. I think they have enough clothes, though. And I heard that the Spirit of 76 Liquors in Manasquan is collecting cleaning supplies like towels, bleach, sponges, scrubbers, soaps, etc. for the displaced residents of Manasquan. I am happy to provide you with more information for the shore area as I find it out."


First time meeting with all of our members since Hurricane sandy. Ecstatic to know that everyone and their families are safe and really excited to see everyone's faces today! Now, to focus on having a short meeting so we can leave the Atlantic City area before this nor'easter hits! Have a great day everyone!


Mandatory evacuation for low lying areas of Brick by 6pm tonight. Evacuation strongly encouraged for other areas in Brick only if your home was damaged or affected by Hurricane Sandy. If not, no need to evacuate. Confirmed by an operator at the number listed in the attached article.

AmeriCorps is all about citizenship and civic engagement.  Remember to bundle up and GO VOTE today!  Let us know what to...
New Jersey Department of State - Division of Elections

AmeriCorps is all about citizenship and civic engagement. Remember to bundle up and GO VOTE today! Let us know what town or State you're voting in. For NJ Residents, check out the link below for information on how to vote if you were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Have a great day!

Notwithstanding Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath, the State of New Jersey is committed to holding a fair, open and transparent election on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, as established by Federal Law, 3 U.S.C. § 1 et more


AmeriCorps members serving today in Ocean City (beach and residential cleanup), Trenton Volunteer Call Center, The Community Food Bank of NJ in Hillside and Shelters in Raritan, Flemington and West Long Branch. We're really proud of our members for stepping up to serve during this difficult time for NJ. We recruit the best of the best for this very reason. They live and breathe service. #community

Office of the Governor | Newsroom

NJ Gas shortage still continues. Please BE SAFE out there if you are on line for gas! On Twitter, use #njgas or #njopen for updates on stations that are open with wait times.

Also, Gov. Christie signed an Executive Order: Starting at 12:00 Noon TODAY (Saturday, November 3, 2012) New Jersey will begin an odd/even system for getting gasoline.

License plates that end in an odd number can get gas on odd number days of the month (today) while those with an even number can get gas on even number days of the month. (For example ABC12D is even). If you have an all letter license plate it is considered odd therefore you can get gas on odd number days of the month.

Again, specialized plates — or those not displaying a number — will be considered odd-number plates. for example, a theoretical plate number of "XYZ 27Q" would have "7" as its final numerical digit, and would be permitted gasoline on an odd day.

This dispensation system will remain in effect as long as the limited states of energy emergency declared by the State continue. The order is in effect in the following counties: Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Morris, Monmouth, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union, and Warren.

Governor Christie Takes Action to Ease Gas Station Waits with Move to Odd-Even Rationing for Gasoline Purchases in 12 New Jersey Counties


FYI - looks like some areas are instituting early voting. Check with your town or county to preserve your voting rights! We saw this today "All Essex County residents can start voting today at Hall of Records/465 MLK Blvd., [Newark, NJ] Today until 5:30. Sat to Mon 8:30 to 4:30." Please leave a comment if polls are open in your area! #rockthevote #citizenship


NJ Community Food Bank in Hillside is accepting volunteers for tomorrow (Saturday 11/3). Please call 98-355-3663 to register with the volunteer department. Thank you!


List of operational NJ Gas Stations, hotels, pharmacies, and food stores. NJOEM is updating their list based on what they are receving via email. Please email [email protected] to inform them of operational locations that you know of. Get updates directly from NJOEM via FB or follow them on Twitter @NJ OEM. -with New Jersey Office of Emergency Management

UPDATED_Sandy_Private_Sector_Resources_for_Fuel_1.pdf Download this file UPDATED_Sandy_Private_Sector_Resources_for_Hotels_1.pdf Download this file UPDATED_Sandy_Private_Sector_Resources_for_Pharmacy_1.pdf Download this file UPDATED_Sandy_Private_Sector_Resources_for_Food.xlsx_1.pdf Download this fi...


AmeriCorps members served today in with tree cleanup in Pennington, at shelters in Flemington, West Long Branch and Tuckerton and at the NJ Volunteer Call Center in Trenton. What are you doing to help your neighbors in the aftermath of Sandy? Let us know where can we support or help promote your efforts! #together #serve

New Jersey Office of Emergency Management

Looking for ways to help with relief efforts during Hurricane Sandy? Here's a list from the NJ Office of Volunteerism. Please spread the word!

1. NJ Food Bank Donations – email [email protected] for a list of locations and items needed.

2. The State is asking that people really help out locally right now – we are still in the Emergency Phase of this process where areas are being assessed for safety and resources that are needed. Currently, some areas may require support within 48 hours, we are being told others will not be safe for 7-10 days due to gas leaks, etc.

3. If you know anyone that wants to volunteer once we hit our Recovery Phase and begin to mobilize, please have them call the State volunteer emergency response hotline at 1-800-JERSEY-7 (1-800-537-7397). to leave their information.

4. RIGHT NOW – residents can support the food banks, check on their neighbors, help locally with cleanup, check on elderly and sick neighbors, and offer to bring phones to locations like city halls or malls to charge them, help entertain kids, etc.

5. RIGHT NOW – residents are being asked NOT to start collecting anything; monetary donations are still being requested except for the attached food bank donations. NJWAP has heard folks that have seen local organizations asking for socks, etc. We’d say that’s fine – but without a direct request, money is best.

6. Give Blood (locally and nationally )- visit or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) to schedule your whole blood or platelet appointment.

7. RIGHT NOW – as many sewage treatment plants are flooded and discharging directly into waterways, please remind those in affected areas to wash their hands, etc. or use hand sanitizer if they come into contact with flood waters, especially before eating. Also, please remind residents to conserve water during this time so we can ensure there is enough for everyone.

Boil Water Advisory:

Conserve water article:

Additional Items of Interest:
1. For people that NEED help, please tell them to call their local Office of Emergency Management (OEM - They can also call 211 or go to

2. If people need to find a shelter, please direct them to:

3. Please encourage places of worship and other community organizations to organize hot meals for community members. In Bergen County, residents stuck without power were calling in to Red Cross asking where they could get hot meals. Please ask that these organization publicize their efforts in local papers, patch, etc.

Thank you for your assistance ansd support! Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated!

NJDEP - News Release 12/P130 - DEP Advises Residents Statewide to Conserve Water in Aftermath of Sto

NJDEP is asking everyone to get on board with water conservation. Let's do our part as we recover together from Hurricane Sandy. What are you doing to conserve? Share your great ideas here!

“Everyone must pitch in immediately and take steps to reduce water consumption. Without conservation now, homes and businesses could find themselves without water in the near future if backup generation fails. We need full and immediate cooperation.” - Commissioner Bob Martin

The DEP advises residents to adhere to the following:

-Do not use water for any nonessential uses, such as watering of lawns and washing of cars.
-Take showers instead of baths. Keep showers as short as possible.
-Limit flushing of toilets, dishwashing and washing clothes.
-Turn off the faucet when shaving and brushing teeth.
-For those who have electrical service, run dishwashers and laundry washing machines only when they are full. If you have a water-saver cycle, use it.
-Check your toilet, faucets, and pipes for leaks and make repairs or shut off water valves to any faucets or toilets that are leaking.
-Use a broom or rake to clean up storm debris, including leaves or pine needles, rather than a hose.
-Keep a supply of drinking water on hand sufficient to last several days.

NJDEP-News Release 12/P127 - 27 October 2012 - Trenton, NJ - All state parks and historic sites will shut down at noon on Sunday for safety reasons due to oncoming Hurricane Sandy, Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin announced today.

Hurricane Sandy’s Scary, But Alums Are Here to Help!

AmeriCorps Alums Getting Things Done during relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy. #service

Happy Halloween Alums! We want to recognize the 121 AmeriCorps and Senior Corps members who, as of Monday October 29, 2012, The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) has deployed to assist with disaster response to Hurricane Sandy in five affected states. There are currently 290+ Ame


3 members deploying to West Trenton. Hoping all of our friends, colleagues and partners are safe. Please let us know what we can do to help!


AmeriCorps Members deployed in Toms River and Flemington. Eager to help in whatever way we can. Please let us know what other areas we can support. Especially any in Central or Southwestern NJ. We'll do our best! Thanks to the alumni helping to get us plugged in as well. Really proud of the team effort.

New Jersey Office of Emergency Management

Shout out to NJ AmeriCorps members and Alumni on the front lines, coordinating and assisting with disaster relief efforts during the Hurricane! Check out the site below for important information! Stay safe and remember to check on your neighbors! #servicefirst - -with Amanda Lotto and Akili Gordon

Track current Tropical Storm and Hurricane activity in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, with NWS/National Hurricane Center’sTropical Prediction Center


"When you set high expectations, people rise to the challenge." Congratulations to our new YR 13 cohort on their successful completion of 2 weeks of intensive Orientation Training!!! Welcome aboard!!


Graduation Ceremony in 3 hours! Congratulations to the Class of 2012 for a fabulous year of service! All the best in your Life after AmeriCorps. We're so proud of you and what you've accomplished this year!


401 E State Street, PO Box 420, Mail Code 401-04I
Trenton, NJ

Trenton Transit Station (NJ Transit, Amtrak), RiverLINE Light Rail, Bus Service.

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