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Trenton Fire Department Trenton Fire Department Is a 100% volunteer Department with a Fulltime Attitude,Pride and Devotion we are here for 1 reason to SERVE our Community


Unfortunately Santa will not make it around Trenton tonight but he will be there Monday night to see all the children in the northeast part of the City we are very sorry that he is not going to make it


Santa just called and said that he is not going to make it to Trenton tonight due to the rain. He said that he is going to attempt to come tomorrow night.


Santa is in town, Engine 25 is escorting him around Trenton, Tonight we covered the South West section of Trenton. Tomorrow night 12/15/15 we will be in the North West and South East side. Then on Thursday 12/17/15 we will be in the North East side of town. look for the flashing red lights and listen for the Christmas music.


Thanks to everyone for assisting us on the structure fire Wednesday night. We appreciate all the hard work you did.


Meet and greet your local volunteer firefighters from Trenton Fire Department, Fanning Springs Fire Rescue and Gilchrist County Fire Rescue on Saturday, July 18, From 11:30 Am to 3:30 Pm at 111 SE 5 Avenue in Trenton.
This will be a great opportunity to speak with our men and women that serve out community. Please feel free to tour your fire department, ask questions and observe demonstrations. If you desire to join a local fire department, personnel will be available to assist you.

Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office

Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office


PRESS RELEASE: Arson Fire Trenton Mason Lodge.
At 4:19 A.M. on Monday, June 1, 2015 a resident of Trenton called 911 to report a fire burning at the William T. Carlton Masonic Lodge #46, located at 125 NE 2nd Avenue in Trenton.

Fire Engines 25, 1, 4, and 22 were dispatched to the scene in rapid succession, along with Gilchrist County Medical Unit 2.

At 4:22 A.M., the Sheriff’s Dispatch Center dispatched Trenton Police Officer Cody Wetherington to the scene. Officer Wetherington arrived on scene one minute later at 4:23 A.M. and was subsequently joined there by Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Deputies Mike Simpson and Brent Strickland.

Upon Officer Wetherington’s arrival, he observed graffiti written in what appeared to be white spray paint on the rear of the building. The graffiti depicted the Masonic logo, stars, and the words “truth not light of false” and “The Vigilant.” Officer Wetherington quickly photographed this evidence before it was destroyed by the heat of the fire. This was the first indication that the fire may have been intentionally set. Subsequently, the State Fire Marshall’s Office was called to report a possible arson.

Firefighters arrived to witness the Masonic Lodge already fully engulfed in flames.

As the scene contained live electric lines, a team of emergency lineman from Duke Energy was called.

Firefighters worked to contain the blaze and keep it from spreading to neighboring buildings, but did not enter the structure due to its roof being fully engulfed in flames, as well as the still active electric lines at the structure.

At 5:19 A.M. workers from Duke Energy arrived on scene to disconnect the electricity to the structure.

Officer Wetherington, and Deputy Strickland noticed a man among the crowd taking pictures and/or video of the fire. Both law enforcement officers questioned the man separately, with each officer being given different information about the man’s identity. After conferring with one another, the officers determined the man’s true identity was Jonathan Harrell, and quickly learned that there was an active warrant existing for the man, who by then had left the scene. Deputy Strickland, who had seen the man leave the scene, tracked him down to find him sitting in a car located at 320 NE 2nd Street. At 5:36 A.M., Mr. Harrell was arrested on the active warrant and transported to the Gilchrist County Jail.

At 6:39 A.M. Detective Scott Erickson from the Florida State Fire Marshall’s Office arrived on the scene. He was later joined by Det. David Young, Det. Robert Thompson, and Lt. Matt Legler, also of the Florida State Fire Marshall’s Office.

After the fire was extinguished, the detectives from the Florida State Fire Marshall’s Office conducted a scene excavation and K9 investigation revealing that the fire, which originated in the front hallway of the building, had been intentionally set through the use of an open flame device controlled by human hand. An accelerant-detection canine revealed multiple alerts in various locations throughout the building, indicating the presence of flammable liquids inside the building.

During the course of the investigation, Mr. Harrell was interviewed and questioned about the fire at the Masonic Lodge by Trenton Police Chief Tracy Taylor and Detective Scott Erickson. Upon questioning, Mr. Harrell revealed that he had previously been taking steps to become a Mason, when he was arrested on unrelated charges, causing him to abandon the process. Mr. Harrell went on to admit that he was in fact responsible for the fire at the Mason Lodge in Trenton, and signed a sworn statement to that effect. This morning, Mr. Harrell appeared before Judge Lancaster in the Gilchrist County Courthouse, where bond was set at $602,500. Currently, Mr. Harrell is incarcerated at the Gilchrist County Jail awaiting trial.


Trenton fire would like to thank the help of Gilchrist County Fire Rescue Station's 1,3, and 4, and the Gilchrist County Sheriff's office for their assistance on the brush tonight, Everyone done a great job and made it back home safe.


There will be a CPR class at the Fire station 111 SE 5th ave Trenton on 02/11/2015 at 6 pm, The class is through American heart, The price will be $40 dollars a person. For more information please contact Lieutenant Ralph [email protected] 352-317-1076 Please register by 5 pm on Tuesday 02/10/2015


Just got word from Santa Claus himself that he will be visiting Trenton this Friday and Saturday Night. Friday he will be traveling through the NW and SW sections and Saturday through the NE and SE sections.


From our family to yours we would like to wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving


The Trenton Fire Department will doing a boot drive at the red light on November 14th starting around 3pm. Proceeds will be going to our adopted Christmas family and the community. Please help and spread the word.


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the trick or treaters tonight. It was a great turnout and tons of great costumes. Don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight and please be safe with using any space heaters tonight. We really don't want to see you tonight.


Don't forget to stop by the firehouse tomorrow night for trick or treating

Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office

Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office

Memorial Service/Vigil Information

The Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office has received the following information on a memorial and candle light vigil for the victim’s of the recent shooting in Bell, FL.

A memorial service will be held at Bell High School auditorium, located at 930 S. Main St. (S. US Hwy 129) in Bell FL. Sunday (9/21/14) afternoon at 5pm, to be followed by a candle light vigil at 730 pm at Bell Elementary School, 2771 E. Bell Ave., Bell FL.

The Event will open to the public. Specific and designated parking area will be provided to the media. Directions will given upon arrival.


If you are in need of CPR certification let us know. Call 463-4012 or 317-5750 to schedule a class. We are very flexible with scheduling and can work around your schedule.

Gilchrist County Fire Rescue & Emergency Management

Gilchrist County Fire Rescue & Emergency Management

Our next FREE CPR course is coming up on July 19th and as usual, we will open up registration first to our FB fans.

Our next course will be Saturday July 19 from 9:30am to 2:00pm at the Gilchrist County Emergency Operations Center. To reserve your seat, please call 386-935-5400, 1-866-751-1728, or email [email protected]. There will be a limit of 30 students, so sign up early.

Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office

Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office


The following is a message the Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office received this morning. The individual wanted to make sure everyone knows you are under no obligations to disclose medical information to anyone (unless ordered by the courts or other judicial processes). Please be cautious when giving out ANY personal information by phone and always verify who the caller/angency/business is before any type of disclosure of information.

" I received a phone call from a number listed as ST Augustine FL 1-904-43#-#### The gentleman with a thick foreign accent stated he was calling from the Florida Department of Health and wanted to know if I was on any medication for depression.. I cut him off to verify that he was calling as an agent of the Florida Department of health which he replied Yes.. I asked him if he realized that he could be violating my rights under "Hippa", which he responded yes.. but he wanted the information due to birth defects while pregnant, while women were taking depression medication.. I expressed to him once again that he was impersonating an agent from the Florida department of health which he admitted... "

The life of a Firefighter

We thank God every day for allowing us to volunteer.

The Video was created by a group on Facebook called "The life of a Firefighter" I posted to share!


Happy Fathers Day to all of you out there that fill the roll past and present. Thank you for being the inspiration, the helping hand, the teacher. THANK YOU all for being a DAD.


Father's Day Rescue
By Don Hawley, Pocahontas, Illinois
We ate a big breakfast at a local restaurant, like we did every Father's Day. Then off to church. Pastor talked about how God is a father who never lets his children down. I wanted to be a father like that. One of the presents my daughters gave me was a T-shirt emblazoned with the words "World's Coolest Dad." That was good enough for me. After church I put the shirt on. Then we'd leave for a car show the next town over. That was also our tradition. Just like any other Father's Day. That's what made it so great.
Just as we headed out the front door my volunteer fire-department pager went off. Nuts, I thought. Maybe it's just a brush fire and they won't need me.

But the dispatcher's voice crackled: "Attention, Pocahontas-Old Ripley firefighters! House fire on Simpson Street. Repeat. House fire on Simpson Street."

"Gotta go," I said. I left my family on the front porch, ran to my car, jumped behind the wheel and took off. Again the dispatcher's voice: "There is a child inside. Repeat. A child is trapped inside the house."

I drove to the firehouse, all the while hoping it would just be a false alarm. That happens a lot. We'd get to a house fire and find everyone standing outside in the yard, safe. I got to the firehouse in minutes. Another firefighter, Tom Smith, and the chief were waiting. "Tommy, Don, take truck two-five-three. Roll!" he ordered. "The rest of the guys will be right behind you."

Tommy and I threw on our fire-retardant clothes and boots. "What do you think?" Tommy asked.

"False alarm, maybe?" But it was more of a hope than an opinion.

Tommy and I rolled in truck 253, siren ripping through the otherwise peaceful Sunday afternoon. As the first on the scene, our job was to make sure everyone was out of the house, locate the nearest hydrant, then wait for backup. And there was another backup. Prayer. I always pray before going in to a fire. '
The truck screeched around the corner onto Simpson. A small crowd had gathered in front of number 907. They appeared agitated, almost panicky. Smoke billowed from the one-story house's open front door. Tommy grabbed the radio. "Truck two-five-three on scene. Advise all units: We have smoke; this is a working fire!"

We lurched to a stop. The bystanders swarmed us. "The baby's inside!" one yelled. "Do something, quick!"

First Tommy and I had to put on our air packs. We wouldn't stand a chance without oxygen. Someone—a neighbor, I figured—stood in the doorway of the house holding a garden hose, a pathetic jet of water spurting in vain. A large man burst through the door, sputtering and coughing, red eyes streaming with tears. "Please hurry!" he called. "My boy's still in there. I couldn't get to him!"

Tommy and I glanced at each other. I knew what he was thinking. No time to wait for backup. Together we raced toward the house. We heard a voice behind us. Battalion Chief Steve Brown was on scene. Backup would be here soon. Steve yanked the garden hose from the neighbor and headed inside. "Let's move," he said.

Tommy and I plunged through the doorway. Curtains of fire ate away at the walls and ceiling. The place was an inferno. And all we had was a garden hose. That wouldn't cut it. Lord, I begged, please get those other firefighters here on the double. Please shield us from the flames and lead us to that child. Please don't let us die. Especially not today.
Tommy and I worked as a pair. We got down on all fours. Every few seconds I reached out to touch Tommy or I felt him touch me. Maintain contact, I reminded myself. That's one of the first rules. Trying to find Tommy if I lost him would mean a delay, possibly death. For me, for Tommy, for the child in the house.

The smoke quickly grew thicker until it was pitch-black. One thing you don't realize about a fire until you're in one is how loud the sound is. Flames roared in our ears. Pieces of ceiling smashed down on our backs. Ashes everywhere. The blistering heat sucked sweat from our skin.

"Anyone here?" I shouted. No answer. Tommy and I searched every inch of the first two rooms. No child. My hand knocked into a wall. We followed it down a hallway. I strained to see something through the smoke. Couldn't make out what it was, so I reached for it. A table leg. Then a chair. Must be the dining room. Tommy and I felt all around under the table. Again nothing. "Next room!" I shouted.

I knew the layout of these houses. The only room left was the kitchen. We crawled from one end of it to the other.

Flames roared louder. How long before the roof collapses? "This is it!" I yelled to Tommy. "We have to get out!"

All at once a vision was put into my head—that father begging us to save his child. We couldn't give up. Not today, I thought again. There still might be a chance.

All right, Lord, I prayed. Pastor said this morning that you'll never let your children down. Well, there's a little boy somewhere in here who needs your help. And so do I.
I tapped Tommy on the arm and motioned him to follow. "Let's try here!" I shouted. I reached out. Thick black smoke flowed through my empty fingers. Then my hand landed on something. Another chair leg? No. Too thin. I squeezed gently. Soft. It felt like…an arm. "Tommy, I've got him! I've got him!"

I snatched the boy up in one arm and frantically waved ahead of me with the other, half crawling, half crouching. Stay low. Move fast. My breathing was a roar inside my fire hood. Sweat blinded me. Didn't much matter. I couldn't see anyway.

Tommy kept close behind, tapping me again and again. I was out the front door before I could make out a glimpse of daylight. I stood up and ran with the boy to a safe distance. I put him down on the lawn. His face gray, his body limp, his chest still. Couldn't have been more than two years old. I tore off my mask and started mouth-to-mouth.

Breathe! Finally he sputtered and took a breath. Then another. Slowly color rose in his face. Our EMTs started him on oxygen and loaded him into our ambulance. It looked like he would be fine.

Once the fire was under control, Tommy and I stripped off our gear and sat in the shade of a maple, drinking ice water a neighbor had given us. I looked down at myself. I still had on my "Coolest Dad" T-shirt. Filthiest dad was more like it. Those black stains would never come out. "Look at this," I said out loud. "You can hardly see what it says anymore."
The neighbor who'd given us water just smiled. "That's okay," he said. "Today you guys gave another dad the greatest gift anyone ever could."


111 SE 5th Ave
Trenton, FL


(352) 463-4012


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