Tyndall AFB Emergency Management

Tyndall AFB Emergency Management Prepare for, respond to, and recover from all hazards. Air Force Emergency Managers are trained to enter hazardous environments to detect, monitor, and sample for CBRN or other hazardous materials.

They evaluate man-made or natural disasters to mitigate impacts on AF assets and to reduce or neutralize any threats to the mission. Emergency Managers are responsible for managing the command and control of installation emergency operations.

Mission: To obtain, analyze, and communicate vital information to senior leaders enabling them to make risk-based decisions for all incidents or potential incidents inherent to an installation.

Operating as usual


UPDATE: We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties for our FB Live Briefing/Q&A session. Our apologies and we should be up shortly.

Thank you for your patience!

📌Enter for a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift card and a feature on this page!Share your very own Emergency Supp...

📌Enter for a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift card and a feature on this page!

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Looking for information on how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from potential disasters in the area? Join us tomorrow on our page via Facebook Live for a briefing/Q&A session. The briefing will begin at 11:30 and will last approximately 1 hour. Cannot make the briefing tomorrow? No worries! We will also be holding them on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday at 11:30. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Emergency Management Jeopardy

📌 Do you know what an emergency family plan is? No? Well.... watch this Emergency Management Jeopardy skit hosted by SSgt Clune and find out how much you really know about being prepared.

✅ For more information regarding disaster preparedness, please visit ready.gov

Air Force Emergency Management

Air Force Emergency Management

🧑‍🏫 Teach Youth About Preparedness

This week we will be discussing resources to educate our young emergency managers! While most states have a high school requirement for CPR training, there are also plenty of opportunities for certified training at as early as 11 years of age.

The American Red Cross hosts Babysitting classes (11+) for preteens looking to learn how to provide safe child care and emergency actions when adults are not available. CPR/First Aid/AED training can be added to the course upon registration or taken as separate modules entirely. Access to this course can be found here: https://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/babysitting/babysitting-child-care-training

For our emergency managers younger than 11, there are plenty of resources available for e-learning! Air Force Emergency Management offers dozens of interactive activities to teach preparedness via our website! Please go to www.BeReady.af.mil for access to our library of printable activities. You can also contact your installation's Office of Emergency Management for additional information, to include getting a copy of the Be Ready Kids Emergency Preparedness Activity Book.

Bay County, Florida Emergency Services

Bay County, Florida Emergency Services


Here is the latest road closure list from the Bay County Sheriff's Office. We have tried to make this list as complete as possible but there may flooded areas not on this list.

1. N Lagoon Dr / Thomas Dr
2. Front Beach Rd from Allison to Laurie
3. N Bear Creek impassable, creek over road
4. Ed Lee Rd bridge closed
5. Flyover / Hathaway one lane open
6. Crook Hollow Rd shutdown
7. Thomas Dr and Joan Ave
8. Dunes of Panama On Thomas Dr
9. South of West Bay Bridge at School Dr
10. Northshore/Goose Bayou
11. E Baldwin/390
12. 390/Frankford
13. 7th / Tyndall Pkway
14. Old Bicycle
15. 22/Kimbrel
16. Magnolia Beach Rd/Delwood Beach area
17. Pinetree / Hurst
18. Huntington Dr in Springfield
19. W388 / Burnt Mill Creek
20. W 19th / Deer Ave
21. Most of W 19th st is chest high water
22. 390/Cato
23. W 19th st / Jenks and Airport
24. Richardson rd off Hwy 231

Bay County Sheriff's Office

📌 Latest on road conditions 🚨🚧 from Bay County Sheriff’s Office ⬇️


Bay County roads currently flooded and closed are:

Ed Lee Road Bridge
Hwy. 79 at School Road (south of West Bay Bridge)
N. Lagoon Drive/Thomas Drive
N. Lagoon and Laurie Ave.
Entrance to Grand Lagoon Shores underwater
Parts of S. Lagoon Drive
Parts of Hwy. 22 flooded
In front of Deer Point Elementary
Beach Drive water rising close to homes
Harvard entrance to Derby Woods impassable
Parts of Hwy 77 impassable
Hwy 98 in Mexico Beach closed
Country Club Drive/Par Drive under water
Old Bicycle Bridge between Tracy Way and Seamans Lane water cresting over bridge
N. Bear Creek impassable
Flyover/Hathaway has one lane open
Thomas Drive and Joan Avenue
Dunes of Panama on Thomas Dr.
Tyndall Parkway and E 11th St.
Northshore development area experiencing much flooding as canals are rising--Northshore Rd now impassable.
W. 19th St. near Michigan Ave under 4-5ft water and impassable.

And all low lying roads that typically hold water during heavy rains are flooded.


Bay County, Florida Emergency Services

📌Sign up for Alert Bay (alertbay.org) offered through Bay County to receive notifications📲💻📞 such as severe weather🌪⛈🌊 and road closures🚨🚧

See video below for directions.

US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida

US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida

Rotating outer rainbands from Hurricane Sally have necessitated the issuance of a Tornado Watch for parts of Alabama and Florida until 6 PM CDT. A Tornado Watch means conditions are favorable for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms in and close to the watch area. Persons in these areas should be on the lookout for threatening weather conditions and listen for later statements and possible warnings.

Bay County, Florida Emergency Services

Bay County, Florida Emergency Services

We all know roads can flood quickly and with little warning in our area. We will do our best to keep you updated on road conditions, but as we saw with TS Marco, sometimes conditions change too rapidly.

If you encounter floodwaters, please turn around, don't drown! Find an alternate route or find a safe place to wait until floodwaters subside.

US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida

US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida

10am CDT Advisory by The National Hurricane Center shows Tropical Storm Sally offshore moving slowly toward northern Gulf coast. Continued slow motion is expected, with outer bands producing most of our local impacts. Biggest threat remains heavy rain. A Flash Flood Watch is in effect thru Wed morning, which now includes southeast AL. There is also a marginal risk (threat level 1/5) of severe weather today for coastal areas generally west of Ochlockonee River, where isolated tornadoes are possible.

US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida

US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida

5 PM - Update on Tropical Storm #Sally. A Flash Flood Watch has been issued for portions of the Florida Panhandle and western Big Bend region. Please keep up with the latest forecasts #FLwx

US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida

US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida

TD 19 will bring heavy rain to the region tomorrow through at least early next week.

Disaster Preparedness Kit

📌September is National Preparedness month
This week's topic is "Building a Kit"🎒🔦
☑️Having an easily accessible and updated Disaster Kit is very important no matter where you live
☑️Ensuring there's enough supplies for you and your family (including pets) for at least 72 hours is crucial
☑️Tailor the kit to the potential hazards in your area, and to your family’s needs (medications, disabilities, etc)
For more information, go to ready.gov

NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center

NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center

Today (September 10th) is the statistical peak day of the Atlantic hurricane season. The National Hurricane Center is issuing advisories on Tropical Storm Paulette, located over the central tropical Atlantic - www.nhc.noaa.gov/#Paulette - and on Tropical Storm Rene, located over the eastern tropical Atlantic www.nhc.noaa.gov/#Rene

Elsewhere, we're watching several areas for any potential formation. One is a trough of low pressure located just off the coast of North Carolina, producing minimal shower and thunderstorm activity. This system is expected to move inland over eastern North Carolina this afternoon, and therefore significant development is not expected. It has a near zero chance of formation durnig the next five days.

A large area of disorganized showers and thunderstorms centered a couple of hundred miles northeast of the Central Bahamas is associated with a surface trough of low pressure. This system is forecast to move westward, crossing the Bahamas and Florida on Friday and moving into the eastern Gulf of Mexico over the weekend. Upper-level winds are expected to become conducive for some development of this system while it moves slowly west-northwestward over the eastern Gulf of Mexico early next week. It has a low (30 percent) chance of formation during the next five days.

Another trough of low pressure has developed over the northeastern Gulf of Mexico and is producing a few disorganized showers and thunderstorms. Some slow development of this system is possible while this system moves westward and then southwestward over the northern and western Gulf of Mexico through early next week. It has a low (20 percent) chance of formation during the next five days.

A tropical wave is now moving off the west coast of Africa, producing a large area of showers and thunderstorms. Gradual development of this system is forecast, and a tropical depression is expected to form by this weekend or early next week while the system moves generally westward across the eastern and central tropical Atlantic. It has a high (90 percent) chance of formaiton during the next five days.

Another tropical wave is forecast to emerge off the west coast of Africa this weekend. Environmental conditions are expected to be conducive for development, and a tropical depression could form over the far eastern tropical Atlantic Ocean early next week while the system moves slowly westward. It has a medium (40 percent) chance of formation during the next five days. www.hurricanes.gov

📌 Stop by the Base Exchange and say hello 👋🏻 to Tyndall’s EM shop and get some free stuff 🥏📋📒!What: Emergency Preparedne...

📌 Stop by the Base Exchange and say hello 👋🏻 to Tyndall’s EM shop and get some free stuff 🥏📋📒!

What: Emergency Preparedness Information and Free Stuff
Where: Entrance between the BX and Commissary
When: 09-11 Sep, 1100-1200

Air Force Emergency Management

Air Force Emergency Management

📦 Build a Kit

This week we will be focusing on how to build and maintain your emergency kits. Whether at home, work, or driving in your car, you should always have a kit on hand in the event of an emergency.

Your home kit will likely be the most robust of all three. This is because it should cover you and your entire family, as applicable. Your water and non-perishable food supply, for example, should be multiplied by each additional member of your family. Maintain at least 3 days worth of food and water, keeping in mind the recommendation of 1 gallon of water per person per day.

Additionally, make sure that every member of your family understands what's in the kit and knows how to use each item. Develop some age-appropriate activities for your kids to help them understand their role in the emergency and what to do if you (or other guardians) are not around, or are otherwise incapacitated.

For more information on building your emergency supply kit, head over to BeReady.af.mil

Florida Division of Emergency Management

Florida Division of Emergency Management

September is the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season – more tropical activity happens this month compared to others. Now is the time to be prepared for the remainder of the hurricane season. Start by following these three tips ⬇️

Air Force Emergency Management

Air Force Emergency Management


Making an emergency plan for you and your family might sound like an easy enough task, but there are plenty of factors that you should consider verifying annually. Did you move? Adopt a pet? Have a baby? Switch homeowner's insurance? Life isn't static, and neither should your emergency planning.

Here are some things to check at least once a year in your family plans:

✔ Escape Routes
✔ Family Communications
✔ Utility Shut off and Safety
✔ Insurance and Vital Records
✔ The Elderly and People with Special Needs
✔ Safety Skills (First Aid, CPR)
✔ Caring for Animals

Need a little more info? Join us at www.BeReady.af.mil to learn more about developing and maintaining your family emergency plan!

#BeReady “Make a Plan”

📌 September is National Preparedness Month.

This week’s topic is “Make a Plan” 📋✏️
☑️ Your family may not be together if a disaster strikes, so it is important to know which type of disasters could affect your area.

☑️ Know how you’ll contact one another and reconnect if separated.

☑️ Establish a family meeting place that’s familiar and easy to find

☑️ Make sure to update your plan based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations due to the coronavirus.

For more information, visit ready.gov

Tyndall AFB Emergency Management's cover photo

Tyndall AFB Emergency Management's cover photo

Air Force Emergency Management

Air Force Emergency Management

🌪 National Preparedness Month 🌊

Today kicks off the start of National Preparedness Month! Join us in prepping for disasters all month long, with each week discussing a new theme.

🔵 September 1-5: MAKE A PLAN

🔵 September 6-12: BUILD A KIT

🔵 September 13-19: PREPARE FOR DISASTERS


This week we will focus on making plans. Do you know what to do when a disaster strikes? Does your family? Making plans can be anything from an evacuation route or meet-up location to knowing when to grab the first aid kit. It’s important that everyone is on the same page and has clear, effective communication before/during/after a disaster.

Stay tuned to learn more about making YOUR emergency plan!

Tyndall Air Force Base

Tyndall Air Force Base

❗️Tyndall is no longer in HURCON 5 status. The base remains in Phase 1 and HPCON C and is open for Mission Essential and Official Business Only. Please continue to practice #COVID19 health protection measures.❗️

Please remain prepared as hurricane season is active until Nov 30. For additional information you can visit https://www.tyndall.af.mil/Hurricane/

Bay County, Florida Emergency Services

Bay County, Florida Emergency Services


UPDATE: Road conditions are improving. Continue to use caution if you encounter floodwaters.

We have multiple road closures throughout the county. Please do not drive through flood waters!

Reserve 911 calls for emergencies. Our call center is being overwhelmed with flood reports. Please help us keep the lines free for critical emergency calls.

Tyndall Air Force Base

Tyndall Air Force Base

Tyndall AFB leadership continues to monitor Tropical Storms Laura and Marco. The safety and well-being of our Team Tyndall family remains our top priority. Currently, the tracks of both storms have shifted away from Tyndall AFB. Gates and base facilities continue to observe normal operating hours. Stay tuned to our page for the latest information.

US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida

US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida

🌀 8/23 5am NHC Advisory maintains #Marco and #Laura as tropical storms. The forecast brings both systems toward the north-central Gulf as hurricanes this week. Dangerous marine/beach conditions are expected over the next few days, with heavy rainfall and gusty winds possible. 🌀

US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida

US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida

*****This post is out of date. Please scroll to the top or visit our webpage for updated information. ****

8/22/20 11am NHC Advisory for #Laura: There are no major changes from the previous advisory. The forecast still moves it into the Gulf on Mon and strengthens it into a hurricane before landfall on Wed. Dangerous beach/marine conditions and heavy rainfall are possible.

Tyndall Air Force Base

Tyndall Air Force Base

#TeamTyndall officials are monitoring Tropical Storm Laura and Tropical Depression 14 closely and as a result Tyndall Air Force Base has moved into condition level HURCON 5. This warning level means the weather systems have become a potential threat to Tyndall with destructive winds possible within 96 hours.

Tyndall personnel and their family members should take the following steps
1. Monitor weather stations; check Tyndall website, page.
2. Review family/personal plan.
3. Inspect/inventory shelter or evacuation kit.
4. Check vehicles, prescriptions and food.
5. Brief family members on situation.
6. Determine plan for pets.
7. Ensure vehicle and generator fuel tanks are full.

For more information on conditions and guidelines please check the hurricane page on our official Tyndall website (www.tyndall.af.mil/hurricane) and be sure to follow us here on Facebook.

US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida

US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida

*****This post is out of date. Please scroll to the top or visit our webpage for updated information. ****

Here is the 5PM @NHC_Atlantic update for Tropical Depression 13. No major changes to the track or intensity at this time. The track forecast is more uncertain than normal so check back frequently for updated forecasts. It's a good time to finalize any hurricane kits or plans.

Florida Division of Emergency Management

Florida Division of Emergency Management

As we continue through hurricane season, now is the time to strengthen your home to mitigate against possible storm impacts. Consider adding impact resistant windows or removing debris around the outside of the home. Learn more ways to prepare your home - https://bit.ly/2Yr6iOr



Tropical storms & hurricanes bring many hazards. Storm surge is a major threat to coastal areas:

🚧 Wash out roads & buildings
🚑 Threaten lives of people left behind

Have an evacuation plan & follow instructions from officials.

More from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) : http://nhc.noaa.gov/surge


Tyndall Air Force Base, FL

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