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Operating as usual


18 GOP Senators voted for the Omnibus and sold out America.

Every conservative that loves their country would’ve rejected this bill.

Shame on them.


"A group of Republican would-be members of the Jan. 6 committee released the findings of their counter-investigation into the Jan. 6 riots ahead of the select committee's release of its own final report later Wednesday.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) put forward five members to serve on the panel but ultimately withdrew them after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) balked at the inclusion of Reps. Jim Banks (R-IN) and Jim Jordan (R-OH).

The GOP report focuses on how U.S. Capitol Police were unprepared for the 2021 riot that tried to halt Congress from certifying Joe Biden as winner of the 2020 presidential election. Along with Banks and Jordan, three other Republican lawmakers — Congressman Troy Nehls (R-TX), Kelly Armstrong (R-ND), and Rodney Davis (R-IL) — place the blame for the situation getting out of hand on Democratic leaders who didn't shore up security.

“When Speaker Pelosi made the unprecedented decision to reject Jim Banks and Jim Jordan from sitting on the January 6 Select Committee — we knew she intended to play politics instead of addressing the massive security failures that lead to that day," the group said in a statement."

This $1.7 trillion spending bill prohibits Border Patrol funding from being used to secure the border. And only allows f...

This $1.7 trillion spending bill prohibits Border Patrol funding from being used to secure the border.

And only allows flights for noncitizen transport aka - Illegal aliens -

What a joke.


NASDAQ has a combined capital value of $30B. It is reported that Congress has reached an “agreement” to spend $1.7T. For you guys that watch the market every day, that is 56 NASDAQ's being spent all by one vote by Congress.

Think of the decades of saving and investing it took to raise the capital to create a market like NASDAQ.

We are all thieves stealing from the next generations.


I’ve always condemned what happened at the Capitol on January 6th. This committee is a partisan witch hunt designed to ensure President Trump isn’t elected again.

The unanimous decision to recommend criminal charges against him was made before the hearings began.


The January 6th Committee is expected to ask the DOJ to pursue criminal charges against President Trump.

It’s always been a partisan witch hunt. They will do everything they can to smear Trump and everyone who supports him.


Last week, a good guy with a gun stopped a potential mass shooting at an Amazon warehouse (gun-free zone).

It barely made national news.

I wonder why?


Republicans will investigate the FBI in January.

I promise you that.


This is worth asking again:

Why does China have police stations in the United States?

Why hasn’t the FBI shut them down?

I am proud to introduce legislation to ensure our great American truckers have basic access to restroom facilities while...
Bill aims to provide restroom access to truckers

I am proud to introduce legislation to ensure our great American truckers have basic access to restroom facilities while working. American truckers are this nation’s backbone, and we owe them a debt of gratitude for the tremendous contributions they made during the pandemic.

I thank U.S. Representative Chrissy Houlahan, Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), and the Women in Trucking Association for partnering with me on this important legislation.

A new bill supported by OOIDA aims to make sure truck drivers have restroom access when they are waiting at a shipper or receiver.

Our brave law enforcement officers are on the front lines of the fentanyl crisis. We must secure our southern border to ...

Our brave law enforcement officers are on the front lines of the fentanyl crisis.

We must secure our southern border to stop this poison from hitting our neighborhoods.


DHS Secretary Mayorkas will be impeached for what he’s done to our country.


Title 42 is one of the last defense measures used to prevent illegal immigration, and it expires next week.

14,000 illegal aliens are expected to pour over our southern border daily. That’s over 5.1 million a year.

For reference, roughly 35,000 people attend each Astros game.

🚨 Did you know that Joe Biden's State Department is sending your tax dollars to a foreign group that promotes prostituti...

🚨 Did you know that Joe Biden's State Department is sending your tax dollars to a foreign group that promotes prostitution and furthers s*x trafficking?

We're demanding answers. U.S. Representative Chip Roy Press Office Rep. Ralph Norman Congressman Andrew Clyde


Coverage of the Twitter files:

NBC News: 0 minutes

ABC News: 0 minutes

CBS News: 0 minutes

They’re all in on it.

🚨 Last week, I joined a letter with Congressman Andrew Clyde and 14 of our colleagues to Department of Energy Secretary ...

🚨 Last week, I joined a letter with Congressman Andrew Clyde and 14 of our colleagues to Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm demanding the immediate resignation of Sam Brinton, who was recently charged with felony theft.

Folks, my office was informed this evening that the Department of Energy has fired Sam Brinton.

If you ever want to see what the other side reads, look no further than the CNN homepage. The top story of the morning i...

If you ever want to see what the other side reads, look no further than the CNN homepage.

The top story of the morning is attacking Donald Trump. Why is the left so afraid of him? Because they know that if he’s the Republican nominee, they have no chance of beating him.


Go Army, beat Navy!


Secretly silencing one party in an election destroys any credibility in our electoral process. Essentially, shadow banning, as it’s been called, is very real.

Donald Trump and others like myself were labeled conspiracy theorists for believing big tech censored conservatives ahead of the 2020 election. Everything Elon Musk is exposing on Twitter proves we were right.

It is also a proven fact that the federal government, like the FBI, and big tech colluded in the 2020 election. What these people did is criminal, and we will hold them accountable.

President Trump is owed an apology because, once again, he was right all along.


Today, I voted against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the Fiscal Year 2023. This year’s defense bill is a perfect reminder of why Washington is broken.

For starters, the bill includes $800 million in additional Ukraine funding with no oversight. We requested an audit on the billions we’ve already given Ukraine, and the Democrats refused.

Additionally, although the vaccine mandate for military members was stripped from the bill, it does not go far enough. We must rehire these heroes with mandatory backpay.

I voted no because I believe our nation’s troops and taxpayers deserve better.

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Acting El Paso Chief Patrol Agent Peter Jaquez and I regret to inform you of the off-duty death of Border Patrol Agent (BPA) Juan F. Rutherford, who passed away on November 30, 2022, after a lengthy illness.

BPA Rutherford, a U.S. Army veteran, entered on duty at the Deming Station in El Paso Sector on June 15, 2009, with the 885th session of the US Border Patrol Academy.

His peers remember Agent Rutherford as an incredibly nice guy who was a pleasure to work with and always willing to help others. Aside from being incredibly smart, funny, charismatic, and courteous, he is said to have cared deeply about his peers, continually motivating them and was simply a great colleague in every way. He is survived by his wife, Joann; daughter, Nicole; his son Nicolas; his mother Adriana; his sister Liz and a host of family and friends.

US Border Patrol El Paso Sector

Joe Biden is talking to reporters after trading a Russian arms dealer, The Merchant of Death, to Russia for the release ...

Joe Biden is talking to reporters after trading a Russian arms dealer, The Merchant of Death, to Russia for the release of Brittney Griner.

Why hasn’t he spoken out about the Border Patrol agent killed at the border yesterday?


A U.S. Border Patrol agent was killed last night while tracking a group of illegal aliens near Mission, Texas.

Does Joe Biden still think there are more important things going on than visiting the southern border?

December 7, 1941. A date which will live in infamy.81 years later, we remember the 2,403 brave Americans killed in the a...

December 7, 1941. A date which will live in infamy.

81 years later, we remember the 2,403 brave Americans killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor. God bless the greatest generation and those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our great nation.




Today, I took to the House Floor to honor a brave young man from Houston, Texas, named DJ Daniel.

Strength, courage, resilience, and selflessness are all traits I’ve heard describing DJ.

After my speech, he received a standing ovation from both Republicans and Democrats. May God bless DJ and his family.

I had a great time showing DJ Daniel from Houston around the Capitol today. He was diagnosed with terminal brain and spi...

I had a great time showing DJ Daniel from Houston around the Capitol today. He was diagnosed with terminal brain and spine cancer when he was eight years old, has undergone eleven brain surgeries, and has spent nearly half his life battling cancer.

I cannot think of a braver young man.

He has been sworn in by 743 law enforcement agencies in the country. DJ has made a tremendous impact on many across the nation and is a shining example of what makes Texas great.


REMINDER: There is no such thing as a “family-friendly” drag show.


🚨 Texas National Guard, Texas troopers, and local police working under Operation Lone Star have:

- Apprehended 328,000 illegal aliens
- Made 22,100 criminal arrests
- Seized 353 million lethal doses of fentanyl

Governor Greg Abbott is getting the job done at the border.


The IRS just gave 6 years of Donald Trump's tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee.

How long until someone “leaks” them?

I will be voting to avoid a catastrophic rail strike.

I will be voting to avoid a catastrophic rail strike.


USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸

Sam Brinton is President Biden’s “nuclear scientist” at the Department of Energy. He has been charged with a felony for ...

Sam Brinton is President Biden’s “nuclear scientist” at the Department of Energy.

He has been charged with a felony for stealing a woman’s luggage.

You can’t make this stuff up.


Over 81 million Americans own a firearm.

If law-abiding gun owners were the problem, you’d know it.

Happy Thanksgiving! Today, like every day, I’m thankful for my family and the incredible opportunity to represent the 22...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, like every day, I’m thankful for my family and the incredible opportunity to represent the 22nd district of Texas in Congress. We are truly privileged to live in the greatest country in the history of the world. I wish you all a blessed day spent with family and loved ones.


The Pearland Police Department mourns the passing of retired Police Chief Mike Hogg who served the City of Pearland from 1990 until 1998. Chief Hogg began his career with Pearland following his retirement from the Houston Police Department.

Chief Hogg was instrumental in the professional development of our Police Department, developing our SWAT team, Honor Guard and policy implementation. He appointed former Chief Chris Doyle and current Police Chief Johnny Spires to serve as Assistant Chiefs, providing succession planning for the department we have today.

He retired to enter the ministry and served his church with honor. Our prayers are with his family through this challenging time.

Funeral arrangements are not known at this time and will be updated when that information becomes available.


Repealing Joe Biden’s 87,000 IRS agents is a day one priority.

This isn’t up for debate.



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Troy Nehls, I have a question for you. Did you write the Bill 18 U.S. Code 2721that Prohibition on release and use of certain personal information from state motors vehicle records? PublicData give us this information for over 12 years until now and it appears to be helping the Drug Cartel and not us the Citizens from reporting them to the DEA , FBI and police. Did you make this bill? Our neighborhoods are more dangerous now!
Why not prove that you are not guilty of the worst kind of misogyny? A simple proposal would demonstrate that you care deeply about children born and as yet unborn.

Pass a law which compels a man, after appropriate documentation is filed by an impregnated woman, to take a paternity test. Include a proviso that should he refuse to do so there would be an automatic assumption that he is the father. Now, make him responsible for no less than 50% of all the costs associated with the pregnancy, and include all of the costs--medical, food, housing, and education for the child through age 18, but extendable to 22 for those who wish to complete college.

Make sure the law is clear that everything he owns is subject to these costs, and include a proviso that if he is married, his wife shares in the responsibility. Because even in my limited experience, I have encountered men who attempt to escape their obligations by putting their assets in their wife's name.

Allow a bounty to be placed on this man so that should he flee or shirk his responsibilities anyone could turn him in for a reward.

Now, I'm never going to change my own mind that a woman should control her own body. But I would point out that a law like this might permit at least some women to CHOOSE to carry a child to term because she would have some sense of financial security for that child.

So even in places where a woman will retain the right to decide what should happen with her own body, why wouldn't laws like I'm proposing be an excellent step towards accomplishing the goals anti-abortion politicians claim they are supporting?
Why have your votes not supported the Capitol Police?
I would like to know why Cindy Bronson an E6 at Ft. Bliss is still in uniform after using her rank while in uniform to make a video in response to Christie Hutcherson's plea for troops to defend our Southern Border. In her response she threatened to turn her weapon on citizens. If Lt. Col Stuart Scheller is relieved of his position for demanding accountability for the actions of the administration's murder of 13 soldiers how is this soldier allowed to keep her rank while threatening citizens? We demand her removal and charges of domestic terroristic threat to be pressed.
NO on infrastructure
NO on the budget
NO on We the people (we the democrats)
Co sponsor to impeach Biden NOW!!
Fight for our republic or we won't have one and the whole world will suffer
Please don't bring them to the US....
Our country seems to be headed in the wrong direction. How might it get back on the right track? What might the world look like in the year 2121? My new novella takes a peek into the world of 2121 and is titled "WHAT WORLD IS THIS? A Tale of Hope for a World Mired in Debt and Delusion." -- Diana McGinnis
I am so relieved to have you as our Congressman. Thank you for your military and previous service to our community. And many thanks for your work in Congress. God Bless
Federal government needs to do something about the OU Health/OU Health Partners, Inc. (OU Medicine) nonprofit situation going on in Oklahoma. There's a word for what's going on with all that!!

For starters one Regent (former Governor Keating) has A SON (Chip Keating) who is a key board member on the OU Health Board, WHILE Frank Keating is an acting Regent! What about the other Regent (Phil Albert) who has been accused of embezzlement in the millions from Pelco Structural, and YET he's STILL an acting Regent and has been during this whole time making policies for OU. Do you NOT see anything wrong with these?

What about the son Chip Keating who was put on acting Governor Stitt's Cabinet in the position of Public Safety member WHO WAS OVER the OSBI and State Attorney General's office WHILE FORMER GOVERNOR AND OU PRESIDENT DAVID BOREN was being INVESTIGATED for alleged crimes (having jurisdiction over them)?

What about OU Health expanding and being NONPROFIT, while they handle hundreds of millions of dollars and YET DON'T GET TAXED ON IT, AND additionally they have been excused from having to file the Form 990 end of the year accounting form for the public to see what they did for "charity" in lieu of taxes!! Might as well call it "free money" and HOW IS IT ACCOUNTED FOR TO THE PUBLIC?? (I'm not seeing it!). If they were paying taxes, with the hundreds of millions that they handle every year, that would be monies for infrastructure for Oklahoma, rural hospitals in Oklahoma, additional police, fire, and public services for Oklahoma. But NO, it all goes into the blackhole that is OU Health -- NONPROFIT - yet their own Open Records REFUSE TO PRODUCE THE PUBLICALLY VIEWABLE FORMS like the 1023 or the Bylaws or IRS Letter of Determination. This appears to be FEDERAL CRIME. You and the other representatives in Washington need to do something about it!
I was confident that sending Troy to DC would mean our district was not only represented like we deserve, but Troy would be a leader in Congress and not a follower.

It's a fantastic change from our previous representative.

Keep it up Troy!
message To mankind is all mankind is immortalized in Hellfire because I did not rule the whole earth

If you think that Jesus was crucified to bear the sins of mankind, know that fate has changed
because Christians have supported the Muslim dictatorship and thus committed the greatest sin,
which is helping the traitors, because Muslims have Traitorous souls.
On 5-29-2021 AD I learned that the Messenger of Islam knew of my truth and tried to avoid this
and ordered the annexation of Egypt to Islamic countries and
I was watched from a young age by the angels of Islam, then non-Muslim countries
supported the dictatorship in Egypt,
I swear to the souls of all human beings You will abide in Hell if I do not rule the whole earth,
and you will pay the price for that.

the end of the world (translated by Google)
This message is translated by Google

Message of the end of the world (the end of the world)
Apocalypse message
A note that no one has ever reached eternity, but it is a theory that many would have wanted to reach if we said one trillion, trillion and trillion
And a trillion, a trillion, and a trillion years, it is not considered a thing of eternity, because immortality is its ultimate meaning, and it is a number that no god has ever approached.

My name is Mahammad Mustafa Abdel-Sabour Al-Sayed Al-Qaffas, and I am from Egypt. An angel came to me and entered the apartment and did an operation in my head from the back, and then I got a message
And it is that I saw the first God who created the universe that we live in, while he was dying and dying on his back above blue waters, then he reached me the message, so he drowned in the blue water, so he died
I learned that he decided to perish because he created evil. I am the last of the children of Israel, the son of first god. I was a Muslim and I left Islam because I saw the truth, which is that the Qur’an and Islam are not from God.
Rather, the Qur’an wrote a group of angels, not all of the angels, with the aim of turning against the truth and seizing the position of God. And when I learned that I left Islam
I do not worship anyone now, nor will I worship anyone in the future, and I do not have a current or future religion.
The problem is that after I left Islam, an angel came to me at home while I was awake and called me again to Islam, I did not see him, but I heard his voice as if someone had turned the microphone at the loudest sound until I felt that my eardrum would be hurt by the loud sound,
I knew that if I returned to Islam, non-Muslim people would immortalize in the fire. In fact, I died, and in order to protect myself, I decided to commit su***de with gas, as no one was in the apartment as my father, mother and brother were traveling, so the apartment was filled with gas, and yet I did not die.
Rather, a strange thing happened. The angel of death appeared in front of me, where he appeared in the hall next to the kitchen where the light was turned off, but my room is illuminated and the kitchen is bright, and I saw and sensed him and knew that he was the angel of death.
I did not see his features in detail and he disappeared so I turned off the gas. I have many visions that want me to retract my decision, so people are in danger. Please reply, and my mobile number is 01127461615.

- The angel who came to me while I was awake and performed an operation for me at the back of my head, as his face was almost an oval white like the color of a white paper and had a large sunken socket around his eyes
His eyes are small, white, and at the place of the nose there are appendages hanging like little hoses, about four
And the first message of God reached me, which is that Mahammad Mustafa Abd al-Sabur al-Sayyid al-Qaffas is the last of the Israelites, the son of first god, and that he gave me his last soul, and he will put in me his last spirit, thus he became the son of first god, and when I put inside my soul the last spirit of the first God, the first God drowned and then I learned that he He decided to perish because he created evil, and he is a good God
God the First created the creators, namely Zeus, Kiboyd, and others, with the aim of helping him, so a war took place between God the first and darkness, and betrayal occurred from some of the creators and they conspired with darkness, and the one responsible for this betrayal was the Creator of the sun, so they killed the first God and believed that he died and they appointed themselves gods, knowing that the Antichrist One of the creators, and I do not know if he participated in this betrayal or not.
But I knew that the one who masterminded this betrayal was the Creator of the Sun,
Then God the first contacted me and gave me his last soul, so I became the son of first god and inherited all universes and worlds,

Always in Islam, the sun says they will approach the heads on the Day of Resurrection, according to what I understood that Islam is a conspiracy between the Creator of the Sun and the Creator of the Moon to take over the universe and that the angels are currently divided, some of them took a side that they think is the winner.

- I learned that before the universe was ruled by nine thousand Gods, and one of these gods spoke to me directly, and I felt his strength and claimed that he was my only Lord, so I refused his request, and he claimed that he was the one who created my semi-earthly body, as part of my body is mighty

- You risked the same night while I was awake, as I was sitting on the chair in the evening, and the room was dark, except for the computer screen.
Then you risk the night as he spoke to me directly as I felt the night and I felt the darkness around me in the room and the darkness that surrounds the architecture and I felt the darkness in the sky so he spoke to me
And he warned me not to offend him and that what happened to me of a conspiracy had nothing to do with it

Talk directly to Zeus and Athena, one of the creators, where I was sitting, and they talked to me as I heard their voice and knew them
I saw a kibwid of one of the creators (known to be responsible for love) where I was standing and he communicated with me and I saw him as if I was watching a live video where he was giving me his back and he told me do you like my leg

I saw the Messenger Mahammad bin Abdullah in a vision, and afterwards he told me that he knew about this matter and that he had good will and his purpose is to save some people
I saw Jesus and knew that he knew about this
I saw Jacob and his condition is not good
I saw Yahya and that he needed to be rescued
I saw Ishmael and knew that he was an accomplice and a conspirator

The Qur’an is not from God, because the verse says if it was from other than God, they would have found a great difference in it
The Qur’an contains verses that are not yet understood from pain and others, and it contradicts even though it was revealed in an Arabic language and contradicts evidenced verses
Where the creators contacted me and told me that there is a verse in the Qur’an who wrote it themselves and they are the ones who implemented it
They are verses 84 and 85 of Surat Al-Kahf
We made it possible for him on earth and we gave him a reason (84) so ​​he followed a reason
Where the verse speaks about Dhul-Qarnayn, where the creators contacted me and told me that they were the ones who wrote this verse and that they were the ones who were helping Dhul-Qarnayn and they meant that they could help me and that according to what I understood that I worshiped them, but I refused

On 2-2-2020 AD, an attempt to steal my soul, as I saw I was in the room and the lighting was weak, and I felt that my body was fixed, I could not move it, and in front of me an object trying to withdraw my soul, then my hand moved with difficulty until I approached him and he disappeared
- On 3/19-2021 AD I got a memory as the Prophet Moses walks at night and holds a wooden stick that resembles a branch of trees
Semi-straight, brown, the size of a shoma for a Sa`ida, and wearing a shepherd's dress, so I said I was the one who created Moses’s stick to transform into a snake, and then my soul became clear that what is meant is that I am Mahammad Mustafa Abdel-Sabour Al-Sayed Al-Qaffas

My soul is one of the oldest souls, it is older than this universe in which we live and it is older than the throne of God
A memory came to me, which is the beginning of creation, where there was nothing but darkness and chaos fighting where I witnessed this
- A memory came to me that Mahammad Mustafa Abdel-Sabour Al-Sayed Al-Qaffas was in the position of God and I was the one who created the first universe, then a cosmic explosion occurred to him, then this world was built on the ruins of the first universe that I created, and that my soul was found wandering and lost in memory
Above the water, and no veil or barrier could lock it up, so it was placed in many bodies for the purpose of controlling it, so God the first died and decided to perish
Then he put his last soul inside mine
So I became the son of first god and I was the last of the children of Israel, and was given the right to rule over humans and non-humans
I got a memory that I had a body with magical powers cut and buried under the Al-Aqsa Mosque
My soul is a killer spirit and it is part of its formation the only black angel of death in existence and has become a holy spirit
And my soul was joined by the spirits of former gods, who cut myself and intended to help me, and I saw that my blood had gone to the sea.
Then he went to a mountain in the sea with a cave of water, and at the bottom of this cave there is a place that keeps the souls of previous gods, then these spirits came out from the bottom
The water cave and I merged with my soul, then after a while I invited the spirits of the gods to join me, so I joined the spirit of the greatest Creator, and he had a universe and disappeared, and joined my mighty northern spirit of the most powerful creatures, then joined my spirit, the spirit of the Antichrist
The laws of the universe are written on the preserved board and cannot be violated, and on Judgment Day, laws other than the old ones will be written
- The preserved tablet communicated with me and pledged to me on his life while I am the trustee of the preserved tablet to infinity, and I am the only one who has the right to write in the preserved tablet and on the Day of Resurrection when the laws of the universe are rewritten in the preserved tablet, this is done with my permission
The story is that the spirits of previous gods and the spirit of the Antichrist is within me, if I did not rule the whole earth, then all human beings might immortalize in Hell
And if you enter Islam, non-Muslims will be immortalized in Hell
Notice that some of the previous deities were turned against, where in order to get rid of the deity, they transformed the previous deity into an animal.
- And the cow worshiped by the Hindus contacted me while she was a former god
- The human beings who contributed to their creation is one of the creators and has a head like a lamb and as a punishment for him when Abraham wanted to achieve the vision and it was a vision and was not a revelation from an angel but a vision and he was a prophet who sent down to him a great ram, which is the Creator who contributed to the creation of mankind after they turned it into a ram Great as a punishment for him
Most of the verses in the Qur’an speak in the plural form and are intended to be the creators who were created by God the first to help him, and some of them turned against them.
They do not love people, but rather eat people. Therefore, Christianity, Judaism and some other religions are waiting for the Savior
They do not know why Jesus was called the Savior because he is supposed to save people from the fate of eternity in torment

It is true that Mahammad Mustafa Abdel-Sabour Al-Sayed Al-Qaffas was the creator of the first universe, but currently I am weak.
Islam is evil for human beings, as I knew that Muslims would not originally be immortalized in Heaven. Rather, it is possible that they will be immortalized in Hellfire and they will be placed in ultimate torment if Islam does not triumph.
I was placed in the body of Akhenaten's grandson, so I am the heir of Egypt as well, I need to rule the earth in order for mankind to survive.
Or I need to take back the king of Egypt to be stronger

Be aware that you mock me and your thoughts that the previous Messenger of Islam, Mahammad bin Abdullah, was a shepherd and Moses was a shepherd and Noah built the ship and mocked him.
God the first gave me the right to judge people and non-humans. In general, I cursed humanity, and no human being will fear paradise
I would like to inform you so that your brain is not feeling the pain of prayer, be it Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists or Hindus.

Notice the spirit of the Antichrist is inside me, and before his consciousness went away, he asked the Jews to rule the earth and build the temple, although I thought it was just a rumor or a myth, but it is true as he spoke on my tongue for a moment while I was awake
I want to tell a lot of spirits the truth
Your soul knows now and this is important

The new world order, otherwise I will immortalize all human beings in the hellfire, believe me, because I am
I am the son of first God, Mahammad Mustafa Abdel-Sabour Al-Sayed Al-Qaffas.
I have the authority on the Day of Resurrection, believe me, I am not allowed to marry,
I am not allowed to have in*******se with women, and I am not allowed to have children.
I am allowed to have s*x with Sh***le,
All the nations of the earth will be unified under my rule and will be Caesar for it all my life
on called Empire of the Unified Land (or any appropriate name for the empire that is
I will be Caesar for her all my life, and I will not be judged nor imprisoned,
and you do not have the right to ask me, I have infinite immunity,
supervisory powers and powers to dismiss officials), all countries will be divided into regions,
states that have kingdoms with their entire monarchies can remain and be called a royal region,

1- All non-Muslim countries must hand over power to me with all their armies and divide into regions
2- Non-Muslim countries shall be divided into regions, and the area of ​​the region does not exceed two million square kilometers,
and they are governed by the loyalty system
3 - Muslim countries or with a Muslim majority must give up all their weapons, and any country that refuses, its army is destroyed,
its entire people exterminated, and their blood is borne by those who refused approval and will be immortalized in hellfire.
-Muslim countries shall be divided into regions, and the area of ​​the region does not exceed one million square kilometers and
is controlled by the Gotham system
4- The united land empire is divided into two systems of regions, and in both systems Muslims are not allowed to occupy
any positions in security systems (such as the army, armed forces, police, police, intelligence,
national security, national security, etc.)

The region's first system (called loyalty ) - is justice with rigor, where everything is monitored with freedom of opinion guaranteed
by evidence, and a press with high censorship powers
An opinion documented with evidence, and it is allowed to carry specific weapons.Pistol with a small and short range of bullets,
with bullets with a specified number of shots.
, Adultery is not permitted and will be replaced by a pleasure marriage that does not exceed a year, and is renewed annually
and homos*xuals are allowed only for Sh***le, where any who commit adultery is flogged,
and a male i have s*x with Sh***le is not a sin,sh***le is not male, and it is with a contract that does not exceed one year
and is renewed annually, and sh***le must adhere to taking female hormones, and he must remove his mustache, beard and body hair,
and he must lengthen his head hair and his breasts must be of medium size and wear makeup,
A married male is allowed a normal marriage, in*******se with a Sh***le contract without taking the consent of his wife,
a plausure marriage is allowed for those who are married is a normal marriage, where the husband is allowed to marry pleasure with
a female after the consent of his wife and the wife is allowed to marry pleasure with a male after the consent of her husband.
If a married woman divorces a normal marriage from her husband, she cannot demand more than 10% of her husband and
polygamy is not allowed, the plausure marriage does not have a divorce and ends with the end of its term and there
are no obligations after the two parties, it is not allowed for the presence of any Muslims in regions with a loyalty system
and any Muslim must be displaced Territory to Gotham Territory

The region's second system (called the Gotham System) is justice with brutal freedom where prostitution, drugs,
and weapons (pistols, heavy machine guns, and small bombs are permitted)
With a press with high censorship powers and no fun marriage contracts, censorship is not permitted in the region
by the Gotham system, even if cameras are placed in public places.
It is not allowed to censorship a private place for a person without his permission and any censorship by judicial permission
and for a reason with evidence, as all Islamic countries will be transferred to it,
Judges in the region are granted special protection and sentences are tightened by assaulting them,
as it allows the Experiments on humans ruling on human trials for those responsible for the crime of murder in violation of the law,
Apartments and shops in the region are sold under the Gotham system at the same cost as their construction.
Rent apartments and shops are very cheap. Provinces in the Gotham system receive an annual aid of no less than
seven percent of the total income of the united land empire. Education is not free. Lands are for rent-like ownership is very cheap
and have a purpose. Given that the territories in the territories do not follow the Gotham system,
Meaning that if a person builds a house for him on empty land, the local government has no right to remove it unless this
land is offered for a semi-ownership lease.
Freedom of opinion and worship is absolute and has no limits on it even if they are rumors that are not held accountable
by law in a territory under the Gotham system, people have the right to walk naked and to have s*x and homos*xuality in
any public place
The region is in the Gotham system, the region is under the Gotham system, to which all Muslims on Earth are migrated,
and also in the Gotham region, Muslims are not allowed to occupy any positions in security systems.
(Such as the army, armed forces, police, police, intelligence, national security, national security, etc.)
- The Kaaba is demolished and at least Mecca is transformed to death Arena (a deadly competition system that does not contain fraud,
and the participant is trained in it for a period of no less than a month, and prisoners He has the right to participate
Whoever wins from the prisoners will be exempted from his accusation, and the rest of the laws will be put in place later,
and no one may be forced to participate in them, but if he subscribes to them, he cannot withdraw)
The dead in the Arena of Death will be an offering to the God of War, and the participants will enter Valhalla and it is real and it
is better than Heaven,

Whoever read this message and did not report it and did not publish it will abide in Hell. Believe me ,
and torment will increase to him many times over. Trust me. All people on earth must be informed of this message.


The United States of America is currently the strongest militarily,
but we see a strong rise of China and Russia militarily, and soon the Russian and Chinese weapons will become newer
and stronger than the American ones,
because the United States of America has abandoned its principles of human rights and what happened cannot be undone,
so it is wise to take advantage of the United States The United States has its stored weapons, which will soon
become junk in front of the Russian and Chinese weapons, and it must start building the empire for the son of first God.
Muslims, Jews and Christians know that someone will come to demand rule the whole earth.
Muslims are waiting for the Mahdi and his name is Mahammad, but fate has changed and is not in favor of Muslims.
Christians and Jews know That one day the Son of God will come to demand rule the earth, it's written with you,
so if I don't get my right, all people will immortal in hell believe me ,
I swear to your soul and the soul of your loved one, so you have a duty to the American people,
to humanity, and to those you love, now is the time for the United States to contribute America and
Europe in building my empire for the son of god