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Mission: PLEASE COME TO OUR PAGE AND LIKE IT! The mission of the Porter County Animal Shelter page is to promote and encourage the adoption of abandoned or surrendered animals. Every day, we will post photos and information about adoptable animals that are currently available. If you are looking for a new pet for your family, please first consider the animals of the Porter County Animal Shelter!


Ladies and Gentlemen, PCAS would like to present the King of the shelter! King is a brilliant German Shepard mix who rings in at 7 years old (with the energy of a two year old)! This sweet boy is one of a kind and faithful. When he makes friends, it’s for life and he tends to only want you in his circle. King is not just royalty, he’s loyal and just as passionate about giving affection as receiving it. For a dog that has spent the last year in a shelter, waiting on a family, he’s still hopeful he can find his future home. King would thrive in a smaller family home, with older children, and no other animals. He would also befefit with someone who has German Shepard experience.King is already neutered and current on vaccinations, he just needs the right family to become apart of his kingdom!🏰✌🏼❤️🐾


Introducing sweet and shy Charlotte. She’s the kind of kitty that takes things slow and approaches things cautiously. With a little time she gains the confidence to come out of her safe place and make friends. Charlotte is a 3-year-old spayed female that came from a home with another male cat (Dozer to be exact), so it’s possible she can live with others. Charlotte is waiting for her adoption day, so let’s help her out and share her post. If you are interested in Charlotte please contact the shelter for more information. ✌🏼❤️🐾


Meet Randy! Clearly his good looks will attract interest, but Randy is more than just his good looks. He’s a busy bachelor with no commitments. He shows little interest in affection but is all about the treats. Randy is working on clicker training and how to be more of a social guy. He tends to shy away from affection, but maybe it’s just his way of keeping his options open for a special someone. He is definitely open to making new friends and learning new tricks. Randy came to us as a stray but has all of the potential to be a family guy. If you are interested in Randy please contact the shelter. If you’d like to help Randy find his destiny, please share!✌🏼❤️🐾


Meet Lovey-Dovey Dozer! He is quite the charmer. Dozer has a very friendly and gentle disposition. He accepts any cat/human who enters his community room and showers you with kisses. While Dozer hasn’t been dealt the best hand throughout his life, he hasn’t let it dampen his spirits or harden his ever loving heart. This hopeless romantic is waiting for his forever person. He’s a senior at 8 years old and surely doesn’t want to waste any more of his precious life in a shelter. We are looking for serious inquiries only for darling Dozer. If you are interested, please contact the shelter for more information. ✌🏼❤️🐾


Winnie is 2 year old Pitbull mix that came to the Shelter as a stray in August of last year. Winnie is dignified, like most little princesses, and can be somewhat reserved. Winnie is a cautious girl and takes the company that she keeps very seriously. It might take some time for Winnie to warm up to someone new. Winnie seems to enjoy clicker training, loves treats and doesn’t mind a few pets here and there (on her terms of course). Unfortunately, it seems like Winnie never had a chance to be a playful puppy and now needs a chance to learn the joy of play. This pretty girl needs someone that has the patience to take things slow and show her it’s ok to be silly. If you’d like more information on Winnie please contact the shelter. ✌🏼❤️🐾


Once upon a time, all of these animals lived at the Porter County Animal Shelter waiting to be rescued! The happiness we see in all of the photos and videos these families share are priceless. To us, there’s no better joy than to find the right homes for these pups and kitties. They deserve the very best and from what we can tell, they are living happily ever after. ✌🏼❤️🐾

Mac is one of our special, senior dogs at 10+.  He’s a Black Lab mix who, unfortunately, has been diagnosed with arthrit...

Mac is one of our special, senior dogs at 10+. He’s a Black Lab mix who, unfortunately, has been diagnosed with arthritis in his hind end and tested positive for Heartworm. All of which can be treated and managed. What Mac really needs is the love of someone by his side, through thick and thin, to live out the rest of his life happy and comfortable. Mac would benefit from being the only dog in the home with a calm environment. He just wants to rest easy and this sweet old man deserves it. We need serious inquiries for Mac. Please contact the shelter if you are interested in Mac. ✌🏼❤️🐾


Brady made his first social media debut on Indiana 105’s Waggin Wednesday last week. This week we wanted to show you how incredibly sweet he can be. Brady is a senior kitty at 9 years old, loves his human friends, and usually shares his space with other kitty friends just fine. We are unsure how he feels about dogs, but it’s possible with how warm-hearted he is, that he would be accepting to them as well. If you’d like any more information on Brady please contact the shelter. ✌🏼❤️🐾🐱

Tessa playing Fetch🎾

It’s the cutest thing to see when Tessa wakes from a nap, picks up her ball, and brings it to you for a game of fetch. It seems to be her most favorite thing to do outside of her kennel. Tessa is very active, but can also be very laidback when it’s down time. She sweet, smart and would make a wonderful family member. Tessa is not a fan of the shelter life and is looking for serious inquiries to adopt her. For more information on Tessa please contact the shelter. ✌🏼❤️🐾


How could you forget this excited and exuberant young fella? Clyde is one of a kind! He has plenty to learn and is ready to listen. Clyde tested positive for Lyme’s disease, but the only signs he shows are his positive energy. This 2 year old, handsome, and happy coonhound is looking for his match. A family that is ready to take on all of his happy and windmill tail wags!!! Contact the shelter for more information on adoptions and Clyde!✌🏼❤️🐾

It’s been very comforting and uplifting to receive the amount of calls/emails from people asking how they can help the s...
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It’s been very comforting and uplifting to receive the amount of calls/emails from people asking how they can help the shelter with donations. We thought what better way in these times than through Amazon. We have taken inventory and updated our Amazon wishlist. If you would like to help and donate to Porter County Animal shelter residents, please visit the link below. We can’t thank you enough for all the support you have given these animals. It will never go unnoticed. 🥰❤️🐾✌🏼🌎



Little Miss Dixie is in Foster waiting for her forever home. Her foster family has been wonderful with her and now has an idea of what Dixie is like in a home. They have shared that Dixie is a real joy to have apart of their family and doesn’t mind sharing her space with kids, cats and other dogs. Dixie does the cutest things, like when you are sitting, she will crawl right into your lap, gets really excited to go on walks, and loves belly rubs. Dixie does have a little stranger danger, so if you are new to her she has a tendency to shy away and bark until she feels you’re safe enough to be around. Dixie is working on potty training at the moment, so she will need someone to keep up with her schedule and help her complete that course. She is a great dog and her forever family is out there. We just need to help her find them! So share share share and if you think you might be her “forever” please contact the shelter! Big thank you to the Foster family for sharing the clips and pictures to help find Dixie a home!


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It is our mission to reduce animal homelessness and pet overpopulation by caring for and sheltering homeless animals, providing education to the public about responsible ownership, practicing vetted and thorough adoption services, and advocating spay & neuter programs.

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The Porter County Animal Shelter is a NO KILL Shelter in that we euthanize only non-rehabilitatable pets who are irremediably suffering or dangerous to people or other pets. The Shelter only considers euthanasia as an absolute last resort where no other avenue is open to prevent a danger to the public, other animals, or pain and suffering of the animal.

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