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NECC Family Readiness  #NECCFamily Mission Readiness Through Family Readiness #NECCFamily Ensure 100% of NECC Sailors and famiies are prepared and equipped with skills and tools to successully meet the challenges of military lifestyle.

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Latest Sailor to Sailor issue"

Relationship Wellness Summit Nov. 16-17

Register is open for the Relationship Wellness Summit. Date is November 16 & 17. This summit is for Married Sailors and thier spouse, Single Sailors and Parents.

Check to see if your state is one who does the sales tax holiday before schools starts back in a few weeks.
2021 Sales Tax Holiday

Check to see if your state is one who does the sales tax holiday before schools starts back in a few weeks.

+ Florida first held a sales tax holiday for school supplies in 2007. This was not re-enacted in 2008-09. Massachusetts was not enacted from 2008 to 2014, 2016 and 2017. Beginning with 2018, the sales tax holiday is permanent.* Details for some state programs are not available yet, website points to...

35 Things We Want Civilians to Know
35 Things We Want Civilians to Know

35 Things We Want Civilians to Know

Editor's Note: The term "civilian" in this piece is used to describe members of a family where no one serves


NECC Force Chaplain shared this today. Chaplains are always available if you are in need.

Each year February 3rd is dedicated as Four Chaplains Day in the United States. This day commemorates the events of February 3, 1943, when the SS Dorchester, a troop transport ship, was struck by a a German submarine torpedo and sank. There were 902 servicemen aboard the ship when it sank; hundreds lost their lives, but the story of the selfless acts and bravery of four chaplains who went down with Dorchester was carried in the memories of those who survived.

Four Chaplains – a Methodist minister, a Jewish rabbi, a Roman Catholic priest, and a Dutch Reformed minister – all boarded the ship in New York after completing chaplain’s school at Harvard. On Feb. 3, 1943, at 12:55 a.m., German submarine U-223 torpedoed the Dorchester off the coast of Newfoundland, only 150 miles from her final destination. As the ship was going down, in the midst of the chaos and terror, the four chaplains worked together to try and instill calm and help as many men as they could. They helped distribute life jackets and got survivors into lifeboats. When the supply of life jackets ran out before each man had one, the four chaplains removed their own life jackets and gave them to others.

Eyewitnesses say that as the ship finally began to sink below the water, the four chaplains stood against the deck with their arms linked together praying and singing together. They prayed together and died together.

On Dec. 19, 1944, Congress posthumously awarded each of the chaplains the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Service Cross. Congress also attempted to posthumously confer the Medal of Honor on each chaplain. However, because the chaplains had acted after the torpedo attack was over, and this medal required heroism performed “under fire,” they did not technically qualify. In response, members of Congress authorized the Four Chaplains’ Medal, a special medal intended to have the same weight and importance as the Medal of Honor. It was approved by a unanimous act of Congress on July 14, 1960.

The spirit of the four chaplains is the heartbeat of Religious Ministry in the Navy today. Our duty is to help you in any way we can, to offer a figurative life jacket that helps keep your head above water. If you or someone you know needs help, reach out today, don’t wait until you feel your ship is sinking.


Join Blue Star Families and American Red Cross for a virtual town hall on military-connected families and the #COVID19Vaccine on Feb. 4 at 3 p.m. ET.

Mark your calendars and don't forget to register first.
The Original Virtual Military Spouse Event Is Back for the 6th Year

Mark your calendars and don't forget to register first.

Years before virtual workshops, conferences and summits became the norm, the team at InDependent was presenting military spouses with what they needed: a virtual wellness summit that fit their schedule. And it's back this year.


Shipmates, heads up!

A Presidential Memorandum was issued to temporarily defer Social Security tax withholdings through the end of 2020.

What does this mean for us? Most service members will see what seems like “extra money” in the coming months, but we are going to have to pay that back. Collection of deferred taxes will be taken from wages between January 1 and April 30, 2021. Military members and civilian employees are not eligible to opt-out of this, which means we all need to have a game plan.

Visit Military OneSource, the Fleet and Family Support Center, or speak with your Command Financial Specialist for more resources on how you can budget and prepare for this #PayrollTaxDeferral.

For more info and FAQs visit

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Hiring Our Heroes is pleased to announce the 2020 Military Spouse Employment Summit will be held virtually, so you can attend from the safety and comfort of your desired location!

Why join on September 17th from 12 - 1:30 PM ET? Because the summit will explore the long-term viability of the innovative employment solutions adopted during COVID-19 and how they impact military spouses.

Register here:

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

It's Suicide Prevention Week, so today, we're sharing the top three things to know from the Military Health Care System. #ConnectToProtect #BeThere

Have you visited NECCFamily blog yet?  Check out the newsletters from CNIC's Family Connection to the Navy Reserve's Alm...

Have you visited NECCFamily blog yet? Check out the newsletters from CNIC's Family Connection to the Navy Reserve's Almanac.

Family Connection GoldStar Family Quarterly Newsletter Provided by CNIC The Navy Reservist (TNR) The Almanac Provided by Navy Re...


7 Amazing Benefits of Hugging Children!

Navy MWR at Home

Navy MWR at Home

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Taking Some of the Stress out of PCS Moves with the New MyPCS Mobile

As majority of Sailors with Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders now find themselves experiencing additional stress due to the additional expenses incurred as their orders have been cancelled, postponed, or modified, MyPCS Mobile can help ease the stress during any type of PCS move under normal conditions as well as those caused by COVID-19.



Friends and family of NECC, this is a challenging time. Please remember OPSEC first, always. Never post or share anything about deployment timelines and changes to operations. Remember that health information is protected and private information, never post anything about someone's health. It is important to remember small details can be pieced together by those who wish us ill, to reveal significant information could pose a threat. If you have questions, the Navy has the "Navy Social Media Handbook" at


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