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For more than 20 years, Developmental Resources Inc. has produced continuing education events for educators and other professionals that have equipped them to reach and teach the most challenging students. Multi-day conferences offer an opportunity to benefit from the perspectives of both internationally recognized experts and innovative practitioners. Intensive one-day seminars provide a more concentrated opportunity to gain knowledge and practical ideas from insightful presenters with expertise in the field. Live 90-minute webinars enable attendees to access—via their desktop – live how-to training from specialists on a variety of topics. Recorded webinars are also available.

Mission: AccuTrain is committed to serving the K-12 schools market exclusively -- providing educators outstanding training on critical safety, human resources and compliance issues. High production value and accurate, well-researched content are consistent elements of each AccuTrain training resource -- now including the award-winning Coastal® Schools library.


Though Brian Mendler's own desperate experience called for desperate measures, he says caring educators can offer just the right "dose of hope" to a struggling student. Watch @BrianMendler share how he became an apathetic student.


Creating "buzz" in the classroom, says “educational buccaneer” Dave Burgess, is all about "pre-heating the grill of learning."

Watch Dave Burgess illustrate how to drop "sizzling" content in your classroom.

Dave Burgess is the New York Times Bestselling Author of Teach Like a PIRATE, as well as an in-demand speaker and consultant. He will deliver the closing session at the Innovative Schools Summit Atlanta.

Student Names & School Culture

What is the value of a student hearing his or her name pronounced correctly?

Learning to pronounce students’ names correctly — even if it takes a lot of effort/practice — can be a huge step toward communicating respect and helping students understand that educators value and celebrate diversity.

My Name, My Identity ( is a national campaign launched by the Santa Clara County Office of Education. Organizers note that many students can feel shame because of their names, and sometimes even opt to change their given names to nicknames to avoid unwanted attention.

Watch a PBS NewsHour panel discuss the campaign, and how prioritizing proper pronunciation of each student's name can promote positive school culture.

Join us for the School Climate & Culture Forum in Las Vegas and San Antonio in 2019!


NextGen School Safety Keynoter Vaughn Baker says knowledge is power to prevail against a violent intruder. But he warns the natural response to an intruder is often at odds with what one needs to do to survive.

Without training, educators have often:

Run toward the sound of gunfire to confirm that the threat was real
Engaged in “normalcy bias” – denying that they’re under attack despite overwhelming evidence
Frozen instead of taking fundamental actions such as locking a door.

Join us in Vegas! (link:


Those boy engagement strategies – how are they working, and what do they look like to the (sometimes) astute student vlogger?

Why worry about Dillon and his male friends who are disengaged? Statistics show that boys are more than twice as likely to be suspended from school and almost three times as likely to be expelled. Boys are 30% more likely to be enrolled below modal grade and 22% less likely to advance to college.


Innovative Schools Summit speaker Dr. William Noel says the ability to create relationships that lead to a welcoming & productive learning environment can be replicated – and that smiling and being "PASIYV" go a long way in building rapport with students.

Dr. Noel is Director of Student Support & Disciplinary Review Office for Henrico County Public Schools. He will conduct a 3-hour pre-conference session entitled How to Reach the (Sometimes) Hard-to-Reach in Orlando.

Watch Dr. William Noel discuss how to reproduce the "IT-ability" of some educators gifted in relationship-building.


How do you teach students whose childhood experiences have left them with a tough exterior but whose brains are ill-suited to learn? Wired Differently Keynoter Jim Sporleder tried a different approach & the results at Lincoln High changed dramatically. #traumainformed #innov8schl

"Does anyone ever think of that kid?" - Brian Mendler

Innovative Schools Keynoter Brian Mendler says it's possible to "get through school & not be great at it - but still be successful in life." Watch Brian Mendler explain why educators should look out for "the lowest kid in the class."

Adding “Rigor” to the Classroom: Dr. Robyn Jackson

Tapping into a student's full potential requires educators to plan beyond the final test, says Keynoter Dr. Robyn Jackson, and to steer students toward rigorous instruction that encourages critical thinking and lifelong learning. Watch Dr. Robyn Jackson outline the elements of rigor at work in the classroom.

“Fat Talk” - Female Bonding or Distress Call? Dr. Jen Hartstein

"Fat talk” or discussions about body image can be common conversation topics for girls of all ages, but the outcome might not be what they intend. Watch Dr. Jen Hartstein underline how negative conversations about body shape can reinforce body dissatisfaction among girls. Rather than bonding girls together, negative conversations about body image can instead lead to comparison traps and weaken self-esteem. Dr. Jen Hartstein cites research that shows "when girls say ‘I'm so fat,’ it's not just an observation but also an idiom for distress."

Sparking Student Engagement: Strategies for Classroom Success Webinar

Did you know “engagement” declines each year a student is in a K-12 school? Boredom is an everyday struggle for nearly 60% of students grades 6–12.

Dr. Bryan Harris, author of Battling Boredom: 99 Strategies to Spark Student Engagement, will explore the impact of boredom on achievement and the root causes of boredom during this 70-minute webinar. Attendees will benefit from Dr. Harris’ Battling Boredom Framework, which includes strategies to begin and end a lesson, strategies for solo/independent work, strategies for reluctant learners and strategies for movement. Dr. Harris will also provide practical tools that you can incorporate in your classroom to engage students and to minimize boredom.

Next webinar 2/28: Sparking Student Engagement: Strategies for Classroom Success

Overlooked (but interested) boys: Dr. Chris Emdin

Cultural relevance may be the key to engaging interested but overlooked boys with subjects including the literary arts, sciences, technology and music, according to Dr. Christopher Emdin. Watch Dr. Christopher Emdin explain how hip-hop increases effectiveness of content delivery in the classroom.

Hip-hop has a long history, Dr. Emdin says, of references to science by artists like GZA, Biz Markie and The Mad Scientists. "Even the popular phrase "droppin' science" means to rap.”

In light of research that shows boys succeed when lessons require vigorous motor activity or when they are required to address unsolved problems, pairing science with hip-hop seems a natural channel through which to encourage boys to devise solutions that are need to drive innovation.

Student Circumstances Trump Curriculum: Craig Boykin

"At-risk youth don't care about your curriculum and lesson plans until you start caring about their circumstances." Presenter Craig Boykin shares his insights on learning barriers he faced as an at-risk student. Watch Craig Boykin explain what at-risk students need from educators.

Disciplinary Triage: Jim Sporleder (“Paper Tigers”)

While some young minds exhibit resilience in the face of adversity, some do not — yet Jim Sporleder believes it can be taught. In fact, as Principal of Lincoln High School, Sporleder saw suspensions fall by 85 percent; expulsions dropped dramatically and the school’s graduation rate nearly tripled. Watch Jim Sporleder recount how his school in Walla Walla, WA implemented transformational discipline policies.

Snapchat & Online Risks for Schools

Snapchat, the number one app for one-to-one communication, is here to stay, according to Pre-Conference presenter Sam Jingfors. As Snapchat adds popular new features, there are increasing concerns regarding school safety. Watch Jingfors explain the potential danger of new Snapchat features in regard to

Impacting the Mood of the School: Baruti Kafele

With the pressure of improving standardized test results, Plenary Session Speaker Baruti Kafele says educators must avoid losing focus on “the mood” of the school and of the classroom. Watch Baruti Kafele describe why focusing on the mood of the school trumps all.

Patience is a Skill: Candice Cox

Moving from chaos to a new mindset requires new skills, according trauma advocate & author Candice Cox. At the Counseling Strategies & Resources Conference, Candice will reveal tools that she has developed to help students build social and coping skills.

"Teaching Boys: A Global Study of Effective Practices" found that successful classroom lessons for boys fall into the fo...

"Teaching Boys: A Global Study of Effective Practices" found that successful classroom lessons for boys fall into the following 8 categories. Boys are also #relationallearners. #innov8schl #boybrains&engagement (link:

Poor vs. Poverty Mindset: Hotep Benzo

"Education Success Strategist” Hotep Benzo draws on his own experience to encourage educators to recognize the distinction between students who are "poor" and those who are in a “poverty cycle.”

Science + Hip-Hop = Engagement: Dr. Chris Emdin

Innovative Schools Summit Plenary Speaker Dr. Christopher Emdin believes teachers should be trained to value the unique realities of minority students by incorporating their culture into classroom instruction.

A popular, insightful and entertaining speaker who is returning to Atlanta for a second engagement, Dr. Emdin is a professor at Columbia University, founder of the #HipHopEd movement, and author of The New York Times bestseller, For White Folks Who Teach In The Hood…and the Rest of Ya’ll Too. #innov8schl #HipHopEd

Dr. Stuart Ablon: Kids Lack Skills, Not Will to Do Well

Dr. Stuart Ablon credits research in neurosciences w discovering why some Ss exhibit chronic challenging behaviors. Ablon suggests that these Ss have a learning disability in three cognitive domains: flexibility, frustration tolerance & problem-solving. #KidsDoWellifTheyCan! #CollaborativeProblemSolving #innov8schl

Princess Syndrome: A girl who focuses only on the pretty things, putting herself as the center of the universe, and obse...

Princess Syndrome: A girl who focuses only on the pretty things, putting herself as the center of the universe, and obsessing about her looks.

Dr. Jen Hartstein says there are messages everywhere presented to girls that being a princess is the best, and only, way to be — but is it worth the collateral damage of low self-esteem, impaired social interactions or poor body image?

In her book, Princess Recovery: A How-t Guide to Raising Strong, Empowered Girls Who Can Create Their Own Happily Ever Afters, Dr. Jen offers the following contrasting values of between the "princess" and the "heroine."

“What about Jacob?” - When Students Project Their Behavior on Others

Larry Thompson says educators often get caught in a trap when they allow students to “project” their issues onto other students. Larry says educators can work more successfully with students – and help students become productive adults – when educators learn to close the exits off the road to responsibility.

Motivate Responsible Use of Technology & Prevent Digital Bullying, Exploitation & Abuse Webinar

Last year ten high school seniors had their admissions to Harvard rescinded after they posted offensive memes to an online chat group. Students love social media. Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Tumblr are all here to stay and actually provide great avenues for students to connect with friends and to engage with the world at large. The upside to these platforms is huge but there are also risks and dangers that can derail students – as in the cases of those students who were planning to be Ivy Leaguers. Watch Richard Guerry underscore the liability of unguarded technology use.

Cultivating Internal Control via Self Regulation: Brad Chapin

Brad Chapin says that schools often are too externally focused on managing students and behaviors. But, the Self-Regulation Framework is an internally driven model that teaches students skills to manage their own behaviors. Watch Brad Chapin explain how internal management of behaviors lends itself to helping students develop accountability.

Watch Brian Mendler explain how to assess for "bad rules."
Brian Mendler: Rules, Expectations and Consequences

Watch Brian Mendler explain how to assess for "bad rules."

Enforcing rules can be a slippery slope for educators seeking to build community within a classroom and ultimately the school as a whole. Brian Mendler demonstrates a simple way to determine if your rules will stand the test of student follow-through.

Verbal Affirmation & Female Relational Aggression: Steph Jensen

Without help, girls who are targets often suffer lasting effects like withdrawal, depression, substance abuse, risky sexual behavior, dysfunctional relationships, self-injury & suicide. Steph Jensen describes the role of verbal affirmation in female RA. #relationalaggression #innov8schl

Leveraging Student Relationships & Achievement: Larry Thompson

#DefiantStudents Presenter Larry Thompson says it is important for teachers to use a method of relationship damage-control when dealing with challenging student behavior. It's during those intense moments that relationships are damaged. #responsibilitycentereddiscipline


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