RKForMayorVB A 52 year old entrepreneur, married and living the American Dream. I grew up in Norfolk and graduated from Norview High School. I attended Old Dominion University and have been a resident of Virginia Beach for more than 25 years.

Over 30 years ago I opened RKs Surf Shop at the Oceanfront. As a business owner in Virginia Beach I endured the ups and downs that the City Management dealt to the oceanfront business owners. Those actions amongst others gave me the passion to lead Virginia Beach in a positive direction and give BACK TO the community- not TAKE FROM you. I will insert transparency into the economic development. I will eradicate public corruption by stopping the private companies from receiving subsidies. By proposing term limits, an Ethics Committee, and Ward/District elections we will instill the trust of the Va. Beach Citizens again. Taxpayers do not know which companies are receiving their money and want to have a say in where their money is allocated. Corruption is a 'Free Enterprise' killer. I am against the Light Rail Project and will work to put more of your hard earned dollars into your wallet, not the government's pocket. I will continue the quest to become the safest city of our size in the country. RK ran for Mayor in 2012. When he recently announced formerly that he was running for Mayor again, the responses were overwhelmingly supportive and positive. More and more residents are tuning into RK and his strong message of "Stop Corruption".


Stop by this Saturday and/or Sunday for Great Sale Items from
RK's Surf Shop. How great for Santa to leave a Surfboard and accessories under the tree-- or a skateboard, or great summer apparel ! I have it for you at great prices!
824 24th Street Va Beach 757 831-6143
Sat Dec 10 8a-4p
Sun Dec 11 11am-4pm


When you take down your signs, you may dispose of them properly or if you would like you can take them to the office located at 4322 Holland Rd- In Holland Plaza next to Toni's Pizza (and near FunVille.)
Please, if you are driving around and see any signs please try to stop and get them-be careful though- watch for any traffic! They are all over the place so all the help we can get picking up 'RK' signs and 'NO Light Rail' signs will be great !! Thank you again!


Thank you to everyone who voted for me and gave me your support. I hope that each of you stays interested in our city government and that the decisions made on a daily basis are FOR ALL of our citizens. I ask of you to continue to fight the 'status quo' and to keep your voices heard through your local council members.
I congratulate Mayor Sessoms on his win and wish him only the best moving forward, with God's guidance. I also want to congratulate Jessica Abbott on her win as council woman.
We were able to run a strong grass-roots campaign with basically very little funds because of all the volunteers and supporters and the support of many members of the Virginia Beach Republican Party. You all stood with me, believed in me, wanted changes and hoped that I would be elected to make those hopes come to fruition.
Many of my supporters are disappointed. I, too am disappointed. I am disappointed for you and what you have been fighting for.
I will not focus on last night's loss, but on victories in the upcoming days.


If there is anyone out there that can work at Ocean Lakes Elementary School from 5-7p - please let us know! All you do is hand on info on No Light Rail and RK info-- and answer any questions!!! Thank you !!!


HEY EVERYONE !! A SERIOUS HEARTFELT MOMENT TO SHARE: I am literally getting chills from reading all the your posts about voting for me and the support you are giving me. I am so humbled- -- speechless right now reading all of this ! I am blessed and so grateful to each and every one of you.
LET'S DO THIS !!!!!!!!!


I am hearing you say that you are tired of the status quo- you want your voices heard!! Let's Do This !!


People are ready for CHANGE!!! People want someone else in the office - It is time for Will Sessoms to retire from City Council after 26 years and vote for RK! I will stand for the people ! I'm a small business owner who has actually created jobs and fought against the 'establishment' for what is right for you!


Been at Rudee Precinct all day at the VB Rescue Squad- The turnout has been great !! And the amount of people who said they voted for me- is amazing !! Let's keep it going !!!


Huge thank you to Windy City Pizza for the free pizza for all the poll workers !! We are grateful and had amazing pizza!!




42 hours 56 minutes = RK FOR MAYOR !!!


Still looking for poll volunteers!! If you can work a poll on Tuesday please let me know! We need coverage and we have to win!!!



Notice the contributions from the players in the Cavalier Hotel Deal,:  Bart Frye and John Lawson (partner with Bruce Thompson in Cavalier Associates, LLC).  Bruce Thompson and his companies, Professional Hospitality Resources, Ocean Beach Club and Thirty-First Street, LLC contributed an additional ...


We must stop Sessoms, Weeks and city council members from selling out Virginia Beach. No longer should the "wealthy, power players" control our city. A vote for me- is a VOTE FOR YOU!
Isn't it time to know you will be able to trust your city leaders once again?


When the media is negative about you, when the 'establishment' wants to try to slander you, when the people are telling you that you are the one to make a difference, that's when you know you are doing something right!
I am doing something right.
Thank you to all the supporters.



Transparent, Open and Accountable

No more closed door meetings. No more allowing council members to participate in any transaction that he or she has any personal interest in. It is the Virginia State Law Code 2.2.3107 and 2.2.3112 that states that any elected or appointed city government official must disqualify himself from such transactions.
Elect a leader that is not money-driven, but one who understands the needs of all people, not just the needs of the elite and their very own pocket.


Please listen to this!

Here's 30 seconds of truth. Enjoy, spread the gospel! Please note the disclaimer. 😇
#SavetheBeach !




An Endorsement from Waverly Woods:

"The ONLY candidates that have a REAL chance of winning. PLEASE consider supporting ALL of these city council candidates.
We MUST get behind ONE candidate for Mayor. John Atkinson is endorsing RK Rick Kowalewitch and he is the only mayor candidate with any presence.
PLEASE consider flipping your vote for my friend RK Rick Kowalewitch. #SavetheBeach !! Like & Share ! "


To clear up a few things:
1) I am NOT Canadian. I was born in Canada-as a very young child (3yrs old) my parents moved to the USA. When may parents became citizens I became a citizen. Children under the age of 18 automatically are naturalized when their parents are.
Also, I would not be able to run for mayor if I was not a US citizen.
2) I am NOT Unemployed. Unlike what the Beacon printed- I am self-employed and have been a small business owner for over 40 years. I am a strong believer of the Free Enterprise System. As most of you know, I owned RKs Surf Shop and I also am a home builder.
3) Virginia Beach is NOT a Sanctuary City. There were false reports of this in some newspapers and on a national TV show a while ago.
It is incorrect.
4) I am AGAINST Light Rail.
5) I DO NOT have any liabilities/loan or conflicts of interests, directly or indirectly, with any of the three city's depositories (unlike two of my opponents Sessoms/Weeks).


Grass Root Campaigning. If every supporter can talk to 3 undecided voters and get them to vote for me that would be Huge!
Don't forget to message me if you need yard signs- we are out delivering them.
Let's Do This!


Happy Sunday All !

"The failure of political leaders to help uplift the poor will be judged a moral failure.”
― Jim Wallis


824 24th Street
Virginia Beach, VA


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