Warrendale Community Garden

Warrendale Community Garden . Guerrilla gardening is a peaceful and productive form of protest against land ownership (unused land that the city claims to own in this case) Its also a demonstration on self sufficiency and shows people how simple it is to grow your own organic food.

We set up with out permission and took back the land for the people... As the garden progresses we will have events and activities to try and stimulate the community and I will share them with all of you here in the wonderful world of facebook


Well its sad to say that the Warrendale Community Garden is no more. Due to constant destruction Ive decided that it is futile to continue to keep trying and obviously I was correct. The rest of what has not been destroyed has been stolen. We had a great summer last year with not a single problem and I appreciate all the help and support from everyone.
This years constant resistance to the garden only proves that society is not ready to evolve. Parents fail to teach their children decent moral behavior because they them self's lack it. They lack common sense and simple skills of self sufficiency and view those who have these traits as bizarre outsiders. These are the people that are responsible for the gardens end and for many of society's follies. So to be brash, they can go f**k them self's and the band of idiots the rode in with!
With virtually no support from the immediate neighbors I have redefined what community means to me. I came in this project with assumptions that the garden would draw my neighborhood in and help them get to know know each other. unfortunately I was greeted with dirty looks , calls to the police and more recently, relentless destruction. Instead of the immediate neighbors, my own personal friends from across the state and country, their associates and a few anonymous visitors came to assist in the project. This reminded me that a community is far more than a neighborhood, it stretches. My community is vast and supportive and together we are strong.
I might be willing to let this project go but I will never back down from doing what I believe is right. I will never stop fighting for a social evolution and I will never stop fighting for revolution.
Maybe the garden for some did more than grow food, hopefully it planted a seed.
Once again thank you all for participating, Its was a fun short ride !


Rope for tire swing
Wind chimes
Empty gallon jugs or big buckets
Garden tools
Lattice Board
big ass tires
old house doors for door fence
Federal reserve note's for future projects


Couwlier Ave
Warren, MI


(586) 330-9839


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