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Department of Gnomeland Security (DGS) Dedicated to Gnome's pursuit of life, liberty, and the Gnomerican way.

Operating as usual

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!The Legendary Penguin Team Six has successfully executed a rescue of the Garden Gnome known as Fid.  D...


The Legendary Penguin Team Six has successfully executed a rescue of the Garden Gnome known as Fid. Details are sketchy, as are most things posted here. More to follow.

Oak is strong and also gives shade.Cats and dogs each hate the other.The pipe began to rust while new.Open the crate but...

Oak is strong and also gives shade.

Cats and dogs each hate the other.

The pipe began to rust while new.

Open the crate but don't break the glass.

Add the sum to the product of these three.

Thieves who rob friends deserve jail.

The ripe taste of cheese improves with age.

Act on these orders with great speed.

The hog crawled under the high fence.

Move the vat over the hot fire.

This photo was sent to DGS earlier this morning anonymously.  DGS is currently investigating the photo as a threat to gn...

This photo was sent to DGS earlier this morning anonymously. DGS is currently investigating the photo as a threat to gnomes everywhere. DGS will post updates shortly.

Al Gnoma has issued threats to those Infidel Gnomes who are apostate to the one true Gnome, stating: "We're looking at y...

Al Gnoma has issued threats to those Infidel Gnomes who are apostate to the one true Gnome, stating: "We're looking at you, Lora."


1% of all objects deposited at the late horror author HP Lovecraft's grave are gnomes.

Blatant Propoganda!!! Beware!
Gnomeo & Juliet Teaser

Blatant Propoganda!!! Beware!

A version of Shakespeare's play, set in the world of warring indoor and outdoor gnomes.

How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack
How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack

How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack

The city of Gillette, WY is the latest city to go bat-**** crazy. This city is auctioning off more than one hundred garden gnomes in some thinly veiled attempt of eradicating the entire county of living residents. (See the whole story here.)


DGS Health Policy Uberfeldenmarshalkriegsdirecktor - Armslong Feetshort announced today that 100million additional doses of Hedgehog Influenza vaccine have arrived and are immediately available to the populace. In response, Jenny McCarthy was heard to proclaim that the vaccine causes Dwarfism. No one in DGS sees this as a problem.


Director Gunner Barkstoomuch issued the following statement last night: "The reports of the GLA having been behind the recent facebook changes are under investigation. " He urged Gnomericans to remain calm despite the confusion. An anonymous DGS official indicated the disaster was actually the work of the Transportation Security Administration. "No one else could make something so simple into something so difficult."


A reminder to DGS Field Agents: When completing an expense form "One Night in Bangkok" can NOT be used as a single line item. Furthermore, the services of less-than-honorable-women are not a valid expense. Nor are spider monkeys. This means you Donald.


Based on recent attacks in Gnomistan and intelligence gathered there, the current Security Advisory Level has been set at High - OMFG! (Oh my farking gnome!)


The Gnomerican Federal Reserve Mint will be issuing commemorative Gnostrodumas Gold coins starting Dec. 1, 2009. The coins memorialize Gnostrodumas's incalculable contributions to Gnome life, such as badminton, plastic flamingoes, mailman traps and rabbits. Proceeds from coin purchase will go towards protecting the Gnomerican way.


Director of Gnomeland Security Gunner Barkstoomuch was today awarded the 2009 Gnomebel Peace Prize for his work in combating terrorists and bridging the gap with nations who "You don't want to play with, but your Aunt makes you." Director Barkstoomuch reportedly will donate the $1.4 million to yet to be named charity.


As Gnomes throughout the Nation celebrate the festival of Toadstool Lights, be ever vigilent while in public places and large gatherings. The Advisory System has been lowered to Elevated (Everyone Panic!) however evildoers still persist in their hatred of Gnomerica.


Gnomald Gnomesfeld today stated: There are known gnomes. These are gnomes we know that we know. There are gnome unknowns. That is to say, there are gnomes that we now know we don’t know. But there are also unknown ungnomes. These are gnomes we do not know we don’t know. Subsequently the Advisory Level is High (Hide!!)


The Gnomgress Select Intelligence Committee will meet Friday with the Gnomeland Intelligence Agency, Gnome Security Agency, Gnome Bureau of Investigation, Gnome Border Security Authority, and Gnome Army Corp of Engineers reference the construction of a new 2 foot tall border fence to deter illegal immigrants, fertilizer traffickers, and terrorists.


Anyone found to be concealing gnomes in body cavities while trying to enter music concerts, airports, the post office and your friendly neighborhood grocer will consequently be subjected to a screening and identification process involving fingerprinting, barcoding, phonology, and laparoscopy. All data will be entered into GNCIC, filed in triplicate and postage stamps issued for philatelical purposes.


While the advisory system is still at the Elevated (Everyone Panic!) level, please remember Gnomes travelling on domestic flights are limited to 3 ounces of plant food which much be in a clear container. There are no exceptions. (This means you Norman.)


This message is for Gnome field-operatives in super secret under cover assignment (You know who you are.) : The salamander is fishing. At night, the buffalo swim. Good day for a bumbershoot. I am the egg man. Coo Coo Ca Choo.


In reference to myriad media reports, Gunner Barkstoomuch issued the following statement: "Substantial leg work on the part of DGS Agents have narrowed the suspect list in the 'Fid' case to less than a pawfull of subjects." He declined to reveal if raids and assaults would be imminent, only stating "That is a strong poss-a-bil-I.T."


Please remember: Unattended Gnomes will be immediately seized and redistributed per DGS Policy 9177b. Your attention to this matter is appreciated.


Based on the latest evidence in the Fid gnomeknapping case, DGS is convinced that Fid has been captured and held against his will by lunatics suffering from Gnome Syndrome. Oh the gnomanity!


DGS wants you! help us help you. Please submit gnome safety suggestions in triplicate, fill out form 1138 and deliver two copies of the third carbon copy to your nearest agent. You'll recognize him or her as the person that blends in the most. Once form 1138 has been delivered, notarized and double stamped (no backsies) present your urine sample at the main office.


Gnomeland Security Director Gunner Barkstoomuch issued a brief statement today in reference to terrorist demands made by the GLA. "The Gnomeland Security Department does not negotiate with terrorists. However, feel free to post a proof of life here. "Gunner did not take questions. A spokesman on condition of anonymity however was quoted as saying the possibility of invasion was strengthening every minute.


Any and all confirmed or unconfirmed sightings of missing and exploited Gnomes are to be immediately reported for investigation to the DGS.


DGS Director Gunner Barkstoomuch today annouced the Gnome Liberation Army has been designated a Terrorist Organization under the Minuteman Act and subsequently added to the list of Axis of Dweebles.


The Gnome Threat Level is Currently Elevated. EVERYONE PANIC!


935 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington D.C., DC



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No reports of gnome madness or security threats lately. What's up with that? With all of the crazyness at gnomeland central, there should be oodles of fodder...and crazy tweets.