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The National Association Of Concerned Veterans The National Association of Concerned Veterans (NACV) is a 501(c)19 non-profit veterans service organization. The National Association of Concerned Veterans (NACV) is one of the oldest active veterans service organizations focused on Vietnam vets initially.

We have been operating in the DC Metro area since 1972. NACV is narrowing its focus to primarily DC. We believe our country has not taken care of its veterans adequately. The District of Columbia has not taken a stand for its veterans, in spite of the fact that for many years the District had the highest per capita veteran population in the country. The organization began its focus on readjustment through housing, employment, training and re entry in the District. From 1978 to the present we have trained and employed thousands of veterans in the areas of weatherization, housing rehab, construction, energy conservation, solar and other alternative energies, environmental clean up services and remediation, cable television service, construction, recycling, and demolition. We have partnered with the Department of Labor, Environmental Protection Agency, CSA, Department of Energy, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and numerous other federal agencies. NACV and its partners have been awarded contracts with DOD, GSA, DOL, NIH, EPA, SBA, CIA, SSA, USDA, Navy Yard, and numerous military installations.

We have been operating in the DC Metro area since 1972. NACV is narrowing its focus to primarily DC. We believe our country has not taken care of its veterans adequately. The District of Columbia has not taken a stand for its veterans, in spite of the fact that for many years the District had the highest per capita veteran population in the country. The organization began its focus on readjustment through housing, employment, training and re entry in the District. From 1978 to the present we have trained and employed thousands of veterans in the areas of weatherization, housing rehab, construction, energy conservation, solar and other alternative energies, environmental clean up services and remediation, cable television service, construction, recycling, and demolition. We have partnered with the Department of Labor, Environmental Protection Agency, CSA, Department of Energy, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and numerous other federal agencies. NACV and its partners have been awarded contracts with DOD, GSA, DOL, NIH, EPA, SBA, CIA, SSA, USDA, Navy Yard, and numerous military installations.

Mission: The National Association of Concerned Veterans aims to assist those veterans that have been left out, locked out, or lost in the shuffle of the various agencies and departments that have governed their military lives. We offer a new start to those veterans struggling to return to civilian life on solid footing. Our goal is to catch as many fallen soldiers as possible, and we hope to lead them down the path to healing and healthy living after their military careers.

Operating as usual


NACV was formed in 1968 while I was still an ROTC student at the University of Alabama therefore much of my sharing of its beginnings comes from the war stories which were passed down after I got out of the Army in '72 and became involved in UA's local chapter which I joined in '73 or '74.

NACV began as a grassroots community based vets helping vets organization that sprung up around country because there was nothing there for returning nam vets. We all know the stories.... no welcome home, no parades and worse big time disrespect and abuse. In the beginning even the traditional veteran organizations were non receptive. Hence, NACV. most of the chapters that sprang up were composed of student veteran organizations. I think at Alabama it was Student Veterans Association. In fact, initially the C in NACV stood for collegiate vets. We changed in 72 when the headquarters was moved to DC and became Natl Assn of Concerned Veterans.

During NACV;s peak there were thousands of chapters around the country. The beauty of NACV and NABV and Swords to Plow Shares and others was each was driven by the needs of the community and grassroots vets where they were. If it was the PVS Rap groups, or the support groups or the networking or the assistance for benefits, employment, problem solving, claims, discharge issues, housing, legal aid, mental health, substance abuse, it was available even though often lacking the expertise and sophistication needed. At Alabama some of the vets who had gotten through some of those challenges were instrumental in not only helping recent discharges but also reached out to faculty and administration to step in and provide support and credentials at times.

However for the most part during that period the services, resources, organizational structure etc was not there. It took a lot of in your face aggressive confrontations fueled by resentment, angry, frustration caused by the living hells many of the vets were experiencing to force colleges, universities, congress, administrations, Agencies at the federal, state and local levels to act and do something. It took groups like veterans law project, Natl Council of Churches, League of Cities, Council of Mayors, June Willenz AVC, Stu Feldman and many community and faith based and social service organizations in order to force some changes.

Those changes were not voluntary and did not come quickly.
Colleges and Universities around the country had no clue what to do or how to handle these crazy vietnam vets. At Alabama the local chapter of NACV which was VSA forced the VA certifying official out. he had been there for 25 years and was a WWII vet. This was typical for institutions around the country. The office was usually one certifying office and a secretary. At Alabama the story of the certifying official's pat response to the vets who came to him for assistance was:
Stop crying! Get your hair cut and get a job!

To be continued

next segment Veterans Cost of Instruction Payments Program
Vet Rep on Campus, DVOP, etc.

and then how the movement was killed.... lol no conspiracy theory
and a little about the closest thing to perpetual motion... the system and the bureaucracy and how a pendulum works and the scientific concept of regression to the mean. 🙁


Well, we are almost at the end of another year and personally I am frustrated at how little we have accomplished. I realize we have little or no web site, but we continue to advocate and reach out to our fellow vets in need. I keep saying this will be my last year. My wife is demanding it as have many in the past. I have been moved from the bedroom to the basement and now to the garage.
NACV is almost exclusively limited to a small hand full of die hards focused east of the river in DC. We try to get support from the Mayor, from the council, from the VA Medical Center, from and have committed to focusing next year on the Congress again, as well as the Executive Branch, and the Private Sector and Educational community.

We are also going to try once more to make our way into the 21st Century technology wise. We are getting some patient education from younger vets, ie Aaron Rice in the area of virtual reality; Sharon Braun who has picked up the gauntlet to continue carrying the torch for the Sheroes Project; Herman Hall with his IT and virtual classroom efforts at two colleges in Maryland and in the community; George Otto and Bob Tecklenberg (Vet Ctrs and VA), Matt Carey for his many years of support; Thomas Bandzul; Clarence (Tiger) Davis; Tim Craig (NACV early NACV days); and our old tired team: Eric Lowry (electrician and mechanic); Cornelius Jay Youman and his family (wonderful wife Della); Generel Envade; Gary Williams (Plumber); Raynard (Electrician); Al May (board member and long time supporter); the late William Allen, co founder NCVC and Post 22 Cmdr and creator of the furniture program for over 500 veterans; Ken Courage former CEO PIW; Joe Wynn NABV and late Tom Wynn founder NABVets); late Jeffries Cary NACV Baltmore with Tiger Davis, Lloyd Wynn, Chris Niosi, Evan and Sunder Moses, T. Burch and family, and so many more to be named in future postings.

Our present projects are to roll out the Great Expectations comprehensive readjustment, transition and re entry program model; continue to pursue our Sheroes Project in Mt Rainier, MD; kick off our PRP program using the Choice Act in collaboration with the VA, grant and per diem program, day treatment step down initiative; Workforce Development and Jobs program; Virtual Reality hopefully in conjunction with Aaron Rice and the University of Maryland; self help affordable housing program for transitioning vets; collaborative efforts with VAMC, VSOs, Rodgers Road Show creating our own stimuli program and other groups; Pod casts with the support of our new friends and supporters to be announced shortly.

Another initiative is the Old Soldiers Home revitalization and perpetuation effort.

This coming week we want to publicly thank some long time and recent supporters and donors that make it possible to do what we do for and with our fellow vets. Shout outs to Reverend Robert Truesdale "Preacher in the Hood" and his team that continues to feed hundreds of vets and needy families each and every week.

Thanks to all of you. Patriot Placements in Fla, Pastor Judy Fisher, Ralph Williams, Donald Temple, La Tanya Talley, the late George Basiliko, john Garrison.

Let's learn from the past and be energized for the coming year with a positive and productive new year.

Cecil Byrd


NACV has been attempting to roll out it Great Expectations comprehensive readjustment, transition assistance and re entry program model for years but have been unable to obtain assistance from the DVA and local DC VA Medical Center.
The program can be tailored to individual veteran needs and goals based on an initial intake assessment.
the program can be offered as a postsecondary 1-3 hour credit course that is perfect for transitioning military and veteran personnel. It can also be offered as an 8-12 or 16 week community based program and through a PRP model that addresses all the wrap around and continuum of care services usually provided and offered by Supportive Services for Veterans and Families through TAPS, transition and resource and referral services via HHS, DOD, DVA and DOL. The GE program model offers over a dozen component models that teach mastery, plans development, simulation, executive and team mentorships using trained navigators, case mgmt., self report inventory, mindfulness, affirmations, attitude and behavior modification, and the daily contact application. The component modules include: 1. cognitive and intellectual development; 2. health, fitness and nutrition; 3. mental health and sobriety; 4. training, job readiness and employment; 5. housing; 6. socialization and relationships; 7. values, ethics and spirituality; 8. economic stability; 9. life skills; recreation and leisure; 10. quality of life, healing and aging; 11. arts, music, nature and creative expression; 12. advocacy and getting your needs and goals met.
The GE program model is transactional, dynamic and uses an ecological systems design model application. It is offered to individuals who demonstrate and meet the readiness criteria. The program costs are approximately 2850 per 8-12 week course period but funding options are available via donations, sponsorships and grants, and scholarships.
NACV offers the GE program model but also provides training and technical assistance in those educational institutes, community and faith based community providers, VSO and VSA etc interested in implementing the GE model.
Contact us to find out more about the GE program model. The program can be used to compliment and supplement existing VA, DOD, DOL, Justice, Housing, and Education programs for veterans and returning citizens.


When one becomes stuck in survival mode it is very difficult to be productive or to be able to focus on goals, objectives, missions and outcomes. We must fight out of this and still set aside time and attention to the mission. This is NACV's resolve beginning today and for FY2018.

Great Expectations Is alive and progressing. you can help

Over the next week look for info on the Sheroes Project, NACVs construction and employment efforts, the transportation efforts, suggestions for the Armed Forces Retirement Home and how the country and the Armed Forces Cmte and Congress can turn that around to a national model.

Look forward to a different approach to re entry and readjustment for returning military and veterans.

And how to change the mind set of thinking "thank you for your service" three times a year accomplishes anything of substance.

finally, feedback on what post secondary education needs to look like for not only veterans but all students. School must be held accountable once they enroll a student and take money. When a student successfully completes a course, obtains a certificate, credential, or degree the school, the VA is responsible for getting that vet employed. no excuses. NACV can help with the hows.

Help us help our fellow vets.

Cecil Byrd
Executive Director
[email protected]
202 680-3142


NACV hopes to resurrect its site over the next several months. We realize we have been dormant to put it mildly. We are still working to finish and open the "Sheroes" transitional housing project in northeast DC. We are still trying to gain support for veterans programs in the nation's capital from our Mayor and Council members.
The frustration is the way this mayor has not only neglected veterans but has stop viable successful projects that have cost the city little or nothing. She moved the office from 441 Judiciary Square to a closet in the Wilson building. There are very specific regulations required in order for the VA to recognize our Office of Veterans Affairs: there is a funding requirement, a staffing requirement, programming and expertise requirement and organizational requirement (direct line to the CEO). This city has a budget of less than 10 dollars per veteran and family per year for a budget.

A further insult is that the Mayor has changed the name of the office to MOVA (Mayor's Office of Veterans Affairs). True, it does reflect the priority she has for veterans in the District but it is not her office. It is the DC veterans office of veterans affairs.

NACV is suggesting that veterans in the District consider returning to the tactics that NACV used when we began in 1968: a grassroots, community based self help veterans helping veterans initiative. We may have to establish our own independent Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. We believe we could do much better by ourselves.

Let us know how you feel. The only thing elected officials recognize are votes. Join a veterans organization and let NACV know which one you belong to and let us know you support and demand veterans programs here in the District and we will fight for you.

Most citizens think that the Veterans Administration meets all the needs of veterans. Have they not been watching the news. They don't and they can't. We need an advocate and we need opportunities.

Our commitment is to get our web sites up and running and continue to serve our fellow comrades in arms one at a time and continue to seek collaborators and partners.

Thank you for your service. You can believe the city will raise their flags and voices and tell everyone how much they support the troops but words with out works are dead.

Start signing in and tell who out there is supporting vets and tell us what you need and we will try to fight for you. There are resources out there but we need more and we need to do more.



Greetings all. It seems the struggle never gets easier. I was reading some of the history of the veterans movement over the years but mostly as it pertained to the Vietnam era and the NACV era. I had forgotten how the government and leadership around the country attempted to stamp out the Vietnam vet movement. I re read how Nixon took away monies for Vietnam veterans programs even after congress has passed legislation. NACV sued the government to release those monies. Those particular funds were the Veterans Cost of Instruction Payment Program monies.
I was reminded of this because DC's new Administration is doing essentially the same thing, killing our attempts to serve the DC veteran and his or her family. This is hopefully unintentional but since taking office this Administration has denied access to blanks, furniture, computers, appliances and other house hold items. that have been donated for DC veterans over the past four years and that have assisted close to 500 veterans with furniture and services. The excuse we have been given is in order to evaluate and get a handle of what is going on, inventory, assess, evaluate, revamp, re organize, put our brand on it.

Legally the items in the warehouse at Oakhill were donated to the nonprofit veterans organization by DOD, private citizens, corporations, organizations, schools, and foundations.

I understand why the Mayor feels the need to ensure accountability and liability and potential risk and embarrassment but this program has not used DC OVA budget funds and her actions or those of her staff are killing momentum and morale. We have union support, student volunteer support, veteran support, and up until she took office Executive support. The actions although hopefully responsible and well meaning have literally shut down our ability to serve the hundreds of vets and their families at risk in this city. You can not stand up and raise your voice and hand in support of veterans and terminate successful programs and efforts by veterans themselves. This is some of the coldest winter we have had in reportedly 19 years and we have 5 pallets full of brand new individually wrapped blankets that need to be distributed.

I dont' understand it.

On an other note. The Sheroes transitional housing project is about 20,000 dollars away from completion. We should be getting the carpet and tile in this coming week; along with the fixtures for the bathrooms and kitchens and hopefully with some donations for the doors and punch out items we can finish the 13 bedroom facility and begin serving female vets with children in the city.

Please take a minute to donate to this three year efforts. With your help we can complete the project within the next 30-45 days. max.

Cecil Byrd
Executive Director

I don't know if we ever gave credit to some of the donors and contributors to this effort but they include Vietnam Veterans Foundation, Coalition to Salute America's Heroes; Circle of Friends for America's Veterans; Christine Warnke and John Geiling and all the contractors and individuals in the piper fitters, mechanical, plumbing Association, Home Depot Foundation and local area stores, 360, Danang Developers, Mike and Steve, and many of the NACV membership and leadership who have given out of their pockets, sweat equity and volunteer work, EAI and many many others.


We will up load some pics on 54th St. The before and after pics are tremendous contrasts thanks to all of you .


Thanks to everyone for their donations in money and furniture, appliance, vehicles. it all helps. We need employment opportunities now about 500 for the recent discharges and older vets who can not work full time but need part funds to make it through each week.

Cecil danny byrd


To date with Matt Cary and the DC OVA and NCVC we have delivered to over 400 vets in supported housing in DC 300 are first time deliveries. thanks to Walter Reed Army medical Center for their furniture donation. and 360 and Tempurpedic for their mattresses. We are working with the Pipe fitters and NF Players assoc. thanks to Peter Larson to try and finish 309 54th St by the end of August. We need about 1000 dollars per 13 rooms and another grand for each of the bathrooms and kitchens for a total of 35K to get us open. We can finish the basement after we get the 13 bedrooms occupied.


3104 Varnum ST
Washington D.C., DC

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My name is Willie Earl Turner, I attended UCSB and/or worked at the Office of Veterans Affairs 1973-1976 as a Veterans Representative. I was selected to go to the Capitol Hill Program during an internship in the US Congressional Offices of Harold Ford, Sr of Tennessee. I believe I was an party to the original Article of Incorporation. I have continued in that sprit and formed the Veterans Uplift Organization herein San Diego, CA. I plan on going traveling to DC soon and would like to see if you guys are the same that I gave evidence to I seized from Sen. Allan Cranston's office. Info: [email protected]; 619-775-9381; 4906 La Cuenta Drive #110 San Diego, CA 92124. I have a Go Fund Me page its Willie Turner. My purpose in coming to DC is Human Rights for Veterans, Members of the Armed Services, First Responders. I want to thank you for holding true to the pledge we made in office in 1974. Thanks to each of you for your service may God bless you and your families for helping our disenfranchised veterans.
CAN I GET HELP WITH MY VA CLAIM WILLIE EARL TURNER OF SAN DIEGO VA REGIONAL OFFICE IN CA. My VA claim # is 24-304-394. I was injured while parachuting in 1967. Injuries sustained caused me to loose my job which I returned to as a draftee. my initial claim was filed in 1968 and I have been appealing and reopening claim timely and I still have not been given equal protection of Title 38 of the United States Code relating Clear and Unmistakable Errors during the adjudication of all claims. My identity was stolen by LA Veterans Administration former employee Cornell West . He committed criminal acts against the US Treasury. My service connected disability entitlement has been abused by the VA and I have not gotten just compensation based on initial claim and medical evidence. My numerous timely filed claim statements each request the back pay based my filing within 89 days subsequent to ETS. My claim was filed in April 1968 in LA and was wrongfully denied to me, yet granted based on my evidence to and stolen by their former employee Cornell West. There were no periods that my claim lapped. In 2012 my claimed was granted for 50% eventhough the medical team at the VA Hospital has me as 100% disable based on primary and secondary service connected disabilities documented in my military service service medical records. I am being discriminated against because of my race and christian religion. My email is [email protected] my cell: 619 701-2579. I live at 4906 La Cuenta Drive #110 San Diego, CA 92124