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@mayor_bowser issued an order Dec. 18 putting a temporary pause on indoor dining as well as indoor visits to museum and ...

@mayor_bowser issued an order Dec. 18 putting a temporary pause on indoor dining as well as indoor visits to museum and @dcpubliclibrary

The order is effective 10 pm Dec 23 to 5 am Jan. 15, 2021.

Although many interpreted the order as mandating telework for non-essential businesses, a spokesman for @mayor_bowser office said that nonessential retail would remain at 25% indoor capacity or 250 people, whichever is less.


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Hill Rag

Hill Rag

Santa is at @wundergartendc today until 5pm to take pics with our pups! #christmas

Santa is at @wundergartendc today until 5pm to take pics with our pups! #christmas

Explore the winter forest that’s appeared next to @easternmarket_dc 🎄🎄🎄 Trees out M to F 7a to 8p ⭐️ Sat & Sun 6a to 6p ...

Explore the winter forest that’s appeared next to @easternmarket_dc 🎄🎄🎄

Trees out M to F 7a to 8p ⭐️ Sat & Sun 6a to 6p + C Street (west of Seventh Street SE) weekends only


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The Underdogs!!! By John Burl Smith The epic continues as the tiny band of intrepid heroes’ battle to slay a monster that has proven it cannot be vanquished by ordinary means. These “underdogs” are reflective of the resilient image Alicia Keys sings and praise in her anthem. Although this monster has sustained a mortal blow that felt such a hideous wicked demon, this unholy abomination lives on after being beheaded. However, this one has not been dispatched, continues trashing about, destroying the integrity of the democratic process we cherish in its wake. Now, and because deadly a character continues to menace this ragtag band’s efforts, they have been forced to innovate on the fly, trying to dislodge a predator that is infused into the system that supplies the lifeblood to the people and their world. Leading what seems a ragtag bunch of ill-equipped misfits back in March when this election skirmish began; most gave them little to no chance of defeating such a dominant monster. But, today, brushing off the last-ditch effort to stymie their ascension to power, criticism is their opposition’s only weapon. Deluged with denunciations, hoping to stop those President-elect Joe Biden is tapping to direct his attack on the international pandemic and economic crisis it spawned, Republicans, have circled their wagons in the senate. Speaking to The Hill’s Brett Samuels, President-elect Joe Biden scoffed at Republicans that vowed to block confirmation of his nominees, like Office of Management and Budget Neera Tanden. “The GOP continues looking for ways to pick a fight, even though we beat them fair and square, with over 6 million votes of the people and 92 electoral votes. No matter what! They are going to fight my choices because they can’t reverse the will of the people. So all they have left is a lot of mouths and opposing my nominees.” Republicans’ chief target, Neera Tanden, pick to lead the White House budget office, have been laboring a “far-left radical.” Still, she has President-elect Biden’s confidence, and he defended his choice, “But by the way, she’s smart as hell. Yeah!! I think they’re going to pick a couple of people to fight [over] no matter what.” Republicans’ greatest grip seems to be her tweets. However, the President-elect responded to that nonsense by saying, “If that the case, tweeting disqualifies almost every Republican Senator and 90 percent of the current Administration, particularly the President. He controls the Republican Party from the White House with his tweets. And every Senate member from Mitch McConnell down, cower shaking in their booths, afraid of his next tweet, and they are going to block my nominee. Come on now!!!” Neera is credited with appropriately dubbing the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) “Moscow Mitch.” She also hit McConnell on Twitter for not telling President Trump to wear a mask at his daily press conferences. She has even made critical tweets about Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), who deservingly received several barbs for caving into Trump in fear of his tweets, as well as her “lockstep” agreement on “impeachment.” But Sen. John Cornyn (Texas), through an adviser to the Senate Republican leadership, threw the gauntlet at President-elect Biden’s feet, declaring, “Tanden is Biden’s worst nominee so far. She stands almost zero chance of being confirmed.” Then Senate Republican Whip John Thune (S.D.) loaded up both barrels firing wildly, “She’s been pretty partisan in some of her previous positions and in many cases concerning Republican senators who have to vote on her potential nomination.” Remember, these are the same Republican Senator, who, in fear of Trump’s tweets, still will not admit, Trump got his A** handed to him on November 3 by the American voters. Mark Becker, former chairman of the GOP in Brown County, in a statement to MSNBC, discussing his phone call with the Senator from Wisconsin, said, “Ron Johnson knows the truth. And what’s sad about it is he knows the truth, but he doesn’t think the American people deserve to hear it.” Tanden’s allies scoffed, even laugh at the focus on her Twitter presence, noting that President Trump has spent the last four years offering policy positions and attacking critics for hours during his mad tweeter tirades. Numerous Republican lawmakers also use their social media platforms to attack the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. However, when the smoke clears, after all the huffing and puffing by firebrand Republicans, Donald Trump will still be a defeated and humiliated loser, and Rudy Giuliani and his band of troglodytes cannot change that outcome. The fact of the matter is the US Constitution establishes distinct roles for both the legislative and executive branches of government. Specifically, Senator’s only role in the process regarding the President’s cabinet and other supporting advisors is to “advise and consent,” not dictate who the President will have to help run the government. The chief executive’s job is to select those he believes will best help him accomplish that task. Republicans in the senate wish to push President-elect Biden to do as Donald Trump and select a disaster like Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary, an in content like Betsy DeVos Secretary of Education or William Barr Attorney General and then there is even Trump HHS secretary Ben Carson. Now he has successfully defeated the imposter president in the White House and is well on his way to choosing his cabinet nominees. President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team is making a quick pivot implementing policies and staffing agencies, which do not need Senate confirmation. They are looking at positions such as deputy assistant secretaries and ensuring that many of those hired can obtain security clearances by the time the President takes office. Young African Americans should definitely be able to make a real impact at this level. The transition team is pushing past concerns of Republican obstructionist tactics where slow-walking confirmations of Cabinet appointees may leave some federal agencies leaderless for months. Mr. Biden’s aides are eager to place mid-to-lower-level officials across the federal government, particularly in national security roles, to ensure his Administration can begin to enact his agenda immediately. Republicans seem to be reacting with alarm over women’s numbers; particularly the positions women are nominated. Not only have they recoiled with vitriol against Neera Tanden but to the President’s choice of Secretary of Defense Michèle Flournoy. Republicans are engaged in Washington’s favorite parlor game, questioning qualifications and temperament when a woman is involved. Michèle Flournoy is a widely regarded candidate from the Obama administration, as well as the Clinton years. The real test for Republicans will come when President-elect Biden nominates a director for the CIA. Another woman will send Republicans into orbit around Jupiter like they are riding a Saturn-V rocket. President-elect Joe Biden’s strategy is an explicit effort to overcome the roadblocks Republicans unified behind during the late months of Donald Trump’s failed campaign. Now they are hoping to knot Mr. Biden off course in his efforts to move the country in a left of center direction. But, Mr. Biden is countering Senate Republicans with middle-tier political appointees that can hold his ship of state on course. At the same time, Republicans try to tweet up a hurricane in the senate. Andrew Bates, a spokesperson for President Biden, said, “The transition has focused on identifying critical positions for the immediate and successful execution of the Biden-Harris agenda. We have analyzed each federal agency from the ground up. We are working with both parties in Congress to confirm qualified, experienced nominees while hiring senior agency leaders that do not need confirmation to be ready on Day One to overcome the pandemic and the recession while safeguarding America’s national security.” Promising to hire a diverse group of people, including a commitment to retain Republicans in mid-and lower-level ranks, President-elect Biden has said, and his aides are keenly aware that the Trump administration accused many career civil servants of being disloyal “deep state” agents but are eager to be considered for promotions, and will be considered well. American voters rejected Donald Trump because of the woefully poor job he did and is the primary reason Trump did so poorly was he had a cabinet afraid to tell him what he did not want to hear. President-elect Biden needs independent thinkers and aides who know how to intelligently explain his proposals’ advantages and disadvantages. He definitely does not need people around him that agree with the opposition. Only a fool would select aides, which the opposition agrees with and like. If that is the type of President Mr. Biden is going to be, he may as well have allowed Trump to remain in the White House. Republican Senators, who are unlike Mitch McConnell, and must stand for re-election in 2022, must decide if following McConnell and Trumpism will help them when they face voters in two years. Reasonable Congress members will only help themselves if they meet President-elect Joe Biden halfway, as he makes an effort to govern from the center. Personally, I hope they do not. I hope they fight him tooth and nail, trying to make him select conservatives for his Administration. Because that will only drive the President toward the left, and he will have to do as Donald Trump, govern by executive orders and decrees. That is the only way the American people will get an effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a green new deal, student debt relief, expansion of health care, support for cash strapped cities and first responders! Looking back over history, all-male government, not to mention Presidential cabinets, was the standard. I can’t help but believe that a significant part of the opposition against President-elect Joe Biden’s nominations reflects the recent loss of this all-male bastion. Back when a woman invaded a male enter sanctum, she was called names, which one did not speak in polite company. So today, Republicans are creating new boogiemen to keep women out of areas like the secretary of defense. But I say anything men can do, women can do better, but women can do things men cannot, like being honest. Nevertheless, I draw personal pride that a Democrat is responsible for giving women this opportunity to shine and show it has been America’s loss, keeping women shutout of serving their country, as President-elect Joe Biden is doing. But more than anything, I look forward to the day when the cabinet will be all women, and a woman President is making the nominations. If President-elect Joe Biden keeps fighting Republicans to keep his promises, underdogs will come out on top for a change!!!