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Chief of Chaplains of the Navy The official page for the Navy Chief of Chaplains Rear Admiral Brent W. Scott. Scott assumed his duties as the 27th Chief of Chaplains July 23, 2018.

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“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’” - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. #MLKDay2021

Today the U.S. Navy celebrates the 42nd birthday of the Religious Program Specialist rating. We could not care for our p...

Today the U.S. Navy celebrates the 42nd birthday of the Religious Program Specialist rating. We could not care for our people around the world without such professional partners in religious ministry. Happy Birthday, Shipmates! #Exceedingtheexpected

Tonight and tomorrow many Christians around the world will celebrate Christmas. For U.S. Navy Sailors, ashore or at sea,...

Tonight and tomorrow many Christians around the world will celebrate Christmas. For U.S. Navy Sailors, ashore or at sea, may the celebration be filled with joy! #NavyChaplains #merrychristmas

US Navy Chaplain Corps

US Navy Chaplain Corps

This link contains information with links to special programming for each of the 8 nights of Hanukkah (beginning tonight)

Clicking on the grey circle for each day in the attached PDF will take you to video programming created by our chaplains.

Every denomination within Judaism, from Orthodox to Reform, has come together within JWB to create this content for all Jews in uniform and their families.

There is also a link on the flyer to live Menorah lightings around our military.

Please share this with all of your Jewish Sailors, Marines, and Coastsguardsmen in time for the lighting of the first candle this evening. This is an excellent resource and will be particularly helpful for deployed personnel.


This evening we wish our Jewish sisters and brothers a !חֲנוּכָּה שַׂמֵחַ (Happy Hanukkah!) Wherever you are, at sea or ashore, may the next eight nights be filled with joy and some good gelt! #NavyChaplains #ReligiousLiberty


For 245 years the Chaplains of the U.S. Navy have served our nation’s warriors in every clime and place. From the Barbary Coast to Belleau Wood; from the Coral Sea to the Chosin Resevoir; from Yankee Station to Fallujah. We’ve always been with our Sailors, Marines, and Coastguardsmen in the fight...and we always will. Happy Birthday, Chaplains! #NavyChaplains #calledtoserve


When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light, for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food and the joy of living, If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself. -Tecumseh #NavyChaplains #Thanksgiving2020


A just society must keep faith with those who have borne the burden of service. Today we remember their sacrifices and honor their lives. #VeteransDay #NavyChaplains

Never forget #USMC #NavyChaplains

Never forget #USMC #NavyChaplains

On this day in 1983: The Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon is attacked by a suicide bomber, killing 220 Marines, 18 Sailors, 3 Soldiers and 58 French troops. It was the largest single-day loss of life of Marines since Iwo Jima. Three Navy Chaplains: George Pucciarelli, Danny Wheeler, and Arnie Resnicoff, exemplified the true spirit of of Naval Chaplaincy as they ministered to the Marines and Sailors in the aftermath of the attack

In these photos Navy chaplain Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff wears the yarmulke made for him by Roman Catholic Navy chaplain, Father George Pucciarelli (from a piece of Pucciarelli's uniform) after Resnicoff's yarmulke was bloodied when it was used to wipe the face of a wounded Marine after the bombing. #NavyChaplains #USMC #BeirutBarracks


Today we celebrate the 245th birthday of our Navy. From Rev. Benjamin Balch in the Revolutionary War to today's women and men ministering to Sailors around the world, Navy Chaplains are proud to be part of the Navy family. Happy Birthday, Shipmates! #245NavyBirthday #VictoryAtSea


Today marks 20 years since the USS COLE (DDG 67) was attacked in Aden harbor, Yemen. Seventeen of our comrades lost their lives at 11:18 (local) that morning. Let us remember the brave who gave their lives for their country, their ship, and one another. Let us offer prayers for those families who laid such a costly sacrifice upon the altar of freedom, and let us pray that we conduct our lives in such a way as to honor their sacrifice. #HonorTheFallen #Remember67

#HonorTheFallen #Remember67

#HonorTheFallen #Remember67


At this time, when the pandemic is directly affecting senior leaders within the Navy and our fellow services, please join me in prayer, according to your own faith, that these women and men might be protected from serious illness, that they might be returned to health, and that they be granted the wisdom and courage to make the best decisions for our Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard families. #NavyChaplains #USN


Starting this evening, Jewish Sailors, Marines, and Coastguardsmen the world over will celebrate and observe Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Over the next ten days and culminating in Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, our Jewish servicemembers will engage in a period of repentance, as they ask for forgiveness from both humans and God. But this repentance comes as well with an obligation to reflect and grow, and a commitment to change in the year to come. So to all of our Jewish colleagues, may this period of growth and reflection be filled with meaning and intention. May the new year be a good one, and may you all be inscribed in the book of life.

Naval Chaplaincy School and Center

Colleagues in PNC, this year's PDTW and PDTC will be different than anything we've done before. The content is critical in growing our competency in advising commanders.

In order for each of us to to get the maximum benefit, we must be ready to train before Day One. Please take a few minutes to watch this video from Chaplain Cash, it answers critical questions and will help ensure we're ready to focus on the content NCSC has worked so hard to produce.

For additional information, including the Student Communication Packet, please utilize the following link:…/naval-chaplaincy-…/pages/pdtcpdtw. (CAC Required)


A message from the Chief of Navy Chaplains regarding current events.


People are the heart and soul of the Sea Services. As the nation is plummeted into unrest on the streets, @NavyChaplains and RPs value life and those graced with life. We proudly serve alongside Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen of every kindred and tribe. #usnavy #usmc #usgc


Chaplain Maurice Buford
"COVID Leadership"

Flattening Fear

We've heard it countless times over the past few months. We have to "flatten the curve" of COVID-19! But there is a different kind of "flattening" that needs attention during these times of catastrophe and difficulty....

As many of you know, a couple weeks ago we learned of the tragic and unexpected death of one of our own, CAPT Bruce Boyl...

As many of you know, a couple weeks ago we learned of the tragic and unexpected death of one of our own, CAPT Bruce Boyle. At the time of his death, Bruce was on terminal leave, finishing 34 years of uniformed service, 30 of that as a chaplain. He finished his tour as the Chaplain for Coast Guard Atlantic Area.

At the time of my first posting announcing Bruce’s death, I failed to recognize the many blessings that your comments and condolences would bring to Bruce’s wife, Jane. Unfortunately, we did not preserve all of those comments.

As our community honors and remembers Bruce, Jane continues to receive loving and faithful support from her local church family, chaplains, and friends. If you would like to express your sympathy or words of comfort to Jane once again, I invite you to comment below. If you would like your comments to remain private, you can email them to [email protected]. My staff will ensure they are forwarded to her.

May God bless you all, and may His grace and mercy abound in the life of Jane and her family.

(At the time of this posting, we received permission from Jane Boyle to post her name on Facebook)


"Sports and Life"
Thank you Chaplain Madison Carter

Fantastic Article, Thank you CDR. Bryan Crittendo stationed onboard NAS Pensacola.

Fantastic Article, Thank you CDR. Bryan Crittendo stationed onboard NAS Pensacola.

This is what right looks like! Check out this Marine Corps Gazette article written by Naval Surface Forces Atlantic Comm...

This is what right looks like! Check out this Marine Corps Gazette article written by Naval Surface Forces Atlantic Command Chaplain, CAPT Brian Waite. As the subtitle suggests, CAPT Waite explores how Navy chaplains are developing toughness in the 21st century warrior.

*This article is posted courtesy of the Marine Corps Gazette*


A great video from Chaplain Rich Lee.
"Ready for Take-Off"
#USNavyChaplainCorps #RP #NavyStrong

Spiritual Guardrails

We so often resist the guardrails of life! But many of them are for our benefit, keeping us from danger and benefiting not only our physical and emotional well-being, but our spiritual as well.

Soul Care Considerations

Please take some time to listen to Admiral Lee's instructional video "Eight Minutes of Soul Care During COVID-19." Great insight from a world-class leader and chaplain!


Many of us are going stir-crazy! So what are we to do when we find oursleves being held hostage by the restrains and constraints of COVID-19? Watch, listen, and then share your thoughts!


Thank you Chaplain Joe Robbins for your fantastic video, "Overcoming Obstacles."


Don't forget to join the Chief of Chaplains, Deputy Chief of Chaplains, and the Senior Enlisted Leader of the RP rating tomorrow on April 28th at 1400 EST, for a Virtual Town Hall meeting on the Navy Chaplain Corps Page.

Bravo Zulu to CAPT David Thames, Second Fleet Chaplain, for his leadership and ministry in the COVID-19 relief effort! E...
Episcopal Navy chaplain manages logistics in New York City field hospital - Episcopal News Service

Bravo Zulu to CAPT David Thames, Second Fleet Chaplain, for his leadership and ministry in the COVID-19 relief effort! Encourage all to read!

[Episcopal News Service] At 58, Captain David Thames, a senior chaplain in the U.S. Navy, has seen and done more than most people do in their entire lives. He spent …


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Today our community recognizes Four Chaplains Day, in commemoration of the Chaplains who gave up their life vests and their lives on the SS Dorchester in the early morning hours of February 3, 1943. As the story goes, they locked arms and prayed as the ship went down. The following performance (sung in Latin) of Simeon's canticle is dedicated to their memory. Simeon's reference to "the Gentiles and . . . Israel" seems especially fitting since three of the Immortal Chaplains were Christian and one was Jewish. Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace according to thy word. For mine eyes have seen thy salvation, Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people; To be a light to lighten the Gentiles and to be the glory of thy people Israel. -- St. Luke 2:29-32 (Book of Common Prayer translation)
іnfo angel Paramount. Who are we? WHENCE came they? WHERE are we going? Spirituality initially. Are what is in the soul, destiny, path to the God-man. The faith of Nations, races into a Single Deity, will unite earthlings. God is Love, Creation of love. God shared his love with man. Love the Council does not need. Thanks and love in spite of reason, has a great joy of happiness, the bitterness of loss, fate brings and separates us. Fate rules us, trust her. Live the fact that is assigned to your fortune. The God of evil has not. Deterrent myths to the beliefs of the peoples listed, their powers. To the second Synod Jesus was not God, marked in the faith of the Arians, and that Arianism, the Russian Patriarchate imposed anathema. God-given mentality, the speech, if speaking the speech of a people, the idea, the mentality of the people, divides people. Knowledge of the speech of the peoples glorifies a man. God occupations of the person has not, don't ask Him about it, give thanks for what we have from God. Praise Him . You with the help of an angel, can know more of Gods Creation of Worlds, Their 306 personalities, among them the creators of the System Lands, Their 68 from 17 races. Systems 48, not collapsing, operates 4974 lands of the Earth have the resource, fall for 100 l. moving to another orbit. The transition in normal mode. Apocalypse will not. The land is similar, more than 15 times smaller than at 1 time. Preparations for the new, collapsed of their lands 6386. In our System, 3 of the earth, milled, molded 2 new. Our land, milled 6 times and Mars 1 time will be updated through the 2.7 L. mlard the rest of the resource of our land 82800 L. the world will not End. No matter who, when, what were the lives of All the people goes into the God-man, placed on inform-Box 31733 planets do not collapse, the formation of new. Largest planet from earth in 854 times. The essence of Eternal life and the death of the body; the function of the Deities of the Creation of Eternal life of everything on earth and humans. Pe le the Whole world he's not replaceable, your time. Destiny is aligned to the levels of lives. The death of the body is the beginning of new lives through reincarnation by race and gender, founded on the spiritual and energy level in the soul of the Mother. The God of the dead does not happen, the body is perishable, the soul is eternal. Man is always simultaneously on all levels of life. This is the essence of Eternal life, on the way to the God-man. - All Earthlings study of Gods Creation. "Foreign study, and their don't forget the"T Shevchenko "It is not reasonable, is not the one who does not know. And the one who does not want to know." G. Pan -No dearer, God gave us this Land, where he walked bare feet, your. Is God hoping to help themselves. Know from the middle of good and evil expect. God forgives and tells us. -Killing people is not poverty or wealth, and envy, greed. - There are no eternal friends and enemies. There is a perpetual interest which unites us. Under God, Man carrying a mission of the Creator of civilizations on the lands of the Worlds, leaving his creation to his heirs. The patron Muse of Yours keeps You safe from centuries. The angel carries the information of the civilizations of the Systems, their technological progress. All about the person, diagnosis, fate, of his creation lives. Mystery man do not save, will not be able to deceive the angel will answer, he is telling the truth or not. Scary man, how to live, when you can't even cheat? We are not yet ready for such a life. Us, and this life is satisfying. The angel to the spirits, do the spirits of the earth do not touch them they will not touch You. The angel responds to You Talking with the angel gaining skills and understanding. Carry information of the angel to the people, the spirituality to help them. On my page the manner of communication with the angel and the mission of the God-man. The interest information of the angel, the professionals, ptsu, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, hare Krishnas, and other Nations. Information in Ukrainian, English, Russian statement. Google Facebook Ivan FLP my angels. In Opera Facebook Ivan Philipovich my angels -in the contacts and classmates - Ivan Yakovenko my angels. Poltava. Share with your friends. =You may not going to friends, visit a page, open people.
Merry Christmas from Kitsap Navigators military staff 🎄🙏
My shadow box for my retirement ceremony on Monday 14 December at 1300. It represents 39+years in the Army and Navy the last 21 as a member of the Navy Chaplain Corps. Goodbye, Farewell and Amen. Peace out.
Sharing my Veterans Day prayer. I salute and pray for all who served and serve.
Dear Sir or Madam, My parents recently passed away and most of my family has also passed so I don't have anyone to ask about this except the Navy. When I was cleaning out my parents house I found some letters and certificates that say he received the Navy Achievement Medal on January 7th, 1971. He also received an Honorable Discharge on September 22nd, 1971. The name on the paperwork is Jackie Dale Minyard, Seaman. My son said my father told him it was a family member or a friend of the family. I have never heard of this gentleman before but if he is alive or has someone closer to him I would like to turn over these documents. So I hope with your assistance I might be able to achieve this task. Thank you in advance for any information you may be able to provide. Sincerely, Wanda Spicer Home address 1109 N Bayberry Greenwood, AR 72936. Phone 479-252-1081
Good morning sir, please I want to join Naval chaplain school and center
Navy not renewing contract with Catholic priests? What the heck is going on in my Navy? 22 years on board ships and submarines & this is how my fellow Catholic shipmates are being treated. This is more than discrimination! Navy was using tax $$$ to teach about white privilege but won’t spend money to have a priest on base. This is pure BS & needs to be corrected today.
Chaplains! Website is up. Let us know how we can help, care package wise. Will tell ya what we can and cannot do. Greatful for you. Salt and light in a fallen world. Give without remembering, receive without forgetting. Those who aim at reward lose it. Those who forget reward, find it. For the Kingdom. God and Country
I wonder if there any CHCs who attended the first Navy PREP training held at the University of Denver in July 1990 still on active duty. I organized that training as a member of the Family Support Program (Pers-66 at that time). Since we were just down the hall from the Chief of Chaplain's staff at the old Navy Annex I made sure that Chaplains were invited to the training. (I remember inviting Capt Wally Turner, CHC, who had been the facilitator of the Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) that my wife and I took at NTC Great Lakes in the mid-70s). We did FAP-funded PREP training around the world in the 1990s for FSC staff and CHCs. Also, I was a trainer for a couple of PDTWs and would make a quarterly presentation at the Chaplains Sch in Newport. . I've kept up with Scott Stanley and Howard Markman at PREP. Their training and programs not only continue but have expanded. See and God Bless all Navy Chaplains V/R Bill
My name is Ray Jackson, a retired Chief Petty Officer , having served in the Navy from 1972 to 1992. However, it is not myself that i would like to talk about. The person that i desire to mention was my father, Buster Ray Jackson. The reason i wanted to talk about him is that he passed away 19 years ago on 27 June 2001 in Longview, Texas. Dr. Buster Jackson, at one time, was known as Chaplain LT Buster Jackson And held the distinction of being the first C=Navy Chaplain from the Missionary Baptist Association (BMAA). In 1968, after finishing his education requirements he entered the US Navy Chaplain Corps. During to the summer of 1968 he entered Chaplain School in Rhode Island while his family, including myself, stayed in El Monte, California. According to what he said, he held the highest scores possible at the school. In fact, he did so well that when he came up for his first set of orders, which was an assignment to a Seabee outfit in California. Due to the fact that it was heading straight to Vietnam, he decided to hand in his resignation right off. He received a personal call from the Chief of Chaplains at the time and after a discussion, was assured of a new assignment, with Great Lakes Naval Hospital as his first stopping point until a new set of orders could be cut for him. Another example of his abilities as a Chaplain, instead of the normal commissioning rank path, when he was fully commission, he bypassed Lt j.g and went straight to LT, la distinction that we were all very proud of. By March of 1968, Chaplain Jackson reported to his command, DESRON ONE, Naval Station, San Diego, California. The move to San Diego excited us all and a new adventure began. Since i was five years old i want to be in the Navy and this began my adventure as well. I distinctly remember the many Sundays when we would go aboard the various vessels that were assigned dad. We sat in small rooms and had great services. He became very popular amongst his crew mates and fulfilled the Spiritual Needs that they had. He even set example for his people. One story goes that while he was in, the men were allowed to grow mustaches in the Navy, but the commanding officer of his assigned ship refused to allow his men to do so. So my father grew one just to upset the Commanding Officer’s status quo. I truly think that he would have made the Chaplain Corps and the Navy a career if an accident had not changed things. The Summer of 1969, while playing football at a s=church social event, he had a touch football accident that affected him the rest of his life and ruined his Naval career. He had an operation prior to the command headed to the coast of Vietnam. While off coast, the weather became turbulent and it had an ill affect on him while transiting to the Mess Hall. He said the ship went one went one way and his leg another. They had to ship him off to Subic for numerous surgeries and six months later, back to the Naval Hospital in San Diego. There he had more surgery and was handed a discharge. I truly know in my heart it was very tough on him, for after i went through my Naval Career, he told me many stories filled with regrets, but i know that it was a wonderful time for him and a dream fulfilled. Sadly, things went downhill for him. By 1975 he was a pastor of a church here in East Texas. He love his work, worked on his education some more, but he had some troubling times with church members. He had a nervous breakdown. However, this did not stop him. By 1977 he went to New Orleans where he completed a Doctorate degree in counseling. For awhile he did counseling in Mandeville, LA, and pastored many churches throughout Texas, though none were large enough to satisfy his accomplishment goals. By 1984 he took on one of his greatest challenges as a professor in the BMAA seminary in Jacksonville, Texas. There he served faithfully for nearly ten years when the worse scenario transpired. He had more health issues and was diagnosed as Bipolar. Then all Hell broke loose in 1991. Over the next few years he was very much a integral part of the Seminary, but being bipolar put a crimp in his life and ours as well. Sadly his remaining years became a statistic. He was in and out of mental establishments and his bipolar life became very much a part of our life and had a very profound affect on us all. Needless to say, being the oldest of his five children, i took it on myself to take him as my responsibility. I was stationed in 1991 in Kingsville, Texas, trying to complete my twenty year hitch and things were getting rougher on my mother at home. So about a year prior to the end my my service, i moved my family to Jacksonville and set up residence near my folks just so my wife could keep an eye on everything. None of the other siblings want much to do with his bipolar ways and had family’s and lives of their own and they had spent enough time with him and his issues. So i began to monitory everything that went on and this began to affect my life, as well. I was driving every weekend from Kingsville to Jacksonville and spend the weekend with my family. Six months before my retirement my mother even left my father because his life became abusive and came to live with us. I had put a request in for a set of hardship orders to care for my father and mother and was located to a reserve center in Tyler, TX. Sadly, it only got worse. Aside from the havoc it caused me in my own career, my family life had taken its toll. Things were seemingly worse and not better. Then it got real bad when my father tried to come to our house to get mom to come home. She did not want this so I went out to talk to him about it. Unfortunately that turned into a living nightmare and he attacked me. I was able to fend for myself and the police took him off to jail to cool off. Sadly for me, i relieved the nightmare for many years to come. By August of 1992, i did finally retire. My command basically forgot me and my plight and basically had to rush me through retirement with hardly notice, or acknowledge, though i did get my ceremony. It was a rough way to part company, but such my life had become. Dad lived off and on in mental institutions, packed his bags and moved to the Fort Worth area, finally talked mom into leaving us and moving back in with him. I was always there to move their goods to the next “duty station”. By the year 2000, dad moved back to east Texas and resided in a nursing home along with mom. Then my January he and mom moved back into an apartment in Longview where he spent his last six months. He had been diagnosed with liver disease and the VA gave him 100% compensation. He passed away at the VA hospital in Shreveport that June. He had his funeral in Bullard, Texas, just north of Longview. There were hundreds that attended his funeral and many had great memories and great things to say about him. Today i still have sad thoughts about those last years. He and i had a tough relationship, but I dearly loved him. He accomplished a lot in his life time, event bough his early years as a child were very rough. I miss him very much and not many days go by that i dont think about him. Only recently i found out that the father that he thought he was biologically related to turned out to be someone else, but that is a different story. He was a great man, which is why I want two share this with you. My father loved God and it was his dream to share it with the servicemen. He brought us up to be great patriotic members of this country. Three of his four children served in various branches of this country. Three of my siblings are very much active in the church. Me, i got my degree in History and government and tried my hand at teaching. That, again, is another subject. Thank you for allowing me this time to share with you. I always made it a point to be active with the Chaplains in my various commands and had some great times. Take care. Ray Jackson. USN (ret)