Coast Guard Chief Warrant and Warrant Officers Association (CWOA)

Coast Guard Chief Warrant and Warrant Officers Association (CWOA) As the only organization comprised exclusively of Coast Guard warrant officers, we are dedicated and pledged to promote their professional abilities, enhance their value, loyalty and devotion to the Coast Guard and promote its unity and morale.

Established in 1929, the Chief Warrant and Warrant Officers Association, United States Coast Guard (CWOA) represents United States Coast Guard warrant and chief warrant officers (active, reserve and retired) to the Congress, White House and the Department of Homeland Security. Additionally, the Association communicates with the Coast Guard leadership on matters of concern to Coast Guard chief warrant officers.

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CWOA is asking for your help as we urge Congress to pass HR 2136, and add the Commandant, Admiral Karl Schultz, as a ful...
Include the Coast Guard on the Joint Chiefs of Staff

CWOA is asking for your help as we urge Congress to pass HR 2136, and add the Commandant, Admiral Karl Schultz, as a full member to the Joint Chiefs of Staff!

As the Coast Guard’s role in protecting U.S. national security has grown significantly through the new Tri-Service Maritime Strategy, it is more important than ever that the Commandant of the Coast Guard is a full voting member on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Coast Guard's responsibility of dete...


The Association is proud to announce that Mr. Michael Little has accepted the Executive Director position for the CWOA starting this April. Congratulations Mike and Welcome Aboard! More to follow.


We made it on the back of the Winter 2021 National CWO magazine! Super proud of our chapter and hope to make the front page next!!

Today we remember our shipmates who perished on January 28th 1980 aboard CGC Blackthorn.

Today we remember our shipmates who perished on January 28th 1980 aboard CGC Blackthorn.

Today we remember our shipmates who perished on January 28th 1980 aboard CGC Blackthorn.

U.S. Coast Guard Mid-Atlantic

U.S. Coast Guard Mid-Atlantic

Alexander Hamilton, the father and founder of the U.S. Coast Guard was born 266 years ago today. In his Federalist Papers, Hamilton made reference to “useful sentinels of the law.” Those sentinels became your modern-day Coast Guard. Read more here:

Foundation for Coast Guard History

Foundation for Coast Guard History

We salute all who have served...

"I am proud to be a United States Coast Guardsman. I revere that long line of expert seamen who by their devotion to duty and sacrifice of self have made it possible for me to be a member of a service honored and respected, in peace and war, throughout the world..."
~ Creed of the United Sates Coast Guardsman

(Special thanks to Coast Guard veteran Pat Dowden for sharing his illustration)

Happy 245th USMC.

Happy 245th USMC.


From our Brothers and Sisters in Station Hatteras Inlet Sector North Carolina.

To our Family, Friends, and Community, We would like to thank each and every one of you for your support during this trying time. The unfortunate event that has devastated our Coast Guard and local community, not only claimed lives but also left families with very little personal belongings. Due to the overwhelming outpour of support and requests to help us, we have put together the following list of items that are needed by the families. Thank you for all of your support and kind words.

~Station Hatteras Inlet

9 children:
-Boys 12, 7, 7, 4, 2 and 7 months
-Girls are 7, 7, 2

Clothing sizes for the families:
-Girls clothing size 7/8
-Girls shoes size 2
-Girls clothing 3t
-Girls clothing size 8/10
-Boys clothing size XS or XL adult
-Boys youth M
-Boys 8 slim
-Boys 5T
-Boys 4T
-Boys 12 month
-Mens shirts size XL
-Mens pants size 38
-Womens shirts size 18/20
-Womens pants size 20 or 22
-Womens shirts 10 size, M or L

-Standard hygiene items
-Standard house hold items
-Storage Space

ATTN: Officer in Charge

Mailing and drop off location: (Amazon/FedEx/UPS)
Coast Guard Station Hatteras Inlet
59248 Coast Guard Road
Hatteras, NC 27943

Shipping Address: (gift cards/cash)
Coast Guard Station Hatteras Inlet
PO Box 579
Hatteras, NC 27943

Made to:
Crystal Coast CPOA

Mailed to:
Crystal Coast CPOA
2741 Juneberry LN SE
Southport, NC 28461

Any questions please contact Station Hatteras Inlet. (252) 986-2176

Admiral Karl Schultz

Admiral Karl Schultz

On behalf of the Nation’s oldest continuous sea-going service, I want to wish a very happy 245th birthday to the U.S. Navy. Anchors Aweigh! Semper Paratus!



On Gold Star Mothers Day, let us pause to recognize the sacrifices of these women and their families. You know the truest meaning of loss and have our deepest condolences and respect. #GoldStarMothersDay

U.S. Coast Guard Mid-Atlantic

U.S. Coast Guard Mid-Atlantic

Today we celebrate the life and legacy of Coast Guard WWII hero, Signalman 1st Class Douglas Munro.

Munro was killed while positioning his boat to shield and draw gunfire so that more than 500 marines, who were rescued from the beach, could get to safety. His final words were "Did they get off?"

Munro received the Medal of Honor, nation’s highest military award posthumously for his heroic actions at Point Cruz, Guadalcanal, Sept. 27, 1942.

It’s been a tough year. And with online school starting again for most military families, the challenges are kicking up ...

It’s been a tough year. And with online school starting again for most military families, the challenges are kicking up a notch.

If you rely on child care so you can go to work, work from home, or work on your education, we want to hear from you.

Please complete this five minute survey about your military family’s child care needs by September 4.

Your feedback will help us develop support initiatives for families just like yours.

Take the Survey Here

Happy Birthday DoD!The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) was established August 10th, 1949. Although, the federal governm...

Happy Birthday DoD!
The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) was established August 10th, 1949. Although, the federal government has overseen the U.S. Armed forces since our nation’s inception, the Department of Defense name and centralized defense department was not established until the late 1940s. The “official” anniversary of the creation of the Department of Defense as we know it in modern times is August 10.

Rest in Peace brothers.

Rest in Peace brothers.



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Don't miss this opportunity to chat with TRICARE live on July 23 from 3:00 to 4:00 PM ET.




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Good Day CWO Brothers and Sisters.I would like to thank you for this opportunity to be your next CWOA President. I am ex...

Good Day CWO Brothers and Sisters.

I would like to thank you for this opportunity to be your next CWOA President. I am excited for the challenges this position brings and look forward to personally meeting many of you in the near future.

I am currently assigned TDY to the COVID-19 Crisis Action Team here in DC so my schedule has been a little crazy the past 7 weeks.

I would like to raise a glass and wish our prior CWOA President Mark Cortor a happy and healthy retirement as he and his family will settle down to North Carolina here shortly. Mark has definitely led the CWOA through some rough seas the past 2 years with government shutdowns and this recent pandemic. Thank you Mark for your dedication and I look forward to continue working with you as our outgoing President.

I would also like to pass on a hand salute to CWO DM (Ret) JT Green who after 4 years is passing the reins of the retired affairs VP off to CWO (ret) Jared Heintz. Thank you JT for your long and devoted duty to the CWOA and thank you Jared for your continued support.

Certainly last but not least I would like to thank CWO Chris Jones the outgoing CWOA Secretary for his outstanding service and congratulate CWO Nik Schultz as our incoming Secretary.

Everyone stay safe and take care of each other out there.

CWO4 Westerdahl joined the US Coast Guard in the spring of 1998 and was assigned to the CGC Midgett. Prior to joining the Coast Guard, he was a member of the U.S. Navy from 1988- 1992. CWO Westerdahl joined the CWOA in April of 2008 and currently serves as the Designated Security Officer for CG-9335 in Washington D.C. Prior CWO assignments include PSC/EPM as the OS Assignment Officer, MSST Galveston, and MSST Miami. Other assignments include the CGC Northland, Group Eastern Shore, and District 1 Command Center. CWO Westerdahl grew up in New Milford, NJ and currently lives in Fairfax, VA. With his wife of 27 years Christian.


New Membership Scholarship sponsored by:
Columbia Southern University

In 2018 Columbia Southern University approached the CWOA about sponsoring a scholarship. We put a committee together and established the rules of this scholarship.

We are proud to introduce the Membership Scholarship.

Please go to use the tab Scholarships > Membership Scholarship


2615 Columbia Pike, #217


Opening Hours

Monday 07:00 - 16:30
Tuesday 07:00 - 16:30
Wednesday 07:00 - 16:30
Thursday 07:00 - 16:30
Friday 07:00 - 16:30


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Coast Guard Chief Warrant and Warrant Officers Association

The Coast Guard Chief Warrant and Warrant Officers Association is dedicated and pledged to promote Chief Warrant Officers professional abilities, enhance their value, loyalty and devotion to the Coast Guard and promote its unity and morale.

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R 181251Z MAR 21 FM COMDT COGARD WASHINGTON DC TO ALCOAST BT UNCLAS ALCOAST 106/21 SSIC 1710 SUBJ: 2021 ANNUAL MEETING OF THE CHIEF WARRANT AND WARRANT OFFICERS ASSOCIATION A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8 (series) 1. This ALCOAST announces the Coast Guard Chief Warrant and Warrant Officers Association (CWOA) will hold its annual meeting 21 April through 22 April 2021. This meeting will be virtual and attendees will be encouraged to participate via video teleconference or dial in. The Board of Directors will assemble for these days at the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) in Alexandria, VA. 2. I encourage all CWO Chapter Presidents and Distinguished Members (DM) to participate in this year’s meeting as we celebrate the Association's 92 years of fostering leadership and professional development of the CWO corps. Of course all CWOA members are welcome to participate if they so desire. 3. As operational commitments permit, commanding officers are authorized to grant administrative absences IAW REF (A) to allow members to participate in the meeting. 4. Members desiring to participate should reach out to their Chapter President who will have the meeting and registration instructions. This information will be sent via email to the Chapter Presidents and DM’s in the coming days. 5. POC for questions, please email CWOA Executive Director Mike Little [email protected] 858-926-9903 or CWOA President, CWO Christian Westerdahl, 757-272-3427,[email protected]. 6. This ALCOAST will cancel on 30 April 2021. 7. RADM Paul F. Thomas Deputy For Personnel Readiness CG DCMS-DPR Support (CG-DCMS), sends. 8. Internet release is authorized.
CWO2 Mark Climacosa holds the National Ensign of the decommissioned USCGC Mellon [WHEC 717] 20AUG20, in Seattle. It is customary that a decommissioned ship's National Ensign be presented to the crew member with the most time in service. Climacosa had served for almost 22 years as of this date (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Michael Clark).
Today is our first-ever Agent Orange Awareness Day. August 10, 1961 is thought to be the first day that the herbicide, known as Agent Orange, was sprayed in Vietnam. Operation Ranch Hand – involving the widespread use of the defoliant – began five months later. The Vietnam War may be over, but the battle continues for many Vietnam veterans. Nearly three million service members served in Vietnam and most returned home. But since then, thousands of Vietnam veterans have fought illnesses related to Agent Orange exposure. This deadly toxin has impacted the lives of thousands of veterans and their families, but is largely unknown to most Americans. Join us as we "bring light" to the suffering Agent Orange has spread since its first use on August 10th, 1961. Share this graphic to help spread the word! Tonight, we will illuminate the Vietnam Veterans Memorial site in orange candlelight. Learn how to get involved with VVMF here:
Coast Guard Day 2020 Happy 230th Birthday to our United States Coast Guard! #uscg #cwoa #cpoa #ssff
76 years ago today the brave men of the greatest generation embarked on a seemingly impossible mission, stepping out on those beaches and out of those planes over Normandy not knowing if the next breath they would draw would be the last or if they would succeed or not, they pushed forward so that you and I could enjoy the freedom that we all to often take for granted. Today, think of those brave men, those that did not make it and those that did, think of their sacrifice and their devotion to duty. Say a prayer in their memory, say a prayer that the freedom they fought, bled and died for will be preserved in our lifetime for our grandchildren to enjoy as we have enjoyed thanks to these brave men of the greatest generation. ❤️ 🙏 ❤️
Yesterday was my first day back in the office in nearly 80 days, due to COVID-19 chaos. Felt good to put the uniform on again, as I only have about 10 more opportunities to do such on Active Duty; July 1 is rapidly approaching! Also, was presented a token of appreciation from the CWOA for my service the past two years - presented by our Executive Director, Carol Setteducato. Thank you, it was a humbling experience and was my honor to represent our Association in this role. Working and attending events on Capital Hill surely does open your eyes to the inner workings of our government, at least it did for me and I previously thought that I was pretty informed. I highly encourage every American to get involved. This passion will continue in my retirement.
Check out The Military Coalition as they serve you through our partnership as our CWOA is an active participant to the coalition. You can also now find them here on Facebook, just type in the search for: The Military Coalition #TMC #CWOA #CPOA/CGEA #FRA #veterans
Currently on The Military Coalition (TMC) teleconference for our monthly meeting, it’s not ideal, but we are getting through our monthly business. It’s been my honor to represent our CWOA in our partnership with the TMC over the 2+ years! #TMC #CWOA #CPOA/CGEA #FRA
Yesterday, I sent an email to all CWOA Chapter Presidents as to a Special Election being held to fill our up-coming vacancy in the office of the Secretary. Please check with your local Chapter President for details and instructions as to how to place your vote. Voting will be open until 1200 EST on Wednesday May 6, 2020.
and one of our Distinguished Members (Bill Mattoon) was a part of the committee as to this commissioning. Thank you, Bill for all you do for our CWOA and all the work you do for our Nation!