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Understanding your GI Bill benefits can be difficult. This is the place to start!

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) administers several educational assistance programs as set down in law; Title 10 and Title 38 United States Code. Each program is found in a different chapter of the law and this chapter number is often used to refer to the different benefit programs. The programs also have specific names. Each program provides different benefits to different groups of individuals.

Veterans, members of the National Guard and Reserve, and certain eligible dependents can use these programs for a wide variety of VA-approved education and training programs, which include:

college degrees
trade school programs
vocational and technical programs
apprenticeship and on-the-job training (earn wages, learn a trade, and collect GI Bill)
certificate programs
flight training (after attaining a private pilot's license)
entrepreneurship programs
licensure and certification examinations
training academy programs (police, fire, corrections, etc.)
cooperative training (combination of school and work)
correspondence courses

Each program offers a specified number of "months" of benefits. This number is typically 36 and the maximum number of benefit months that can be collected under any combination of VA education programs is 48. The 36-month figure was established based on full-time college attendance where students typically attend classes for 9 months each year (9 months x 4 years = 36 months).

A "full-time" institutional payment rate is set annually for each program and each time an eligible individual collects that amount of money he or she is said to have used "one month" of benefits. Therefore, if a student were to attend a program on a half-time basis, it would take twice as long to exhaust the benefit.

VA education benefits can only be used for one type of training at a time and only one benefit can be collected at a time.



The Army National Guard is a military service with a mission to support and defend not only the Constitution of the United States, but also that of individual States. Therefore, as a member of the Army National Guard you are also a member of the "Reserve Components" and particularly a reserve of the Army. As a member of the ARNG, you may qualify for numerous federal education benefits; some unique to the ARNG and others as a part of the Army or Reserve Components team. ARNG soldiers, their family members, and employees of the ARNG are eligible for a variety of Federal Education benefits to assist in the pursuit of higher education objectives.


Federally funded programs are sponsored / financed by the ARNG, National Guard Bureau, US Army, US Department of Defense, or US Department of Veteran Affairs. ARNG members are part of the US military; and thus, eligible for many of the federal education incentives that their counterparts in other military services receive.


Eligibility requirements are different for each program, but are managed (for the most part) by the National Guard Bureau through annual policy and program guidance. Some benefits are immediately available to members the day they become members (as early as a high school junior at 17 years old), such as ARNG Federal Tuition Assistance.

Research the specific program in more detail on this website or contact your ARNG State Education Office for more information.

These benefits include:

Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) - either Active Army TA or ARNG Federal TA
Reserve GI Bill ( Ch 1606)
Active Duty GI Bill (Ch 30)
Mobilization GI Bill (Ch 1607)
ARNG GI Bill Kicker
Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)
Healthcare Professional's Loan Repayment (HPLR)
Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Scholarships
Dedicated ARNG ROTC Scholarships
Free Testing, Certification, and Licensing
Troops to Teachers
Spouse to Teachers
Army e-Learning Program (Smart Force)
Army Academic Training Transcripts (AARTS)
Educational Counseling
Degree Planning
Apprenticeship & OJT programs
Guard Support Center (GSC)


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