Occupy The Justice Dept (OccupyforMumia)

Occupy The Justice Dept (OccupyforMumia) Tuesday, April 24, 2012 Occupy the Justice Department! DEMAND the release of Mumia Abu Jamal & ALL Next stop -Mumia's FREEDOM! Short term goal: release Mumia.

Now that the celebrated, radical journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal, is off death row, many dare to imagine the next step--his release from prison. On December 9, 2011 at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, where over 1,100 people gathered to mark the 30th anniversary of Mumia's incarceration, Archbishop Desmond Tutu asked our nation to "rise to the challenge of reconciliation, human rights,

Now that the celebrated, radical journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal, is off death row, many dare to imagine the next step--his release from prison. On December 9, 2011 at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, where over 1,100 people gathered to mark the 30th anniversary of Mumia's incarceration, Archbishop Desmond Tutu asked our nation to "rise to the challenge of reconciliation, human rights,

You can save a black man from being killed by the state.  Use your voice.  Organize or attend an action in your city.  F...

You can save a black man from being killed by the state. Use your voice. Organize or attend an action in your city. For more information go to


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Bring Mumia Home () | Twitter
Bring Mumia Home () | Twitter

Bring Mumia Home () | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Bring Mumia Home (). International Campaign Demanding Release of Journalist & Political Prisoner, Mumia Abu-Jamal Wrongfully Imprisoned 32yrs For Murder of Philly Officer. Philly,NYC,D.C.


Mumia Update: Keep The Pressure Going
Because we all have been calling SCI Mahanoy shut down some of their phone lines.
Please call these numbers to demand that Mumia's family see him at Schuylkill Medical Center immediately.
Call these numbers now to demand the hospital give visitation rights for Mumia's family:
Richard Ellers
Director, PA Department of Corrections Health Care Services
[email protected]
(717) 728-5311
John Wetzel
Secretary, PA Department of Corrections
(717) 728-4109
Schuylkill Medical Center
420 S Jackson St, Pottsville, PA
(570) 621-5000
SCI Mahanoy
Superindendent John Kerestes
(570) 773-2158


Flying higher than
Eagles ever would dare try --
Black Panther with wings.

--Mumia Abu Jamal

M1, Rebel Diaz, Intikana Kekoeia, Squala Orphan LC the Poet, Raging Grannies, Red Microphone Revolutionary JazzThursday,...

M1, Rebel Diaz, Intikana Kekoeia, Squala Orphan LC the Poet, Raging Grannies, Red Microphone Revolutionary Jazz
Thursday, April 24 6:30PM Mumia's 60th! Join us!

Short piece on a prison visit with Mumia. Echoes of slavery...Very powerful. On feminist wire. please pass along to your...
Mumia: Vulnerability and Hope

Short piece on a prison visit with Mumia. Echoes of slavery...Very powerful. On feminist wire. please pass along to your lists.

By Jessica Millward . I began writing to Mumia Abu-Jamal in December 2011 while he was in the liminal space between Death Row at SCI Greene and his released into the general population at Mahanoy Prison. During the seven weeks that he was in “the hole,” we communicated in a series of ha...

Check out the week-long forum on Mumia & Mass Incarceration starting today at The Feminist Wire - to kick off MLK week. ...
“Fire in the Skies”: Introduction to the Mumia and Mass Incarceration Forum

Check out the week-long forum on Mumia & Mass Incarceration starting today at The Feminist Wire - to kick off MLK week. Here is where you convene with the radical King. Mumia's piece on King, women and the movement is phenomenal.

On December 9, 1981, journalist and activist Mumia Abu-Jamal was arrested and later charged and convicted for murdering Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. The prosecution’s evidence was weak and pointed to the framing of an innocent man. In the weeks and days before Mumia’s scheduled date…

After my interview with FOX, this is what I have to say.
What Fox News and Hannity Blocked Me From Saying: Mumia as Fuel for Right-Wing Agenda

After my interview with FOX, this is what I have to say.

In classic Fox form, the interview with me would not be about the case nor about the appointment of Adegbile. Hannity gave ample time to Katie Pavlich who was representing the views of the prosecution, and who was clearly committed to simply echoing its conclusions.


Important News Advisory in the Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal


On Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 11:30AM supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal will gather outside the Superior Court of Pennsylvania, 530 Walnut Street (17th Floor), Philadelphia, to call for the release of the world renowned imprisoned journalist.

At 1:15PM that day, the Court will hear oral arguments on an appeal filed by Abu-Jamal challenging his resentencing from death to life in prison without parole. At issue is a motion filed by the President of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, Judge Pamela Dembe, that failed to notify the defendant or his attorneys of his resentencing. In so doing, Judge Dembe violated Abu-Jamal’s rights to notice of sentencing, to be present and make a statement, and to be apprised of his right to appeal the sentence. These rights are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and by the laws of the state of Pennsylvania. Had Abu-Jamal not discovered and filed a timely appeal to Judge Dembe’s motion, his right to file future appeals would have been irreparably compromised.

The unconstitutionality of Judge Dembe’s undisclosed filing echoes the history of due process violations in the Abu-Jamal case, which spans more than three decades. In the original trial the judge, prosecutor, and police conspired to suppress evidence of innocence and to obtain a conviction. The prosecution's case was built on the specious premise that only three people were present at the time of the shooting, but a fourth person – the probable perpetrator – was seen fleeing the scene after Officer Daniel Faulkner was fatally shot. The police, prosecutor Joe McGill, and presiding judge Albert Sabo suppressed this from both the defense and jury. In addition, the bullet that killed Officer Faulkner was never matched to Abu-Jamal’s gun, and police failed to perform routine tests on Abu-Jamal’s hands, which would have determined that he had not shot a gun that night.

Judicial bias, impropriety and contempt for the defendant also figure prominently in this history. At the original trial, Judge Sabo twice refused to recuse himself: when his impartiality as a former Under Sheriff of Philadelphia County was questioned; and again, when he came out of retirement to hear Mumia’s 1995 Post Conviction Relief Act Hearing—the most important appeals hearing in the case--on the judicial and prosecutorial violations of the very case over which he presided 15 years earlier.

Similarly, in 1998, Judge Ron Castille of the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court was asked to recuse himself from the case; in his previous role as Philadelphia DA he presided over numerous challenges to Abu-Jamal’s appeals, including the claim of racial discrimination in jury selection. Castille’s unethical conduct was later exposed because his name and the seal of his office were stamped on the so-called McMahon tapes, discovered in 1997. The tapes were instructional lectures to new prosecutors on how to eliminate jurors unlikely to convict. In violation of Batson v. Kentucky, some instructions suggested elimination on the basis of race, one of Abu-Jamal’s strongest claims for a new trial. Abu-Jamal’s attorneys called for Judge Castille’s recusal in hearing Abu-Jamal’s appeal and petition for a new trial because the judge had received financial contributions and support from the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). In a written defense refusing to do so, he explained that four other judges out of the seven-judge panel received FOP funding.

In 2008, acknowledging the unequal application of the law in the case of Abu-Jamal, Judge Thomas Ambro of the Third Circuit Court wrote that the decision to deny Abu-Jamal the so-called Batson claim of discrimination in jury selection “goes against the grain of our prior actions.” In previous cases with exactly the same claims, the court had granted new trial relief to the defendants, but this time it ruled against Mumia in a two to one decision that overturned the court’s own precedents.

In 2011, Abu-Jamal’s death sentence was confirmed unconstitutional when a Supreme Court motion allowed to stand the past rulings of four federal judges who had as early as 2001 set aside the death penalty in this case. In late 2011, Archbishop Desmond Tutu called for Abu-Jamal’s release -- "Now that it is clear that Mumia should never have been on death row in the first place, justice will not be served by relegating him to prison for the rest of his life….Based on even a minimal following of international human rights standards, Mumia must now be released….District Attorney Seth Williams [should] rise to the challenge of reconciliation, human rights, and justice: drop this case now, and allow Mumia Abu-Jamal to be immediately released."

Because for more than 28 years Abu-Jamal was wrongly subjected to inhumane conditions on death row, because he is innocent, because he has been consistently denied his Fifth Amendment right to a fair trial, and because of the uninterrupted history of judicial and prosecutorial corruption and police conspiracy in this case, his supporters call for Mumia Abu-Jamal’s immediate release.


For Interviews Contact:
Pam Africa, International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal: 267-760-7344
Dr. Johanna Fernandez, Educators for Mumia Abu-Jamal: 917-930-0804
Dr. Suzanne Ross, Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC): 212-927- 2924

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Check it out! In the Boogie Down, view, from the Bruckner Express way, of Rebel Diaz Arts Collective Rooftop. Certainly ...

Check it out! In the Boogie Down, view, from the Bruckner Express way, of Rebel Diaz Arts Collective Rooftop. Certainly inspired by Occupy the Justice Dept April 24 event.

The work is far from over...Stand Our Ground Rally in Philadelphia PA May 29,2012  Let's work to Free Em' All!!!
Pam Africa Speaks at Stand Your Ground Rally

The work is far from over...Stand Our Ground Rally in Philadelphia PA May 29,2012 Let's work to Free Em' All!!!

Free Marissa Alexander Rally May 29, 2012 (Philadlephia, PA)

You are held responsible for this information
MIKE AFRICA JR: the May 13, 1985 bombing of MOVE

You are held responsible for this information

Along with the new Mike Africa Jr. interview, this video features archival footage from May 13, 1985, including an excerpt of a police video of the fire take...


IMMEDIATE ACTION call Judge Daniels, 904-630-7075, RIGHT NOW and tell him to release Marissa Alexander NOW!!!

This is a complete sign of hypocrisy.  Duval county procescutors drop charges for this repeat offender because he is a j...
Charges against Judge Moran's son dropped after he completes community service

This is a complete sign of hypocrisy. Duval county procescutors drop charges for this repeat offender because he is a judge's son but extends the full arm of the law on to Marissa Alexander for protecting herself from her abusive husband. Ask Angela Corey where is the justice in that!!!! Angela Corey - 904-630-7154
Please spread far and wide; Free Marissa Alexander!

Duval County prosecutors have dropped all charges against Chief Circuit Judge Donald Moran's 37-year-old son stemming from his February run-in with Jacksonville Beach police.

We must say Remarley Graham's name as well.  Support and learn about this reality.  We must say our children's names so ...

We must say Remarley Graham's name as well. Support and learn about this reality. We must say our children's names so we don't forget.

Weekly vigils for Ramarley Graham, which will be held until July 19, 2012, will continue this week. This week's vigil will be dedicated to mothers who have lost children by police brutality and will be held from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Thursday, May 10, 2012. It will begin in front of 749 East 229th Street, Bronx, New York 10466 (between White Plains Road & Barnes Avenue) and will be followed by a march to the 47th precinct located at 4111 Laconia Avenue (Laconia Ave & 229th St). Refreshment will be served.

The struggle continues, the stuggle is now!!!
Videos - Occupy the Dept of Justice & Mumia Abu-Jamal\'s Birthday Party

The struggle continues, the stuggle is now!!!

Occupy DC, Occupy the Hood, Chuck D, M1 from Dead Prez, Rebel Diaz, Ramona Africa and a bunch a rowdy Justice seekers rally at the Department of Justice and March on The White House for Mumia Abu-Jamal\'s birthday. 20 some arrests are made.Warning: Some may find language offensive] Published on Apr ...

The people validate the media, not the state. Support independent media, RT and DemocracyNOW!
Supporters rally on Mumia's birthday to call for his release

The people validate the media, not the state. Support independent media, RT and DemocracyNOW!

In 1981, journalist and activist Mumia Abu-Jamal was charged with killing a police officer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mumia was convicted of first degree...

Exclusive: Mumia Abu-Jamal and Danny Glover Speak for First Time Ever on Democracy NowI

Post and share your pictures and videos from A24 Occupy the DOJ!!!

For the first time ever, actor and activist Danny Glover speaks to prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. Glover has supported Abu-Jamal for more than two decades. "I just want to tell you that — and I’m really emotional because I didn’t expect to hear your voice this morning — that we continue to struggle and w...


"The real deal is “OccupyEverything!” Where the People are, there should you be. Where power and wealthare hurting the People, there should you be organizing, resisting, fightingback, winning a better world."

—Mumia Abu-Jamal from Message to the Movement



Listen to the humanity of a man, Mumia Abu Jamal
99% Occupied Film Magic Moment w/ Mumia & Cornel West

Listen to the humanity of a man, Mumia Abu Jamal

I was filming for my latest film 99% Occupied at the Left Forum (NYC) and captured Mumia Abu Jamal speaking by phone with Cornel West live from prison - a ma...


950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington D.C., DC


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Would you please sign and share my petition. I was nearly killed while handcuffed yet charged with aggravated battery with serious bodily injury to a peace officer. (I was taken to jail for dialing 911 to report my car stolen!) This is a terrible miscarriage of justice as you will see...thank you
OIDV- Officer Involved Domestic Violence- Is real and it is happening across the US. Victims of OIDV have the least support network of all victims of violent crimes, and, we have the highest murder rate. It's hard for one's voice to be heard when you are hiding- or dead.

I wrote my escape story from the "underground" to inspire, educate, assist other domestic violence victims and their advocates, and to reveal the personal Armageddon that high profile victims endure to stay alive.

Along my dark journey, I have included hints on how to begin an exit strategy from an abusive relationship; how to save critical documentation,coping with trauma and PTSD, tips for keeping invisible and off the grid, and encouragement to regain your life. Please share/purchase/promote "The Blue Abyss" available through Occupy National Gathering 2014 (Natgat2014) will be held July 31 - Aug. 3 in Sacramento, CA. Please stay tuned as we add information about our gathering. Get involved helping us organize and plan on attending! Together We Rise! Join the Planning: Help plan NatGat 2014 email lists
Volunteer to help online, on the ground, or to offer activities. Attend NGWG Weekly Planning Calls Wednesdays @ 4 PM PT/7PM ET Facebook Planning Group fb event page for fb Community page twitter Help Plan NatGat 2014 | NatGat2014
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a relevant tune we thought this page would appreciate
Elderly cancer help can be had by legalizing Cannabis
Please Help get Cannabis for Cancer Patients

Cannabis Science, Inc, with CEO Robert Melamede, PhD
- President and CEO of Cannabis Science, a publicly traded company researching and developing phtyo (plant-based) cannabinoid medicines, Robert Melamede, PhD is interviewed by Mark Pedersen,
The interview continues here:
More from the Cannabis Patient Network:
Visit Cannabis Science, Inc at:
Interview conducted at the Sixth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics, held in Warwick, Rhode Island, April 16 - 17, 2010 - hosted by Patients Out of Time:
Help Wanted! $174,000.00 salary per year. Help prevent a holocaust of poverty among our elderly while corporations get rich quick. Republicans support the Paul Ryan plan to privatize Social Security and Medicare which will turn both programs into corporate welfare and destroy the benefits our elderly receive from them. The richest 1% in this nation already own 99% of the wealth and now they are back for the rest. Once these programs are privatized, they are gone. Fight this with everything you can and in every way you can. Be the change you want to see in the world by running as an independent for Congress or the Senate in your state. Besides, neither political party has an agenda/platform that will get us out of this economic mess and they are both sold out to the corporations. None of us can take another four more years of more of the same or worse. It is the only way the 99 percent are going to have any representation. Please read the political platform below. Please go to the secretary of state's webpage for your state and find out what it takes to run as a candidate for federal office and then run. There are also many state and local offices that need Occupied by the 99% as well. Contact [email protected] for more information. Also, see the Occupy Congress page for more political information.

Political platform
by R. Henson

Social Security

The Social Security program as first proposed by Franklin D. Roosevelt to the American public was to be a full retirement program. Later, when the program was actually created, it became one of three pillars of retirement which included pension plans from employment, personal savings, and Social Security. Now, employer pension plans have all but gone away. Wages have not kept up with inflation so personal savings for retirement are not possible or adequate for most people. It is time once again to look at the Social Security program as possibly becoming a full retirement pension program for our elderly.

The Social Security program as it is now is facing a shortfall issue in 2037, which has resulted because the payroll tax has fallen below the traditional 90 percent of the aggregate payroll wages of Americans. The current tax cap is around $110,000 and so only about 80 percent of the aggregate wages of the United States have Social Security taxes applied to them. Lifting the tax cap back up to cover the 90 percent would put the new tax cap at $180,000. However, a better idea would be to automatically adjust the tax cap every year so that it stays at taxing 90 percent of the aggregate wages of the United States every year.

An even better idea, and one that we endorse, would be to lift the tax cap off entirely and tax all income for Social Security. Investment income would also be taxed with Social Security taxes. The additional money could then be used to turn Social Security into a full retirement plan for our elderly. Everybody’s benefits could be raised. A minimum amount of benefits could be set to a living wage amount and a cap could be set on the maximum amount that the very richest Americans could receive with everyone else falling somewhere in the middle.

Reducing the Deficit
Cutting back on privatization

Many politicians complain that the government is too big which is why it costs so much. To fix that immense cost they attempt to downsize the government by privatizing many of its operations. However, instead of costing less, it has ended up costing substantially more to pay private contractors to do the same job. No realistic budget reduction can happen without making some changes to some of the privatization that has gone on.

The federal government is paying enormous sums of money to many no-bid war contractors. The United States government pays Blackwater (now Xi), $445,000.00 per person per year that they use (Lakoff, 2008). Halliburton also has no-bid war contracts, where for example, they are making over 100 dollars per load of wash for the military personnel stationed overseas in Iraq (Johnston, 2007). The United States could use its own military personnel for all military maneuvers. The U. S. could also go back to having the military do its own laundry and KP duties. We could use money that is saved from not using as many war contractors to take better care of our own wounded soldiers.

Money could be cut from the privatized prisons for profit. The United States government pays on the average of $116,000.00 per prisoner per year that is housed in a prison for profit (Clear, Cole & Reisig, 2006). It costs the U. S. government $37,000.00 per person per year to house them in a federal or state prison (Clear et al., 2006). The United States currently imprisons more people per capita than any other country in the world. Most of this is drug related. It was the lobby for prisons for profits that pushed for longer and harsher sentences for drug offenders to raise their profits. More non-violent drug offenders could be treated and kept out of the prison system. This would not only solve the problem with the drug offender, it would also save a great deal of money that is needed elsewhere.

When welfare was reformed in the 1980’s under Bill Clinton, Medicaid was also reformed. It was privatized. The program had previously been fee for service, where Medicaid paid the doctors and pharmacies when the beneficiary received medical treatments. After the welfare reform, Medicaid money was used to pay individual insurance premiums of upwards around $1,000 per Medicaid beneficiary per month. This was so cost prohibitive that the eligibility for Medicaid had to be adjusted so low that only people with no income were eligible for the program. Millions of families below poverty were then kicked off Medicaid in order to be able to pay the insurance companies their monthly insurance premium with the Medicaid money. After all of this, a study revealed that the new reformed Medicaid with private insurance policies, which was not covering the millions of beneficiaries that had been kicked off the program, was costing the government 23 percent more than the old program that had been covering the millions of families below poverty. As a result of the Medicaid reform, too many children of the working poor were left without medical access, so states then adopted the Chips program to cover them. The Chips program also pays individual medical insurance premiums, upwards of $1,000 per child per month. Fee for service was much more cost effective and still would be. Most children, even poor children are healthy and only need to go to the doctor a couple of times a year, for vaccinations and maybe a few childhood illnesses.

Part of any government deficit reduction plan needs to include ending all further privatization of government services, and cutting back and/or ending some of the current privatization of government services. It has always cost more to pay a private service to do the job than it has for the government to do it themselves.

An additional way to reduce the deficit would be to nationalize the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve makes millions in interest from overnight loans. The government’s own money could be used to earn interest from overnight loans instead of letting the current banker and banking system have it. The interest earned could go toward general funding issues. Nationalizing the Federal Reserve would give the U.S. government control of its own money supply and more control over the economy as well which would help to end this recession.

Another budget reduction method would have to include letting some of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans expire. We endorse keeping the taxes where they are for everyone who is making under $250,000 per year, and letting the tax cuts expire on everyone making over $250,000 per year.

Healthcare Access for all

We endorse expanding the Medicare program to cover all Americans for all medical expenses except for elective procedures. This would cover more medical expenses for the elderly than Medicare currently is. This is a key point because according to Fidelity Investments, “a 65-year old couple retiring…will need about $200,000 to cover health costs not covered by Medicare” (Zinn, Eitzen & Wells, 2011). That is a substantial cost that many of our elderly can not currently cover because they do not have that kind of money saved. For people with incomes up to 1.25 percent of poverty level, Medicaid would be available. Medicare for all would allow all Americans to have access to medical care at a much more affordable rate than forcing them to buy private insurance policies.

Medicare for all would also be a big relief for employers in the United States because they currently pay the lion’s share of most medical insurance policies on their employees. It could help to create jobs because employers would then be able to hire more people with the money they are saving on employee benefits. It would be good for the American people because it would be much cheaper than private insurance policies. It could help the economy recover. The economy is consumer driven. A depression has always resulted when the consumers no longer have enough money to spend to support the economy. By letting consumers have more discretionary money to work with each month from their paycheck, it gives them more money to spend to support the economy which could help the economy recover.

What is wrong with the Affordable Health Care Act is that it is cost prohibitive for both consumers and the government itself. It intends to subsidize private insurance policies for Americans than can’t afford insurance. Government subsidies of these types keep costs artificially high for everyone else, because the price for goods and services is no longer determined by what the public can afford. The Affordable Health Care Act is also very complicated for employers, and the public.

Economic Recovery

Construction projects and renovations projects on schools, roads, the Nation’s infrastructure, etc., should be funded by the federal government. These are construction projects, so they are money multipliers. The projects not only will put people back to work constructing them, but they will also put people to work supplying the construction materials, and on and on down the chain from the raw materials to the building sites. The projects should be started immediately in 2013, financed from the general funds, and then as soon as possible, from the additional money brought in by letting the Bush tax cuts expire on the wealthy.

While some advocate letting the wealthy keep their money because they are investors and they are the ones creating the jobs--that will not work for economic recovery at this time. The economy is mostly consumer driven and when the consumers no longer have enough money to support the economy, it collapses. The richest one percent in the United States now own 99 percent of the wealth. In comparison, before Trickle-Down Economics, the richest one percent owned 95 percent of the wealth and the rest of the people shared 5 percent of the wealth. We did have a fairly healthy middle class at that time. The only way for the economy to recover for the rest of the people of the United States is to have some form of wealth redistribution at this time. Anyone who says the richest one percent can keep all 99 percent of the wealth and the rest of the people can make some gains as well is lying to you. Do the math yourself. They can’t have 99 percent of the wealth if the rest of the people are going to have enough to survive on. So the richest Americans are going to have to cut back and pay their taxes. This tax money will be used to finance some infrastructure jobs for economic recovery. It will also be used to help expand the Medicare program for all. The additional payroll taxes discussed under Social Security will be used to finance full retirement benefits for our elderly.

Additional item(s) of interest

Many people in the United States have taken out student loans only to get into serious trouble from an inability to pay them back. The reasons vary. Some are having a hard time finding employment after college, or adequate employment after college. Some had been paying them off until they lost their jobs. Some of the fees and interests have skyrocketed on these loans because they missed some payments and some lending companies aren’t good about letting the loans be deferred over economic hard times. We propose that people should be able to take bankruptcy out on student loans under some circumstances, or, if not bankruptcy on the loans themselves, at least be able to take bankruptcy out on the interest and fees, and then be able to make repayment arrangements they can realistically handle on the loans.

Looking to the Future

The world is facing serious pollution issues, and global warming issues that are creating tremendous ecological havoc. The world is also facing a peak oil issue. This means that when half of all the oil in the world is used up, then the world will start facing serious shortages. Since our modern civilization is currently ran on fossil fuels, when the world starts running out of oil, civilization as we know it will start grinding to a halt. This is a serious issue facing the world. We know this is going to happen. So, in order to protect our future we will put together a project to research and develop alternate and renewable energy sources. It would be kind of like the Manhattan project was to develop the atomic bomb, only this will be for alternate and renewable energy sources. While we do have solar panels and wind mills currently, they just aren’t producing enough energy to meet the needs we are anticipating having. So, we would like to develop better, more efficient technology along the same lines. The government has had tremendous success in developing cutting edge technology before. For example, the previously mentioned Manhattan project developed the atomic bomb. The Department of Defense developed the internet. It is time we develop the kind of technology we need out of clean, renewable energy, both for the sake of the environment, and, to keep our civilization running.

After we develop this technology, then we will start manufacturing the items and converting our infrastructure which will create new jobs.


Clear, T. R., Cole, G. F., and Reisig, M. D. (2006). American Corrections, 7th ed. Belmont: Thompson Wadsworth.

Johnston, D. C. (2007) Free Lunch. New York: Penguin.

Lakoff, G. (2008). The Political Mind. New York: Viking Penguin

Zinn, M. B., Eitzen, D. S., and Wells, B. (2011). Diversity in Families 9th ed. Boston: Pearson

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