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The Ripon Society The Ripon Society is a centrist public policy organization founded in 1962 and takes its name from the town where the Republican Party was born in 1854 – Ripon, Wisconsin.
"We believe that the Republican Party should accept the challenge to fight for the middle ground of American politics. The party that will not acknowledge this political fact of life and courageously enter the contest for power does not merit and cannot possibly win the majority support of the American people.” -- The Ripon Papers - 1968

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ICYMI…Frederick Hess with the American Enterprise Institute discusses how COVID-19 is forcing colleges across America to...

Frederick Hess with the American Enterprise Institute discusses how COVID-19 is forcing colleges across America to adapt and rethink their approach to higher education going forward:

"The coronavirus pandemic has upended America’s colleges and universities. Last spring, schools shut mid-semester, kicking students out of dorms and hurriedly moving classes online. The results were pretty dismal, with students feeling ripped off and professors lost at sea. After this rocky spring, it’s natural to wonder: What’s ahead this fall?

"For starters, while there’s still much uncertainty, plenty of colleges have announced that they’ll be going remote this fall. Institutions from the mammoth Cal State system to Harvard University have told students that they’ll be taking courses on their iPad — but will still be paying full freight.

"For the slice of students enrolled in four-year institutions, this is a lousy deal indeed. After all, students are typically told there are three big benefits from attending a recognizable college or university: the campus experience, the exquisite academic instruction, and a brand that offers a big leg up in the labor market. Well, that campus experience has evaporated. And students are not pleased. As one survey of over 3,000 college students found, more than three-quarters said this spring’s online instruction was unengaging and two-thirds felt it was inferior to in-person learning. In short, the case for taking on big loans to attend residential colleges has now been reduced to the hope that a piece of paper verifying that a student watched Zoom sessions featuring professors from College X will translate to a better job. ...

"American higher education is facing a crisis that could prove to be a profound opportunity for rethinking and reinvention. Here’s hoping that college leaders and public officials are equal to the challenge."

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TEDDY TWEET OF THE WEEK“Patriotism means services to the nation; and only those who render such service are fit to enjoy...


“Patriotism means services to the nation; and only those who render such service are fit to enjoy the privilege of citizenship."

Theodore Roosevelt
Speech in Lincoln, Nebraska
June 14, 1917

ICYMI…Dr. Eric Toner of Johns Hopkins University explains how beating COVID-19 begins with just three simple steps every...

Dr. Eric Toner of Johns Hopkins University explains how beating COVID-19 begins with just three simple steps everyone should take:

"Going forward, the only way we can safely reopen our economy is to have most people wear masks, maintain distance, and avoid crowds, coupled with ubiquitous testing that reports results in hours not days and efficient contact tracing. If we do these things, we can reopen schools and business with appropriate modifications and get people back to work.

"If, on the other hand, we are not successful in these efforts, cases will soar, hospitals will become overwhelmed and governments will have no choice but to impose lockdowns again — an outcome nobody wants.

"Getting most people to follow the guidelines will require strong leadership from the top of government and a concerted risk communications campaign. The public service announcements now airing from health departments are good but not sufficient. We need to convince people that it is in their own enlightened self-interest to work together to stop the spread of the virus. Over the last 20 years there has been a lot of research into risk communication. Now is the time to put all that has been learned into practice. We should have messages from doctors, elected leaders, country music stars, hip-hop artists and elite athletes all reinforcing the message that the only way out of our current terrible situation is through common action: wearing masks, maintaining distance, and avoiding crowds."

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ICYMI…Danielle Butcher of the American Conservation Coalition writes about how young Republicans around the country are ...

Danielle Butcher of the American Conservation Coalition writes about how young Republicans around the country are pushing the party to come together and support commonsense solutions to fight climate change:

"Polling has revealed that addressing human-caused climate change is not a fringe concern among young Republicans, but one that many feel quite strongly about. A recent poll of voters between the ages of 18 and 35 conducted by my organization, the American Conservation Coalition, found that 77 percent of right-leaning young voters consider climate change an issue that is personally important to them. More than 50 percent of those right-leaning voters said that the topic of climate change would impact how they voted in 2020.

"Additional polling by the Pew Research Center echoes this message. Among young Republicans, 52 percent think the federal government is doing too little to combat the impact of climate change. There is even more support for the development of alternative energy sources, with 78 percent of young Republicans behind the idea. However, 46 percent of these same young Republicans are concerned that environmental policy could have a harmful impact on the economy. ...

"Young Republicans are hungry for a new vision of climate change proposals, ones that are rooted in market-based solutions and limited, not overreaching, government. Some may tell you that we sound like Democrats. That’s simply not true. Our conservative principles are sound, but we are clearly prioritizing environmental issues. If Republicans would like to retain us as voters, party leaders and elected officials must act now and seize the opportunity to lead the way forward with innovative climate solutions."

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#THROWBACKTHURSDAYfrom the May 1968 edition of The Ripon ForumOver 30 years before the creation of LinkedIn, then-candid...

from the May 1968 edition of The Ripon Forum

Over 30 years before the creation of LinkedIn, then-candidate for President Richard M. Nixon proposes the creation of an online job bank to link job seekers with job openings: “Today, tens of thousands of jobs are going begging because people qualified for these jobs are not aware of them. The information gap in job hunting has become a chasm and we can do something to close it. I propose that we use existing computer technology to match the unemployed with available jobs. Such computer job matching systems have been used for years in industry to match professional workers to professional job opportunities. Harvard students have had a good measure of success matching male and female on both a temporary and permanent basis through the use of computers. There seems to me to be no real barrier to using computers to match those seeking entry level jobs to the jobs available.”

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ICYMI…Carlos Curbelo outlines why now is the time for Republicans to lead on the issue of climate change and why waiting...

Carlos Curbelo outlines why now is the time for Republicans to lead on the issue of climate change and why waiting to address the problem is not an option:

"At its core, climate change is not political. The best adjective to describe it is inevitable. Blame for the issue is diverse, most often on fossil fuels and extractive industries. However, I think of it more as the consequence of our common desire for better lives and higher standards of living which has led us to develop resources that have unintended impacts on the environment.

"Regardless, it cannot be ignored, and I am grateful that our party has moved past its two-decade-long 'experiment' with climate denialism. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, along with Reps. Greg Walden, Fred Upton, and Garret Graves, among others, deserve praise for their leadership on the issue — particularly because taking the necessary, early steps to return our party’s orthodoxy to one focused on stewardship of the environment took political courage.

"But that courage will be rewarded. The majority of voters — especially, as Leader McCarthy likes to remind us, younger voters — want their elected leaders to lead on this issue. For many voters, whether elected officials acknowledge climate change has become a litmus test for whether they are honest about the challenges we face, or just honest in general."

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TEDDY TWEET OF THE WEEK“I believe in the party to which we belong because I believe in the principles for which the Repu...


“I believe in the party to which we belong because I believe in the principles for which the Republican Party stood in the days of Abraham Lincoln; and furthermore, and especially because I believe in treating those principles not as dead but as living.”

Theodore Roosevelt
At the New York Republican State Convention
September 27, 1910

ICYMI…Senator Lisa Murkowski discusses her landmark bipartisan energy plan and why an update to America’s current energy...

Senator Lisa Murkowski discusses her landmark bipartisan energy plan and why an update to America’s current energy policy is long-overdue:

"Whenever crisis hits, we have a tendency to reach for whatever is on the shelf. In the case of the coronavirus, there wasn’t much on the shelf to help. But we are now some five months into the pandemic and the economic catastrophe which followed. There are things we can do to help build a stronger future for our nation, and many relate to energy policy.

"A good candidate is the American Energy Innovation Act – a bill that I wrote over the course of 2019 with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and the members of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

"Nearly everything within our bill has strong bipartisan support. In total, it comprises more than 50 individual measures sponsored in some form or another by 72 Senators. Few legislative initiatives can cite numbers like that.

"The goals of our bill are simple: to make energy cleaner, to make clean energy cheaper, to strengthen our security, and to increase American competitiveness. Individual provisions would: improve the efficiency of schools and data centers; promote weatherization and smart buildings; and, support renewables, energy storage, carbon capture, advanced nuclear, industrial and vehicle technologies, and high-performance computing."

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NEWS fromTHE RIPON SOCIETY"Davis Discusses the Importance of the Election Security and the Partisan Debate Over Postal S...

NEWS from
"Davis Discusses the Importance of the Election Security and the Partisan Debate Over Postal Service Reform"
August 24, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC — With the United States Postal Service (USPS) being thrust into a national debate over whether it is up to the task for handling a record number of mail-in ballots for the election this fall, and with Members of the House of Representatives being called back to the nation’s capital to vote on additional funding for the USPS, The Ripon Society hosted a virtual discussion on Friday with U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis (IL-13).

Davis – pictured below speaking at an event in 2018 – was first elected in 2012 and is the Ranking Member on the House Administration Committee and is also the top Republican on the Elections Subcommittee. He kicked off his remarks by acknowledging a recently released poll that found less than half of all Americans have confidence that their ballots cast this November will be fairly counted.

“This concern over our elections is perception rather than the reality,” Davis declared, “and it’s being fomented by the partisans on both sides. Unfortunately, it seems these partisans want to take advantage of this discontent and cause more disarray. There is no place in the world that runs a more fair election process in the United States of America, because our elections are run by our constitution at the state and local level. Now, there will be jurisdictions that put themselves in a position to not have results for weeks after the election, California being one of them with their mail-in balloting rules and also their ballot harvesting rules. But, most of America is going to go on just like it always has, and we’re going to know who wins on election night with almost every race.”

While he believes the election system as a whole is secure, Davis expressed concerns regarding the Democrats’ push to mail ballots to each voter across the country.

“When national Democrats talk about mail-in balloting, they are proposing something that is different than what is done here in Illinois. Our vote-by-mail program, which is very successful, mails applications out to every registered voter. You can turn that application in and once they verify it’s you, you get a live ballot sent to your house. Democrats in Congress, on the other hand, have been pushing a national vote-by-mail initiative that would just mail live ballots to every registered voter without any verification.

Regarding the proposed bill that would send extra funding to the USPS, Davis says there are certain aspects of the legislation that he has long advocated for.

“There are a lot of things I support in this package. I signed onto a letter months ago and asked our leadership to include $25 billion for the Postal Service because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I think now’s the time to start to recognize the reason why the Post Office has finished their budget in the red each year – it’s the pre-funding of pensions.

“I don’t want any pension fund to get to a point where they’re like Illinois and where they will never catch up. But in the end, we also know that pension obligations to be fully pre-funded causes a serious hit in your cashflow capabilities. I’ve been a cosponsor of a bill to reduce that obligation back down to manageable yet still enviable terms. And that’s what the postal unions, the post office, and a lot of folks have asked us to do after they initially thought that this would be a good idea. Those are things that Republicans and Democrats haven’t addressed in Washington.”

Finally, on the topic of the Post Office, Davis expressed his disappointment in the damaging rhetoric emanating from Washington as of late regarding the capabilities and motives of the USPS.

“This is a manufactured conspiracy. And you know who’s most outraged by this – the letter carriers. I was at the gym with one just a couple of mornings ago and this gentleman comes in wearing his postal uniform. He’s ready to go for the day and I asked, ‘Hey, how’s DC making you feel?’

“He goes, ‘I’m angry. I’m mad because now my customers think that I’m stopping them from getting mail on time because of what’s being said in Washington, DC.’ That’s the effect being felt out here in middle America. And I think you’re going to start to see a lot of folks realize that, yes, more funding is needed, but let’s stop with this nonsense that’s coming out of Washington.

After his opening remarks, Davis took a couple questions from the audience, the first asking about his personal experience as someone who tested positive for the coronavirus and has overcome it.

“I was one of the lucky ones,” the Republican lawmaker admitted. “I didn’t have any major symptoms. And I was lucky too, because I was able to go to a network of my colleagues and ask them what to expect. It was still scary because of all of the reporting that we see and we hear about the negatives. We hear about those who are hospitalized, those who are going through a major health crisis because of this virus, but in the end, the majority of people that contract this virus are like me, they’re asymptomatic.

“Luckily my wife and all my family and staffers all tested negative, but it began a 10 day quarantine for me. It allowed me a lot of time in front of this computer, a lot of time to reflect, and a lot of time to really understand the accuracy and importance of statistics, and how we go about making sure we truly get an idea of what the impact of this disease is.”

Finally, Davis was asked about a recent visit the Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt made to his district this week.

“I had the Secretary of Interior David Bernhardt in my district yesterday. I represent Springfield, Illinois home to Abraham Lincoln, the author of the Emancipation Proclamation, and home to one of the three 1908 race riot events that are credited with leading to the creation of the NAACP. In 1908, people went into the African American communities in Springfield, Illinois, and burned houses and killed people.

“That happened in my district and we have unearthed artifacts from that neighborhood during a federal rail project. I’ve been working to get those artifacts that have been dug up and get them recognized for the significance the site has played in the creation of the NAACP and civil rights in this country.

“Yesterday, David Bernhardt came to Springfield and added the archaeological site as one of 30 sites in the nation to the African American Civil Rights Network a program that was created by my colleague and good friend, Rep. William Lacy Clay (MO-1) in 2017. Our goal is to get that site a national monument and have it create a nexus with the legacy of Lincoln right here in Springfield. I was really proud to be joined by my friend who runs the state NAACP, Teresa Haley, Secretary Bernhardt, and Congressman Darin LaHood (IL-18). It was a great day for Springfield and I was proud to be with him and glad I got out of quarantine in time to make it happen.”

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---------- Forwarded message --------- From: Met Novech Date: Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 4:29 PM Subject: Висока политичка корупција во СМК/Corruption matters in North Macedonia To: Biljana Ivanovska , , , , , , , , , , , , , Cc: , , , , , , , , , Charles Garrett (Sensitive) , , , Jiří Tomáš Payne , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Ms. Biljana Ivanovska President of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) Dear Ms. Ivanovska, Firstly, I would like to thank you for your engagement concerning the first part of the indications/circumstantial evidence/cases that I have submitted to you for review and for opening possible investigations. From the meeting that I had with you at the SCPC headquarters, I obtain a good impression - I am satisfied with your professional approach and I believe that successful investigations will result in a short time. As I promised, I am enclosing the second part of the indications/circumstantial evidence/cases, which as matters of speculation need to be examined and investigated, and in cases where legal irregularities are discovered to be raised charges against the relevant parties. Please pay particular attention to the following cases: - From (approximately) 2012 - 2013 till 2015-2016, the names of Hajrudin Gushmirovich, Goran Gacov, Igor Ilievski and Goce Karajanov have been intensively mentioned (on several occasions) in the media by the then Macedonian political opposition SDSM concerning possible and probable criminal activities carried out in the Czech Republic in the interest of then Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and his cousin Saso Mijalkov. It can be positively assessed as an excellent activity and fight against organized political crime by the then opposition SDSM, but after the SDSM won the elections (2 years ago) and started to rule the Government, the aforementioned persons (Hajrudin Gushmirovich, Goran Gatsov, Igor Ilievski, and Goce Karajanov) are not in any investigation - neither the SPO (Special Prosecutor’s Office - nor the Public Prosecutor's Office. Is it surprising and suspicious that for 2 years no one even mentions the key people of Saso Mijalkov in the Czech Republic? - Particular attention should be given to my mother's case, especially as our family has been under pressure from agents of the former Yugoslav secret service UDBA for decades, apart since my mother (her family has an origin in the ancient and significant Bulgarian dynasty) was intensely terrorized because of her Bulgarian roots by the agents of the (former) Yugoslav communist secret service UDBA. I urgently demand an investigation and arrestments of the possible agents of the former Yugoslav secret service UDBA, which I stated in both attachments, whereas I had recently announced to the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry our possible request for political asylum in the Republic of Bulgaria. I received a written suggestion from the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inform the Macedonian SPO (which was done by me - I had a meeting with an SPO investigator as well as with a Special Public Prosecutor and I was informed by the SPO Prosecutor that they had no authority at present to undertake any activity, as the SPO law has not yet been approved (adopted) by the Macedonian Assembly - for more detailed information you can contact the SPO > according to the statement of the Special Public Prosecutor, as soon as the SPO law is approved (Act of Parliament), I will be among the first people that she will contact to assist in the investigation of the most important case being investigated by the SPO – the "Empire" case ie my support will be significant for providing and finding the possible secret bank accounts and assets (in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey as well as in offshore destinations) owned by Orce (Jordan) Kamchev, Saso Mijalkov, Nikola Gruevski, Nadezhda Gruevska, Jordan Mijalkov (Saso Mijalkov's son), Gjorge Ivanov, Zoran Stavreski, Václav Klaus, Jiří Weigl, and other high positioned Macedonian and Czech politicians. In addition, the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Skopje and the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office were also informed concerning our situation and we will probably use the legal right to seek political asylum in the Republic of Bulgaria through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria or through His Majesty, King Simeon II von Sachsen - Coburg und Gotha we will seek political asylum in one of the following countries - Spain, France, Germany, Italy or Portugal. - Some illogical things have been happening in North Macedonia lately - for example, Saso Mijalkov has been allowed to roam around Skopje although he has been accused of several serious crimes by the SPO. According to some speculations, Saso Mijalkov sends his confidential people to the Czech Republic to continue to run his probable criminal business, whereas the authorities are not taking any action to prevent/stop it or anyone investigating it. Further, according to some information, in the last two years Sasho Mijalkov has probably done serious and successful infiltration of his people into the current SDSM government - as an example I will state two (2) cases (and probably exists many such cases) - the former Macedonian Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Paskal Stojceski, who was considered a close person of former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski (who escaped from North Macedonia) and Saso Mijalkov, and who (to my knowledge) is married to a relative of the Orce (Jordan) Kamcev (Mr. Kamcev was considered to have a tight relations with Nikola Gruevski and Saso Mijalkov, and who is the main suspect in the largest (possible and probable) criminal case in the North Macedonia's history - the "Empire" case), has been the head of the current Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov's cabinet for two years in the current government of SDSM?!? The second case concerns the aforementioned Goce Karajanov, who was firstly sent as a Chargé d'affaires to the Macedonian Embassy in Prague as a close person of Saso Mijalkov and Nikola Gruevski (in the attachment are the scandals that have long been publicized in relation to Goce Karajanov in the Macedonian media), after representing their interests as Consul General in New York and Ambassador to Moscow, to be appointed as Foreign Policy Advisor to the Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski (who is also from the SDSM)?!? Parents of Paskal Stojcevski and Goce Karajanov (primarily their fathers) are probably and possibly agents of the former Yugoslav Communist secret service UDBA, whereas Paskal and Goce are probably also members of the current Macedonian secret service (in a private conversation Goce Karajanov himself has told me that he is an agent of the secret service and that he is under the command of Saso Mijalkov). Isn't this possible and very likely infiltration of Saso Mijalkov's people in the current SDSM government not noticed?!? As early as 2008, there were speculations that Saso Mijalkov would gradually prepare his son Jordan to take over the management of his likely criminal empire in the Czech Republic, and as long as Saso Mijalkov was left free to roam around Skopje and with his son Jordan to manage their probable international criminal empire than the creation of a rule of law (État de Droit) in North Macedonia will be just science fiction. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent cooperation and great support from the US State Department representatives, especially from the political officer of the US Embassy in Skopje, Mr. JD Waterman; then the FBI Agent, Agent Jack H. Liao (stationed at the US Embassy in Sofia) as well as many other US and European representatives from various international institutions (including the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office and the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry) that support the resolution of the above cases, opening investigations with a purpose to get judicial decisions. Thank you for your engagement and looking forward to hearing from you soon! With best regards, M.Sci. Metodij Nochev NEW ATTACHMENT - Provocations, intimidations, and insults (on a national basis) towards Elka Nocheva (born in Plovdiv, Republic of Bulgaria; dual citizenship) by probable and possible agents of the secret service Ljubomir and Snezana Zafirovski (contact info upon request) - During the privatization of GP Beton AD - Skopje (in the '90s) the management and the employees had the right to obtain the shares of the company GP Beton AD - Skopje. Bozhidar Nochev, MA, although he was the director of the representative office of GPB Beton AD - Skopje in Prague (Czech Republic), never received a single share of Beton (although by the status he had the right to obtain at least 100 shares). The then General Manager of GP Beton AD - Skopje was Andreja Sazdov and his deputy was Klime Popovski - Controversial procurement/tender of buying of Macedonian embassies (especially in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, the United Kingdom etc.). There was speculation that 10% of the total amount paid for the Macedonian Embassy in the Czech Republic ended up in private bank accounts (not coincidentally the probable scheme included Igor Ilievski-Goce Karajanov-Hajrudin Gusmirovich). Existed also speculations about possible corruption over the reconstruction of the Macedonian embassy in Prague and the renting of offices for the needs of the Macedonian embassy in Prague (both works were carried out in co-operation with companies related to Hajrudin Gusmirovich, who was considered a close person to Sasho Mijalkov). Further, will be necessary to check the forgotten possible link between the company Tasiga Corp. from Panama (part of the Panama Papers scandal) and Czech firm Myrtlanis s.r.o. > Both companies have been mentioned in the media as being (probably) owned by Saso Mijalkov. - Based on the info (private conversation made in 2006 / or 2007) by Katerina Korschul (former manager of Adora Inzenering) it is likely that a number of luxury apartments built by Adora Inzenering have been tapping/eavesdropping (ie illegal wiretapping) - “Frankfurt mafia” investigation of the alleged/possible drug/narco-trafficking business of Saso Mijalkov in the Czech Republic. According to a conversation with the then Minister of Foreign Investments, Mr. Gligor Tashkovich (during our official visit to Iceland in 2008), Saso Mijalkov was probably involved in drug trafficking in the Czech Republic, further probable possessing 2 (two) strip clubs in Prague at which he probably brought about 120 Macedonian women to the sex industry in the Czech Republic (that is, probable and possible slave trade). - Speculation about possible links and cooperation (in the area of business and intelligence) between former Czech ambassadors to the Republic of North Macedonia, Josef Braun and Miroslav Rameš on the one hand, and Saso Mijalkov on the other. The very possible and probable link between the then Czech diplomats and the then head of the secret service of North Macedonia (ie in their case a foreign state secret service) would act suspiciously and I advise paying particular attention to these possible and likely business/intelligence correlations. - It is necessary to check speculation whether Saso Mijalkov had Czech citizenship at the time when he was the head of the Macedonian secret service. As far as I know, no Macedonian can become head of the secret service if he holds dual citizenship (at least in diplomacy it is known that with dual citizenship no one cannot become a Macedonian diplomat) - Based on the information from Pande Kitanov (former Finance Director of GP Granit AD) it is necessary to verify possible and likely money laundering of Saso Mijalkov through the project of granite exploitation in the region of Panteley and Stalkovica villages. Previously, that project was offered by Pande Kitanov and his friends but in a private conversation, Pande mentioned that Saso Mijalkov undertook that project ie. Pande Kitanov was removed from the project. - Through a family friend and relative of Commander Breza, Mr. Ayro, we have been exploring the possibilities of his support for my possible employment in some of the Swiss banks (since they have long-term family friends in Switzerland). After a while, Ayro informed us that he could not help us with this matter because the Saso Mijalkov's people were intimidated/threatening him to not helping us in the style of " Albanians to watch their work and take care of their people, and Mijalkov would take care of Macedonians.“ It was a private initiative for possible employment in the private sector in Switzerland and Saso Mijalkov had absolutely no authority as head of the secret service to interfere with our private affairs and to block and intimidate/threat our family friends. - Most important for the end - through several conversations (in 2008; realized several separate meetings, independent of each other) that I had as a Macedonian diplomat in the Czech Republic with the well-known Czech businessman/consultant Martin Hanzlík and the well-known Czech lawyer JUDr. Miloslav Drbálek, was mentioned to me that Saso Mijalkov was probably planning to launder a large sum of money (about 100 million euros) in tranches of 10-15 million euros a year and they (Martin Hanzlík and JUDr. Miloslav Drbálek) were interested if I could provide them with more information about the opportunity. I guess they got the information through the Czech Secret Service, because of my speculative knowledge, both of them (ie Martin Hanzlík and JUDr. Miloslav Drbálek) are probably either high officials / collaborators of the Czech Secret Service or with very good contacts between the Czech Secret Service. In a later conversation, that I had with a famous Czech politician (for whom I have great respect) Jiří Dienstbier Sr. it is likely that probably Saso Mijalkov may have paid large sums of money (in millions of euros) to one of the most influential Czech politicians for "protection", ie. for the possibility of committing criminal activity in the Czech Republic - laundering large sums of money which derivable from various illegal activities. The scheme was probably (and may still operate on the same principle) as follows: early morning (about 2-3 a.m.) representative/s of the former Czech Prime Minister / former Czech President Václav Klaus (as it is likely to be PhDr. Ing. Jiří Weigl, the former Chief of the Cabinet of the former President of the Czech Republic, Mr. Václav Klaus) at some distant gas stations in/around Prague (ie where is a low frequency of car and people turnover) met with some of the bosom/close people to Saso Mijalkov (then (and now former) Chief of the Macedonian Secret Service) where people of Saso Mijalkov were handed/given over suitcase/suitcases with millions of euros/dollars in cash to receive some sort of "political protection" for their numerous (probable and possible) criminal/illegal activities that they carry out on the territory of the Czech Republic. This is the most important indication to be investigated, as it is the key to uncovering possible systemic corruption perpetrated at the highest level in the Czech Republic in cooperation with and support from the former most influential political criminal structures in the Republic of North Macedonia. Otherwise, Jiří Dienstbier Sr. was my good friend who was considered one of the most influential and credible politicians in the Czech Republic - one of the closest friends to the legendary Czech politician Václav Havel, both of whom were political dissidents who were persecuted by the Czechoslovak communist regime. Jiří Dienstbier Sr. was known for his long-term fight against corruption in the Czech Republic but unfortunately his premature death prevented him from achieving his goals but his son, Jiří Dienstbier Јr. while he was Minister in the Czech Government he continued the fight against corruption in the Czech Republic and I believe he can assist and be very supportive in the Czech investigation. | == Additional info to the forwarded message == | Below is added a third part to the additional info As I mentioned and promised in my letter (which is below) I start with publishing of 100 possible and probable agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA, who directly or indirectly made a career (and most of them still make a career) not only on our family and, concerning the fact that our lustration (vetting) process moved aimless and nowhere so more than 90% of agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA were not published by the Macedonian Commission for verification of the fact and practically these former communistic agents, who were responsible for many types of crimes during the communistic period of Macedonia, were cover up. Like it’s not enough that Macedonia was the last country in South-Eastern Europe that started the lustration (vetting) process (with the delay of cca. 20 years) so when the all other post-communist countries had finished this process far ago, Macedonia started with this process. According to some estimates, in Macedonia are min. 3.000 agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA and by other analysis and estimation in Macedonia are around 100.000 agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA, so the published number of 199 agents is only a small fraction of all the agents of the former communistic secret service UDBA. From that reason I decided to subsequently publish the names of these people (not only Macedonians but also Serbs, Bosnians and Montenegrins) and during the several months I will publish additional 90 probable & possible agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA who were (or are) on high level positions in the political parties, State Administration etc. (the “innovation” of the former UDBA agents is that now they put their children in high positions in the major political parties/State Administration/governmental institutions). I would like to demand from the relevant EU & US Institutions to establish independent commission, which will consists of representatives of Delegation of EU to Macedonia, US representatives (from the US Embassy in Skopje) and Macedonians who weren’t connected with the UDBA structures (one possibility for finding suitable persons represents searching between the victims of UDBA structures). The goal of this independent commission should be publishing of the FULL LIST of the agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA (at least 3.000 agents, as was mentioned by some made estimates), because only on this way Macedonia could break with the past and get new start without UDBA criminals who are in the high positions (in politics, business level, judiciary system etc.) now. It’s interesting to see that e.g. Mr. Ivica Bocevski, who was one of the creators of the Law for the vetting process (lustration) and Prof. Zvonimir Jankulovski, who was also one of the creators of the Law for the vetting process (lustration), received very promptly the diplomatic positions (during the previous government – when VMRO-DPMNE ruled the Government) - Ambassadors of the Republic of Macedonia (one in Brazil, the other in Holy See (Vatican)). By some sources, both of them had probably and possibly approach to the files of UDBA agents and they probably know the names of powerful agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA, who are still not published and who are still on high positions on different institutional (and other) levels in the Macedonian Society – top level in the State Administration, top business level, top diplomatic level etc. It’s not unusual that the keepers of dirty secrets of UDBA obtain high-ranking positions in the State Administration and Diplomacy. Now the First part (1-10) of the list of 100 possible and probable agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA 1. Trifun Kostovski 2. Ljiljana Kimova 3. Tito Beličanec 4. Jordan Mijalkov (deceased) 5. Milka Mijalkova (deceased) 6. Hajrudin Gušmirović (if not directly member of UDBA, than probable member of the successor of UDBA in Bosnia & Herzegovina - Ševe or OSA BiH) 7. General Sparavalo, relative of Vojislav and Dejan Sparavalo 8. Tito Petkovski 9. Petre Mitev (former high-ranking official in the Macedonian MoFA) 10. Ljuben Stojčeski (deceased) | == Additional info to the forwarded message == | Second Addition The former Macedonian Government (when VMRO-DPMNE ruled the Government) decided to create a possible and probable “smoke screen” with the publishing of a very small number of UDBA-files before elections. It should look like some “democratization” of the state, but the main problems in this field remain unsolved and they are following: A. Till now everything published regarding the UDBA structure represents small fraction of UDBA files, UDBA members and their activities during the communistic period so the majority of the leading and powerful UDBA members are not published and they continue to use the UDBA network (created in the period of the communistic regime) for their criminal activities, narco-trafficking etc. B. As I mentioned previously, according to some estimates, in Macedonia are min. 3.000 agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA and by other analysis and estimation in Macedonia are around 100.000 agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA, so the published number of 199 agents is only a small fraction of all the agents of the former communistic secret service UDBA. The real solution of the lustration (vetting) process must be publishing at least 3.000 of the former UDBA agents, because otherwise this structure of people will continue with creating of political and economic problems in Macedonia and they will continue with all their illegal activities in different fields. C. Even from the very small fragment of the published UDBA documents you can see that a lot of information is censored so nobody knows how many names of UDBA agents are hidden and how many of the important information regarding the UDBA structure is not published. D. Main conclusion is that the Macedonian politicians needed around 24 years (from the independence of Macedonia in September 1991 till 2015) to arrange publishing of 199 agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA and I hope that the Macedonian Government will not need additional 24 years to publish the rest of the 2.801 agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA. During the part of the 80’s and 90’s of the XXth century, the great part of the Macedonian UDBA structure was probably and possibly under significant influence from the Serbian UDBA structure, especially during the period of the ruling of the Serbian dictator (and who was on trial for war crimes), Slobodan Milosevic. Because of that I hope that the US Government, EU Commission and the rest of the western world will not allow the UDBA agents and criminals to stay hidden and unpublished. Third addition Mr. Zoran Vasilevski is probably and possibly the new person, who is probably engaged by the former Chief of the Macedonian Secret Service, Mr. Saso Mijalkov, for continuing the process of possible money laundering in the Czech Republic. Concerning that a large number of operatives, who probably work for the Macedonian political mafia, are already widely known to the public, it is not surprising that the former Chief of the Macedonian Secret Service, Mr. Saso Mijalkov will bring new players into the probably and possibly well-designed money laundering scheme in the Czech Republic. With small changes, the money laundering system, that was probably created by the former Chief of the Macedonian Secret Service, Mr. Saso Mijalkov and his cousin, the former Prime Minister of Macedonia, Mr. Nikola Gruevski, probably continues to function in the Czech Republic and this time I hope all relevant international factors (including the Czech police) will begin seriously to investigate these probable Macedonian criminal matters, which spread their activities on an international level. The father of Mr. Zoran Vasilevski was probably and possibly high-level officer of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA - his name was Zhivko Vasilevski, who besides other high-level positions during the Communistic Regime, was also a President of the Macedonian Emigrant (Heritage) Foundation with probable and possible tasks to espionage Macedonian Emigrants worldwide. Zoran Vasilevski, as a son of the probable high-level officer of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA, represents a reliable and trusted staff for the possible criminal activities of the former Chief of the Macedonian Secret Service, Mr. Saso Mijalkov. Forwarded message (which was sent to President Trump and to Senator Hillary Clinton): Dear President Trump and dear Senator Hillary Clinton, I would like to turn to you with request for support from your side concerning my long-term problem with the structures of the former communistic Yugoslav secret service UDBA which are still powerful in most of the countries of former Yugoslavia and especially in Macedonia where they firmly control the most aspects of the society (political, economic and social part of the society). I would like shortly to present myself – I have Master’s degree in Economics (Department International Trade – French Postgraduate Studies “International Trade and Foreign Languages: EU”, University Rennes 2, Bretagne) and I am one of the few Macedonians who received written recommendation from the first President of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Kiro Gligorov, who was one of the most well-known and respected politicians from the Balkan Region and who beside other things, had excellent relation with the Sovereign Order of Malta (this letter of recommendation is on my page), and also I received the written recommendation from the legendary Czech politician & dissident, Mr. Jiri Dienstbier Sr., who as a Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic had established the diplomatic relation with the Sovereign Order of Malta (after pause of 42 years) on the 8th June 1990. This letter of recommendation from Mr. Jiri Dienstbier Sr. was sent to then (now former) Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Antonio Miloshoski. By me, Mr. Jiri Dienstbier Sr. was one the greatest Czech politicians of the XXth century (together with his close friend, Mr. Václav Havel), I was inspired from him & by his example, I follow the fight against any type of injustice. I have great respect of the family Dienstbier starting from Ms. Jirina Dienstbierova till Mr. Jiri Dienstbier Jr. (who was a Minister in the Czech Government) who continues the fight against corruption, against injustice and for the improvement of the democratic processes in the Czech Republic. By the positive examples of the family Dienstbier I was motivated to try to stop the great number of possible criminal activities of the Macedonian political structure which in cooperation with several Czech politicians, members of the Czech Secret Service and others used the territory of the Czech Republic for possible many illegal activities starting from possible money laundering, corruption, narco-trafficking etc. Below I send you also some info about our family background - I originate from old Macedonian family from Prilep, where with generations fought for the independence of Macedonia. My great-grandfather, Jordan Nochev, was one of the organizers of the Ilinden uprising in Prilep and between our relatives was also the Macedonian Duke Pere Toshev who was well-known Macedonian Revolutionary Commander and Macedonian National Hero. My grandfather, Ing. Metodija Nochev, was a leader of Macedonian students in Belgrade between the Two World Wars and President of the Macedonian Patriotic Society “Vardar” (for example President Gligorov was a member of the Patriotic Society “Vardar” as well as a lot of other well-known Macedonian politicians, businessmen and intellectuals - also he had good friendship relation with the Tsar Dynasty Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha). Also from the side of my mother, Ms. Elke Nocheva, her father, Mr. Kostadin Jankov, was a Honorary Citizen of Berlin in the 60’s of the XXth century, internationally well-known scientist in the medical field and who was a Director of the Bulgarian Scientific Institute with excellent cooperation with similar Scientific Institutes in Germany. It is important to point out that my granduncle was Krste Crvenkovski, former political leader of Macedonia in the period from 1963 till 1969. In the 60’s of the XXth century Krste Crvenkovski was one of the first Yugoslavian politicians who received a grant for specialization on a prestige American University and in 1972 in the American newspapers (the New York Times) were published that my granduncle is one of the best solutions for replacement of the Leader of Yugoslavia (at that time), Marshall Josip Broz Tito. The economic reforms that Krste Crvenkovski undertook from 1965 till 1969, contributed significantly for boosting of the economy not only of Macedonia but also of Yugoslavia and these positive, pro-liberal reforms were known worldwide. After 1969, Krste Crvenkovski was removed from the politics by the pro-Soviet orientated group of politicians in Belgrade and for the next 20 years Mr. Crvenkovski was kept out of the politics as a political dissident. I have contacted several Czech and Croatian politicians, but for this matter to be solved successfully (because several influential and powerful Macedonian and Czech politicians, businessmen and high-level members of the Secret Services are involved in probable money laundering, illegal business activities, narco-trafficking etc.) it will be necessary strong political support from the USA. For example, the successful outcome of the fought of the well-known Italian judges Giovanni Falcone & Paolo Borsellino against mafia (Cosa Nostra) was a result of the open support of these judges from the US Government. I am aware of the power of the Macedonian and Czech Political Mafiosi, who are clever, well-positioned in the both societies, with immense financial power (the former Macedonian opposition (now ruling political party SDSM) provide information that the possible personal wealth of the Macedonian Prime Minister, Mr. Nikola Gruevski and his cousin, now former Chief of the Macedonian Secret Service, Mr. Saso Mijalkov, have probably reached the amount of 1 billion euro) who disposed with immense resources of the state (police, secret police, National TV etc.) which they most probably sometimes used for their private matters. It’s horrible, absolutely immoral and disgusting few Macedonian politicians to make the probable wealth of USD 1 billion through probable and possible corruption, narco-trafficking, money laundering and so on, from 2 million poor Macedonians (that’s the whole population of Macedonia). In the attachments (Czech case with English versions of the texts and other attachments on Macedonian language ) I send you several texts from the well-known journalists like Ms. Pavla Holcova and Ms. Saska Cvetkovska (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project), Ms. Zuzana Piptova-Vrabchev (journalist in the well-known Czech newspaper “Lidové noviny – Lidovky”), Ms. Ivana Jordanovska, then published text in the well-known French newspaper “Le Monde” and from other journalists concerning the possible (probable) money laundering by the Macedonian politicians in the Czech Republic and possible (probable) murdering of the well-known Macedonian journalist and owner of the magazine 'Fokus'', Mr. Nikola Mladenov. I'd like to please you, as a prominent American politicians, to personally take the initiative and engagement in order to US federal agencies start the investigation regarding the activities and possessions of properties of the Macedonian politicians in the Czech Republic, then companies that have connection with the following Balkan (and from the other countries) businessmen - Hajrudin Gusmirovic, Goran Gacov, Vojislav Sparavalo, Dejan Sparavalo, Branko Dolecek, Kristijan Smilevski, Sandor Mezö, Radivoje Macuzic and other names I will tell to you and to US federal authorities personally (the name of Kristijan Smilevski was already mentioned a few years ago in some media regarding his possible and probable involvement in misappropriation of state money and in the subsequent money laundering through Czech companies relating to contracts in the field of publishing and issuing encyclopedic books - it was a contract worth around euro 9.5 million at which time it was quite a big scandal that was hushed up quickly and there was no proper investigation (which is logical considering the fact that certain influential Macedonian politicians are probably quite corrupt and involved in money laundering. Also, some of the other mentioned entrepreneurs like Hajrudin Gusmirovic, Goran Gacov or Vojislav Sparavalo had been quite frequently mentioned in the Macedonian media in connection with various scandals concerning their possible criminal activities and they are already well-known among the Macedonian public). I understand that some Macedonian politicians are worried that some of the information that I have about their activities will be announced in the public because unlike the journalists, I dispose with much more detailed information regarding the activities of the Macedonian politicians in the Czech Republic whereas the Macedonian politicians are worried about tens of millions of euro which they have in various properties in the Czech Republic (also according to the information I've obtained from the famous Macedonian Professor of Economics, Mr. Tihomir Jovanovski, who among other things was an expert in the area of banking and financial transactions, it is possible and likely that some Macedonian politicians through their reliable people and certain companies realize money laundering (that probably originate from corruption, narco-trafficking, extortion and other illegal activities) in Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Switzerland and maybe even in other states (including the USA). This data I received just as basic info from the Professor and it is necessary to investigate it additionally). I would like to demand and to insist to be started the investigation of the all activities of Mr. Marijan Kostrenčić (well-known Croatian lobbyist) and Mr. Damir Lončarić (the former Croatian secret service chief) during their managing and working in the Macedonian construction companies ADG Mavrovo and Mavrovo inzenjering. Especially you should focus on the probable and possible illegal transfers of the company money (especially from ADG Mavrovo) through invoices for possible fictive services and products to other companies. Secondly, you should focus on the probable and possible bribing of one highly positioned Macedonian politician before taking over of the Macedonian construction company ADG Mavrovo, which was probably and possibly made by some Croatian managers and businessmen from Ingra – Zagreb. In light of the intense arrests of politicians that are realized by the Police structures and Home Departments (Ministries of Interiors) in the various Balkan countries, it is logical that some political structures in Macedonia have serious concern for how some things will evolve in the future, whereas some of the Macedonian politicians are probably less or more unstable in their behavior. As an example, in the Macedonian weekly journal “Fokus”, in which journal were published medical documents which were signed by the well-known Macedonian neuropsychiatrist Prim. Dr. Pande Vidinovski and which show the mental and psychological problems of the (now former) Director of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK) of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Alexandar (Saso) Mijalkov (who is a cousin of the former Prime Minister of Macedonia, Mr. Nikola Gruevski). Weekly journal “Fokus” published these documents relating to the mental health problems of Mr. Saso Mijalkov even in 2012 (more precisely - the 6th April 2012). Also, one of the well-kept secrets of the family Mijalkov is the fact that the mother of the (now former) Chief of the Macedonian Secret Service, Mr. Saso Mijalkov, Ms. Milka Mijalkova, was probably sent (from the police structures) into early pension (retirement) because of the probable and possible serious mental illness (I stated probable and possible because of the formal standpoint, our family has no doubts regarding this fact because we obtained this information from the best source i.e. from Ms. Milka Mijalkova who personally said this information to our family during her life) so probably in the genetics of the family Mijalkov are probably and possibly present the mental diseases and I don't understand who allowed to this probably degenerated family to rule politically and economically with Macedonia in cooperation with their cousin - the former Prime Minister, Mr. Nikola Gruevski. Another problem is that till today were posted only 199 agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA (on the official website of the Commission for verification of the fact -; whereas one third of the agents are released with censoring of their names?! - According to some estimates, in Macedonia are min. 3.000 agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA and by other analysis and estimation in Macedonia are around 100.000 agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA, so the published number of 199 agents is only a small fraction of all the agents of the former communistic secret service UDBA. Also I would like to point out that our family know about 100 agents of the former communistic secret service UDBA, who directly or indirectly made a career (and most of them still makes a career) on our family and, concerning the fact that our lustration (vetting) process moves in direction that looks more as joke than serious matter, I decided to subsequently publish the names of these people. As first, I would like to mention the probable and possible high-ranking agent of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA, Mr. Klime Popovski (I stated probable and possible because of the formal standpoint, our family has no doubts regarding him). I request and insist Interpol, the Czech police structures, the US Federal investigation departments to start investigation of his activities during the period of his managing and working as a director of the Macedonian construction company "Beton" whereas these institutions should focus on the possible and probable “tunneling” (stealing of the company’s money) and their transfer to different private companies in different countries (including the offshore destinations). Especially the investigation should be focused on possible transfer of money (for money laundering) from the representation of the Macedonian company "Beton" in Prague to three (3) private Czech companies, where one of the owners was also Mr. Klime Popovski (these companies are listed below, i.e. Mak-Beton GmbH, Interjova Ltd. and Makstav Ltd.) and then other possible transfers of these money from these three listed companies to various offshore destinations or offshore accounts (our family will provide you with detailed info whereas according to our info, it should be a sum of over one million (then) German (Deutsche) Marks). With the company Makstav Ltd. had close links also the company Biser Ltd., which should be also checked in detail. This person made most damage to our family in many ways, and I insist that Interpol, the Czech police structures, the US Federal investigation departments to start the requested investigation on an international level whereas I will insist on his public vetting as an agent of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA (according to our info he is probably one of the high ranking functionaries of the former communist secret service UDBA). Mr. Klime POPOVSKI Companies Mak-Beton GmbH Bauunternehmung Hamsíkova Street 23/244, Prague 5 (branch) Interjova Ltd. (in liquidation) Hamsíkova Street 23/244, Prague 5 Makstav Ltd. (in liquidation) Hamsíkova Street 23/244, Prague 5 Biser Ltd. Libčice nad Vltavou V Pražce Street 321, PSČ 252 66 If necessary, in the case that the vetting process will develop in this unserious slow pace, I'll present the names of cca. 100 agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA on CNN, BBC, TV 5 Monde, ARD Das Erste, RAI 1, Bulgarian national TV – BNT (and other), who terrorized my mother and our family and they made career on our family so I will request that the US State Department, the European Commission, Bulgaria's Prosecutor's Office start the prosecution of these former UDBA agents considering that mother at that time was (and now is still) a citizen with Bulgarian passport so by the International law the Bulgarian branch office of Interpol should issue the international arrest warrants for the extradition of these former UDBA agents to Bulgaria, where they will be judged for their crimes during the communistic period. Much more important are the probable and possible business activities of the present Macedonian politicians in the Czech Republic, where they have tens of millions of euro (in the text below, I stated only several offshore companies (as example), the complete details I will explain you personally). Below I indicate only 11 offshore companies (just as an example, personally I will state you dozens of companies and offshore companies that are connected to the Macedonian politicians) which are used for probable and possible money laundering of “dirty money” of the Macedonian politicians and I urgently require that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Federal Departments and Agencies, Interpol and so on to examine all the financial transfers (past and present) of these offshore companies, the origin of their money and the final destination of the transfers of these money, what is their interconnectedness with other firms and individuals whereas I'm sure that you will find out very interesting facts during the investigation (personally I have studied new scientific publications concerning methods of money laundering so I could, if I have an access to the accounting books and bank accounts of these companies, to recognize and detect the possible money laundering). 1. Garnet Holdings Limited, Reg. No. 91499 Headquarter: Suites 41/42, Victoria House 26 Main Street Gibraltar 2. Akont Holding Corporation Nr. 2 Commercial Centre Square, postbox 71, Alofi, island Niue 3. Getaway Investments Inc., Reg. No. 2003-00458272 Headquarter: 1821 Logan Avenue, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001, USA 4. Sufinvest Limited, Reg. No. C 48344 Headquarter: 168, St. Christopher Street, Valleta, Malta, VLT 1467 5. WPB Holding & Finance N.V., reg. No. 342 89 264 Headquarter: Amsteldijk 166, 1079 Amsterdam The Netherlands 6. Natland Limited, HE 155549 Headquarter: Pikioni Street 4, 3075 Limassol Cyprus 7. Kafka & Partners Inc. 10901 Brighton Bay Boulevard NE 10309 St. Petersburg, Florida 333716-3460 USA 8. DH Holding Luxembourg Sarl Rue Principale Nr. 64 125 067 Schuttrange Luxembourg 9. Ziptrex Limited 18 Lomond Way, Stevenage Hertfordshire SG1 6AJ United Kingdom 10. Westmore Consulting Ltd. Suite 13, First Floor, Oliaji Trade Centre Francis Rachel Street, Victoria, Mahe Seychelles 11. US Property Management, LLC Thomes Ave 2710, 82001 Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA In 2012, when Ms. Jiřina Dienstbierová (widow of the famous Czech dissident and politician, Mr. Jiří Dienstbier, who was the closest friend of the legendary Czech politician Václav Havel) was in Macedonia, I mentioned her about a specific audio tape on which is probably recorded the conversation between the (then) President of the Czech Republic, Mr. Václav Klaus and the (then) Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, which probably had been procured during the official visit of Macedonia by the Czech President in 2010 (about the details of this conversation I informed personally Ms. Dienstbierová in Skopje). This information and the details I obtained from Prof. Tihomir Jovanovski, who was among the best professors at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje. He was a close friend of the first President of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Kiro Gligorov and also he was a member of the significant organization – The Scientific Society of Economists - Serbia and even though I haven‘t heard the audio tape and I can’t confirm that it really exists, with respect to the international reputation of Prof. T. Jovanovski (he was the only Macedonian, who became Vice Governor of the National Bank of Yugoslavia) I believe that this audio tape most likely exist. Concerning that his son, Mr. Zoran Jovanovski, was a Vice President of the biggest (then) opposition political party SDSM, increases the likelihood that the information was a precise and probably certain group of people possessed (or still have) the audio tape. I have detailed information regarding the probable and possible business connections of the family Mijalkov and his cousin, the former Prime Minister of Macedonia, Mr. Nikola Gruevski, with their possible and probable business partners in the Czech Republic - Mr. Václav Klaus (former Prime Minister and former President of the Czech Republic) and his former Head of the President’s office (Chancellor), Mr. Jiří Weigl, who, as a confidential man of Mr. Klaus, probably and possibly was the main person through whom probably and possibly were arranged (in the long term) many types of corruption, supporting money laundering and other illegal activities (probably they didn’t arrange and support the illegal activities only for the Macedonian political structures (most probably other politicians and businessmen from the Czech Republic and abroad used this „channel“ for arranging their businesses), but I have information for the Macedonian part. There have been rumours and speculations for possible and probable corruption concerning the tender for freight and passenger wagons, which was realized in Macedonia during 2014-2015. It’s only a speculation for corruption, but the Slovakian police, the Macedonian police and the Interpol should check the whole procedure (if everything concerning the tender procedure was realized legally) and about the possible and probable involvement of the then Ambassador of Slovakia in Macedonia, Dr. Robert Kirnag and the then Macedonian Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. Mile Janakieski in this matter. Otherwise, I'm not a member of any political party and I don’t have any political preference. Another thing, that should be checked and investigated, represent the fact about how well-known Austrian company "Alpine Bau" (now in liquidation) gained tenders in Macedonia – nobody was surprised that the company obtained the majority of the governmental contracts in Macedonia (our family can provide valuable information regarding the used practices during the Macedonian public tenders for large construction orders (especially regarding the system of corruption in the construction business) – the former Macedonian Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Finance, Mr. Zoran Stavreski, is possible and likely the main person in the case of "Alpine Bau" and possibly in other great deals in the construction business from which he probably and possibly made an excellent financial benefits thanks to the possible and probable corruption). Even in the field of the Macedonian diplomacy happens strange things - either the majority of diplomats are agents of the Secret Service (or children of the agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA, as an example, like the possible and probable agent of the Secret Service, Mr. Goce Karajanov (in this case the info is received from the best source i.e. Mr. Karajanov himself told me in one private conversation that we had in Prague - I expect that officially he will not repeat it, but I think it is enough to investigate the possibilities for connectedness of family Karajanov with the structures of the Macedonian police and Secret services, also I recommend and request that the US federal institutions, EULEX, the Kosovo police and Interpol to investigate in detail all the activities of his father, Mr. Stojan Karajanov, who served as Ambassador of Macedonia in Kosovo). Also it is likely and possible that Mr. Stojan Karajanov was probably agent of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA during the period of the communism and his son Goce Karajanov was the Consul General of the Republic of Macedonia in New York before several years – concerning his possible "specialization" that presumably he developed, in addition to other activities, also possible and probable espionage activities on the US territory (or maybe creating of some „network“) and now Mr. Goce Karajanov is an ambassador in the opposite side of the world i.e. in the Russian Federation (oh, what a surprise...) – it is known that some diplomats from the Eastern Bloc, were used (during the Communist era), except for the performance of their official tasks also to meet the various semi-legal and illegal activities, whereas it is logical to assume that after the fall of the Iron Curtain the agents of the former Communistic Secret Services continue with the similar practices - especially in Macedonia, where over 90% of the agents of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA weren’t disclosed yet and most of them are probably still active (or on their places are taken their descendants, who "continue to follow in their footsteps"). Exist speculations that some Macedonian diplomats, who are also agents of the Secret Service, were (or still are) used for various ambiguous activities (published scandals in the Macedonian media are only the tip of the iceberg), or the Government send diplomats like Mr. Pero Stojanovski, who as an ambassador of Macedonia in Australia was indirectly accused for some sort of pedophilia (over the daughter of his girlfriend L. Dumbaloska who found perverted pictures of her daughter in his laptop), accused for fraud and so on which was one of the biggest diplomatic scandals in Australia within the last decade, another Macedonian Ambassador (who was appointed in Hungary) have seen "ghosts" in the embassy (according to the information published in the weekly journal Fokus) or the international scandal around the former Macedonian Ambassador in Prague, Mr. Igor Ilievski (his son was allegedly abducted, also the Ambassador allegedly obtained threats for possible bomb attack on the Macedonian Embassy in Prague, etc. – widely published reports in Macedonian media). Everything, what is stated above, is only an abbreviated presentation of various important matters that should be investigated whereas I am glad to see that the former administration of President Barack Obama was very active in the field of fight against all types of criminal, illegal and mafia structures not only in the USA, but they supported this fight all around the world. President Obama, by my opinion, made an excellent job in many ways, his administration and his government was among the best in the American history and I believe that also the new administration of President Donald Trump will be even more active in the fight against the Drug Lords, corrupted politicians and all other types of criminal structures worldwide. In conclusion of this text, I would like to recommend to Macedonian politicians to read one report published by the Croatian online publication of the weekly journal „Nacional“ -, where is given the list of 800 most powerful Croats. In this 2004 edition was put on the first place the then Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader whereas about him were written statements like "the man with a large working energy, who tightly control the government, his political party and the Parliament", but after 10 years it turned out, that even the most powerful Croat, "who has everything under control," ended up in prison – whereas he received additional criminal charges for which he is judged and if somebody decides to make a new list then probably Mr. Sanader will be on the other end of this list (presently exist some changes regarding this case – interestingly, according to some comments of Croats, Mr. Sanader was probably and possibly agent of the former infamous Yugoslavian communistic secret service UDBA with probable and possible task for activities on the territory of Austria (it should be additionally investigated in detail) so probably and possibly the former communistic structures of UDBA were probably organized like some kind of state Cosa Nostra during the communistic period and probably for long period of time they will make problems through all parts of former Yugoslavia). I hope for your support and cooperation (in advance thank you very much), looking forward to hearing from you soon and with best regards, M. Sci. Metodij Nochev North Macedonia