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The Ripon Society The Ripon Society is a centrist public policy organization founded in 1962 and takes its name from the town where the Republican Party was born in 1854 – Ripon, Wisconsin.

"We believe that the Republican Party should accept the challenge to fight for the middle ground of American politics. The party that will not acknowledge this political fact of life and courageously enter the contest for power does not merit and cannot possibly win the majority support of the American people.” -- The Ripon Papers - 1968

Mission: One of the main goals of The Ripon Society is to promote the ideas and principles that have made America great and contributed to the GOP’s success. These ideas include keeping our nation secure, keeping taxes low and having a federal government that is smaller, smarter and more accountable to the people.

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Merry Christmas from The Ripon Society! Wishing you good health & happiness this holiday season and throughout the New Y...

Merry Christmas from The Ripon Society! Wishing you good health & happiness this holiday season and throughout the New Year.

from THE RIPON FORUM"Meet the New Guard: Michelle Steel (CA-48)"by Autumn ReedDecember 2020Snapshot of Victory: Michelle...

"Meet the New Guard: Michelle Steel (CA-48)"
by Autumn Reed
December 2020

Snapshot of Victory: Michelle Steel defeated first-term incumbent Democrat Harley Rouda by a vote of 51.1% to 48.9%. Along with fellow Republican Young Kim (CA-39) and Democrat Marilyn Strickland (WA-10), she is the first Korean-American woman elected to Congress.

Background: Congresswoman-elect Steel was born in South Korea and raised in Japan. Her upbringing allowed her to learn and become fluent in Korean, Japanese, and English. When Steel was 19 years old, she immigrated to America with her single mother and two younger sisters. At a young age, Steel watched her mother fight an unwarranted tax bill that was issued by the State Board of Equalization. Inspired by her mother’s struggles, she became a fierce taxpayer advocate and in 2006 ran successfully for the Board of Equalization. In this position, she represented over eight million people in Southern California. In 2011, she was elected as Vice Chair of the Board of Equalization. During Steel’s first term, she discovered that the Board had delayed the return of millions in security deposits owed to California businesses. Because of her leadership and initiative on this issue, the agency refunded tax security deposits of almost $50,000 each to over 5,500 small businesses.

In 2014, Steel was elected to the Orange County Board of Supervisors and currently serves as Chairwoman. Her top priorities as Chairwoman have included guiding her county through the COVID-19 pandemic, providing support for vulnerable communities, and fighting against higher taxes. She has proven herself as the advocate for taxpayers she vowed to be by returning over $400 million to the people of California throughout her time in public office.

Legislative Goals for Congress: Steel has vowed to work across the aisle and believes Americans deserve better than partisan gridlock. One of her top priorities is providing America’s veterans with quality medical care, housing, employment, and education opportunities. She also has plans to repair the healthcare system by lowering drug prices and helping people with pre-existing conditions receive better coverage. The Congresswoman-elect is a supporter of strengthened border security, including a physical border to protect our nation. Additionally, she has led efforts to combat the homelessness crisis in Orange County and plans to continue to be an advocate for this cause in the 117th Congress.

Key Quote: “I’m a product of the American Dream: a first-generation immigrant who succeeded in this country and was given the honor to serve my community. I ran for Congress on my record of fighting for taxpayers and protecting public safety. I stuck to facts and common sense and worked hard to meet the residents of my district. In Congress, I’ll stick to my commonsense principles, seek to lower taxes, and reduce business regulations to help hard working Americans succeed.” (Source: statement to the Ripon Forum)

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from THE RIPON FORUM"Meet the New Guard: Maria Elvira Salazar (FL-27)"by Kyle ChanceDecember 2020Snapshot of Victory: Ma...

"Meet the New Guard: Maria Elvira Salazar (FL-27)"
by Kyle Chance
December 2020

Snapshot of Victory: Maria Elvira Salazar defeated first term incumbent Democrat Rep. Donna Shalala by a vote of 51.4% to 48.6%.

Background: Congresswoman-elect Salazar is a prominent Spanish television journalist whose career has taken her from covering local issues to sitting down with leaders from across the globe. Her district is roughly 73 percent Hispanic and is a notable Republican pickup after political pundits across the country predicted that the district’s demographics would buoy the Democratic incumbent’s chances for reelection.

Salazar was born in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood to parents who emigrated from Cuba when Fidel Castro ascended to power. They came to America so they could raise a family in a land where individual liberty and freedom were not only protected but celebrated. Salazar would go on to receive her Bachelor of Arts in communications from the University of Miami and later earn her Master of Public Administration degree from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Over her three-decade-long career in journalism, which would earn her five Emmy Awards, Salazar would cover stories from South America to the nation’s capital. She started off by taking on local stories in Southern Florida for Univision before moving to CNN Español, where she would cover the White House and Gulf War. After returning to Univision, Salazar would boost her journalism credentials through her coverage of the Salvadoran Civil War and her in-depth reporting in Cuba – which led to her historic one-on-one interview with Fidel Castro himself.

She would go on to become the national news anchorwoman for Telemundo and had her own show on the Miami-based network Mega TV.

Throughout her noteworthy career, Salazar interviewed prominent individuals such as U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton & George W. Bush, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, Alvaro Uribe, Mexican President Vicente Fox, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, Augusto Pinochet, Nicolas Maduro, and Juan Guaidó.

Legislative Goals for Congress: One of Salazar’s primary goals is help facilitate job growth. Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, thousands of people in Florida’s 27th Congressional District have seen their work hours reduced or have lost their jobs completely. She would create an employment division in her office dedicated to helping those out of work find new opportunities or learn new skills.

Salazar has also said access to affordable healthcare will be a priority for her in Washington, and this includes maintaining protections for those with preexisting conditions and making sure young adults can stay in their parent’s plan up until they turn 26. Furthermore, she will push for letting the government negotiate drug prices and will try to create more competition by lifting the restrictions preventing individuals and families from buying health insurance across state lines.

Key Quote: “As your Congresswoman, I vow that I will represent the spirit that lives in this district – the ultimate melting pot. I want Washington to know that the American Latino Community is not the caricature that they have painted in the media. We did not come to this country not to take, but to give. We want to build on this land, and we want to stay. Latinos are not victims, we are patriots. We care. We have not only love, but we have great gratitude for this country.”

“And when faced with the so-called Democratic-Socialists, I will tell them that we have seen that dogma in action already and it does not work.” (Source: Victory Speech on election night.)

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from THE RIPON FORUM"Meet the New Guard: Nancy Mace (SC-1)"by Kyle SchultzDecember 2020Snapshot of Victory: Nancy Mace d...

"Meet the New Guard: Nancy Mace (SC-1)"
by Kyle Schultz
December 2020

Snapshot of Victory: Nancy Mace defeated first term incumbent Democrat Rep. Joe Cunningham by a vote of 50.5% to 49.3%. She is the first Republican woman elected to serve in Congress from the State of South Carolina.

Background: Congresswoman-elect Mace was raised in the Lowcountry of South Carolina in Goose Creek just outside Charleston. She dropped out of school and worked as a waitress at the local Waffle House. She eventually graduated from high school and went on to attend The Citadel, where she graduated magna cm laude with a degree in business administration and was the first female to graduate from its Corps of Cadets in 1999. She would later write about this experience in the book, In the Company of Men: A Woman at The Citadel.

In 2004, Mace earned a master’s degree in mass communication from the University of Georgia. Four years later, in 2008, she started The Mace Group, a multi-service business consulting firm. She got her start in politics when she ran for United States Senate in 2014 and earned over six percent of the votes cast in the Republican primary.

In 2017, Mace ran in a special election to fill the District 99 seat in the South Carolina House of Representatives. In the primary election, she was just 13 votes shy of securing the nomination outright, and the race was forced to a runoff which she later won. She then won the general election and earned re-election in 2018. During her time in the State Assembly, Mace tackled issues of prison reform, healthcare, and offshore drilling, and served on the Judiciary Committee.

Legislative Goals for Congress: Mace has expressed a desire to serve on the Natural Resources, Veterans Affairs, and Transportation & Infrastructure Committees, all of which are important to her constituency in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District. She has identified jobs and the economy, healthcare, infrastructure, and the environment as the top issues she hopes to work on in Congress, and she believes supporting small businesses and those who have lost work due to Covid-19 is critical to rebuilding the economy.

Key Quote: “My life has been a series of second chances. Like most Americans, I have been knocked down time and again, but I will always pick myself up and push forward with grace and grit. This tenacious attitude has guided me through each obstacle I’ve faced, both personally and professionally, and it will continue to guide me as I fight for our Lowcountry values in Washington.

“I took on this new challenge in large part because it is time to stop rebuilding the world and start rebuilding America, and that begins right here at home. Unfortunately, South Carolinians are all-too-familiar with America’s aging infrastructure system. I look forward to being a leading voice in doing away with the barriers faced by our local and state governments to bring much-needed resources and innovation back home.” (Source: Statement to The Ripon Forum)

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from THE RIPON FORUM"Meet the New Guard: Burgess Owens (UT-4)"by Autumn ReedDecember 2020Snapshot of Victory: Burgess Ow...

"Meet the New Guard: Burgess Owens (UT-4)"
by Autumn Reed
December 2020

Snapshot of Victory: Burgess Owens defeated first-term incumbent Democrat Rep. Ben McAdams by a vote of 47.7% to 46.7%.

Background: U.S. Representative-elect Burgess Owens spent his childhood in Tallahassee, Florida. It was during this time that barriers of segregation were being torn down and he learned anything is possible in America. Owens was one of just four African-Americans who were integrated in a historically white high school. He earned a spot on the football team and found a true passion for the sport. When it came time to go to college, he became one of three black Americans to ever receive a football scholarship to the University of Miami where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. He would later be inducted into the Hall of Fame of Outstanding College Athletes of America and the University of Miami’s Hall of Fame.

His football experience did not stop after completing his college education. His impressive resume on the field led him to be the 13th player drafted in the first round by the NY Jets in 1973. Here he earned the title of Jet’s Rookie of the Year and was selected to the NFL’s All-Rookie team. Later on, Owens was traded to the Oakland Raiders, where he led the defensive squad in tackles and celebrated a victory at the 1980 Super Bowl Championship.

After leaving the NFL, Owens faced many hardships. He experienced some failed business opportunities and was forced to move his family of six into a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, NY. To provide for himself and his family, Owens worked as a chimney sweep during the day and a security guard at night. His hard work eventually paid off and he went on to have a successful 25-year career in the corporate arena. Owens is a founder, board member, and CEO of Second Chance 4 Youth, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping troubled and incarcerated youth. He is also a prostate cancer survivor.

Legislative Goals for Congress: From an economic standpoint, Owens has stated that a top priority of his will be to reduce business regulations, cut taxes, and reduce federal spending. Another top priority of his will be education and giving power back to states. He is also a fierce advocate for protecting the unborn. On this issue of healthcare, the Congressman-elect has suggested he wants to reform Obamacare and is committed to providing coverage for preexisting conditions. He also believes there needs to be more transparency in healthcare costs. As the pandemic continues, Owens would like to see an additional COVID-19 relief package that is more targeted to the businesses and people who need it most.

Key Quote: “I’m living the American Dream and have dedicated my life to helping others realize the same potential. Now, more than ever, we need leaders that will stand for their principles and won’t compromise their values for political opportunities. Now more than ever, we need leaders who stand up against the lawlessness that is going on across our country.” (Source: Closing remarks of Oct. 12th debate.)

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TEDDY TWEET OF THE WEEK“Christmas was an occasion of literally delirious joy. In the evening we hung up our stockings --...


“Christmas was an occasion of literally delirious joy. In the evening we hung up our stockings -- or rather the biggest stockings we could borrow from the grown-ups -- and before dawn we trooped in to open them while sitting on father's and mother's bed; and the bigger presents were arranged, those for each child on its own table, in the drawing-room, the doors to which were thrown open after breakfast. I never knew anyone else have what seemed to me such attractive Christmases, and in the next generation I tried to reproduce them exactly for my own children.”

Theodore Roosevelt
An Autobiography

from THE RIPON FORUM"Meet the New Guard: Young Kim (CA-39)"by Autumn ReedDecember 2020Snapshot of Victory: Young Kim def...

"Meet the New Guard: Young Kim (CA-39)"
by Autumn Reed
December 2020

Snapshot of Victory: Young Kim defeated first-term incumbent Democrat Rep. Gil Cisneros by a vote of 50.6% to 49.4%. Along with fellow Republican Michelle Steel (CA-48) and Democrat Marilyn Strickland (WA-10), she is the first Korean-American woman elected to Congress.

Background: Congresswoman-elect Kim was born in South Korea and later immigrated to Guam in 1975 with her family. On the island, she collected cans and bottles from the beach and gave them to her mother, who would recycle them and donate the money to a church building fund for the Korean American community. The small funds they were able to collect and donate contributed to the building of the first Korean American church on the island of Guam. This act has inspired Kim throughout her life by teaching her the importance of serving one’s community and giving back to others. Kim received her high school education in Hawaii and later moved to California, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Southern California. After graduating from college, Kim worked as a financial analyst for First Interstate Bank and then as a controller for JK Sportswear Manufacturing. She later opened a women’s clothing manufacturing company with her husband.

Kim also worked for then-state Senator Ed Royce and continued to do so when he was elected to Congress. During his tenure, she served as Royce’s community liaison and director of Asian affairs. She also had the opportunity to appear on her own television show, “LA Seoul with Young Kim,” and her own radio show, “Radio Seoul,” where she discussed current events and issues that affected Korean Americans. In 2014, she was elected to the California State Assembly where she represented the 65th district which includes northern parts of Orange County. In doing so, Kim became the first Korean-American Assemblywoman to represent Southern California. In 2018, Kim first ran for Congress, and was narrowly defeated by Democrat Rep. Gil Cisneros. She came back for a rematch in 2020, and was victorious.

Legislative Goals for Congress: Kim has vowed to be a bipartisan problem-solver who refuses to be changed by Washington. As a mother of a child with pre-existing conditions, she is passionate about accessible healthcare and making sure prescription drugs are affordable. Kim is committed to increasing STEM education funding and ensuring education dollars go to local teachers and classrooms, not big city bureaucrats. As proud immigrant herself, she believes the system is broken and will fight to increase border security while ensuring those who seek to legally immigrate are treated fairly and with compassion. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues in our nation, Young plans to combat the virus with bipartisan legislation that will rebuild our economy, bring back jobs, and help small businesses recover.

Key Quote: “People are tired of the status quo in Washington and are ready for change. My message of putting aside partisanship and working to break the gridlock that has held our country back resonated with voters in this election. I am going to come to Washington in that spirit and work to get results to lower the cost of healthcare, help small businesses during this economic downturn and get needed aid to our communities during the ongoing pandemic.” (Source: statement to The Ripon Forum)

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