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Washington D.C. Area Slug Lines Page Please give updates about slugging to and from anywhere in the DC Area. If you need a ride, post here. Any updates, need to knows, post here. Slug line informations, locations...ETC


Everybody be safe this New Year's Eve.


Anybody have a map of all the slug line stops?


Washington D.C., DC


(202) 301-7031


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If you would like to communicate about L’Enfant Plaza slugging specifics, consider joining https://www.facebook.com/groups/2363459613965916/
Since it has officially opened in the new configuration, the Pentagon Pork Chop lot has been a driver's nightmare. The new traffic lights work great, but it seems people have forgotten how to line up. We used to start each line at the slugline sign, cars stayed next to the curb back to the next sign, where the waiting cars left a gap for cars to exit, and shifted to the inside lane and kept lining up. Now cars are lining up along the curb well past the sign for the next slugline and causing that line to start well back and further clogging up traffic. I was ecstatic yesterday to see a PFPA officer at the front of the Horner Road line getting the 234/Montclair line to go back to the old way. Unfortunately, a couple of idiots shot the gap and got in line out of their turn. Once again, I was glad to see him make them go around and get in line in the proper spot. I hope this takes a turn for the better and drivers go back to being more courteous. If you're a slug, please line up at the slugline sign and wait rather than trying to load into a car that is stopped further back along the curb. It may be slightly faster for you to not wait for them to pull up, but it creates a backlog of cars trying to get into line.
Hey everyone! Now that 395 easy pass has opened and it’s no longer free after 9am, we drivers are willing to pick up Slugs after 9am!! So here’s a PSA for all Slugs - come out after 9!! I’m at Bobs now hoping to get two - where are you? 😁
Would like to go to/from GPO (732 North Capitol) in Washington DC from/to Stafford, VA. What is the best slug location for each end point. Thank you, FX