WAWM 21st CL Initiative

WAWM 21st CL Initiative This is a parent initative to gain support across the WAWM community for a comprehensive 21stCL(NxGL) model to be offered at all secondary schools.

Heather Justham West Allis- West Milwaukee School  Board
Heather Justham West Allis- West Milwaukee School Board

Heather Justham West Allis- West Milwaukee School Board

In case you missed this article it helps shine some light on the issues that have created the issues we now face. It focuses on the what lead us here. If you still have questions I always encourage you do come to meetings and become informed. If you can not attend meetings watch them online and reach out to your School district administration and School board members.


This is a must see film and it is free! Plus the kids can participate in a maker activity while the film is showing.


Hello! We have been hearing that the open enrollment kids have received their "school paths" in the mail.
This was supposed to be a lottery decision.
We're interested in hearing what paths the walker (& other) kids received. AND if it's not the path you would chose, what is your plan?
Hoping to speak about this AGAIN at the next school board meeting, but need to have some information. Thanks for your time :-) Erin


Mr. Bob Antholine was approved by the School Board on Monday, August 8, as the new principal of Lane Intermediate. As parents, students and community members we can welcome him to the school by helping to get the school ready for the new school year. If you have a few hours, or a day, in the next couple of weeks please consider volunteering some time to help move furniture or paint or a number of other tasks that will free up teachers and staff to do other prep work. Consider taking your student to help out as well.

If you are interested, please contact Lori Pogodzinski in the office. She will have a list of tasks that need to be completed and can help you schedule a time. Her direct line is 414-329-6610 or you can email her at [email protected].

Lane Intermediate School

LANE is hoping to announce their new principal by Monday. In the meantime meet the new Academic Dean Kari! Be sure to like Lanes new page as well.

Please join us in welcoming Kari Skonecki, our new Academic Dean, to Lane this year!

Some of you might have heard about Pathways High, a new high school coming  to downtown Milwaukee in fall 2017.  We woul...
Pathways High

Some of you might have heard about Pathways High, a new high school coming to downtown Milwaukee in fall 2017. We would love to have you join us THIS Wednesday, July 20th from 5 to 7pm to learn more about Pathways High which will be a regional charter school dedicated to educating the whole student.

We hope to see you there and please RSVP if you can join us!

Come be a part of the excitement and bring supporters to this party on July 20th!


The School Board can't make good decisions when the information that they are provided is inaccurate. Those on the inital boundary committee were told numbers didn't matter. Guess what they do! And now you are trying to explain it and saying we as parents are wrong. WE USED YOUR NUMBERS!!! We already sent you corrections in the fall.

Finally the statement made that we as parents never once provided solutions to this issue is such a lie. A number of us worked tirelessly to provide countless solutions. The problem is we weren't HEARD! Parent voices were part of the committees, however a number of parents didn't approve of this plan. There was small group of parents that made up the final vote which wasn't a fair representation of what the community wanted.

This is WHY there are parents mad with our district. When can parents be heard in this district? We have no parent council to provide the board feedback. We can speak at the board meeting for 3 minutes and no one gets to ask questions and we never receive follow up calls. We provide solutions at community forums and are not listened to.

Its time for WAWM to LISTEN, less talk Mr. Borland, especially when you are giving incorrect information to the board. Parents are not a voice in this district. Its a sad fact. Even after we spoke prior to this meeting our information was dismissed and we weren't allowed to comment when the provided info was inaccurate?


Hello! Hoping some of you will plan to attend the board meeting tonight and again on the 11th.
The 11th will be a discussion about implementation of the boundaries. I think it would help a lot if we could get people there tonight and on the 11th to speak up in front of the board. If you Don't have the facts or numbers etc. And would like to use them, we can get you the info. Or please just speak from your heart about how it is going to affect your children, their school and our community.
Sorry for the short notice!

PISA - Measuring student success around the world

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The WAWM School Board meeting is scheduled to discuss implementation of the neighborhood school plan on JULY 11th. Now is the time to come out and comment. Already we are seeing pitfalls in a program that hasn't been implemented.

We have heard stories already of students, who do not meet the sibling clause and live in the Central area, being accepted at Hale for the fall. Coincidence that some of these stories contain students that excel in sports?

For those of you coming from NXGL elementary classrooms or schools although they are said to be implementing plans at middle school we are hearing that progress is slow. We know first hand how harmful it is to have students not continue with the personalized education they are accustomed too and have seen results of decline.

Did you know that Walker has lost 5 teachers for the fall because of the sharp decline in enrollment? Class sizes won't get smaller. They will remain the same, so if the same decrease happens....Perhaps some schools would be forced to combine.

Schools east of 76th and those east of even 92nd will start to see overcrowding. There are not enough spaces for all residents and open enrolled students. In fact schools east of 76th would have no room for open enrolled students within a few years of the implementation of this plan. We ran the numbers. The committee didn't use numbers until after the plan was determined and voted on by the sub committees. In fact their data on the surface was accurate but withheld in depth analysis that would have painted a different picture.

Lastly the diversity of our schools will now see a divide that is as glaring as if it was the 1960's. Studies show that students succeed at higher levels when there is a mix of diversity both in income and ethnicity. That has been ignored by the committee and approved by the school board.

I encourage you to watch this video in its entirety about the PISA test from OECD. Currently there are only a handful of schools in our state that use this test, but the findings from this test globally are astounding. Short on time? Start the video around the 9 minute mark where they talk about why diversity of schools is important, something that our district is ignoring by forcing neighborhood schools.

A test the whole world can take... It's a breathtaking concept -- but for the OECD, it's a very real way of finding out how well-prepared today's students ar...


We received a call from the admin office about parent participation in hiring the next Lane principal. She thought it odd that none of us communicated we would like to be involved.

So a letter was sent home and an all student message about this. Did others receive anything? Because the four of us have not.

I believe she said she had parents already signed up for lane to help, so if you are one of those parents let us know how you heard about it.


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